30+ Low Taper Fade Haircut For Men in 2024!

The U.S. Military introduced the low taper fade haircut during the 40s and 50s. Since then, undisputedly, it has been one of the haircuts for men that exemplified coolness. While for the military, who are known for their strict grooming, the faded haircut represents little hassle, easy to maintain a low skin taper hairstyle with harsh lines and angles. The military style faded haircut signifies the men mean business. But when civilians copy this haircut style, new trends emerge.

Evolution of Low Taper Fade Hairstyle

Over the years, black people started experimenting with the afro, including faded haircuts. During the golden decade of hip-hop culture, the 1980s hi-top fade, also known as the flattop, was popularized by Big Daddy Kane and Eric B & Rakim.

Most American men were influenced by the fade haircut sported by Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X But with time, the fade haircut changed and got a modern twist to be where the hi-top gradually started getting a tapered appearance, thanks to the celebrities like Will.i.am, Usher and Kanye West.

The low taper fade haircut returned to how it began but with different fades, ranging from low to medium to high. Demarcating the high or low fades is based on the cut relative to the occipital bones or the temple of the head. It is known as the taper when the low temp fade goes too low and almost blends with the skin.

So, when anyone wants to sport a low taper fade, they need to know that a taper low fade haircut is only as good as the barber once you have found a competent barber who will be able to do the correct assessment and use the right equipment if clippers are the only thing the barber is using, run because it will not give the natural texture and will do a lousy job for the lower taper fade.

For the benefit of the readers, we will provide 30+ low-taper fade haircut ideas that will cater to all different types and textures of hair.

We know that many might feel because they have curly hair, they cannot have low temp fade, but that’s not true, so whether you have curly or straight hair and want to have a low drop fade straight hair, there is a style for you.

30+ Low Taper Fade Haircut Ideas

Before we go into the thirty different low taper fade haircuts, let’s get into a bit more detail about what taper low fade haircut means. Many people often use the terms taper and fade interchangeably, but taper fade hairstyle differs from having taper or faded hairstyle.

A taper fade haircut has longer hair on the top, while the sides and the areas in the back towards the neck get tapered. The low fade haircut taper technique requires a gradual haircut that transforms the length of the hair and eventually blends to the skin by fading.

Now to the top thirty low-taper fade haircuts:

1. An Afro Low Taper Fade

An Afro Low Taper Fade

One of the best options for curly hair is low taper the best choice. Mainly if you have thick curls, this versatile taper fade gradually shortens above the ear and follows it around the nape. It can be tried with different lengths. It is a great choice if you want to remove some bulk and weight of hair around the lower side of your head.

2. The Undercut Low Taper Fade

The Undercut Low Taper Fade

If you want to create that punk, edgy look with taper fade, then the bloated quiff with the low skin taper can be a choice. One can add a bleached top to this dark, light, short, and long cut that will give a dashing look.

3. The Classic Side Part With Low Tape Fade

The Classic Side Part With Low Tape Fade

Want to give a modern twist to the classic side part hairstyle? Well, the low drop fade straight hair tapered combines the 1950s retro style with the contemporary flair by using the fade style to create a suave and timeless look.

4. The Volumizer

Low Taper Volumizer Fade

Are you one of those men who love that volumized hair of the 50s style? This low taper long hair blowout can be quite an option. While keeping the top hair long, the hairstyle allows the rest of the part to be shortened, tapered, and eventually faded out starting from the ears, thus giving a structured look. Also, this look can be styled as sleek or messy, depending on your mood.

5. Low Taper Fade Curly Hair

Low Taper Fade Curly Hair

As a proud owner of curly hair, do you want to add that bit of jazz to your hairstyle but in a subtle way? The low taper fade gives a restrained look as it creates an appearance of Polishness. A low-taper curly hair fade is often a great look that can be structured and styled into various styles.

6. Long Curly Low Taper Fade

Long Curly Low Taper Fade

Managing curls can be challenging for anybody but don’t rush to cut or shorten them. There is another solution to look dashing by providing the buzz instead of the back on the sides and emphasizing the curls on the top. The low-taper curly hairstyle is easy to maintain and groom.

7. Hard Part For Curly Hair With Low Taper

Hard Part For Curly Hair With Low Taper

This is one low-taper fade style that every man with curly hair must try once. The low taper fade curly hair combines the essential elements of style, elegance, and panache. It became pretty popular in the 20s, defined by the clean line shave often made with a trimmer or razor. The hard or faded part gives the curly hair a polished look.

8. Low Taper Long Hair

Low Taper Long Hair

Do you like both long hair and the low fade look? You can have both in the long hair low taper fade haircut. The style provides a smooth transition from long hair to short and faded hair on the sides. Proper styling makes it easy to achieve a tidy appearance with long hair because of the taper fade.

9. Faux Hawk With Low Taper

Faux Hawk With Low Taper

Tired of wearing your long hair in the same style and want to do something new but are not sure what? You can try the faux hawk with low taper fade long hair. The sides and the back go short to fade with a tapered style instead of shaving the sides down to the skin. The gradual appearance allows anyone to pull it off with ease, and if feeling adventurous, you can create a mohawk with it.

10. Low Taper Hard Parting

Low Taper Hard Parting

The sleek hair look that was once the style of Elvis Presly is back with a bang. If you have long hair and don’t want to cut it short, then this hard part slick back with low fade hair cut a taper on the sides is the look to choose. The hard part is shaved, which can be pretty distinct when the hair is brushed back from the hairline. Secure it with a wet-styling product to give the tapered faded area a defined look.

11. Messy Fringe With Low Taper

Messy Fringe With Low Taper

Whether you have long, straight or curly hair, this is one low-taper faded hairstyle that anyone can opt for. The messy fringes can be combined and balanced on the top with the structured tapered fades. This low taper fade long hair can give a youthful appearance.

12. The Asian Low Taper Fade

The Asian Low Taper Fade

Asian hairs are often thicker and straighter and can be textured differently. One of the best hairstyles suited for Asian men and has low maintenance while being easy to groom is the low taper fade. The style requires the barber to start shortening the hair around inches above the ear, and the fading is subtle, giving a neat and polished look.

13. Low Tapered Fade Pompadour

Low Tapered Fade Pompadour

Want to get the hairstyle of the black-and-white film starts with pompadour but does not look ancient? The option is to opt for low fade haircut taper pompadour. This gives a thicker and fuller look to the hair, where the upper portion is brushed upward and back with the sides, and the back parts are made into short tapered fades.

14. The Short Textured Low Taper

The Short Textured Low Taper

Anytime you want to add a bit of oomph to your short hairstyle, why not go for the sexy messy hairstyle? But when you want something more, pairing it with a more structured and balanced look with the messy texture is to get a low taper fade haircut.

15. The French Cop Low Taper Fade

The French Cop Low Taper Fade

A gradual fade low skin taper with small fringes and length on top is this versatile French cop hairstyle. It can showcase the contrast on the top of the head, the sides, and the back. Despite the low tapered fade, the style gives the wearer a mature look.

16. Low Taper Fade Mexican Style

Low Taper Fade Mexican Style

A polished and professional look with a twist during the daytime and a gelled wet look with textured hair can be attained with the Mexican low-tapered fade hairstyle. The taper fade with the fuller on the top and hard parting gives an alpha-male look, perfect for board meetings. You can change that in the pompadour during the evening for a party.

17. Messy and Wavy Lower Taper Fade

Messy and Wavy Lower Taper Fade

Get a youthful look with the unkept hair with the low tapered fade where the sides are trimmed, and the top can be styled into a messy hairdo. This is a great choice of low-taper fade hairstyle for men with wavy hair.

18. Neat Drop Fade

Neat Drop Fade

For curly hair low taper, another lower fade taper is this combination of more than one style. The top had thick curls that added volume, while the sides were tapered with a sassy drop. It especially goes well with men who wear a beard because this play with the sudden fade blends well with the facial hair.

19. Thin Undercut Hair Tapered Fade

Thin Undercut Hair Tapered Fade

For men with thin and fine hair who want to add volume to their hairstyle, here is a haircut that can create wonder. The undercut is added with a high fade, and the hair on top is left long so it can be swept back. The tampered fade on the side and the back give a cool look.

20. The Mid Fade

The Mid Fade

The military often sports this style, but as a civilian, there can be a twist to the style. It requires a clean shave around the chin and neck while creating a gradual transition from the black hair against the pale skin can be quite a statement.

21. The Temple Fade

The Temple Fade

The fades are pretty stark and high on the side compared to the back. Furthermore, the front of the hair is kept longer and can be styled into a fauxhawk or in the shape of a sleek temple. It can b teamed up with a light beard.

22. Airbrushed Tapered Fade

Airbrushed Tapered Fade

Have unruly hair and don’t know how to manage it? The airbrushed lower tapered fade hairstyle can be an option. The gradually tapered fade on the sides and the back can play to the advantage of your wild hair.

23. The Disconnected Low Taper Fade

The Disconnected Low Taper Fade

You need an expert barber to create this attractive look. It is perfect for long curly hair and those who don’t want to get rid of them but add a distinctive style to it. The hairdo has a hard part with a disconnected section of low taper fade.

24. The Relaxed Sleek Fade

The Relaxed Sleek Fade

The slick hairdo has been quite an in-trend for a while, but if you see the runway models, there is a twist to this style. The top and the sides have long hair with a sudden sharp fade that edges down to the sideburns.

25. Tapered Fade Brush Up

Tapered Fade Brush Up

Whether you want it into a back brush or tousled, the hairstyle can offer quite a lot of texture. The tapered fade starts on the mid-level, gradually decreasing as it lows and then fades near the ears.

26. The Comb Over Low Taper Fade

The Comb Over Low Taper Fade

Often used by people going bald or has less hair in the top part of the head. The long hair can be combed to cover the baldness, while the low taper fade gives a youthful vibe.

27. Side Turned Top

The Comb Over Low Taper Fade

There is a taper fade, and then there is the modern version, which is the side-turned top that also incorporates the low tapered side. It is quite a unique hairdo that creates a slanting hairline and is perfect for people with thin and fine hair.

28. Flowy Swept Back

Flowy Swept Back

The easy, light, flowy look can be achieved with this short hairstyle, where the hair is swept back in the front, and the tapering starts from the mid-section and then low fading on the sides.

29. Designer Top With Shaved Tapered Fade

Designer Top With Shaved Tapered Fade

If you are feeling adventurous with your hair, why not opt for a designer top that adds texture to the crop with shaved parted sides and lower taper fade?

30. Stranded Brush Up With Fine Low Tapered Fade

Stranded Brush Up With Fine Low Tapered Fade

Finding a hairstyle that complements bushy hair without looking too hairy can be challenging. But we have the solution, the stranded brush up with finely faded low taper adds elegance to the look.

While these are our top thirty picks, there are many more like:

  • Bloated pompadour layer with lower fade
  • Side part fade
  • Caesar fade
  • Burst fade with a lineup
  • Swiveled French crop

But depending on your choice, hair type, and the style you like, the low taper fade.

Final Words

The low taper fade is about transitioning from darker to light with the hair-clipping progression. While the hairdresser can use different techniques and equipment to give the low taper fade hairstyle, the skill is in the wrist to create the perfect tapered fade. So, find the best hairdresser because when a low taper fade hairstyle is done to perfection, it will create a look that you will love and boost your confidence.

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