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To understand high quality premium organic clothing design in relation to ultra premium t-shirts means having full knowledge of the history of traditional t-shirt design. At Dezayno, our team found this topic very interesting. The T-shirt has been a part of clothing since ancient Egypt. The modern T-shirt was developed in England in the end of 19th century. The idea of a T-shirt made it's way to the USA during the World War I when American soldiers noticed the functionality of the cotton undershirts of European soldiers. From then on, the development, design, creativity, branding/marketing of t-shirts has evolved into part of a $154 Billion per year industry. An industry that, we feel, hasn't always done their best to make the highest quality t-shirts, with cutting edge designs, by genuine graphics designers and artists... More importantly to us, an industry that as a whole, hasn't even done it's part to maintain the lowest possible impact on the environment. The entire team at Dezayno invite you to help us change that by supporting our premium organic clothing brand which is focused on eco-friendly, responsible organic clothing manufacturing.

At Dezayno, we understand that it is the responsibility of each of us, as individuals and together, to protect the environment, and provide safe, environmentally friendly products for the world. This is why all of our eco-friendly Premium Limited Edition T-Shirts are made on Non-GMO 100% Certified Organic Cotton that is grown on organic farms. Our Natural Organic ringspun cotton t-shirts are not only Eco friendly, they are extremely comfortable and designed to last. Our textile and manufacturing facilities have been carefully selected to help Dezayno source the world's best all-natural, organic materials for our premium apparel brand.

Collectively, our sourcing, processing and manufacturing facilities help make Dezayno one of the most eco-conscious, sustainable organic clothing brands on earth. 

All Dezayno Organic Apparel products which are labelled as Organic are produced exclusively from eco-friendly certified organic materials. Our textile and/or manufacturing facilities are licensed under the Global Organic Standard (GOTS) and undergo annual certification inspections.  The entire production process, at Dezayno, is controlled and certified in accordance with the latest version of GOTS. 

Our premium apparel and organic clothing manufacturing facilities follow a strict Verified Ethical Manufacturing Policy and maintain an active membership of the Fair Wear Foundation

Making Dezayno one of the world's best clothing brands is important, but we stay focused on creating premium organic clothing while Reducing our Carbon Footprint as top priority. That is why it is important that we source our textiles from low-impact, eco-friendly raw materials. Additionally, our Certified Organic products are made in manufacturing facilities powered by green renewable energy Certified by Climate Neutral for being 100% organic with 90% Reduced CO2 footprint! The bottom line: Dezayno is a truly eco-friendly, sustainable organic apparel brand designed for the world to wear.

Dezayno Premium Apparel Brand

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Need to carry a bag or backpack with you? This Dezayno Limited Edition Backpack is roomy and strong enough to handle just about anything. From school books to trail-mix and fist aid kits, this bag is made to be taken anywhere. This  backpack is made from spun polyester and weights only 1.3 lbs. We've designed this backpack to be one light, durable, long lasting complement to back to school, the trail, the beach, or the skate park. Made of soft, durable, spun Polyester Nylon Lightweight with ...


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Our Dezayno Camo limited edition t-shirt is made on 100% Certified Organic Cotton and features a black and white camouflage graphic design. With our Limited Edition Collection's minimal production runs which are limited to 100 pieces in each color/size tee, you are sure to stand out. Available exclusively on our 100% Organic Ringspun Cotton in either Black or White. Enjoy the comfort and durability of our all-natural organic cotton that is grown and harvested without the use of any fertilizer...


Dezayno: eco-friendly organic clothing

Dezayno Premium Organic Clothing

Dezayno is a premium apparel brand focused on creating some of the world's best organic clothing in eco-friendly facilities.
At Dezayno, we want you to feel good about what you wear and we truly care about you and our environment.

Dezayno Premium Apparel has been featured on: Fox | NBC | ABC | | The CW and more.

Dezayno Organic Apparel Featured on Fox, NBC, ABC, Kinilly, The CW and more

Dezayno Eco-Friendly | Limited Edition | Premium Organic Apparel

Premium t-shirts, tanks, hats, hoodies, accessories, skateboards and more. Dezayno has been featured on Fox, ABC, NBC, The CW and leading Organic Products store

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