35+ Hottest Short Haircuts For Women in 2024

How beautiful would your hair look with short haircuts? Are you looking for the perfect haircut for women? If yes, then the following post will give you some great ideas to choose from.

Short haircuts for women are very popular these days because they look great and they suit every face shape. However, when choosing a haircut, you should know that short hairstyles have drawbacks.

Short hairstyles are growing in popularity among young girls as well as men. These include looking younger, showing off your personality, enhancing your facial features, and creating a fun new style.

Some people even wear short haircuts as their signature look. Of course, there are plenty of reasons you should go for the cut.

Women are always looking for better ways to style their long locks. Short haircuts for women in current year are trendy now, and they perfectly complement any face shape, whether round or square. They also offer fantastic versatility when styling.

Choosing the correct length for your hair can take time and effort. Too much time spent thinking about cutting off all those beautiful curls might cause damage.

Classy Short Haircuts for Women in this year

The good thing is that there are tons of short hairstyles for women without worrying about damaging their strands. If you’re wondering what you should go for, then read on.

1. Curly Gray Tapered Hairstyle

Curly Gray Tapered Hairstyle

The most trendy short hairstyles for ladies this year are a variety of pixie cuts, many of which have a bold design element. A full, curly cut with a tapered nape is the perfect way to highlight your grey hair.

2. Sleek Shoulder Length Side Swept Cut

Sleek Shoulder Length Side Swept Cut

Shoulder-length hair is our favourite since it is versatile and manageable yet long enough for various stylish and entertaining looks. Stunning highlights bring out the best in an outfit and give it an edge that no one can miss.

3. Old Hollywood Short Haircuts for Women

Old Hollywood Short Haircuts for Women

When you wear this cut and style, you seem like you stepped out of an old Hollywood film. Get your hair cut short, right below your chin, and have the ends trimmed very little. This short haircut is a timeless classic, made even more so with the addition of some timeless, gentle waves.

4. Apple Cut Hair With Short Side Bangs

Apple Cut Hair With Short Side Bangs

This is one of the most popular short haircuts for ladies. If you want the advantages of bangs without drawing attention to them, an apple cut is a great short hairstyle to try. Apple-cut hair may be given additional depth and a modern appearance by dying it chocolate brown or adding caramel highlights.

5. Wavy Short Hair with Side Bangs

Wavy Short Hair with Side Bangs

You can take your short hairstyle with bangs to the next level with the addition of waves. You can add volume and style by parting it to one side. Accent your look with a pair of big earrings.

6. Twisted Half Updo

Twisted Half Updo

Try this easy hairstyle out on your short hair and bangs. Grab a handful of hair from both sides, twist it, and secure it with an elastic band behind your head. You can spice it up by attaching a hair clip or bow.

7. Textured French Bob with Bangs

Textured French Bob with Bangs

Adding bangs too short hair may make you seem put together even when you’re not. You can quickly get a curly bob by curling little hair pieces and then finger-combing them. It’s also a terrific trick for making fine hair seem denser.

8. Layered Long Bob

Layered Long Bob

Give this shortcut a try regardless of your hair type; it’s fantastic. You can get a layered bob by requesting a cut that ends just above the shoulders and includes lengthy, choppy layers.

9. The Marilyn Monroe Short Hair Cut for Ladies

The Marilyn Monroe Short Hair Cut for Ladies

With this short, layered cut that ends just below the chin, you’ll appear as hot as you feel. Put a lot of effort into using hot rollers to add volume to your hair and set it in place.

10. Curtain Bangs Cute Short Hairstyles

Curtain Bangs Cute Short Hairstyles

In this year, this type of bang is quite popular. Therefore now is the time to get them. Pairing it with a C-curl bob enhances the feminine quality of your appearance.

11. Natural Tapered Cut

Natural Tapered Cut

Utilize your curls by having your stylist trim the ends for further dimension. You can’t go wrong with a shortcut like this; it’s always in style and looks very natural.

12. Wavy Pixie Bob with Side Bangs

Wavy Pixie Bob with Side Bangs

Pixie bobs are short, chic haircuts that rest between the ear and the neck. This is an excellent haircut for women who are fond of bob hair styles but want a shorter length. Try it out with some side bangs to frame your face.

13. Bouncy Bob With Blunt Bangs

Bouncy Bob With Blunt Bangs

Apply volume to a chin-length bob by blow-drying it with an inward-sweeping round brush. After that, blow-dry your blunt bangs, and you’re done! You can also use hair rollers to achieve a more buoyant bob.

14. Bob With Wispy Bangs

Bob With Wispy Bangs

Are you attempting to give your bob a more chill air? Scrunch your bob for added volume and texture, then style them with your fingers for a somewhat undone appearance. It would be best if you got long, wispy bangs.

15. Undercut Asymmetrical Bob

Undercut Asymmetrical Bob

Request that your hairdresser gives you an asymmetrical bob, with one side shaved down to your chin and the other to the level of your ears. Then have your stylist give you an undercut that fades into the bob’s longer side.

16. Pink Short Hair With Bonnet

Pink Short Hair With Bonnet

Pink hair with bangs is another attractive style option. Use a hat or a beanie to add a touch of cool.

17. See-Through Bangs With Headband

short bob haircuts

A headband or bow can instantly transform your bob with bangs into a lovely, young-looking style. Additionally, you may fold a headscarf and knot it like a headband. This is a great hairstyle for short hair if you work from home or take classes online and need to look  professional.

18. Platinum Blonde Short Haircuts for Women

Platinum Blonde Short Haircuts for Women

Among the trendiest and prettiest hairstyles are choppy shortcuts in blond tones. The dynamic locks provide a sassy bedhead appearance.

19. Short Blonde Hair with Dark Nape

Short Blonde Hair with Dark Nape

Are you looking for a way to spice up your hair without going over the top? This look is a simple way to give your short hair some depth and texture without sacrificing convenience. An undercut is a way to go if you want to avoid maintaining fuzzy hair. Always keep a sophisticated air.

20. Gray-Blonde Highlighted Crop

Gray-Blonde Highlighted Crop

It would help if you chose a short hairstyle that will showcase your individuality with a colour that stands out but is also easily concealed. This crop’s combination of texture and colour creates a striking visual effect.

21. Tousled Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

Tousled Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

This short style is great for women with long features because it hides the forehead and adds soft volume to the cheeks and chin. Put some hairspray in your hair to give it some structure and tousle it for a “Woke Up Like This” look, and you’ll look just adorable!

22. Voluminous Purple-Gray Pixie

Voluminous Purple-Gray Pixie

Choppy, textured layers create the illusion of fullness in the hair. The trimmed hair provides more volume and lift. Grey tones are a great way to flaunt your edgy, on-trend style.

23. Short Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Short Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

The brown hair with blonde highlights that’s now popular. The short hair with brown color is another great option for women with short hair. It gives you a variety of styling choices for your hair. Use highlights consistently to create a captivating final product.

24. Stacked and Angled Bob Short Haircuts for Women

Stacked and Angled Bob Short Haircuts for Women

Only one short women’s haircut has the fashion world talking, which is this one. This kind of haircut, in which the hair is stacked and angled forward, is quite appealing. The amount of fans only grows.

25. Wavy Razored Bob

Wavy Razored Bob

Purple highlights in short haircuts for women make a bold fashion statement.

26. Reddish Blonde Bob

Reddish Blonde Bob

Make the traditional bob into something bold and daring. The reddish blonde hair colour and the excellent razor-shaved cut presented here are a good place to begin.

27. Feathered Pixie with Long Side Bangs

Feathered Pixie with Long Side Bangs

Side-swept bangs are a great way to soften the edges of any short haircut for ladies. Plus, they work well with any facial structure. You should use a bold colour like red or copper to get people’s attention.

28. Haircut with Frosted Ends

Haircut with Frosted Ends

Do you feel like taking a drastic slowdown? A pixie cut with angled sideburns is a stylish and trendy option.

29. Short Haircut for Thinner Hair

Short Haircut for Thinner Hair

If your hair is thin and you want to make it seem thicker, try cutting it short. Create a short haircut that is both thick and gorgeous by using a combination of layering, highlighting, and bedhead shaping.

30. Short Messy Shag

Short Messy Shag

Shaggy neck-length haircuts with bangs that frame the face and make you appear younger are among the cutest hairstyles for short hair.

31. Shaggy Pixie for Fine Hair

Shaggy Pixie for Fine Hair

If you’re thinking of cutting your hair short, here’s one trick for making it appear cool: utilize layers to create the illusion of thickness, and experiment with highlights to give your new cut some edge. The idea is straightforward.

32. Piecey Pixie-Bob

Piecey Pixie-Bob

Similar to breaking the block and solid feel of the classic short bob into jagged, curly parts, this is a radical departure from the style’s conventional form. It gets rid of the rigidity and gives your hair a seductive swing. Short hairstyles like this greatly benefit from a brilliant balayage that increases the volume.

33. Long Messy Pixie

Long Messy Pixie

Do you want to find trendy short hairstyles for women? Try half-up styles or clipping the front and longer parts back when you need them out of the way. You may feel as stylish in a long blonde pixie in the workplace as you do on the weekend.

34. Shaggy Mullet Haircut for Women

Shaggy Mullet Haircut for Women

The edgy layered cut is perfect for thin hair and looks great in a bright white colour.

35. Curly Crop for Women

Curly Crop for Women

Short hair with bangs and textured layers is an excellent way for ladies with curly hair to flaunt their natural texture while still enjoying the convenience and little maintenance that comes with a shorter cut.

36. Short Spiked Hairstyle

Short Spiked Hairstyle

Put some gel or mousse into your hair and spike it to one side to heighten your shortcut.

37. Accurate Two-Tier Bob

Accurate Two-Tier Bob

A sleek blonde bob will reflect light and perk up a gloomy day. Also, if you’re out and about, pull it into a low, messy bun, and you’ll look adorable.

38. Short Funky Haircut

Short Funky Haircut

Women who are slim and beautiful should consider getting a pixie cut with varying lengths and volumes.

39. Women’s Haircut with Crown Volume

Women's Haircut with Crown Volume

If your dark hair gradually becomes grey, a pixie cut with plenty of structure is a great option. The only tools you need are your fingers and some mousse for this quick morning style.


There is no doubt that having long hair is fun, fashionable, and attractive. Unfortunately, not everyone naturally has long hair. That’s why women often opt for cute short hairstyles such as short bob haircuts, short bob hairstyles, short layered hair, hairstyles for short hair, or even buzz cuts. These styles allow anyone with thinning hair to enjoy wearing their favourite haircuts without worrying about the length. The next time you visit the salon, don’t hesitate to ask for a short haircut. It costs much less than those with longer hair.

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