45+ Best Short Haircuts for Men That You’ll Love

Over the past few years, fades and undercuts have made a big comeback. 

And that’s because men are paying more attention to their appearance. But feeling comfortable is just as important as looking good.

This is why men’s short haircuts are trending. While longer hairstyles and buns are still quite popular, short haircuts have become the top choice.

 Most men opt for short haircuts and styles because they’re very easy to handle. 

Just towel dry, add a speck of hair product, shape your hair the way you want, and you’re set. Some cuts don’t even need styling.

To find your new look, check out these 45+ coolest short haircuts for men.

1. The Side Swept Undercut

The Side Swept Undercut

This season, the undercut has become the top favorite among short haircuts for men, beating out the various Mohawk-inspired cuts. It gained attention three years back but surged in popularity thanks to the “Vikings” series, where Ragnar Lothbrok rocked an incredibly manly undercut.

To get this style, just keep your hair medium-length on the top and go for an undercut on the sides. This look is all about creating contrast to highlight your facial features.

This haircut is versatile and goes well with formal as well as casual appearances. To add a unique touch, you can create patterns on the side and add a bit of highlight to some of the top strands of the hair. 

2. High and Tight

High and Tight haircut

The high and tight haircut is a universally flattering choice for men. It’s sharp and neat, a classic style that’s loved in the military. This cut pairs shaved sides with a bit of length on top, making it a great pick for guys with thinner hair. 

And if you need some celeb inspiration for this type of men’s short haircut, check out David Beckham – he rocks this look flawlessly. The best thing about this type of short haircuts for men is that they are very easy to manage. You don’t need to comb your hair or use any hair products. It will give you a clean, modern, and edgy look. 

3. Caesar Cut

Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut has been around for ages, from ancient Rome to today’s red carpets – it’s a classic. This style keeps hair short all around, with the top brushed forward to create that distinctive fringe.

It’s perfect for men with a thinning mane on top and suits those with an oval, square, or diamond face shape really well. If you’re looking for a timeless short hair styles for men, this one’s a great choice.

If you don’t want regular short haircuts for men, ask the barber to add a modern touch by creating a low fade on the sides. It looks best on men with a short beard. 

4. Short Faded Buzz Cut

Short Faded Buzz Cut

These short, faded buzz-cut nails are both easy and stylish – it’s the perfect combo. By trimming most of the hair on the sides and leaving a bit up top for styling, you can get this look. 

Ask for a zero fade when you get it done. This will give you completely clean sides and will make your face appear slimmer. Any cut that gives you that contrast between the sides and the top will keep you looking sharp and neat.

You can use a bit of gel to style the hair on the top. This look is great for formal occasions and will give you a simple yet stylish appearance. 

5. Combined Long Short Haircut

Combined Long Short Haircut

To style short hair with minimal effort while keeping it smooth and soft without using lots of product, here’s the trick: mix up the lengths in your style. 

Leave one side longer and go for a tapered cut on the other side. Let it gradually fade down toward the ear line, blending subtly with any facial hair.

Men with thick hair and a gentle wave will rock this charming, boy-next-door style the best. If you don’t want to lose your long hair but keep it a bit short and manageable, this is the best choice. 

6. Side Part Cut

Side Part Cut

The Side Part haircut is a bit like the undercut, but here, only one side gets that extra-short treatment. It’s perfect if you’re not keen on spending ages on your hairstyle. 

This cut’s pretty laid-back and suits men with medium-length hair that you can casually sweep to the side. The cool part is that you can easily switch up your style by sweeping your hair either to the side with the undercut or to the one with longer strands.

It is obviously trending for short haircuts for men, and you can try to get different looks. If you have long hair, this haircut will look good on you. You can cut the hair short and adjust the length as per your style. 

7. Ivy League

Ivy League haircut

This haircut captures that stylish ‘old money’ vibe. It has short sides and a bit of volume over the top, making it a great choice for men aiming for a preppy look. 

Adjust the length to match your style, but make sure to maintain the right proportions to keep it true to the original. It is one of the finest short haircuts for men who are working. 

This type of short hair styles for men look great with formal attire. You can wear sunglasses to enhance your overall appearance with this haircut. Remember to use gel and comb your hair on both sides to keep it in the best condition.

8. Short Spiky Hair

Short Spiky Hair

If you are looking for a neat yet a bit different style, go for spiky short haircuts for men. This good boy cut is all about simplicity and cleanliness. 

It is not about anything wild or fancy—just cute spikes and a neat, short fade. These kinds of haircuts should give off a youthful vibe, and this short style nails it.

To style this cut, use a light-hold gel right after you shower and run your fingers through your hair to get that look just right. You can even use a blow dryer to set the spikes perfectly and give you a cleaner look. 

9. Crew Cut

Crew Cut

If you’re a guy who prefers low-maintenance grooming, take a look at this smart cut. It is one of the simplest short haircuts for men. This style looks good with straight as well as curly hair.

To get this look, snip the hair short at the sides and back while leaving a bit more length on top. Keep those front strands a bit longer for a nicely tapered finish.

Many celebrities still go with the crew cut because of its stylish appeal. If you are a Marvel fan, you might have noticed our beloved Captain America slaying such short hairstyles for men. 

10. Dyed Short Cut

Dyed Short Cut

Men dyeing their hair used to be a bit of a taboo, but now it’s a trend. There are two main reasons men do it: either to cover up gray strands or to stand out with a statement look. 

Men often color long hair, but nowadays, you can see many people with short dyed hair. From Joe Jonas to the famous Brazilian footballer – Richarlison, many people are going with this type of men’s short hairstyles. 

While men often prefer blonde, you can choose many other colors for your hair. However, remember to use the right shampoo and hair products to retain the color for such short haircuts for men.

11. Bowl Cut

Bowl hair Cut

Back in the sixties and eighties, this cut was a big deal for men. But today, there’s a much cooler version. It’s all about being edgy and messy while still looking masculine. 

Picture a neat fringe just above the eyebrows, and a texture on top, with the sides buzzed short. This style keeps changing and has become one of the best short haircuts for men.

12. Buzz Cut

Buzz hair Cut

A buzz cut works great for really thick hair. It’s a chill style that’s simple to pull off, especially when you fade the sides to balance out the fullness on top.

To style it, try a bit of pomade for a shiny look or matte clay for more texture. And remember, to keep it sharp, aim for a trim every 2-4 weeks.

The best thing about this type of short haircuts for men is that you don’t have to worry about any styling. A buzz cut in itself is very trendy, and you can see many celebrities like Zayn Malik and Nick Jonas rocking the style. 

13. Edgar Cut with a Low Bald Fade

Edgar Cut with a Low Bald Fade

The Edgar cut paired with a low bald fade is a classy and sleek option for men with short hair. It’s a modern style where the top is a bit longer, offering plenty of styling options. 

The low bald fade on the sides creates a sharp contrast. It’s a clean and stylish look for men with short hair that keeps its charm. 

To maintain such short hairstyles for men, it’s important to visit a skilled barber regularly. They’ll expertly blend the fade and check the top length to keep it looking sharp.

14. Smart Short Haircut

Smart Short Haircut

This tailored haircut rocks a smart style that’s both fresh and sharp. It keeps longer lengths on top while blending shorter cuts on the sides, giving it a versatile edge. 

Short haircuts for men like this offer loads of options – you can style it classy with a light smoothing lotion or let it go wild for a casual vibe. It’s a great match for men with oval, triangular, or square face shapes, enhancing their look.

15. Butch Cut

Butch hair Cut

The butch cut ranks high among the top short haircuts for men who want low-maintenance styling. It’s a military-style, very short haircut, perfect with an undercut or fade on the sides and back. 

The best part about this style is that you can easily get this look at home using clippers. It’s a fuss-free option for men who prefer a no-fuss grooming routine.

Another good thing about this haircut is that it is cost-effective. As your hair is cut very short, it takes time to grow back, and you can save money for months on a haircut.

16. Short Messy Cut with a Beard

Short Messy Cut with a Beard

For a modern take on men’s short hairstyles, check out this wild, messy haircut. It has a cool vibe with slightly longer, textured hair on top and short sides, creating a nice contrast. 

Your stylist will add plenty of texture to make it feel simple. To style it yourself, use some matte clay on damp hair, starting from the roots to the ends. If you have tattoos and piercings, this cut will work great for you.

17. Suave and Romantic Cut

Suave and Romantic hairCut

Short hairstyles for men can have a romantic allure. Try this captivating style with a side part and textured waves, perfect for a charming look. 

It suits boys with thick, naturally textured hair. Just use some medium-hold mousse and blow-dry your hair backward to keep it looking sharp. 

It’s an easy way to achieve this appealing style that’s full of charm. If you have natural blonde hair, it will work wonders for you. You can even shorten your hair at the back to make it more crisp.

18. Beard Fade with a Surgical Line

Beard Fade with a Surgical Line

The beard fade with a surgical line is a hot trend for short hair cut men. It starts from the sideburns, fading down to the jawline for a clean finish. 

Adding that surgical line gives it an extra sharp look. It’s perfect for those who want to keep their facial hair but still look neat and stylish. 

To style, use some matte clay or pomade on the top of your hair – your choice. It’s an easy way to rock this sleek style. You can also ask the barber to create different patterns instead of the line.

19. Disconnected Haircut

Disconnected Haircut

When it comes to short haircuts for men, people often get confused between an undercut and a disconnected undercut. 

Here’s the deal: the classic undercut blends smoothly, but the disconnected one makes a bold statement by having a sharp contrast between long top hair and shaved sides without any fade. 

This style really stands out among short haircuts for men, making quite an impact and catching plenty of attention. If you like to draw attention to your hairstyle, this cut is ideal.

20. Short Textured Cut for Fine Hair

Short Textured Cut for Fine Hair

Looking for short haircuts for men with fine hair? Here’s a trick worth trying: growing it longer and undercutting it can make thin hair seem thicker. 

This modern pompadour style, with a softer touch, adds texture and flow. It’s a great choice for men wanting a trendy look without spending ages styling their hair. 

It gives the illusion of thicker hair and keeps things short and stylish. You can further tousle the hair on the top to add more volume. 

21. Very Short Burst Fade

Very Short Burst Fade

When you head to your stylist, ask for the super short burst fade haircut. It’s a bold and trendy style they can set you up with at your next appointment. 

The best thing about this type of short haircuts for men is that they look good with all types of hair – straight, wavy and curly. The clean lines of the cut will make your face appear more defined. 

Easy to manage – just wash, and you’re good to go. We recommend booking a follow-up with your barber in 2 to 4 weeks to keep this short hair cut men.

22. Undercut – Simple Short Haircuts for Men

Undercut Simple Short Haircuts for Men

An undercut is all about being sleek, stylish, and totally on-trend, perfect for men who want to make a statement. It highlights your strong features by keeping the back and sides buzzed or cut short while leaving some length up top for that extra volume. 

It’s a standout style that adds an edge to your look, making you stand out from the crowd. However, there are different variations of the undercut, so make sure you choose the one that looks best on your face. 

23. Slicked Back Short Hair

Slicked Back Short Hair

Certain short haircuts for men never seem to lose their charm. Take the classic slicked-back style – it’s easy, comfortable, and stylish. 

You can get this look by brushing your hair back and using some product to style it. Here’s a tip: trim the sides short and let the hair get longer as you move to the top. 

Remember to not cut your hair too short, or you won’t be able to push it back. Leave a good amount of volume on the top to get the look you want.

24. Caesar Cut with Shaved Sides

Caesar Cut with Shaved Sides

Lots of men aim for a low-maintenance look, and the Caesar cut with shaved sides nails it. The flanks are shaved down to the skin near the ears and smoothly blended up to the temples. 

Think of it like a blunt crop but with more length at the front for texture. It’s a good pick if you’re considering a cropped hairstyle, offering enough length to switch it up if it doesn’t quite fit your vibe.

25. Short Hair with Hard Part

Short Hair with Hard Part

Looking to spice up your short hairstyle? Try the hard part! It’s a neat, thin line shaved into your side part, dividing two sections with different hair lengths. 

It works wonders with styles like the quiff, fade, or comb-over with an undercut. Short haircuts for men are awesome, so add that hard part for an extra edge. Don’t hold back – go bold or stick to your usual cut.

26. Messy Spikes with Low Fade

Messy Spikes with Low Fade

Messy short haircut men has become very trendy for younger men. It is one of the most carefree short haircuts for men. Faded styles don’t need to be extreme, but a bit of contrast looks slick. 

Fades suit all hair types, especially if you’ve got a natural lift and volume at your roots. To add a spike effect, a little product goes a long way. Just style your longer hair up and define the ends, and you will get a cool, stylish look.

27. Short Shag with Bangs

Short Shag with Bangs

This short shag features a fringe that covers part of the forehead, which is perfect for men with a receding hairline. The fringe can be worn on either side for a deep side part to hide a large forehead. 

It is one of the few short haircuts for men where you’ll get to keep bangs. This cut will give you a punk rock look, and the best part is that it is very easy to maintain.

28. Soft Part – Laid-Back Short Haircuts for Men

Soft Part Laid Back Short Haircuts for Men

If George Clooney rocks it, you know it’s a top-notch short haircut for men. Making a soft part comes in two styles: for a pro touch, use a comb, but if you’re after a laid-back vibe, your fingers do the trick. 

Either way, this style’s like a red carpet special for men aiming high. Whether you want that polished look or a chill vibe, this cut’s got that star quality.

29. Low Fade Haircut

Low Fade Haircut

In low fade cut, your hair gets short near the bottom. It is perfect for men wanting to try fades without going all-in. Pair it with a bit of messy texture up top, and you will get a cool style that adds some attitude to short hair without going overboard. 

It’s a subtle way to try the fade trend, giving your look that extra edge without being too bold. You can keep the top hair long or in curly waves for a more attractive look.

30. Short Voluminous French Crop

Short Voluminous French Crop

This super short, full-bodied, fresh crop suits men with thick, wavy hair, giving a classic yet trendy look. Paired with a high skin fade, it keeps your thick hair neat and sharp. 

To manage that thickness, you’ll need some product – go for matte clay. It’s a fashion-forward style that’s easy to maintain and keeps your thick hair looking tidy and stylish. It is one of the few short haircuts for men that you can rock with a clean shave.

31. Short Dreadlocks

Short Dreadlocks

In the 1950s, Rastafarians came up with the term ‘dreadlocks,’ meaning “living in dread of God.” But today, it’s not just about religion. 

Dreadlocks now represent a natural, carefree vibe. You don’t have to be religious to rock this types of men’s short hairstyle. Whether you coil, braid, or twist your hair, dreadlocks are a meaningful choice for short haircuts among men.

It shows a free-spirited and natural approach to your look. There are many people who have tried this hairstyle – Michael B. Jordan in Black Panther, Kendrick Lamar, etc.

32. Short Pompadour Haircut

Short Pompadour Haircut

The disconnected pompadour is super stylish these days. It’s about keeping the sides short or faded while leaving long, full hair on top. 

This slicked-back style, a cool quiff, suits men of any background. If you’re after a fresh quiff look, try this combed-back pompadour – it’s getting a lot of attention. 

Especially for round or square faces, this haircut is a great pick, adding some length and style to your look.

33. Comb Over with High Fade

Comb Over with High Fade

The comb-over with a high fade is a hit among short hairstyles. It’s simple to style and doesn’t demand much morning time. With short hair at the back and sides, it keeps things neat – a popular choice for men looking for easy upkeep. 

Pairing it with a tightly faded crop around the ears ensures it grows out smoothly. Finish this men’s short hairstyle with different products based on the look you prefer. 

34. Military Cut – Easy Short Haircuts for Men

Military Cut Easy Short Haircuts for Men

Military cut is one of the most versatile short haircuts for men. From the butch cut to the crew cut and buzz cut to the regulation cut – you can choose from many different options. 

Before picking your style, talk with your barber about the various short haircuts for men in this category. It’s all about finding what suits you best for that hassle-free military vibe. There are many options, so take your time to choose the one that fits your style. 

35. Cowlick Hair – Unique Short Haircuts for Men

Cowlick Hair Unique Short Haircuts for Men

Dealing with a stubborn hair cowlick? Don’t worry – turn it into a style that’ll catch some eyes. For those unruly cowlicks, coarse hair does the trick, and an undercut can help manage the thickness. 

Taming cowlicks can be tricky, but your stylist has your back. They’ll guide you on using the right products and maintaining the look with regular salon visits. 

36. Brushed Up Fringe with Skin Fade

Brushed Up Fringe with Skin Fade

This haircut is great for men of any age, and it offers loads of styling options with the length up top. You can go for a choppy, textured look or sleek it down with a strong pomade for a tight style. 

If you’re going for this, ask for a mid-skin fade blended neatly into the top. The beauty of a skin fade is that it grows out nicely, so you decide when it’s time for the next cut.

37. Short Mullet – Vintage Short Haircuts for Men

Short Mullet Vintage Short Haircuts for Men

Remember the ’80s? Mullets haircut for men were right there alongside leg warmers and neon – a fun and bold style for men who enjoy a playful vibe. 

Today’s mullet is a fresh twist on that short front, long back look, but with tapered fade hair sides. It’s a modern take on a retro classic, perfect for men wanting a fun and attention-grabbing haircut.

If you have straight and long hair, you can go for this type of short haircuts for men. It looks really good and will give you the old retro Rockstar vibes. 

38. Taper Cut – Clean Short Haircuts for Men

Taper Cut Clean Short Haircuts for Men

The classic taper cut has thick hair on top, getting shorter on the sides and back. If you’ve styled a tapered look, you understand the need for product and regular shampoo to keep it neat – or it goes wild fast. 

It’s a popular choice among men because it’s so versatile. Easy to style but needs some upkeep, this short haircut men is a top pick for men who want a tidy yet flexible hairstyle.

39. Short Hair with Long Bangs

Short Hair with Long Bangs

Short haircuts for men with long bangs can balance out long foreheads or angular face shapes. Using a high fade helps soften sharp lines while keeping some thickness near the temples. 

Bangs falling forward can minimize a high forehead while brushing them to the side softens angular features on rectangular faces. For triangular faces, a stubble or beard can help soften strong jawlines and chins. 

40. Mohawk Fade

Mohawk Fade

Once a bold symbol of rebellion in the punk era, the Mohawk has mellowed into a less extreme style for men. It’s become quite mainstream these days. 

If you’re feeling a bit rebellious, ask your hairdresser to leave a long strip of hair down the middle of your head and fade the sides. It’s one of the coolest short haircuts for men without going too overboard.

41. Modern Punk – Trendy Short Haircuts for Men

Modern Punk Trendy Short Haircuts for Men

Want a head-turning short haircut? Look no more. Inspired by the bold styles of the 80s and 90s, this modern punk cut rocks spiked hair up top with shaved sides. 

Grab a sturdy gel to maintain that height throughout the day. It’s a cool and edgy look that adds a bit of a retro vibe while keeping it fresh and eye-catching. 

42. Modern Punk

Modern Punk hair

Want a head-turning short haircut? Look no more. Inspired by the bold styles of the 80s and 90s, this modern punk cut rocks spiked hair up top with shaved sides. 

Grab a sturdy gel to maintain that height throughout the day. It’s a cool and edgy look that adds a bit of a retro vibe while keeping it fresh and eye-catching. 

43. Curly Short Fauxhawk

Curly Short Fauxhawk

Here’s a fresh choice for Black men wanting a change from low top fades. It’s a cool way to flaunt your curly hair while keeping a short fade haircut. 

The bonus is that you can easily turn this style into a Mohawk by letting your hair grow a bit longer. It’s a versatile look that lets you embrace your curls and switch up your style when you’re feeling like trying something new.

44. Sideburned Style

Sideburned Style hair

Maximize your sideburns by blending them with light facial hair. This urban style incorporates sideburns into the cut, giving you a distinctive yet effortless daily look. 

It suits men from all age groups, but it’s often rocked by teens and 20-somethings. Don’t miss out, even if you’re 30 or older – these short hairstyles for men are awesome and shouldn’t be overlooked. 

45. Short Curtains

Short Curtains hair

Remember Leonardo DiCaprio in the ’90s? He made curtains super cool. If you’ve got about 5-6 inches of hair to work with, this iconic men’s haircut might be your thing. 

For that signature floppy look, let your long center-parted curtain fringe reach your eyes without using any products. It’s a laid-back style that adds a touch of that ’90s heartthrob vibe to your look. 

46. Short Waves

Short Waves hair

Get ready to make a statement with one of the coolest short haircuts for men: waves. They’re a classic, timeless style that lets Black men show off and honor their original hair texture. 

And guess what? You don’t need much length or a lot of products – just a pinch of wave cream does the trick. With options like 360s or 180s, it’s best to see a professional hairdresser for the best results.

47. Short Haircuts for Men with Thin Hair

Short Haircuts for Men with Thin Hair

Great short haircuts for men with hair that is not so thick can make it look fuller. Try options like the buzz cut, crew cut, textured French crop, or a side part. 

Stay away from products that might make your hair clump, and rather go for hair cream. And don’t forget, a barber can be a big help when you’ve got thin hair – they’ll know just what to do to make it look its best.

48. Short Haircuts for Men with Curly Hair

Short Haircuts for Men with Curly Hair

While curls may be a bit tricky, they bring volume and texture, offering tons of alternatives for men’s short haircuts. You can try a fade to control volume, rock a comb-over, slick back, or a buzz cut fade as well. Those curls give you plenty of stylish choices, so embrace them and try out different looks that suit your vibe.

49. Short Haircuts for Men with Receding Hairline

Short Haircuts for Men with Receding Hairline

Celebs like Matthew McConaughey and Henry Cavill show that a receding hairline isn’t something to hide. Choose flattering short haircuts like a longer top with short sides, such as a faux hawk or contemporary comb-over. 

These styles work wonders, making you look and feel great without trying to cover up. It’s all about rocking a look that suits you and your unique style.

50. Short Haircuts for Men with Beard

Short Haircuts for Men with Beard

Pairing short haircuts for men with a bit of face grunge is a popular choice. But before combining the two, think about your hairstyle and how well you can cultivate a beard naturally. 

Whether you’re aiming for a full bushy beard or a neat goatee, have a chat with your barber. They can suggest the best beard style that complements the shape of your face and works well with your haircut. 


Is short hair trending?

According to Google search data, short haircuts for men are trending.

Is thick hair attractive in men?

Survey shows that women prefer men who have a full head of thick black hair.

Which is the simplest short haircut to maintain?

Buzz fade is one of the simplest short haircuts in men when it comes to maintenance.


These are the 45+ best short haircuts for men that are currently trending. If you don’t have the time to manage long hair, choose from any of these options. The best thing about short haircuts for men is that they go very well with a beard and can help you hide thin hair or receding hairline. In this guide, you will find options suitable for different face shapes and hair types. We hope you find a short haircut for your new look. 

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