Summer Wardrobe Essentials: Building Your Perfect Outfit

With the warm months upon us, it’s time to revamp our wardrobe and make sure we’re dressing for the season, both for staying cool and also for looking good. You have to feel cool while also looking good in temperatures that just don’t feel that great with too many clothes on. In 2024, there are all kinds of unique looks to pull off, so take time putting together the best outfits with these tips below: 

From Head to Toe

When it comes to putting together the perfect summer outfit, you don’t want to forget how many accessories can make a look. Plus, when you need some of those accessories, like a purse, it doesn’t hurt to make sure they add to your looks.

For example, a tote bag can add to your laid-back casual look for a coffee shop date. A bright headscarf can add to your summer dress look while helping to keep your hair off your neck for a cooler summer experience.

Consider the Material

Summer Outfit

If you want to have the perfect style for the summer, take your time considering the material used in your outfits. You want to avoid anything that will cause you to sweat too much or soak it up so that it shows. 

You’ll want to keep summer temperatures in mind, even when that dress may seem adorable. Some clothing options are designed for beauty but not with comfort in mind, and a great look is one that you can feel and look good in, no matter the season. 

Crop Tops and Layers

A great look that is in right now are crop top shirts or sports bras paired with a layer that can be used when you’re indoors where the AC is down low. But when it comes to being outside, you can easily take it off while still looking good and sport that cute top that allows you to stay fresh during the summer months. Some people are confident about showing their midriff, but if you’re a bit more modest, a crop top that is long enough to cover most of it is a good idea that can still look good with a layered top while allowing you to breathe. 

Summer Dress Staples

Pink Dress for summer

There’s a reason why summer dresses are in and have almost always been in. When it comes to looking cute and also dressing well while staying cool, you really can’t go wrong with a summer dress. So, as you shop for your summer outfits, you want to make sure to include some summer dresses if you enjoy cute looks that allow you to stand out while also not succumbing to the heat. 

A great summer closet will have a couple of cute dresses always ready to go. However, if you’re not a dressy kind of gal, look for styles that make you feel like a million dollars whenever you wear them. 

Matching Tops and Bottoms

If you want to have casual yet appealing looks, consider how matching tops and bottoms can provide you with a streamlined look that has you looking ready for any occasion but also keeps you cool. 

A linen crop top paired with linen shorts or skirts can have you showing up to outdoor events ready to slay while also ensuring that your skin can breathe. A lot of online clothing shops have cute outfits like this for affordable prices, but always make sure you’re shopping for sustainable brands so that you don’t become a part of the fast fashion problem. 

In Conclusion

From dresses to crop tops and great accessories, find the looks that look good but also feel great for the warmer months of the year. You want to be ready to slay, even if you’re trying to avoid sweating through your clothes. Talk to your personal stylist about the best options for you today. 

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