11+ Best Skorts for Women in 2024 : Comfort and Style

Wondering if skorts are still in style this year? Absolutely! Skorts for women are definitely making a comeback, and I’ve gathered the top picks for women right here.

Just like many other 90s fashion comebacks, skorts are back in the spotlight, offering a stylish alternative to mini skirts that are also more practical. While I’m personally embracing the mini skirt and slingback heels trends this year, I really love the practicality and comfort of cute women’s skorts, whether they’re dressy or casual. 

Skorts give you the freedom to embrace that short skirt look without worrying about any wardrobe malfunctions. Plus, they’re more comfortable to move around in and easier to wear, whether you’re getting in and out of the car. My selection of the greatest skorts includes options for both fancy and casual occasions, whether you like bright or traditional black colors. So let’s make sure you’re ready, whether you want to shop or get into the skort craze!

What are Skorts?

Women’s skorts are essentially shorts with an extra layer of fabric on top to give the illusion of a skirt. You can usually find them in sports stores, perfect for activities like golf and tennis. However, the more refined and trending versions of skorts tend to fluctuate in popularity over time. Skorts were invented to provide people with more freedom for a range of activities, such as sports, cleaning, gardening, or bicycling, without sacrificing the appearance of a skirt.

Are Skorts Still in Fashion

skorts will be very in, particularly in cargo, satin, and denim editions. Midi skorts are also making waves, spotted on runways and among fashionistas during Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter.

Our Top Picks

Best OverallBALEAF Women’s Tennis and Golf Skort
Best PleatedEleVen by Venus Williams Tennis Skirt
Best High WaistEwedoos Tennis Skirt
Best Skorts For Women With PocketsCrz Yoga High Waisted Skort
Best PrintsEkouaer Women’s Active Performance Skort
Best Plus Size Skorts For WomenArctix Active Skort
Best ValueBlevonh Shorts
Best Anti-ChafeLittle Donkey Andy Women’s Athletic Skort
Best Sun ProtectionWillit Outdoor Skort
Best ShapingHeathyoga Knee Length Skort

Ewedoos Tennis Skirt

Ewedoos Tennis Skirt

Pockets are always a bonus, and the Ewedoos High Waisted Tennis Skirt has plenty of them. You can securely store your essentials and leave your tote bag at home. The integrated mesh shorts contain two side pockets: one that is deep enough to hold an iPhone without much effort and another that can hold a tennis ball in addition to your phone. In the covert internal waistband pocket, you can safely store your keys and headphones. It feels thin and silky like a bikini and wicks away perspiration thanks to its lightweight, elastic polyester and spandex combination. These running skorts for women maintain their shape even during medium-impact exercises like running, even though the fabric doesn’t compress.

What we loveWe adore it for its four pockets, which provide enough room for storing your necessities.
What could be betterRemember that the material is very thin and offers no compression.

Crz Yoga High Waisted Skort

Crz Yoga High Waisted Skort

Regarded as a great replacement for the Lululemon Skort, the CRZ Yoga Skort offers exceptional quality at a very low cost. It’s very soft and flexible, made of a polyester and elastane combination. While it doesn’t dry very quickly, the moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool throughout a variety of activities. As it doesn’t wrinkle easily, you can easily carry it in your gym bag or suitcase. The shorts remain comfortably in place and provide excellent covering to avoid chafing. They also include three secret pockets: a rear zipped pocket for smaller things and two side pockets for your necessities. There is a color selection for any taste, ranging from pastels to neutrals, with eight available.

What we likeWe like it because it conveniently stores anything you need to keep track of in its three secret compartments.
What could be betterRemember that it’s not as quick-drying as you may think, despite its promises.

Ekouaer Women’s Active Performance Skort

Ekouaer Women's Active Performance Skort

The smooth and breathable fabric of this best-selling skort makes it a summertime must-have. By wicking away perspiration, it keeps you cool whether you’re playing tennis or simply strolling with your dog. The best feature about it? From bright shades to tie-dye and leopard print, there are more than 40 distinct colors and patterns to choose from. You can style it up or down for any event with this adaptable item. It’s important to note that several darker designs have integrated white shorts below, which may become visible when the cloth is stretched.

What we likeWe like it as it is available in more than 40 designs, providing you with a plethora of choices to coordinate with your outfit.
What could be betterRemember that the undershorts may peek through a little in some of the skirt styles.



Those who usually avoid wearing shorts enjoy Blevonh’s amazingly inexpensive tennis skirt. Underneath this classic A-line miniskirt are somewhat looser mini-shorts than ones with adhesive grips at the hem. This means that, unlike shapewear, they provide the covering of shorts without feeling constricting. It’s a fantastic choice for light exercise regimens or everyday errands. Despite the freedom of the shorts, the elastic waistband ensures the skirt stays in place no matter what you’re doing. This athletic skort comes in 34 different colors and designs and has a large pocket to store your belongings.

What we likeWe like Blevonh’s workout skirt as it’s made to seem like a traditional miniskirt but doubles up as a functional skort with fully-covered shorts.
What could be betterRemember that the shorts under the skirt are not as compressive as regular spandex and may not fit as snugly.

Heathyoga Knee Length Skort

Heathyoga Knee Length Skort

With its four-way stretch and side slits, this fitted knee-length skirt offers plenty of covering without limiting your range of motion, making it perfect for a day on the golf course. Its moisture-wicking, breathable fabric keeps you feeling cool and refreshed until you’re ready for a well-earned drink at the 19th hole. The smooth material is very pleasant against the skin, and the integrated shorts and supporting high waist provide an additional covering for those times when you have to bend over to recover or tee up your ball. You have plenty of room to safeguard your possessions with its three compartments, which include a rear slip pocket for a golf ball or compact scorecard and two side zipper pockets for keys and valuables.

What we likeWe like these golf skorts for women as the split hem allows for simple movement flexibility, and the 20-inch inseam offers moderate coverage.
What could be betterJust remember that there are just exterior pockets on the skirt.

EleVen by Venus Williams Tennis Skirt

EleVen by Venus Williams Tennis Skirt

Get ready for Wimbledon with this chain print skirt, created by the great Venus Williams, a seven-time Grand Slam singles champion and authorized for country club attire. Venus, a tennis star, knows how important it is to feel confident and at ease on the court, and she also knows how wearing an outfit that is both fashionable and quite practical can improve performance. She has given the traditional white skorts for women her own special touch, giving it a chic side pleat and a sleek design. Underneath are really comfy 13-inch shorts that include huge pockets to store additional balls or your phone. Its wide, supple waistline keeps you snug without snagging on the skin, giving you unrestricted movement on the court. Made mostly from recycled water bottles, the eco-friendly material is elastic but robust and has moisture-wicking technology and thermoregulating capabilities.

What we likeWe like it because it uses adaptive heating and cooling technologies made of recyclable materials to keep you cozy while you play.
What could be betterJust remember that it only comes in white and is more expensive.

Baleaf Pleated Tennis Skort

Baleaf Pleated Tennis Skort

This stylish outdoor skort is super affordable, so grab some sunscreen and get ready to go outside. This skort has UPF50 protection to protect your skin from the sun’s rays in addition to being lightweight and water-repellent. It’s made of soft nylon that wicks away sweat and stains, making it ideal for daily use, exercise, and camping. It also does a fantastic job of enduring the hot heat. Wearing sandals and a button-down top will bring it down, or you may dress it up with sneakers and a T-shirt.

What we likeAffordable and protects skin from sun damage
What could be better The liner of the skort is sheer

Willit Outdoor Skort

Willit Outdoor Skort

The breathable, lightweight stretch nylon fabric draws perspiration away from the body, keeping you comfortably dry. Additionally, it has a durable water-repellent (DWR) treatment that aids in the collection of precipitation.

Feel assured taking on any challenge thanks to the inside shorts’ covering and increased protection. In addition, the two-snap zipper fly provides a snug fit. Your valuables will be safe in the two front pockets and the two rear pockets with zippers. For further security, there is a secret inside your pocket where you may put your keys and money. Enjoy the sun all day long without worrying about getting sunburn thanks to the UPF 50 fabric, which protects off dangerous UV rays.

What we like It looks great in both formal and casual settings, plus it’s comfortable.
What could be betterThe sizes run big.

Arctix Active Skort

Arctix Active Skort

One fashionable alternative for women’s outdoor outings is the Arctix Active Skort, which comes in two lengths: 17″ and 19″. For a playful, outdoorsy feel, wear it alone or layer it over tights or leggings. Feel free to move about in complete comfort thanks to the four-way stretch fabric. Additionally, it comes with connected inside shorts and a zippered coin pocket convenience.

Arctix focuses on producing reasonably priced, high-quality apparel for a range of wintertime sports. To provide protection from inclement weather, their apparel is put through rigorous testing in harsh settings.

What we likeThe skirt’s flattering and does not cling awkwardly to the body.
What could be betterA few reviewers noticed size variations in different colors.

Santiny Pleated Tennis and Golf Skort

Santiny Pleated Tennis and Golf Skort

During activity, the skort’s integrated mesh inner shorts will keep you cool and comfortable. To protect you, the liner is composed of elastic, breathable, and rapidly drying cotton.

You can store tennis balls in the upside-down pocket on the left side of the skort, which allows you to move freely when playing sports, and keep your phone safe in the deep pocket on the right side of the garment. In order to safeguard your cards or keys, there is a back zipper pocket and a secret waistband pocket for protection.

The skort’s wide waistband and high waist provide complete coverage and stomach support, keeping it in place and from rolling down whether you play tennis or golf. The skort also has pleated details. It’s ideal for a variety of sports and leisure pursuits.

What we like It fits perfectly even after several washes. Lots of pockets for easy storage.
What could be betterThe fabric runs thin.

BALEAF Women’s Tennis and Golf Skort

BALEAF Women's Tennis and Golf Skort

The skort is ideal for warm days and outdoor activities. Sweat is quickly wicked away by the Moisture Transport System, keeping you dry and comfortable while you’re exercising.

You can enjoy your activities to the fullest without worrying, thanks to the safe and cozy two-layer design, which consists of an inner shorts layer and an outer skirt layer. Its double-layered, triangle-shaped gusset improves the range of motion by preventing riding up and pinching.

Along with an inside drawcord and wide elastic waistband for a customizable fit, there’s a secret compartment for your personal items.

The compressive mesh shorts include mesh pockets on each leg to store necessities like keys and 4.7-inch phones and a headphone wire hole for convenient access to your headphones. You can feel safer while engaging in outdoor activities since reflective elements, make sure you are visible in low light.

What we likeThey fit well and are extremely durable
What could be betterThe size runs small, and lining in light-colored skirts may be visible.

Little Donkey Andy Athletic Skorts for Women

Little Donkey Andy Athletic Skorts for Women

The athletic skort is your ideal workout outfit. On warmer days, the moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry by drawing perspiration away from your body.

In order to minimize chafing while you’re moving, the skort has integrated mesh compression shorts with flat seams sewn inside out. These shorts provide support and breathability without riding up.

The broad elastic waistband with an inside drawcord for a comfortable and customizable fit will be convenient for you. There are two side pockets to hold your necessities and a back zippered compartment to keep your valuables safe. These long skorts for women have a reflective logo to help you stay visible in low light, adding to your safety.

What we likeThey look great and have good quality material.
What could be betterThe length of the skort is longer.

Luvamia Denim Skort for Women

Luvamia Denim Skort for Women

This women’s jean skirt is made from soft denim fabric with just the right amount of stretch, ensuring a comfortable fit. The high waist design adds an edgy touch to your look.

The vintage style with shorts underneath makes it perfect for transitioning from spring to summer, layered with shirts and camis. The high-waisted design with a slit creates a throwback look reminiscent of ’90s fashion. Pair this mini skirt with a floral blouse for a feminine touch to your daily outfits. Denim skorts for women are a must-have in any denim lover’s wardrobe. 

What we likeComfortable and fits right on the hip
What could be betterSizes run long.

IUGA Knee Length Skorts for Women

IUGA Knee Length Skorts for Women

The knee length skorts for women from IUGA provide enough leg covering at every angle, guaranteeing privacy. These golf skirts have a flared style and fit most body types.

To maintain the illusion of a flatter stomach, the high waist and adjustable waistband provide the ideal balance of compression and coverage. These tennis skorts for women are comfortable to wear while working out because of their four-way stretch and moisture-wicking fabric. With its adjustable drawstring, it fits a variety of waist sizes and ensures a snug fit without rolling down.

IUGA is a lifestyle brand that blends performance, comfort, and style. Their superior longer skorts for women are ideal for active lifestyles or daily casual wear.

What we likeThey are ideal skorts for older women as they offer modest coverage.
What could be betterThere may be an issue with the hemline

Tips for Buying a Skort for Women

Pick a Proper Style

Consider your hobbies before choosing an exercise skirt or skort. Casual skorts for women are wonderful if you play sports like tennis or golf since they allow you to move freely and include built-in shorts for covering. A straighter shape can be the best option if you want to add something more adaptable to your outfit. Additionally, it’s up to you whether or not you want built-in shorts.

Pick a Right Length and Fabric

Make sure the skort has pockets in the shorts if you decide to wear one. I promise you, concealed pockets are useful for everything and everything.

Consider the length and fabric as well. To keep cool and dry during workouts or hot weather, use a moisture-wicking fabric like polyester. Additionally, measure the length to determine if it falls comfortably closer to the knee (midi) or the shorter side (mini). Also, the length of skorts for tall women must be considered; they must opt for longer ones.


Are skorts good for the gym?

Skorts are a great way to add some fun to your training attire while still providing the same level of cover as workout shorts. Exercise skirts and skorts are ideal for easily switching from a workout to hanging out with friends or doing errands without missing a beat since they usually include moisture-wicking and quick-drying qualities.

But it makes sense to choose more specialized sportswear or clothing with additional covering for certain training regimens or strenuous exercises. As they might fly up and get in the way during a HIIT exercise, flowy pleated skirts might not be the greatest option.

What is the best material for an exercise skort?

Skirts for exercise should be form-fitting and happily stretchable. Blends made of polyester or nylon are great options since they often include performance characteristics like anti-wrinkling, rapid drying, moisture-wicking, and even UPF or odor resistance. Moreover, they are often machine-washable, which simplifies cleaning. Seek mixes that include elastane or spandex for more flexibility and softness that will give you more mobility.

What tops to wear with a skort?

Wearing striped shirts gives you a classic appearance that can take your outfit from athletic to stylish, giving off a nautical or even Parisian look. Try pairing a graphic top with black skorts for women for a less preppy look. These days, vintage band shirts are really stylish and may give your ensemble a stylish edge.

Are skorts better than shorts?

When you’re heading out to play tennis, golf, or simply a walk, skorts are often a wonderful choice. They can even work for your evening plans. Shorts, on the other hand, fit better since they allow for more range of motion during strenuous exercise or while visiting the gym.

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