The 12 Best Workout Shirts for Men in 2024

Tackling workouts in regular clothes can be quite a struggle. They might stick to your skin, smell bad, and make the entire exercise session uncomfortable. But you can easily avoid these problems by switching to workout shirts. These clothes are specially designed to wick moisture and keep you cool and dry despite all the sweat.

Workout shirts for men not only help to improve your performance but also look stylish. They are flexible and breathable and offer support to improve the quality of your workout sessions. The only problem is that – there are plenty of options available online, which makes the choice difficult.

So, to help you with this, we have shortlisted the 12 best workout shirts for men. 

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What’s the Best Fabric for Workout Shirts for Men?

Choosing the right fabric for your workout shirt is very important as it directly affects your comfort levels. Here are some of the most common fabrics for men’s workout shirts:

1. Nylon 

Nylon is a synthetic material that is soft to the touch and stretchable. Wearing a nylon shirt helps you move easily when working out. The fabric also has a tendency to wick sweat from your skin and keep your skin dry. It is also water-resistant and perfect for outdoor adventures. 

2. Polyester 

Polyester is durable, quick-drying, and low-maintenance – all these qualities make it ideal for workout shirts. It is excellent at wicking sweat and works for all types of weather conditions. The material is also breathable and lightweight, which helps to improve your workout sessions. 

3. Spandex 

If you want to maintain a high range of motion during your workouts, spandex is the best fabric. It is extremely stretchable and perfect for pants and shirts. This synthetic material has become very popular among sports enthusiasts because of the flexibility it offers. 

4. Bamboo 

Bamboo is an environmentally friendly material that is lightweight and easy to wear. It dries fast and has antibacterial properties, so it stays fresh longer. Bamboo is a luxury alternative to polyester and nylon. It is the only fabric with all the qualities that athletes need. 

Stretch and Flexibility

How Should Workout Shirts for Men Fit?

How Should Workout Shirts for Men Fit

The ideal fit for workout t-shirts men’s wardrobe depends on personal choice and the type of exercise you’re doing. However, here are some general guidelines you can follow:

1. Comfortable yet snug

The shirt should fit comfortably without being too tight or too loose. It shouldn’t restrict your movement during exercise.

2. Length

The shirt should be long enough to cover your midsection. But not so long that it bunches up or gets in the way during workouts.

3. Shoulder seams

The seams should sit right at the edge of your shoulders. If they’re falling off or digging in, the size might not be right.

4. Sleeves

For short-sleeved shirts – the sleeves should end around mid-bicep. Longer sleeves should reach just past the elbows.

5. Flexibility

Choose fabrics that offer some stretch, especially if you’re engaging in activities that require a wide range of motion.

Always consider the specific exercises you’ll be doing and how the shirt feels when you’re moving. You can also experiment with different styles and sizes to find the fit that supports your workout routine.

The Best All-Around Workout Shirts for Men

1. Under Armour Men’s Tech 2.0 Short-sleeve T-shirt

How Should Workout Shirts for Men Fit
Fabric Type100% Polyester
SizeX-Small to 5X-Large
Color116 Options

The Under Armour Men’s Tech 2.0 is a workout essential that lives up to its reputation. It is made from 100% polyester UA Tech fabric and delivers an exceptional workout experience. The quick-drying nature and ultra-soft feel keep you cool and comfortable throughout your training sessions.

What stands out is its ability to wick sweat efficiently. This helps you stay dry even during intense workouts. The new streamlined fit with a shaped hem offers a modern look without compromising on comfort. Its loose, fuller cut provides unrestricted movement, ideal for various exercises.

Under Armour shirts are suitable for diverse activities, from gym sessions to outdoor adventures. Plus, with a range of sizes and an impressive selection of colors, finding the perfect fit and style is easy. If you are looking for the best workout shirts for men, this is the ideal choice. 

2. Nike Men’s Shorts Sleeve Hydroguard Top

Nike Men’s Shorts Sleeve Hydroguard Top
Fabric Type100% Cotton
SizeSmall to XX-Large
Color10 Options

Men’s workout shirts are hardly available in cotton fabric as it doesn’t have moisture-wicking qualities. However, this shirt by Nike is an exception. It is made of 100% cotton but still remains dry and comfortable during exercise. 

It is a reliable workout partner that ticks the boxes for both comfort and performance. The shirt is available in a standard fit for an easy, relaxed feel during your workouts. The inclusion of Nike Dri-FIT technology ensures sweat is swiftly moved away from your skin. This results in quicker evaporation and keeps you comfortably dry throughout your exercise sessions.

This top not only provides comfort but also offers UVA and UVB protection in the covered areas, safeguarding your skin during outdoor workouts. The color options and sizes available ensure a personalized fit and style. However, it’s worth noting that for exposed areas, you need to use sunscreen. Overall, if you’re looking for a breathable, comfortable workout top, the Nike Men’s Short Sleeve Hydroguard Top is a dependable choice.

The Best Budget Workout Shirts for Men

Here are some of the most affordable workout shirts for men:

1. TIHEEN Men’s T-Shirt

TIHEEN Men's T-Shirt
Fabric Type100% Polyester
SizeSmall to 3X-Large
Color16 Options

If you are looking for budget-friendly workout shirts for men, The TIHEEN Men’s T-Shirt is the best choice. Made from 100% polyester with specialized weaving technology, it’s a quick-dry apparel, evaporating water faster than traditional fabrics. This lightweight, elastic shirt is soft on the skin, ensuring day-long comfort and keeping you cool even in direct sunlight, thanks to its UPF 50+ sun protection.

The design boasts raglan sleeves, offering a wide range of motion, making it suitable for various activities, from outdoor sports to daily leisure. Its versatility is matched by a range of colors to suit diverse preferences. The shirt’s fit strikes the perfect balance between snugness and freedom, providing the ideal wear for activities like running, hiking, or workouts.

Overall, if you’re after a breathable, quick-drying shirt that offers sun protection and flexibility for multiple activities, the TIHEEN Men’s T-Shirt is an affordable and reliable choice that doesn’t compromise on style or functionality.

2. TSLA 1 or 3 Pack Sleeveless Workout Shirts for Men

TSLA 1 or 3 Pack Sleeveless Workout Shirts for Men
Fabric Type85% Polyester, 13% Elastane
SizeX-Small to XX-Large
Color15 Options

The TSLA Men’s Sleeveless Workout Shirts are a steal for anyone seeking quality at an unbeatable price. Made from a blend of 85% polyester and 13% Elastane, these shirts offer remarkable elasticity, allowing better motion range during workouts. The fabric ensures a cooling effect, wicking moisture away and releasing heat, making it suitable for all seasons.

Durability is a standout feature – the non-abrasion material maintains elasticity and strength even after extended wear. Additionally, the moisture-sensing and quick-dry properties keep you comfortable during intense workouts.

The UPF 50+ protection shields your skin from more than 99% of harmful UV rays, making it an excellent choice for outdoor activities. With a variety of sizes and color options, TSLA provides options for everyone. Whether it’s for running, training, or everyday workouts, these shirts offer exceptional value, functionality, and comfort without breaking the bank.

The Best Vented Workout Shirts for Men

If you are looking for the best vented workout shirts for men, here are a few good options:

1. Lululemon Men’s Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve Shirt

Lululemon Men's Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve Shirt
Fabric TypeSilverescent
SizeX-Small to XX-Large
Color5 Options

The Lululemon Men’s Metal Vent Tech 2.0 is a top choice for your training sessions. Engineered with Silverescent fabric, this shirt stands out for its anti-stink technology, ensuring you stay fresh even during intense workouts.

Its strategic mesh construction offers excellent ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable. The seamless design adds to the comfort factor, while the shirt’s anti-stink feature enhances its durability and usability.

Made from a lightweight fabric, this tee excels in sweat-wicking abilities, keeping you dry throughout your workout. Its four-way stretch capability ensures unrestricted movement, which is ideal for various training exercises.

Available in an array of sizes and sleek colors like Slate Grey and Midnight Shadow, this shirt combines functionality with style. If you’re after workout shirts for men that are high-performance, odor-resistant, and offer exceptional breathability, this is the best product.

2. RBX Active Men’s Athletic Performance Workout T-Shirt

RBX Active Men's Athletic Performance Workout T-Shirt
Fabric Type100% Polyester
SizeSmall and Medium
Color6 Options

The RBX Active Men’s Athletic Performance T-Shirt is a go-to choice for active individuals. It is made from 100% polyester with signature X-Dri fabric to keep you cool and dry during workouts. The quick-drying, sweat-wicking material efficiently manages moisture, ensuring you stay comfortable even during intense activities.

Its airy mesh fabric offers excellent breathability, preventing overheating as you exercise. The classic crewneck and short sleeve design make it versatile for layering or wearing solo, keeping you cool as your workout intensity rises.

Featuring a body-skimming fit and stretch jersey fabric, this shirt ensures unrestricted movement and irritation-free mobility throughout your day. Whether it’s running, sports, hiking, or daily wear, this lightweight athletic shirt is designed to meet various activity needs. 

The Best Cold Weather Workout Shirts for Men

If you are looking for cold-weather workout shirts for men, try these products:

1. Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Fitted Mock

Under Armour Men's ColdGear Fitted Mock
Fabric Type100% Polyester
SizeX-Small to 4X-Large
Color8 Options

The Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Fitted Mock is a winter workout shirt offering warmth and performance. It is made from 100% polyester with a dual-layer design. Its brushed interior ensures exceptional warmth, while the smooth, quick-drying exterior keeps you comfortable during chilly workouts.

What sets it apart is the stretch-mesh back and underarm panels, strategically placed to offer ventilation without compromising on warmth. This clever design of Under Armour shirts allows for optimal airflow, keeping you cozy without overheating. The 4-way stretch construction enhances mobility, allowing free movement in every direction.

The material’s ability to wick sweat effectively ensures a dry feel even during intense workouts, while the crew neck design offers a classic look. Whether it’s outdoor sports, training, or casual wear in colder climates, this ColdGear Fitted Mock from Under Armour delivers on its promise of warmth, comfort, and performance.

2. BALEAF Men’s 1/4 Zip Pullover Running Shirts 

BALEAF Men's 1/4 Zip Pullover Running Shirts 
Fabric Type90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
SizeSmall to 3X-Large
Color5 Options

This is another good workout shirt for men that’s perfect for cold weather. This pullover has a brushed micro-grid fleece lining that delivers exceptional warmth, making it a perfect choice for winter activities. Crafted from 90% polyester and 10% spandex, the material offers 4-way stretch, ensuring unrestricted movement during workouts.

This pullover excels in moisture-wicking capabilities, keeping you cool and dry even after rigorous exercise. The quarter zip front allows for ventilation, while the zipper garage prevents chin chafing. Plus, the back zipper pocket offers ample space for your phone, adding convenience to your workouts.

With reflective logos enhancing visibility in low-light conditions, it’s perfect for outdoor activities like running or jogging. Versatile and stylish, it’s suitable for training, golf, or casual wear. If you are looking for good-quality winter workout shirts for men, this is an ideal product. 

The Best Workout Shirt for Runners

Here are some of the best running workout shirts for men:

1. Rhone Swift Short Sleeve 2.0 Running Shirts for Men

Rhone Swift Short Sleeve 2.0 Running Shirts for Men
Fabric Type88% Polyester, 12% Elastane
SizeX-Small to XX-Large
Color10 Options

The Rhone Swift Short Sleeve 2.0 Men’s Shirt stands out as a top choice for runners. Made from 88% polyester and 12% elastane, this shirt is a combination of ultra-breathability and remarkable softness. Its featherweight fabric ensures comfort without hindering movement during workouts.

The Goldfusion Anti-Odor technology helps to avoid bad odor. Real gold particles improve color fastness, reduce drying time, and enhance odor control, ensuring a fresh feel even after rigorous activities.

Designed for running, training, and endurance workouts, this shirt excels in sweat and moisture-wicking properties, keeping you dry and comfortable. Bonded seam detailing prevents chafing, while side slits at the lower hem offer enhanced mobility.

The incorporation of ultra-lightweight mesh stripe fabric enhances both comfort and breathability. Whether it’s for intense workouts or casual wear, the Rhone Swift 2.0 Shirt delivers exceptional performance, comfort, and style.

2. TLRUN Men’s Ultra Lightweight Running Shirts

TLRUN Men's Ultra Lightweight Running Shirts
Fabric Type100% Polyester
SizeSmall to X-Large
Color7 Options

The TLRUN Men’s Ultra Lightweight Running Shirt is the best choice for athletes and runners. Its ultra-lightweight, breathable fabric provides a barely-there feel, ensuring a comfortable running experience every time you step out. Made from 100% polyester, this shirt is designed to reduce running burdens without restricting your movement.

The quick-dry fabric swiftly wicks moisture away, keeping you cool and dry throughout your run or workout. The ultra-thin grid texture fabric enhances ventilation, preventing discomfort from rubbing or chafing while ensuring a soft and gentle feel against your body.

Safety is prioritized with reflective tapes and logos, offering increased visibility during low-light conditions and making road running safer. Perfect for jogging or long runs, this shirt is a summer exercise essential. Plus, with a 30-day, no-risk, 100% full refund assurance, it’s a risk-free addition to your collection of workout shirts for men.

The Best Long-Sleeve Workout Shirt

Here are some of the best long sleeve workout shirts for men:

1. Nike Men’s Legend 2.0 Long Sleeve Tee

Nike Men's Legend 2.0 Long Sleeve Tee
Fabric Type100% Polyester
SizeSmall to 4X-Large
Color27 Options

The Nike Men’s Legend 2.0 is one of the best sweat-wicking workout shirts for men. The fabric is 100% polyester and is designed with Nike Dri-FIT technology. It helps to efficiently move sweat away from your skin for rapid evaporation.

Made from jersey fabric, it offers a smooth and soft feel against your skin, making it a pleasure to wear during exercises. This updated Legend version introduces a more relaxed fit, providing ample freedom of movement through the chest, waist, and hips. It’s designed to keep you comfortable while you power through your reps.

The ribbed neckband adds to the classic look, making it a versatile option for both workouts and casual wear. Imported and machine washable, the Nike Legend 2.0 Long Sleeve Tee brings together style, functionality, and comfort, making it one of the best workout shirts for men. 

2. Rhone Reign Long Sleeve Workout Shirts for Men

Rhone Reign Long Sleeve Workout Shirts for Men
Fabric Type56% Nylon, 33% Polyester, 11% Elastane
SizeSmall to XX-Large
Color7 Options

The Rhone Reign Men’s Long Sleeve Workout Shirt is tailored for those who are serious about fitness. This tee is made of 56% Nylon, 33% Polyester, and 11% Elastane. It offers a combination of softness, durability, and cutting-edge performance.

Boasting Rhone’s GoldFusion technology, this shirt is treated with real gold particles to enhance color fastness, reduce drying time, and improve odor control. The result? It is an ultra-soft fabric that feels as cozy as your favorite college tee yet is packed with high-performance features.

With raglan sleeves for enhanced movement and UPF 50+ sun protection, this is one of the most comfortable workout shirts for men. Its moisture-wicking and quick-dry properties keep you dry and fresh, while the straddle stitching minimizes irritation.


Which type of shirt is best for gym workout?

Gym shirts men should have sweat-wicking with anti-odor properties.

Is Dri Fit or cotton better for gym?

Dri-Fit fabric is better for the gym as it doesn’t retain moisture unlike cotton material.

Which color suits for gym?

Blue, black, and grey are some colors that look great when it comes to gym shirts men.

Is it better to workout in baggy clothes?

Loose or baggy clothes are not really suitable for workout as they can slow you down.


Physical activities like running, jogging, working out, and lifting often result in a lot of sweating. So, to stay comfortable while you indulge in all these activities, it is necessary to choose the right type of shirts. If you are looking for the best workout shirts for men, pick from any of the 12 products we have reviewed in this guide. 

All these apparel are made from durable and lightweight fabric with moisture-wicking technology, offering comfort while working out. We have categorized workout shirts for men in different categories to make the choice easier for you. 

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