Summer Fashion Hacks and Tips: Maximize Your Style

With summer showing up in its blazing glory, is your wardrobe ready to show up as well? If not, what you need is to start reading the latest tips on what you should be filling your closet with this warm season. Whether that’s more tank tops or light summer dresses, get yourself ready for a summer in the sun. Here are some ideas to help you create a wardrobe that you can rely on for the summer: 

Find Sustainable Styles

If you want to find both great outfits that are made from materials that feel good on your body and are also good for the planet, then what you want to do is start shopping for sustainable outfits. Ethical dresses and blouses are something that more people should be shopping for in order to avoid the impact of fast fashion on the planet. And beyond the good that these outfits have on the planet, most of the time they feel good to wear, especially during the warm months of the year.

Wear Light and Accessorize Heavily

summer fashion tips

As anyone who lives in the warmest states knows, summer can be pretty unbearable. Who wants to wear a lot of layers only to suffer through the heat, looking stylish but feeling sticky? Most people do not. However, if you’re someone who takes great care with your outfits, you are probably looking for ways to stand out. 

A trick for the summer months is to wear light basics that allow you to stay cool while adding more accessories or taking more care with the extras that you choose. From bold and colorful jewelry to great hair accessories, there’s a lot to choose from when shopping for accessories. 

Shoes That Feel Good

Comfortable Sneakers

Typically, in the summer, we walk a lot. And if you’re spending a lot of time outside, you want to be sure to wear shoes that will allow you to stay fresh and free. Whether you’re going to the office or you’re getting an outfit together for romping around town on the weekend, choose shoes that allow your feet to breathe. While you’ll probably want to wear a lot of open-toed shoes, when you do wear closed shoes, consider options that are lightweight and made from breathable materials.

Oversized Shirts with Small Tops

As you look for cute looks that keep you fresh, think about oversized shirts made out of breathable materials that you can wear over small tops like sports bras or light crop tops. They provide you with coverage when you need it but are easy to take off when you want some sun on your shoulders. 

These shirts are typically button-downs but can also be mesh tops or transparent blouses. While a lot of people are wearing this look with baggy pants, you can sport this trend with any type of outfit you want. If you need some advice, talk to your stylist about the best option for you. 

Light Outfits

To be honest, when it’s summer and you just want to stay cool while looking good, you can’t really go wrong with a summer dress. These looks are always great for those days when you want to look cute while also staying fresh due to the heat. Pair your favorite dresses with comfortable sneakers, or wear sandals. 

Whatever makes you feel good and comfortable enough to be outside, that look is bound to slay. Make sure you choose a length of dress that you feel comfortable with so that you can walk around town feeling confident about your outfit. 

In Conclusion

Summer is a great season for shopping for cute yet lightweight looks. Choosing sustainable brands and shopping for looks that feel good will change the name of the game for you. Whether you go big with accessories or you choose cute tops to pair with oversized shirts, Incorporate these Summer Fashion trends to create a wardrobe that’s both on-trend and perfect for the warm weather.. 

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