35+ Best Easter Nail Designs to Try in 2024

Easter nails designs for the pretty you!

Easter is just around the corner, bringing with it the beauty of blooming spring flowers and warmer weather. Alongside these delightful changes come springtime gatherings like weddings, showers, and, of course, Easter Sunday. As you prepare to shine, don’t forget about your nails! A fresh manicure, whether you do it yourself or visit your favorite nail salon, is a must.

During this time of year, pastel colors are all the rage. In our collection of adorable Easter nails 2024, you’ll find plenty of soft baby pinks, sunny yellows, soothing greens, gentle purples, and charming Robin’s egg blues. One of our top picks for simple Easter nails involves painting one nail on each hand with these lovely shades. It creates a delightful rainbow effect that perfectly captures the spirit of the season!

We’ve also gathered some other easy Easter nail ideas, including designs featuring graphic Easter eggs, bunnies, flowers, chicks, and decorative crosses, symbolizing the religious significance of Easter. If you have a steady hand, many of these designs are simple enough to do at home. For those that require a bit more precision, consider enlisting the help of a nail artist or using a stick-on for a flawless finish.

No matter what style you’re aiming for this Easter, we’ve got you covered with plenty of delightful nail art ideas to inspire you!

How to Get the Best Easter Nails

How to Get the Best Easter Nails

Hello, nail lovers! If you’re considering creating your own Easter nail designs this season, you’ll need the following supplies:

Apply a firm base coat first: Begin by using a base coat to protect your nails. By using this step, you can protect your nails from stains and ensure that your polish doesn’t peel off.

Select a festive nail color: Use your imagination while selecting colors! Vibrant Easter nail colors are in, or you might go with a traditional glossy nude. Easter nail color ideas are almost limitless!

Add pretty nail art: If you’re feeling fancy, add some nail art. Use dotting tools and nail brushes to make patterns such as French tips or flowers. Easter-themed nail decals, such as adorable Easter eggs, are another option.

Apply a top coat to seal: Secure your design with a clear lacquer. Even while glossy finishes are common, you may experiment with matte or iridescent alternatives for a unique look!

Apply cuticle oil to moisturize: To complete your easy Easter nails, give your cuticles some loving care. This maintains the healthiest appearance of your nails and your fingers. You’re all set for the Easter brunch now!

Best Easter Nail Designs to Try

We’ve compiled the best Easter nail designs to fit every taste, whether you like to go all out with eggs, bunnies, and everything Easter or if you prefer a more understated look with delicate pastel tones. Additionally, we’ve included some helpful hints and techniques so you may DIY any design, making it even simpler. Discover our favorites by scrolling down!

1. Easter Bunny

Use this cute Easter rabbit nail art to get into the holiday mood! These colorful and lively designs are the ideal way to honor the fluffy mascot of the season. They would get a big thumbs up from the Easter Bunny!

2. Egg Skittle Nails

Your confection eggs will not be able to compete with these cute Easter nails! Each manicure has a unique pastel shade, giving them an adorable take on the skittle nail fad. They also appear quite appealing due to the matte finish and speckled top coat!

3. Pastel Yellow Easter Nails

All you Peeps lovers, take note! Use this soft yellow nail paint to embrace the sugary sweetness of these cute girls. It’s bright, delicious, and a necessity for the season.
And why not up your nail game with this adorable asymmetrical look if you’re feeling daring? When you can wear solid colors, French tips, and swirls all at once, why limit yourself to just one nail art? Feel free to experiment for more fun!

4. Cute Easter Bunny & Carrot Nails

A homage to the Easter Bunny is a must for every Easter nail design collection, and what would an Easter Bunny be sans its favorite food—carrots? Honor them both with this charming manicure. It’s a sophisticated take on cheerful nail art, with a base layer of a soft pastel pink and delicate motifs inspired by Easter.

5. Robin’s Egg Blue Easter Nails

If you prefer these beautiful powder blue nails over colorful Easter eggs. The subtle color is reminiscent of tiny robin’s eggs and adds a festive vibe without being too corny.
These nails will also remain stylish for the whole of the season because of their simple and pleasant design. After the Easter feast, you won’t have to worry about scrubbing them off since they will continue to look amazing for many weeks!

6. Flowery Easter Egg Nails

We are huge fans of nail art designs with candy themes for Easter, and this one is no exception! These nails provide a stylish floral touch to the ensemble, taking motivation from the beloved speckled confection eggs. They’re ideal served with some of those rich chocolate candies!

7. Flirty French Tip with Cheery Pastel Nails

Painting our nails is like an adult version of the same enjoyment, even if we may have outgrown dyeing Easter eggs. Go bright or go home this Easter and let’s let loose our inner kids by adorning our nails in the same manner as we used to embellish those eggs!
We like how this manicure design combines a variety of bright and pastel hues to create a really lively and festive look. It’s just amazing!

8. Gingham Pink Easter Nails

Easter heralds the arrival of bright days, pleasant temperatures, and indulging in our favored seasonal sweets. And you already know that means it’s time for a picnic! Take advantage of these charming gingham nails to embrace the pleasure of this season. Gingham nail stripes make them simple to make yourself.

These nails are perfect for Easter celebrations, given their upbeat and colorful atmosphere. They’ll keep you looking chic all season long!

9. Pretty Fried Egg Easter Nails

Embrace some sunshine on your Sunday with this lovely manicure! This creative take on Easter nail art with eggs is a delightful way to start a discussion at the brunch table.
These fried eggs are everything we need for an Easter manicure, especially with hot pink easter French tip nails to match them. They’re colorful, lively, and certain to please everyone!

10. Kaleidoscopic Floral Pastel French Manicure

For Easter nail art, floral patterns are a tried-and-true choice. These bright flowers are the way to go whether you want a manicure to go with your flowery Easter attire or something to wear throughout March.These sweet flower nail toppers are perfect for creating your own little bouquets. They are available in a range of pastel shades that are ideal for your festive ensemble!

11. Dreamy Easter Pastel Skittle Colors

We are huge lovers of the skittle nail fad, as it’s an easy approach to getting your nails looking better. And you know what? For Easter, check out our gorgeous skittle nail art!
We suggest using the Easter color nails to produce the lovely Easter design: Taffy Pink, CS Peach, Minty Green, Blueberry Smash Blue, and You’re Invited Purple. However, you may use any pastel hue to obtain this style.

12. Festive Easter Nails

Eggs, chicks, and bunnies—oh my! Each one of them has a little theme, including all the necessary Easter decorations on this nail art. These nails are an essential addition to your collection if you love any reason to show off your nail art (which we absolutely support!). And don’t worry if you’re fresh to the world of nails! You can get the same sweet effect with these nail stickers—no nail painting experience is necessary!

13. Easter Bunny French Tips

With these sweet bunny nails, you can turn a conventional French manicure into an Easter joy! A discreet but endearing way to show off your Easter passion, they have cute bunny ears poking out from the ends.

What’s the best thing, then? With the help of these stencils for rabbit ears, creating this design is rather simple! For a manicure that rivals the best in the salon, just attach them to the ends of your nails, paint them with your favorite pastel nail paint, and then take the stencils off.

14. Pastel Abstract Easter Nail Designs

This Easter nail art is perfect for you if you like your nail design to be a little more subtle. The abstract design makes it modern and fashionable yet incorporates the joyous pastel hues. Who says you can’t make the Easter spirit go big without eggs and bunnies? You’re ready to dazzle when you finish it off with a scattering of golden glitter easter nails!

15. Easter Egg Candy Nails

We would be overjoyed to see these in our Easter baskets instead of the usual candy eggs! Treat yourself to these beautiful pastel nails that are reminiscent of everyone’s favorite speckled candy to satisfy your sweet craving. Moreover, for an extra-special touch, try the awesome drip effect, which seems like chocolate is trickling down your nails. Delicious!

16. Delicate Daisy Easter Nails

This Easter, put your best foot forward with these adorable daisy patterns. The combination of the little blooms and the delicate pastel colors has us completely enamored. This is, without a doubt, the manicure that best captures the essence of spring easter nail designs!
These Easter gel nail strips, made from genuine gel nail paint, can let you achieve this floral flair at home. They will look amazing for up to two weeks. You’ll be ready for the whole season with the abundance of lovely patterns that are available!

17. Garden Easter Manicure

Flowers look like they’re growing directly on your nails thanks to this flowery nail art. It’s very surreal! It’s going to give your Easter festivities a new twist, kind of like having a manicured garden.

18. Mismatched Blue & Yellow Easter Nail Designs

Too many ideas for Easter nail art to choose from? Why not show them all off? These mismatched manicures include some of our favored holiday nail art trends, such as fun flowers and adorable gingham. Stay within the same color scheme to keep your nails looking put together. This Easter outfit of cheery yellow and pastel blue is perfect!

19. Checks Easter Nails

When it comes to Easter nail designs, these checkerboard beauties really deliver!
Although the checkerboard pattern has been around for a while, we’ve been more infatuated with it after seeing this Easter-inspired version. These nails are proof that you can never have too much pastel for Easter, in our opinion. To get those flawlessly straight streaks, get some nail stripping tape, then let the vivid colors take center stage!

20. Carrot Style Easter Nails

These nails serve as a charming reminisce to eat veggies along with all the Easter goodies. They’re not only lovely but also a nutritious complement to your Easter ensemble with their gorgeous orange carrots. And what do you know? We’ve found the ideal nail decals to match this pattern!

21. Fetching Polka Dot Easter Nails

Something about polka dots just screams “spring,” isn’t that right? These joyful nails are the height of festive style for a delightful holiday mood. We’re crazy about the attractive combination of lively colors and little polka dots—it’s the ideal combination!

And the best thing is, it’s very easy to DIY these nails. All you need to do is get some dotting pens, draw those perfect dots, and you’re done!

22. French Pastel Manicure & Rhinestone Flowers

Do you want to go big with your Easter nail art? Simply add some glitz!

Everything looks better with rhinestone nail design, in our opinion, particularly when it’s as adorable as this. You can make a big fashion statement by simply covering your Easter manicure with these rhinestone flower decals. They are the ideal addition to your trendy Sunday attire!

23. Speckled Fried Egg Easter Nails

Speckled Fried Egg Easter Nails

You can create the perfect Easter nail design by combining fried eggs with speckled nails! Look no further if you’re looking for an inventive approach to slay this speckled candy egg craze this Easter. We can’t get enough of this delicious combination of salty and sweet acrylic Easter nails!

24. Streaked Pastel Easter Nails

Searching for festive nail art that goes with your Easter attire perfectly? No need to search any further! You can wear anything to Easter brunch with this striped nail art since it incorporates all the key Easter hues. For a style that suits everyone, switch up your color scheme with pretty pastels like lilac purple and mint green.

To add a glamorous touch, add a dash of sparkly golden nail polish in between every pastel shade to create a stunning final effect.

25. Easter Bunny Nails

This Easter nail art is perfect if you like wearing modest nail art. It’s similar to a polished, sophisticated take on an Easter manicure, with a lustrous base coat of nude pink that elegantly accentuates your natural nails.

It also includes a very delicate accent nail, with a cute rabbit face! For those who want a more subtle look, this nail art is ideal.

26. Blue & Pink Marble Easter Nails

These amazing marble nails in pink and blue will definitely liven up your Easter ensemble! This color combination shouts Easter, and marble nail patterns are always popular.

To get this look at home, just mix a little amount of blue and pink nail paint into some water. To get that marble look, use a toothpick to sift them together. After gently lifting it out of the water, submerge your finger into the polish and allow it to rest there. After eliminating the surplus, voilà! You look like you have the ideal marble manicure!

27. Floral French Manicure

It’s like having little bouquets with you wherever you go, thanks to these cute nails with gorgeous flower decals. It’s as fanciful as they come! To create a festive manicure that you’ll adore wearing for months, pair the floral nail design with some French tips.

28. Plaid Easter Nails

These pretty nails are here to dispel the myth that plaid patterns are only appropriate in the winter! Rather, you choose vivid pastel colors in our beloved Easter tones. The result? An elegant Easter nail art that is sure to draw attention.

29. Coffin Easter French Manicure

The coffin shape is a dramatic and alluring option for Easter nail art ideas that truly make a statement. Whether you like bunny ears, flowers, or traditional French tips, this is the perfect canvas to showcase all of your favorite nail art designs. The possibilities are practically limitless!

30. Peter Rabbit Easter Nails

This year, a new rabbit is capturing our hearts—move over, Easter Bunny! Although Peter Rabbit may not be well-known for bringing sweets on Easter Sunday, he certainly makes for cute nail art.
If you’re not in the mood to visit the salon, we have stick-on nails that will give you a similarly festive appearance that you can simply do at home!

31. Flowery Green Ombre Manicure

Is it really true? Indeed, this nail art has transformed flower manicures! The floral nail art has a dreamy, artistic feel to it thanks to the ombre bottom coat, which you can simply make with a manicure sponger and your precious green nail paint. And those darling little daisy patterns—they’re just too cute to ignore!

32. Chick Easter Nails Designs

Chick Easter Nails Designs

These Easter manicures in the loveliest pastel tones are too cute for people who like subtle nail art. Their translucent white base showcases miniature hatching chicks. Adorable!

As they are essentially stick-on nails, you can do this festive manicure in less than five minutes at home. How handy is that?

33. Feminine Easter Nails

These lovely Easter nail designs in pretty colors will allow you to indulge in all things flowery and feminine! We adore how the delicate colors in the floral accent manicure are expertly complemented by lavender and pink nail polish. You’ll be dying to wear this type of beautiful manicure long after the final Easter egg has been discovered.

34. Botanical Bunny Easter Manicure

With this gorgeous nail art featuring bunny ears emerging from a wildflower garden, Easter emotions are in full swing! For an Easter-inspired look, it’s the ideal fusion of gorgeous flower nail art and those precious bunny-themed embellishments.

To design those perfect rabbit ears, just apply a white nail paint liner. Then, prepare for a lot of oohs and aahs at the dinner table!

35. Peachy Manicure with Flower Nails

This colorful nail art features Pantone’s 2024 shade of the year, peach fuzz, so you can stay on top of the trends this Easter. Our go-to manicure for the season is this one, complete with adorable daisy nail art and a few buzzing bumblebees. This peachy hue is perfect if you’re looking for fail-safe manicure designs for Easter and beyond!

36. Chocolate Truffle Nails

Chocolate Truffle Nails design for easter

Savor the deliciousness of these 3D truffle nails, which may bring back memories of having a box of chocolates yourself on Easter. But if you wish to pull this style off, we advise asking for assistance from others. As an alternative, check for press-on wraps or nails to quickly and simply get the look at home.

37. Chicken Feet Nails

In spite of its peculiar moniker, this pattern is sophisticated and simple to create at home for Easter nail art. After applying two layers of your favorite nail color, use a striping tool to make charming miniature chick footprints.

38. Asymmetrical Stripes

Asymmetrical Stripes easter nail design

Ask your nail artist to paint asymmetric stripes down one side of the nail that continues down the length of the nail as a contemporary twist on the traditional French manicure. Choose pastel colors with a springtime feel for the perfect Easter look.

39. Milky Neutral Nails

Milky Neutral Nails for easter

It’s understandable why milky-finish neutral manicures have been trendy for a while. They offer your nails a naturally beautiful, healthy appearance that is appropriate for any season. Before getting your nails done, be sure to follow these important nail care instructions to get them in prime condition for the greatest results.

40. Pastel Chocolate Nails

Pastel Chocolate Nails for easter

Try these milky pastel chocolate nails if you want neutral colors with a pop of nail art. Depending on whether you want something subtle or more striking, you may add as much or as little art as you want.

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