30+ Gifts and Things to Ask for Christmas That You Must Explore

Dear Santa,

We want chocolates, puppies, a designer bag, a vacation trip, iPhone mobile, and the list goes on!

Christmas is just few days away! We all have already started to make our list of receiving and giving gifts to others, right?

After all, this is the only time of the year when we spend quality time with our family and loved ones. The festive season brings happiness, joy, and gifts!

If you still haven’t prepared your gift list or are thinking about what should i ask for Christmas, we’re here to help you!

We’ve gathered some of the best things to ask for Christmas. From delicious chocolate boxes and treats to something more personalized, we’ve selected some of the greatest gift ideas for you that you can give to your family members, your boss, your employees, or kids of any age and gender. Through these gifts, you can show how much they mean to you and also your gratitude and love for them.

So let’s get started with the list.

Here’s What to Ask for Christmas: 30+ Fun & Practical Gift Ideas

1. Books

A book is a gift that can be opened again and again!

Books are one of the best gifts that you can give to anyone. Books can give us a whole new experience for a lifetime. They not only broaden our mind but also open new gates to the world in which we are totally unknown. Also, it improves your vocabulary, which can help you in your professional life.

2. Chocolate Gift Box

things to ask for christmas

Nothing can beat the chocolate gift!

No celebration is complete without chocolates, so how will Christmas be complete without some chocolate gifts? Even though it’s a pretty common gift, you can experiment with this idea, such as gifting handmade personalized chocolates or gift a complete chocolate box set.

3. OTT Subscription

things to ask for christmas

What to ask for Christmas? Are you thinking the same?

How about getting a Netflix subscription for the entire year? Wonderful, right?

So, if anyone asks you about what you really want for this Christmas, tell them you want an Over-the-head or OTT subscription. It can be Netflix, Amazon Fire Tv, HBOMax, etc.

This holiday season, they can watch their favorite movie series and shows and spend their holiday season. Apart from this, you can also get other subscription options like paid courses, monthly beauty boxes, magazines, etc.

4. Christmas Gift Hamper

things to ask for christmas

If you haven’t decided what you’re going to give your employees this year, here’s an excellent idea for you! This Christmas, give your Work employees a complete Christmas hamper!

Here’s how you can make one: first, take a basket and fill multiple gift items such as chocolates, good quality coffee, gift vouchers, etc. This all-in-one gift basket will be one of the best gifts anyone has ever received because it’s personalized and contains so many gifts.

5. Mini Waffle Maker

things to ask for christmas

Do you love waffles? If yes, gift a mini waffle maker to your mom or partner so that you can enjoy delicious handmade waffles whenever you visit home. This is also great stuff to ask for Christmas from your parents, partner, or friend.

6. Noise Cancelling Earphones

things to ask for christmas

Another great Christmas gift is Earphones! We’re not talking about the usual earphones but the noise-canceling earphones. You can give this as a Christmas gift to your employees so that they can work peacefully without getting the surrounding noises. So add this one to your list of Christmas gifts for employees.

7. Electric Hair-trimmer Kit

things to ask for christmas

Looking for a simple but useful Christmas present?

An electric hair trimmer is a perfect gift for a father, brother, and boyfriend. You can buy these electronic gadgets from Amazon and gift them. They will surely love this one as it will help them to manage their hair.

8. Cozy Cushions

things to ask for christmas

This Christmas gift idea is perfect for those people who like home decor or have recently moved to a new place. You can buy some cozy cushions and wrap them beautifully and gift them. These cushions will make their place comfy and warm while acting as a great interior decoration piece.

9. Bonsai Tree

things to ask for christmas

The green color represents growth, good luck, and health. This color has special effects on the human mind, such as it brings calmness to the mind and the surroundings because green is the color of nature.

So, this year, plan to give your loved one house plants like a bonsai tree. These plants not only make the atmosphere serene but also are great desk decor.

10. Bath Bombs

things to ask for christmas

This is another unique Christmas gift idea. Bath bombs are always on the gift lists, whether it is a new year gift list, birthday party, or Christmas. These cute bath bombs look pretty and will give a relaxing and fresh bathing experience.

11. Personal Fitness Equipment

things to ask for christmas

Is your boyfriend a fitness freak? If yes, make his day by giving him some of his favorite gym and fitness equipment. You can give him anything from jump ropes and yoga mats to resistance bands and power twister arms.

12. Aromatic & Astrology Candles

things to ask for christmas

Don’t worry, guys; we also have another gifting option that you can give to your girlfriends! Candles are one of those things that every girl loves to have around in their home! So go to her favorite candle store and buy some aromatic candles.

This is also a great idea for those people who are thinking, like, what should i ask for Christmas? You can get your candles with pleasant fragrances according to your zodiac signs.

13. Neck Pillow

things to ask for christmas

Does your partner travel a lot? If yes, a neck pillow is a perfect gift for them!

A neck pillow will ensure that your friends, partners, or grandparents travel comfortably!

14. Party Games

things to ask for christmas

Make your and others’ Christmas party fun with Christmas outfits and some good party games. You can get various types of board games, such as Game of Thrones Monopoly, and word puzzle games to play with friends and family.

Don’t forget to include your mom in these games to stop her asking again about when you’ll settle down.

15. Treat in Bulk

things to ask for christmas

Nothing comes to your mind for what to ask for Christmas; here is a simple thing you can ask for anybody: treats! Get your favorite treats in bulk and enjoy eating them while binge-watching your favorite TV shows.

16. Moon Lamp

things to ask for christmas

You have already seen this aesthetic and cool moon lamp on the internet. This lamp is a beautiful Christmas gift for anyone who couldn’t think of any other gift idea. This lamp has yellow to white light, which will remind you of the night sky.

17. Personalized Desk Accessory

what should i ask for for christmas

The next gifting idea is meaningful and useful in so many ways. We’re talking about giving personalized desk essentials. This will help someone to be productive and engaged in their workplace.

18. A Hamper of Coffee

what should i ask for for christmas

Everyone loves coffee!

So if you forgot to buy any gift, this last min gift idea could save your day! Buy some coffee capsules or coffee packets from any grocery store. And gift wrap them nicely, gift them to anyone, and make their morning a bit more refreshing and happy!

19. Gym Membership

what should i ask for for christmas

Gift this to someone and help them to start a healthy lifestyle. Ask your friends and family members about their New Year’s resolution, and if anyone says they want to work out to stay in shape, this gift idea will be perfect for them. Gift them a gym membership for a whole year!

20. Personalized Notebooks

what should i ask for for christmas

Here’s the perfect Christmas gift idea for your kids, niece, or any young kids you know. Give them personalized notebooks! This budget-friendly gifting option also looks more personal than buying anything from the store!

21. Gadget Charging Station

what should i ask for for christmas

This is really useful for everyone! Because no matter how many times we charge our electronic gadgets, they always run out of battery. So get for yourself and for others a complete gadget charging station. This will be a life-saving gift for everyone, and surely the reward of getting the best Christmas gift will be given to you!

22. New Sneakers

what should i ask for for christmas

Things to ask for Christmas?

This is the best opportunity to ask about those shoes you’ve kept an eye on for a long time. Yes, feel free to ask about the new air force shoes by Nike or the expensive Air Jordan shoes as your Christmas present. You can also gift a new pair of sneakers to yourself this year!

23. Anywhere Fireplace

what should i ask for for christmas

Winter is here!

So, what’s a better gift than a fireplace? Nothing, right?

This portable fireplace you can place anywhere and enjoy warmth and coziness. Perfect choice for those people who don’t have a built-in fireplace or space to build one. You can get this on Amazon!

24. Get an Office Punching Bag

what should i ask for for christmas

Do your friends always cry about their mean boss? If yes, get all of them an office punching bag!

After all, along with our physical health, it is also important to keep our mental health good! So if you or your friends are facing any kind of menstrual stress because of their hectic work life, a punching bag can actually help them to relieve their stress.

25. Cute & Comfy Socks

what should i ask for for christmas

A Christmas without socks isn’t really a Christmas!

Whether it’s kids or adults, we can’t get over the sock thing! This means no matter how many socks we have; we never get them at the time when we need them the most!

And also, we all want to keep our feet warm in this cold winter, so get some socks for yourself and others! You can buy cute printed socks in various designs and patterns.

26. A Bottle of Wine

what should i ask for for christmas

Another last-minute Christmas gift idea is a bottle of wine! You can gift this alone or add it to the Christmas gift basket to make it more grand. First, find out whether the other person likes wine or not! And if they do, then what brand do they prefer? This will help you to get the best one according to their taste.

27. Makeup Trolley

what should i ask for for christmas

If your girlfriend or sister is an aspiring makeup artist, you can give her a top-notch makeup trolley!

You can use either one from a store or order it online. There are different types of makeup vanity options to choose from that come in a wide price range. In this makeup trolley, anyone can put their makeup stuff in an organized manner. It will also help to find the product easily without searching everywhere and still couldn’t find it!

28. Infusion Water Bottle

what should i ask for for christmas

One of the meaningful things to ask for Christmas is a water bottle!

We all focus on drinking water in summer, but we almost forget this thing in winter! So this year, give a good infusion water bottle to your employees, your friends, or family members.

In this infused water bottle, you can choose your own choice of fruits and vegetables, and all the nutrients will be transferred to the drinking water. You can even ask someone for a water bottle as a Christmas gift!

29. Instant Photo Printer

what should i ask for for christmas

Even though we use our mobile phones to click pictures, there is something so unique about photo printers. With the help of instant photo printers, you can click pictures and get them on the spot. This is such a fun way to collect memories and make a record of our happy moments.

There are many instant photo printers available in the market that can easily connect to your mobile, and you can print many pictures.

30. Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

what should i ask for for christmas

If you have elders in your family or disabled persons, this gift idea can be super helpful to them.

We’re talking about installing a bidet toilet seat attachment to your toilet seat. This is a real Christmas gift because it is useful.

This is helpful for kids and elders and adds a luxurious factor to your ordinary-looking bathroom. You can go with either a Japanese-style toilet seat which has so many functions or get a bidet attachment with pressure and angle control.

31. Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea: Gift Cards

what should i ask for for christmas

When you can’t think of any gift, or don’t have time to get one, here’s one thing you can do, Gift a gift card!

It’s a simple but useful gifting option that the person will use to whom you’re giving. Whether you’re planning to give Christmas gifts to your work employees or your little sister, gift cards or vouchers are always a safe option to go for. People can buy whatever they want from these gift cards, and you’ll save yourself from the embarrassment of not giving anything. (Thanks us Later!)

what should i ask for for christmas

Merry Christmas!

So, this is all about what things to ask for Christmas.

So, what are you waiting for?

This Christmas Eve, surprise your family members, niece, or workers with some meaningful gifts as an appreciation and gratitude gift.

I hope this guide on what to ask for Christmas has given you some great ideas for Christmas gifts. Share this list of things to get for Christmas with your friends and family so that they will also get to know about the Christmas idea and pin the one you want for yourself to give them an idea about it.

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