25 Blue Nail Designs that You Should Definitely Try

The blue colour can be a good choice if you are looking for a good nail design. The blue color is attractive and represents trust, wisdom, confidence, and loyalty. Thus, blue nail designs can be a perfect choice.

There are many shades to experiment with; you can choose the one that looks best on you. We will give ideas about some of the astonishing.

Coolest Blue Nail Designs

Here are some of the coolest blue nail designs:

1. Stylish Blue and Gold Nails

Stylish Blue and Gold Nails

You can just elevate your looks by trying the combination of dark blue and gold. In this design, the nails will be dark blue and two gold accent nails. You can find the gold foil tutorial video on the internet, and the gems can be easily attached with nail glue.

2. Blue & Silver Stiletto Nails

Blue & Silver Stiletto Nails

Blue and Silver nail is a very stylish idea. Long stiletto nails with two Silver and two blue accents are used. The other nails all have lovely crystals, and one of the silver nails is sparkling. The design will give you a gorgeous look that you can rock at any party or event.

3. Matte Nails with Blue Tips and Crystals

Matte Nails with Blue Tips and Crystals

If you want unique and trending nails, this is the perfect option. The nails are painted dark blue with a beautiful crystal. A manicure like this will stand out from the crowd because of the gorgeous v tips!

By using tape to create the v section, you might attempt to create a similar design.

4. Blue Drip Nails

Blue Drip Nails

You want to attempt the blue trickle nail plan if you need a new and sleek look. The nail is planned in a light blue tone, with two highlight nails. One nail is a dim shade, and the other is of dull dribble plan. The trickles are imaginative and can make you stand apart from the group at any party.

5. Matte Pastel Blue Nail Idea

Matte Pastel Blue Nail Idea

These nails are the best decision for spring and summer, as the light shade is ideal for the hotter seasons. The matte pastel blue nail design is perfect for short nails as well as bigger ones.

6. Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue nails

If you are in confusion which shade of blue to choose, then you can select the 5 different shades. When each nail is painted with different shades, it will give a pretty ombre effect.

7. Blue Swirls

Blue Swirls

The style is made with a combination of French tip design and swirl design; this combination can provide an elegant look. You can choose a light or dark shade as per your wish while selecting the nail polish.

8. Minimalist Blue Nails

Minimalist Blue Nails

The design is very creative and is perfect for someone who wants a unique but minimalist design. And, as they say, less is more!

These blue nails ideas are perfect for any type of party or occasion.

9. Royal Blue Gel Nails

Royal Blue Gel Nails

If you are looking for gel nail styles, then square-shaped nails in royal blue are a very good idea. You can decide whether to have the gold flake highlights on your nails.

10. Blue Hearts of Comma De Garcons

Blue Hearts of Comma De Garcons

These blue nails have added the Comme de Garcons hearts design for a unique and entertaining effect. The design is suitable for both short nails and long nails. So, you can go for this nail style this design.

11. Cool Dark Blue Nails

Cool Dark Blue Nails

If you are looking for a trending nail style, this is the right choice. The nails are long and of a coffin shape. The look can easily make a statement; the best thing is that it is suitable for short and long nails.

12. Matte Navy-Blue Nails

Matte Navy-Blue Nails

In this style also, the nails are coffin shaped. The color of the style is navy blue, and the darker blue tone will look trendy. The Comme de Garcons hearts pattern has been added to these blue nails for a distinctive and fun appearance. These navy-blue nail designs can easily help to rock any event, festival, or party.

13. Clouds in the Sky

Clouds in the Sky

As the name depicts, the style is inspired by the clouds in the sky. If some changes are made, the style will look like the waves in the ocean.

If you want a unique way to express yourself, you can go with the design.

14. Blue Coffin Nails with Glitter

Blue Coffin Nails with Glitter

If you want an elegant nail design for a party or event, this is perfect. A few nails will have a glittery look. Two nails are matte blue, and the other is chrome blue. It is the most ideal way to involve blue for the nail plan; it will give you an extremely classy look.

15. Light Blue Ombre Nails

Light Blue Ombre Nails

The accompanying nail workmanship plan features one more wonderful method for wearing light blue. The tips of two nails are bare and shimmering. The excess nails are light blue ombre bare. It is the best variety blend which is popular as well as lovely. If you love the ombre, you should attempt this style.

16. Chic Dark Blue Nails

Chic Dark Blue Nails

It is a very good nail design where the coffin nails are colored with rich dark and matte blue. The color will look very attractive and is perfect for women who want to use this color without being very bold. The color will suit all nail lengths and of all shapes. So, it is the perfect look if you are going to any event or party!

17. Long and Sparkly Nail Ideas

Long and Sparkly Nail Ideas

The style is best for women who have short nails. The nails are colored with a bold blue color. Each nail has green glitter over the top. The combination of blue and green color looks just amazing. You can also experiment with the other glitter colors. Dark blue or silver glitter just looks wonderful together!

18. Matte Blue Nails with Pretty Nail Art

Matte Blue Nails with Pretty Nail Art

If you are looking for a pretty nail design, then matte blue nails can be your answer. There are two accent nails, and some are plain matte blue. The accent nails feature lovely botanical artwork in white marble. You can use the style for any occasion.

19. Icy Blue Stiletto Nails

Icy Blue Stiletto Nails

The gentle and frosty blues are just as beautiful as the strong and vivid blues. With this manicure, you may wear light and ice blue with ease. Each of these long stiletto nails is embellished with glitter or rhinestones. You can rock this look in any season.

20. Vivid Blue Names with Glitter

navy blue nail designs

In this nail style, each is colored with a bright blue shade and has a sparkly stripe. This glittery nail design looks very pretty and will suit all types of nails. So, you can go with nail design without any doubt.

21. Dark Blue and Black Ombre

navy blue nail designs

The combination of these two colors will suit almost everyone. You can copy this or have a more noticeable colour change to make the ombre bolder. Your nails will appear attractive in either case.

22. Bold Matte Blue Nails

royal blue nail designs

The nails are long and are colored in a vibrant matte blue color. It is a pretty nail design that will give your nails a vibrant look and set you apart from the crowd. The design can quickly establish a statement.

23. Light Blue Chrome Nails

light blue nail designs

Chrome is the trendiest nail design to try and rock your look. Here, the coffin nails are painted with light blue chrome. One of the nails also has silver glitter. It is a beautiful nail style that is suitable for spring and summer. Also, it is one of the finest light blue nail designs.

24. Beach Nail Design

light blue nail designs

This manicure has been inspired by the ocean. Gold glitter and other gold accents are applied to the bare, ombre-blue nails. This design’s decorations are very pretty, containing starfish, shells, and many other things.

25. Glittery Stiletto Nails

light blue nail designs

It is the perfect style for you if you want to make a statement with nail design. Here, the three nails will be painted blue, and the two will be covered in glitter. The uniqueness and glam of this style make it very lovely.

navy blue nail designs
navy blue nail designs
navy blue nail designs
navy blue nail designs
navy blue nail designs
navy blue nail designs
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Blue Nail Designs
Blue Nail Designs
Blue Nail Designs
Blue Nail Designs
Blue Nail Designs
Blue Nail Designs
Blue Nail Designs


1. What Does Wearing Blue Nail Means?

According to the Urban Dictionary, a woman who wears blue nails means she has a significant other. The other meaning is just for rocking the winter look.

2. Do Blue Nails Match Everything?

The answer will be – No. Generally, the blue color may not match every outfit or skin complexion. However, you can combine black and blue denim, which will suit almost all the colors.

3. What Are Suitable Nail Colors for the Winter?

Apart from the blue color, you can go for emerald green, red wine, and plum. These rich and attractive colours make you stand out from the crowd.

Final Words

At last, we would say that the blue nail designs can be your go-to look for any party, event, or occasion. Here, we have mentioned some of the best blue nail designs, each of which has a different speciality. So, you can go with the one you like the most as per your interest.

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