Best Natural Nail Designs Ideas to Try in 2024

Nail art is not just for maximalists!

You may see statement-making nails all around social media, but natural nails with subtle minimalism have a different charm! There are a lot of attractive natural nail designs that can catch everyone’s eye.

Natural nail designs are manicures that embrace a more subdued and understated look, focusing on enhancing the nails’ natural beauty. They often involve neutral colors, such as pale pinks, nudes, and beiges, and simple nail designs yet stylish ones that are easy to achieve at home. You can look at natural nail pictures on the web and see how wonderful they look.

Your natural nails are enough to flaunt any design. You can add many little details and glitter to the natural nail designs.Here, we’ll provide some of the top natural nail ideas of the year.

Top 40 Natural Nails Designs for this year

1. Neutral Crystal Mini

natural nail designs

The nude natural color nail designs look very stylish, and you can try this nail design if you want one of the best natural nail designs. This is a very easy-to-style design; you only have to paint your nails with your favorite neutral polish. After applying the polish, you must pop a sticky gem on it for the shine.

2. Natural Lilac Nails

natural nail designs

The lilac nails look very natural & minimalistic. As far as natural nail designs are concerned, you must definitely consider this design.

3. Futuristic Nails for Mani Minimalists

natural nail designs

The minimalist-loving crowd will especially appreciate this nail art. The sharp, graphical diagonal lines make this design more cool and modern.

4. French Manicure

natural nail designs

The base of this timeless pattern is naturally pink or nude, while the tips are white. The tips are usually created by painting a white polish or using nail guides to achieve a clean line. This classic style gives your nails a touch of refinement and is appropriate for any occasion.

5. Animal-Themed Nails

natural nail designs

Popular nail art patterns include snakeskin, zebra, and leopard prints. They can be created by hand using a small brush or a stencil.

6. Floral Nail Art

natural nail designs

This design involves painting delicate flowers on your nails. At your fingertips, you can utilize different hues to build a vibrant garden. Use a thin brush to create petals and leaves to create this look. Apply a clear finish to the design to protect it.

7. Ombre Nails

natural nail designs

Ombre nails have a gradient of two or more blending colors. The colors for this artwork can be blended using a brush or a sponge. Any hue you choose can be used, however, pastel tones are ideal for achieving a natural look.

8. Geometric Nails

natural nail designs

Triangles, squares, and circles are a few examples of geometric nail designs. You can create them using tape or a stencil and any color combination you like

9. Polka Dot Nails

natural nail designs

Polka dots nail are a fun and playful design that is easy to create. Simply use a dotting tool or the end of a brush to create dots on your nails. You can use one color or multiple colors to create a fun and vibrant design.

10. Gold and White

natural nail designs

If you decide to get white nails, decorating them is important. The best way to do this is through beautiful gold foils. Don’t overdo them on each nail; just create them into thin lines.

11. Studded Nails

nail ideas 2023

Studded nails feature tiny studs or rhinestones glued onto the nails. They add texture and bling to any design and come in a variety of shapes and colors. It is one of the best natural nail designs of the year.

12. Striped Nails

nail ideas 2023

Striped nails are a simple and sophisticated design. Use striping tape to create straight lines on your nails to create this look. You can use any colors you like, but black and white stripes are a classic choice. Finish off the design with a clear topcoat to protect the stripes.

13. Tiny Hearts for Natural-Nail Lovers

nail ideas 2023

The red hearts on white background look very pretty. This design provides a casual & cool design. If you want to go on a date, this can be a very good design for you.

14. Gradient Blue Hearts

nail ideas 2023

The gradient nail trend is fun; however, instead of painting the entire nail with blue polish, these hearts can be used to elevate the look of the design. If you do not like the blue color, don’t stress, as these looks can be created with a mix of colors.

15. Natural-looking Sweetheart Nail Look

nail ideas 2023

This version of a French manicure feels noticeably more contemporary because it uses only two nails to transform the typical half-moon tips into a heart shape. Its design is ideal for Valentine’s Day or any time you feel romantic.

16. Matte Neutral Nails

nail designs on natural nails

If you try this natural nail design short, this can quickly become your favorite design. They are matte, having minimalistic details that can be hardly visible but will look very good. In case you have short nails, you must try this design. It is one of the best short natural nail designs.

17. Nude with Silver Glitter

nail designs on natural nails

Silver and nude together make a very good combination. You don’t need to do extra; just a few lines of silver nail polish would do the work.

18. Subtle Pearl White Nail Design

nail designs on natural nails

A white nail design will catch everyone’s attention. You may get the same result with neutral hues that have a hint of sheen as you can with vibrant colors.

19. Neutral Ombre Nails

nail ideas 2023

At first, the ombre technique may sound strange on the nails, but it will look very attractive. The nails will be eye-catching, even if they are neutral shades.

20. Delicate Golden Stars

nail ideas 2023

The nude and neutral designs may sometimes appear dull. But with small and subtle golden details. Your nails will look amazing with this design.

21. Natural and Bronze Nails

short natural nail designs

A combination of neutral nude nail polish and the bronze shimmer is just amazing. This style is suitable for all occasions.

22. Blush Ombre

short natural nail designs

Blush pink is one of the most beautiful nail polishes. It is natural, nude, and very pretty. With the ombre technique, the nails look very attractive.

23. Shiny Rhinestones

short natural nail designs

If you want a minimalistic and shiny design, you should go for this style. Style this design and rock the look.

24. Short Beige Nails

short natural nail designs

If you are looking for short natural nail designs, you must go no far than these short beige nails if you want something casual. They are usually direct and appear entirely natural.

25. Wavy Nail Art for Natural Nails

short natural nail designs

The waves on the nails can create a unique look that can stand you apart from the others. Also, you can do the color combination to make it more attractive.

26. Matte Abstracts

short natural nail designs

Our nails are not naturally shiny; thus, the matte polish will add beauty to your neutral nail art aesthetic. This style also looks very cool.

27. Gold Waves

short natural nail designs

Gold polish is always a great addition to the nail design, but it looks even more beautiful on warm and golden skin tones.

28. Baby Blue Nails

short natural nail designs

Baby blue nails are the perfect color choice for everyday use. Adding white lines to the nails will make them more attractive.

29. Cute Red Detail

short natural nail designs

In this design, all the nails are polished in the nude except your ring finger because your ring finger is done with unique and interesting detail in the red color. Your nails will look cute and also great for the everyday.

30. Sparkle Stripes

short natural nail designs

There are numerous ways to add glitter to your nails, and in this design, you can get the required glitter by keeping it simple at the same time.

31. Nude Nails with Stars

natural color nail designs

Here, you need to paint your nails with brown nail polish, this color polish may be less accepted, but it really looks good. By adding white stars to the nails, the appearance of your natural nails will be highlighted.

32. Lavender Summer Nails with Dotted Flowers

nail designs on natural nails

In this design, you need to paint your lavender color nail polish, and as the name says, it is decorated with flowers that are made with dots. It can be a very good design for this summer season.

33. Nude Nails, Gold Rhinestones

nail designs on natural nails

The nude nails go best with the gold details. This design is perfect for special occasions, so are you nearing any occasion? Style this design, and rock your look.

34. Marble Nails

natural color nail designs

Regarding nail designs on natural nails, marbles are one of the most popular patterns. You may do it with pretty short or medium-length nails and a plain white foundation.

35. Glitter Nails

natural color nail designs

The natural nail designs with glitter polish in some neutral or earth shades can be suitable for any type of set-up, whether it is work, meetings, or any other place.

36. Sand Almond Nails

natural color nail designs

For girls who prefer classic, the natural nail design almond shape can be the right choice. Whether you like short nails or long nails, this manicure looks on all lengths.

37. Coffin Nails in Nude

natural color nail designs

If your nail length is medium, this can be a very good nail design. These nails are perfect for the whole day’s wear.

38. Squared Matte Nails

natural color nail designs

Nothing is more organic-looking than these gorgeous nude matte nails. They have a square shape, are medium in length, and are really attractive!

39. White Lines

natural color nail designs

These nails are natural and perfect for working women who want to keep their nails in order. A white line gives a chic vibe.

40. Natural-Looking Triangular Nail Art

natural color nail designs

These unconventional nails are the result of the black graphic triangles in the corner. This may take time to style and maintain, but it is still considered minimalistic nail art.

Tips on Achieving the Best Natural Nail Designs

  1. Always use a base coat and top coat to protect your nails and ensure your design lasts as long as possible.
  2. Invest in high-quality nail polish and tools to make achieving your desired look easier.
  3. Take your time and be patient when creating your natural nail design. Rushing can lead to mistakes and a less polished look.
  4. Practice makes perfect. If you’re new to creating natural nail designs, start with simpler designs and work your way up to more complex designs as you gain confidence and skill.
nail designs on natural nails
nail designs on natural nails
nail designs on natural nails


1. How Long Do Nail Designs Last?

The manicures can last up to around 15 days with proper nail preparation and the right care.

2. Why Are Natural Nails the Best?

Natural nails are easy-to-maintain and allow you to change the color quickly and with eas

3. Are Nail Designs Expensive?

Costs for regular nail designs using nail polish range from $15 to $35 per design.

4. Do Nails Change Shape with Age?

Yes, the nail plate’s thickness, contour, surface, and color are among the morphological changes brought on by aging.

5. Which Nails Look Most Natural?

Gel nails are said to be the most natural nails.

Final Thoughts

Here, we conclude our blog on natural nail designs. We have mentioned some of the best natural nail designs you can style this year. These styles are attractive, easy to maintain, and very stylish. You can choose one from the above-mentioned styles and flaunt the style this season.

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