40+ Christmas Nails Ideas You Should Try in 2024

Christmas is around the corner and hence the need to look your best!

Doing your nails has come to be associated with a little self-care, whether you are a regular at your nail salon or have your at-home manicure routine down pat. We find that having a brand-new manicure really makes us feel so put-together, so we’re going out of our way to polish our paws in time for the Christmas season.

We have already covered the Christmas makeup ideas and now it’s time we move ahead with the Christmas nails.

It’s not always simple to decide what to do with your nails, and it’s simple to become confused when you’re faced with a wall covered with hundreds of various colors.

40+ Christmas Nails For You!

To choose your manicure for the big day, which is Christmas, it’s never too early (obviously). The holiday season has snuck up on us (how is it already here?), so it’s time to prepare and decide how we want our nails to appear.

We have compiled our favorites after searching through Instagram’s highs and lows. Consider sparkles, greens, and adorably beautiful patterns. Scroll through and select your favorite.

1. Cozily Knit Nails

Christmas Nails Cozily Knit Nails

Cable knit nail art is a stunning trend that is ideal for winter and can be made with any color scheme. Sweater nails will always have a holiday atmosphere and work well with any attire, whether you like a more simple look with just one color or want to go all out with dazzling snowflakes, like this design.

2. Candy Cane Christmas Acrylic Nails

Candy Cane Christmas Acrylic Nails

Combine the sweater design with glittering red nail polish and candy canes to complete the appearance if you want to make it more striking.

3. Xmas Nails

Xmas Nails

Use one of our holiday nail designs to flaunt your Christmas passion! These adorable nail art ideas are ideal for individuals who wish to effortlessly and creatively embellish their nails.

4. Blue Winters

Christmas Nails Blue Winters

This style with calm blue tones reminiscent of a winter wonderland is a fantastic design to emulate if you don’t like bright reds or anything overtly festive.

5. Snowflakes Christmas Nails

Snowflakes Christmas Nails

For an Instagrammable holiday manicure that will last you into the New Year, pair your favorite blue polish with a glittering color from the same color family, and add snowflakes against the dazzling nude or pink base coat.

6. Cute Christmas Nails

Cute Christmas Nails

Holiday-themed patterns will be a hit at family gatherings or Christmas Eve supper, regardless of where you’re going.

7. Rudolph’s Antlers Christmas Nail Art

Rudolph's Antlers Christmas Nail Art

Because of the animal motif rather than a traditional holiday, this is a unique Christmas-themed manicure. Santa’s favorite animal is the reindeer, therefore this design will make your nails merry. If you don’t want antlers on all of your fingers, you may alternatively create an antler accent design.

8. Gingerbread Nails for This Christmas

Gingerbread Nails for This Christmas

The prettiest option for holiday manicures is a gingerbread man manicure. This design uses hand-painted gingerbread and other seasonal themes, like snowflakes and abstract Christmas trees, for a gorgeous aesthetic that will make you smile every time you glance at your fingertips.

9. Jelly Christmas Nails

Jelly Christmas Nails

For the holiday season, jelly nails are still popular, and we adore this sizzling interpretation of the style. In fact, it makes us think of the hot candies that are useful for gingerbread man decorations.

10. Red Christmas Nails

Red Christmas Nails

Red is the Christmas color. So, when picking Christmas nail designs don’t forget the red-colored nail art. You can either go with the french tips or the whole sparkly nail art.

11. Simple Christmas Nails

Simple Christmas Nails

Don’t want to go with sparkly and jeweled Christmas nails? Why don’t you look for simple Christmas nails?

12. Holly Nail Art

Holly Nail Art

The metallic gold nails with the mistletoe designs on the mid and ring finger is all you need to look stylish this holiday season.

13. Christmas Tree Ornaments and Presents

Christmas Tree Ornaments and Presents

Make your nails look like a Christmas tree with ornaments and presents on the nails. You can go with the Christmas nail stickers for the presents and ornaments.

14. Beautiful Christmas Acrylic Nails

Beautiful Christmas Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails have always been in trend and it was obvious for them to make it to the list of Christmas nail ideas.

15. Plaid and Tartan Nails

christmas nail designsPlaid and Tartan Nails

The plaid and tartan nails are the perfect representation of the winter and holiday season. For this, you will have to go and ask your nail artist to give you this perfection.

16. Santa Claus Nails

xmas nails

If nothing else, pick a Santa Claus nail design for this Christmas. You can either go with Christmas nail stickers or get it hand drawn on the nails.

17. Stars and Ornaments

christmas nail designs Stars and Ornaments

Stars and ornaments on the nails make it look like a festive nail art design. You can go with the colors like purple, burgundy, red, maroon, grey, or even green. Make sure the shades you pick are festive colors.

18. Snowman Nails

christmas nail designs Snowman Nails

Get the snowman on your nails. You can draw or stick the snowman on the middle or ring finger and add the detailing of snowballs and snowflakes on the remaining fingers.

19. Christmas Light Nails

Don’t just decorate your house with the lights, add Christmas lights to your nails too! The different colored lighting will make your nails look outstanding!

20. Sparkles Christmas Nail Art

Sparkles Christmas Nail Art

Let your nails sparkle all the way to the Christmas and winter holidays! As for the shades, you can go with the one you like, it can be green, red, red and white, black and white, and so on!

21. Long Blue Winter Nails

Sparkles Christmas Nail Art

This Christmas nail art design is specific to the blue color and long nails only! However, you can play around with the elements.

22. Blue Coffin Festive Nail Art

Blue Coffin Festive Nail Art

Again a blue nail but with coffin shape and festive nail art. The coffin nails look stunning even with the short length!

23. Marble Christmas Acrylic Nails

Marble Christmas Acrylic Nails

Go with the marble art on your nails this winter and Christmas! It is easy to create the marble effect on nails with just two nail colors.

24. Gorgeous Red and White Christmas Nails

Gorgeous Red and White Christmas Nails

Red and white Christmas nails are taking over the nail art trend this festive season. You will find all kinds of variations in this section of nail art!

25. Nude Glitter Gold Christmas Nails

Nude Glitter Gold Christmas Nails

Nude and gold are the best combination for the ones, you are confused between getting bold and staying subtle in appearance.

26. Silver Reindeer and Candy Cane Christmas Nails

Silver Reindeer and Candy Cane Christmas Nails

Add the reindeer and candy cane as an element to your Christmas nail designs! For this, you can either get them ready stickers or go to the nail artist!

27. Lovely Grey Christmas Nail Art Design

Lovely Grey Christmas Nail Art Design

Paint your nails matte grey and stick the cartoonish reindeer in your middle and ring finger. Doesn’t it look lovely and adorable?

28. Neutral Cute Christmas Nails

Neutral Cute Christmas Nails

Pick the neutral shades this Christmas and be the one that stands out of the crowd. Who said neutral Christmas nails are boring? We would rather say, they are cute!

29. Snow Bear Acrylic Christmas Nails

Snow Bear Acrylic Christmas Nails

Snowbear is all you need to look cute! The snowman nail art is gorgeous but the snowman nail art makes you feel like an adorable fluff ball!

30. Red and White Christmas Nails Art Design

xmas nails

This one is a fantastic and true nail art form for Christmas night! It makes you feel warm and cozy at the same time!

31. Candy Spark Nails

Candy Spark Nails

Make your candy cane nails spark a little bit more this holiday season! Here the nail artists used red and white colors to make the design and the rest of the elements are Christmas nail art stickers!

32. Brown French Tips

Brown French Tips

French tips are the most simple Christmas nail designs you can ever go with. Even though it is simple, it gives you an elegant look when paired with a festive outfit!

33. Chocolate Aesthetic Nail Design

Chocolate Aesthetic Nail Design

Pick the chocolate color nail paint in all shades and get this design done! The middle finger has a heart-shaped design, and rest are the simple nail paint!

34. Christmas Nails Short

Christmas Nails Short

Who said the girls with short nails can’t nail the Christmas nail ideas? Well, look at the design above and now say, can they?

35. Grey and White Christmas Nail Ideas

Grey and White Christmas Nail Ideas

Grey and white are the pure aesthetic colors when combined even for nail art! You can see how shades of grey and white look perfect with the metallic snowflakes element!

36. Creative Christmas Nail Designs

Creative Christmas Nail Designs

It isn’t necessary to go with red, white, brown, or green colors only for Christmas nails. Even the lavender colors look pretty creative with the sparkled snowflakes and knits!

37. Studded Christmas Nail Art

Studded Christmas Nail Art

Are you ready to adorn and flaunt the long nails {that too in square shape}? If yes, then try this studded Christmas nail art. This nail design has everything, a Christmas tree, Santa’s hat, a present, and ornaments too!

38. Glitter Green Christmas Nails

Glitter Green Christmas Nails

Try press-on glitters for this glittered green Christmas nail art design! All you have to do is apply the green nail paint and press some glitters at the cuticles!

39. Green and Red Nails

Green and Red Nails

Another Xmas nail design is red and green nails. Even though both are dark colors they go well with each other, especially on Christmas days!

40. Green and White Xmas Nails

Green and White Xmas Nails

Last but not least on the list is the green and white Xmas nails! Go for the matte nail paint and apply stickers on the index, middle, and ring fingers.

Christmas Nails Ideas
Christmas Nails Ideas
Christmas Nails Ideas
Christmas Nails Ideas
Christmas Nails Ideas
Christmas Nails Ideas
Christmas Nails Ideas


With this, we would like to end the article here. We hope you found the best Christmas nails for you to slay in this year! Nail art is an essential part of the manicure and fashion outlook, hence, when you think of getting ready for an event, never ditch the nail art!

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