31+ Pompadour Hairstyle for Men to Boost Your Confidence

Throughout history, men’s hairstyles have been influenced by various icons, ranging from football legends to movie stars. A quick Google search for ‘men’s haircut inspiration’ yields millions of images showcasing styles popularized by celebrities like Clark Gable, David Beckham, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Paul Newman, and Madame de Pompadour. But wait, Madame de Pompadour?

Yes, indeed! Although not a man, Madame de Pompadour significantly shaped one of the greatest men’s hairstyles in history—the Pompadour haircut. Despite being the chief mistress of the French King Louis XV, her distinctive towering hairstyle, lasting for centuries, gained widespread admiration from men worldwide.

Key Things to Remember:
– Make sure the fringe area is the longest—it’s a key factor.
– Distinguish between a comb-over and a pompadour. Remember that the top of a comb-over should be long enough to blend in when combed to the side, with very little height at the crown.
– Achieve the best result by combining a blow dry and a strong hold product.
– If you don’t style it, the cut may look more like an undercut men’s haircut or a disconnected style.

What is a Pompadour Haircut?

While Madame de Pompadour’s hairstyle can be described as an extravagant upstyle, the pompadour haircut, as we now know and love it, is essentially a style where the hair is swept up and back over the head. The back and sides are neatly combed and kept close to the head, while the longer hair at the front is fashioned into a kind of quaff or mound.

Don’t be intimidated by the description; it’s not complicated. Surprisingly versatile for a style originating from a French mistress, the pompadour hairstyle can be adapted to suit men of all tastes, ages, and professional obligations. It’s a style that works well for everyone, from a film critic like Mark Kermode to a footballer like Becks, despite their distinct tastes.

In this guide, you’ll find a step-by-step expert overview covering everything you need to know about the Pompadour, from its origins to different types and ensure it looks its best.

History of the Pompadour Hairstyle

Up until the 1950s, the Pompadour was mostly a female hairstyle. However, Elvis Presley, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, became this haircut’s first well-known male supporter. During the 1950s and 1960s, Elvis challenged the idea that this fashionable hairstyle was just for women, alongside celebrities like Little Richard and James Dean.

According to others, the Pompadour’s popularity among ladies drew Elvis to it. Elvis Presley’s adoption of the Pompadour might be seen as a purposeful rejection of traditional societal conventions. This defiant gesture defied the status quo despite the prevalent perception that he adopted the style for its exaggerated shape—especially given its popularity among women in the 1940s.

The rigid pompadour style hair became unpopular in the late 1970s as men began choosing low-maintenance haircuts. But the Pompadour reappeared in the 1980s with the rise of psychobilly.Style celebrities like Zac Efron, Zayn Malik, and model Jon Kortajarena proudly sport the Pompadour, which is still one of the greatest haircuts for guys today, even if it’s not as popular as it once was.

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Get a Pompadour Haircut

Do you like the concept of a pompadour haircut? Excited about the idea of a pompadour haircut? Before giving your barber the green light, consider a few important factors.

1. Hair Type

First things first: those with thick hair—roughly 4-6 cm at the front and decent covering elsewhere—are most suited for the Pompadour. Consider going for a more attractive cut like the French crop if your hairline is receding or you are thinning on top.

Our experts say, “Wavy or curly-haired males may still look good with a pompadour. It’s just that straight hair looks better. It just implies that the form of the style is somewhat different according to their natural hair texture.”

While men with curly hair, thick, or wavy hair may experiment with more textured versions, those with straight hair find it simpler to accomplish a basic pompadour.

2. Hair Length & Cut

The correct cut is the first step in creating the ideal Pompadour. In addition to hair volume, the distribution of hair length is important.

Experts clarify, “Weight distribution is the key. Your hair should be as long on the sides as you want and 6cm or longer on top to guarantee the style stays in place.”

3. Face Shape

A face with high cheekbones and a broad jawline looks well with a pompadour. Even if you don’t have model-like dimensions, a talented stylist can nonetheless make different facial types seem better.

Leave a little bit more hair on the sides of longer faces, cut to a point just below the hairline. To enhance height and decrease breadth, keep the sides and back of round faces short and cropped to a point higher up the crown, like an undercut hair for men.

4. Facial Hair

The Pompadour used to look best with a clean-shaven face, but these days, it goes nicely with a beard.

A beard may make a trendy pompadour seem better. Your haircut should complement the length and contour of your beard. Maintain the quiff portion of your Pompadour at the same length if you have a round face and a longer beard in order to lengthen your face.

Keep in mind that although a traditional long-on-the-sides pompadour with a beard is OK, a disconnected pompadour—hair chopped short at the back and sides—can provide a sleeker, more contemporary style by contrasting the volume of the Pompadour with your beard.

Best Pompadour Haircut Ideas

Discover all the versions of the modern Pompadour and choose the one that best fits your environment, taste, hair type, and style.

1. Classic Pompadour Haircut

Classic Pompadour Haircut

As its name suggests, the classic pompadour hairstyle is quite similar to the original. It is not as tapered as the low fade pompadour and does not have a central parting at the back of the head as the ducktail cut does. With a little hair grease, you may get a shiny, polished, and sometimes even greasy finish, which is its most notable feature.

2. Modern Pompadour Hairstyle

Modern Pompadour Hairstyle

In contrast to the traditional style, the modern pompadour is purposefully untidy and well-defined while maintaining an attractive and sophisticated look. This man’s mid fade haircut necessitates having a noticeably lengthy and voluminous pomp. This carefree hairstyle, which makes minimum use of styling tools, fits well with the minimalist approach trend of the moment, making it a popular choice for men’s short haircuts in 2024.

3. Styled Pomp

side part pomp hairstyle

You should try this bold take on pompadour hairstyles if you’re keeping up with the newest trends in grooming. The pomp’s unique front trench-creating form gives men’s medium-length haircuts an eye-catching appearance. Your fingers will work just fine for this stylish haircut, but if you want to really nail the look, you may want to pick yourself a strong-hold hair product.

4. Elvis Haircut

Elvis pomp Haircut

The iconic pompadour haircut, made famous by Elvis Presley as his hallmark appearance, is simply irreplaceable. Given how big and voluminous the Elvis pompadour is, it’s important to make sure your hair type can pull off such an opulent look.

5. Short Pompadour Fade

Razor Faded Pompadour hair

You can still look great with a pompadour, even if your hair is short. Compared to the original form, it is more practical and simpler to maintain. Your style will be well complemented with a short pompadour fade hairstyle. Consider a bald high fade pomp if you want to create a striking difference in your appearance. A low shadow fade pompadour is a good choice if you want a more subdued look.

6. Short Hair Brushed Up Pompadour

Short Hair Brushed Up Pompadour

There are several options for styling a pompadour. Getting adequate volume on top of short hair may be difficult for you. In these situations, think about brushing up the front of your hair and applying a firm hold hairspray to hold it in place.

7. Curly Tapered Pompadour Haircut

Curly Tapered Pompadour Haircut

If your hair isn’t naturally straight, it doesn’t mean you can’t look great in a pomp. A curly hair pompadour seems just as daring and impressive, so there’s no need to straighten your hair. Get a taper on the back and sides to accentuate the look.

8. Pompadour High Fade Flat Top

Pompadour High Fade Flat Top hair

A fashionable option for a contemporary pomp is to go with a faded pompadour hairstyle. But if you want to add something special, flatten the pomp at the top and match it with a high fade. Consider opting for a flat undercut pompadour fade if you want to show off your additional aggressiveness.

9. Pompadour Undercut Hairstyle

Pompadour Undercut Hairstyle for men

You will stand out with this striking and contrasting haircut that is now at the top of the popular men’s hairstyle lists. Its buzzing sides give the pomp a very dramatic aspect. The undercut pompadour hairdo will best show your sharp and edgy attitude.

10. Short Pompadour Haircut

Short Pompadour Haircut

A wonderful way to spice up the typical men’s short haircuts is with a short pompadour haircut, especially if you like simple, subtle looks yet want to be on trend. Just remember that using a lot of hairstyle products is necessary to get the perfect appearance for this modest pomp.

11. Parted Pomp

Parted Pomp hairstyle

Add a distinctive touch to your hairstyle by splitting your pomp. This will give the tapered hairstyle more depth and make it more noticeable. Whether you want your pomp combed to the side or styled high is up to you. Now is the ideal moment to try the hipster haircut if you’ve been fascinated about doing so.

12. Textured Top

Textured Top pomp

With its combination of short sides and a long top, the textured top Pompadour gives a fashionable touch. This hairstyle is unique in that it appears elegant on all hair types, whether they are curly, wavy, or straight. Match it with a high skin fade to maintain a crisp appearance and prevent any scruffiness.

13. Pompadour Fade

slicked up pomp with mid fade for men

There are many different fade alternatives available for the Pompadour fade, making it a very adaptable haircut. You have the option of a high, mid, low, or skin fade, depending on the length of the side hair.

14. Mohawk Pompadour

Mohawk Pompadour hairstyle

Not every man is cut for a pompadour fade and a Mohawk. It requires exact lines and painstaking attention to detail. It might be hard to keep this look consistent since the pompadour style calls for a lot of hair products and commitment. But the rewards are very great if you can maintain it.

15. Curly Pompadour

Curly Pompadour

As strange as it may seem, the Pompadour is a really versatile haircut. Even though straight hair is usually linked with the traditional Pompadour, almost anybody can pull it off. Try experimenting with a curly pompadour if your natural hair is curly to give your hair a sophisticated and fashionable look.

16. Straight Pomp

straight pomp hair

This straight pomp is ideal for men who wish to seem aggressive and edgy. Males with naturally straight hair may carry off this sharp style more easily, but males with curly or wavy hair may still pull it off. All you need is a blow dryer and a round brush to create a stylish and elegant haircut.

17. Full Volume

Full Volume pomp hair

Go for additional volume on top to really make your pomp pop. Guys with thin hair can find it a little difficult, but those with thick hair might really benefit from it. Just use a style product and a hairdryer to create plenty of volume.

18. Pompadour Low Fade Haircut

Pompadour Low Fade Haircut

A pomp is unquestionably a chic and eye-catching haircut. But with its large hair volume, it might seem a little overbearing. However, don’t give up on it too soon. Think about wearing your pomp with a low fade to lessen its severity. Shaving off some hair from the back and sides not only softens your hairdo but also makes sure it doesn’t seem too stark or contrasting.

19. Messy Pomp

Messy Pomp hair

Here’s an alternative pompadour style to help you get away from an overly preppy appearance. To add movement and texture to the top hair, use a little bit of matte-finish hairstyle product to tamper with it. Accessorise your ruffled Pompadour with stylish sunglasses and a well-trimmed beard to complete the appearance.

20. High Volume Pomp

High Volume Pomp hair

Your personal preference is the only restriction when it comes to choosing the volume of your pompadour hairstyle. You may go with the volume of the top hair; just be sure to balance it out with something else. Choose the taper and fade hair that best matches your hairstyle. Voluminous pompadours look great with them.

21. Side Part with Slicked Back Pomp

Side Part with Slicked Back Pomp

When it comes to your pompadour hairstyles, have as much fun as you want. Add a sophisticated side part and a sleek appearance to improve your pomp. Brush the top hair to the other side for further definition and contrast.

22. Short Pompadour with Undercut

short pompadour with side part haircut

A short pompadour undercut may nevertheless give you a sharp and edgy appearance if you do not like lengthy haircuts or elaborate hair decorations. For a polished look, use fading or tapered sides. Subtle sideburns and a thin strip of facial hair on the chin will match your hairdo and give it a Japanese pompadour look.

23. Contoured Pomp

Contoured Wavy Pomp hair

Even though a pompadour is a sharp haircut, you may make it even more edgy by drawing attention to the contours of the temples, forehead, and cheeks. Adding a high taper fade to the back and sides is a great technique to improve the overall appearance.

24. Mountain Inspired

pompadour hairstyle mountain inspired

Where is the greatest place to look for inspiration? As admirable as superstars and trendsetters are, they are not immune to inspiration. There are many creative ideas in your immediate surroundings. For example, this man has a bold sense of style and a pompadour that looks like a mountain.

25. Disconnected Pompadour

Disconnected Pompadour hair

Hairstyles that are long on top and short on the sides are just two examples of how you might shape a pompadour to fit the newest barbering trends. Lift up and separate the top hair from the sides to get this style. Any man can look good with this unique haircut, regardless of hair type or style.

26. Gentlemen’s Pomp

Gentlemen Pomp hair

Classic pompadours don’t always need alterations. Wearing this classic haircut in its natural form with pride looks amazing. This is the standard for genuine gentlemen who like to add a dash of elegance and vintage to their look.

27. Silver Pomp + Part + Fade

Silver Pomp Part Fade haircut

A pompadour in this color looks striking, whether it’s the result of aging or a conscious decision to adopt the newest styles for silver-gray hair. If you think that’s not bold enough, you can always add more sharpness by highlighting it with a hard part and coupling it with any kind of fading.

28. Wavy Pompadour

Wavy Pompadour haircut

Your hair structure is not a limiting factor for a pompadour. You may still look great with this style if your hair is wavy. Actually, it gives a distinctive twist, particularly when paired with a side part. Regardless of how you choose to style it—straight or messy—it will always seem stylish and appealing.

29. Messy Auburn Pomp

Messy Auburn Pomp haircut

Auburn hair color is striking by nature, and you can make it even more distinctive by putting your hair up in a loose pomp. You may want to try growing out your facial hair for an added sense of exclusivity. You would definitely appear like a stylish man after doing this.

30. 80s Pomp

80s Pomp haircut

A skin fade is a popular cut that may add a modern touch to your traditional Pompadour. This gives your presentation a more contemporary feel while also producing a more striking appearance. The bald sides draw attention to the top of your head, emphasizing how sharply it is styled.

31. Slickback Pomp

Slickback Pomp haircut

Slicking back the hair on top of your head adds a whole new level of elegance to a man’s pompadour hairstyle, which is already polished and smooth.

32. Big Pompadour

Big Pompadour haircut

Pompadour cuts are already striking and distinct. Use a large pomp at the front of your hair to bring even more attention to it.

33. Long Pompadour

Long Pompadour hairstyle

You can be sure that people will notice you if you choose a long-haired pompadour. Although it requires a little more upkeep than a standard men’s pompadour hairstyle, the benefits are well worth it.

34. Fauxhawk Haircut

Fauxhawk pomp Haircut

This cut combines a pompadour with a fohawk to create a unique, fashionable, and gregarious look. This is a terrific way to mix things up a little if the Pompadour is your favorite.

How To Style A Pompadour Haircut?

Now that you have your ideal haircut learning how to style a pompadour at home is essential since going to the barbershop every day isn’t always possible. To get the most out of your appearance, adhere to these six easy actions!

  • Give your hair a good wash, and then use a towel to gently pat it dry. This establishes the framework for style.
  • Take a little amount of pomade, putty, or wax. Run your fingers through your hair and massage it between your palms to warm it up. Ensure that you apply the style product to your pomp in a uniform layer.
  • Gently blow dry your hair and then comb through your upper sections. This aids in the pomp’s shaping, providing you with the appropriate form and volume.
  • Using a comb, brush up the roots of your pomp to get the desired volume and hold from the style product.
  • There are a few different ways you can style the pomp based on the length of your hair. Smooth the front and push the rear up for a long-on-top, short-on-sides look. If the Pompadour is short, focus more on the rear. A low fade comb-over, either with or without a part, provides a further choice. Make a parting with a comb and brush your hair to the side that enhances your appearance.
  • Lastly, set and adjust the result using a blow drier.


The pompadour hairstyle transcends trends, remaining a timeless symbol of confidence and style for men. Its adaptability across eras and hair types cements its place as a true classic. Whether you seek a vintage rockabilly vibe or a modern, textured approach, the pompadour offers endless possibilities for expression

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