20 Undercut Haircut for Men to Level Up Your Style

The undercut has stormed into men’s fashion, mixing past styles with a modern touch. Influential trendsetters like Brad Pitt and David Beckham choose this style to make a statement on red carpets around the globe. This classic throwback hairstyle has once again become one of the most iconic looks worn by Hollywood stars and even soldiers. When a haircut has such widespread appeal, it’s here to stay for a long while. Before you hit the barber’s chair, it’s worth doing your homework with so many styles to choose from. To get you started, here’s the ultimate guide to undercut haircut for men.

What Is Undercut Haircut for Men?

The undercut haircut for men is a simple cut that goes great with a polished quiff or even a man bun. It keeps the length on top while the sides or back can be faded, cropped short, or buzzed entirely.

Nowadays, getting the ideal undercut takes real skill from barbers, especially when dealing with skin fades and precise graduations. But back in Edwardian-era England, an undercut simply signaled that a man couldn’t afford a skilled barber. It’s funny how times have changed, right?

This collection shows how flexible the undercut can be, with many different cuts and styles. But one thing you’ll notice across this range is that signature look: short on the sides and long on top. It’s the defining feature of this style.

The Origin of Undercut Haircut for Men

The undercut became popular back in the 1920s and kept changing along with fashion in the first half of the 20th century. It was a hit among men who left their mark, from businessmen to jazz performers and even soldiers, thanks to its mix of style and practicality.

In the latter half of the 20th century, various types of undercut styles emerged and became popular among numerous well-known figures. Undercuts weren’t just for the younger crowd; even older men who kept that youthful spirit rocked these styles. There’s something naturally fresh and lively about this hairstyle.

Hairstyles by Length of Top Hair

Figuring out which undercut suits you best depend on the length of your top hair and the density that you want to keep. So, we’ve picked out the trendiest undercut hairstyles for you and sorted them by size to make things easier.

Short Undercut Hairstyles

Short Undercut Hairstyles

Shorter undercut haircut for men need less upkeep but still give a sharp, masculine edge. Don’t think short means less room for creativity, though! You can go from smooth and subtle to bold and edgy with shorter cuts. 

Medium Undercut Hairstyles

Medium Undercut Hairstyles

If you’re up for spending time every day to style your hair, think about going for this undercut haircut for men. Most people go for this style to highlight or even enhance their hair’s natural qualities. You can also play with the size to produce a standout look. 

Long Undercut Hairstyles

Long Undercut Hairstyles

Long hairstyles with an undercut feature short sides and a lengthy mane on top, creating a bold look that grabs attention. They’re especially popular among guys in creative occupations who like to show off their free-spirited energy. 

Undercut Hairstyles Variations

No matter your hair type; curly, thick, wavy, or straight; there are undercut styles that’ll suit you perfectly.

1. Wavy Hair Undercut

Wavy Hair Undercut

Embrace those natural waves in your hair! Several male models and creative personalities have flaunted this style. Whether you choose a taper fade hair, or detached undercut, it’ll stand out. Styling wax can be a great ally, especially depending on how your hair behaves.

2. Curly Hair Undercut

Curly Hair Undercut

Is your hair permed, or do you have natural curls? Let that top hair grow! An undercut can fantastically highlight those curls. The trick is understanding your hair’s texture to make sure it looks lush and lively.

3. Undercut with Fringe

Undercut with Fringe

Fringes in stylish haircuts can vary a lot. Whether your bangs are full and curly or thick and straight, this technique can suit anyone. Just make sure your bangs are lengthy enough to conceal your forehead. It’s great for men with longer faces or big foreheads since it can make your face look shorter.

4. Undercut Quiff

Undercut Quiff

Got thick hair? Try out this quirky hairdo! You can make a bold statement by highlighting the contrast in length or go for a smoother look with a perpetual taper or fade. Either way, you’ll rock a suave cut.

5. Undercut Mohawk

Undercut Mohawk

If you dig the mohawk but worry about its reception, an undercut version is way more versatile in different places. Some guys opt for a sleek fauxhawk since the flanks are cropped but not completely shaven.

6. Side Part Undercut

Side Part Undercut

The side part styles are eternal. They popped up in the Victorian era and made a comeback in the early 20th century. Surprisingly, these are trending once more. Revamp your old haircut by using a comb to switch up a hair partition. It’s an easy move that transforms your face for the better.

7. Hard Part Undercut

Hard Part Undercut

Try the hard part undercut hairdo as a cool twist to the classic fade. It’s a sleek, disconnected style with a clear streak between the top and undercut. Lots of people see it as a classier rendition of the side-part style, perfect for various occasions. Guys love it as they can easily switch up their look, just comb over or slick back the hair whenever they want a change.

8. Side Swept Undercut

Side Swept Undercut

Do you want a mix of wild and dapper? Try this hairstyle. It’s perfect for men with straighter hair and can also go for curly or wavy hair if it’s lengthy. Just show a pic to your stylist, and they’ll get exactly what you’re going for.

9. Long Fringe Side Swept Undercut

Long Fringe Side Swept Undercut

This undercut for men brings a serious attitude to the table. It’s like your regular undercut on the back and sides, but the top has extra inches of length. It’s bold, striking, and asymmetrical.

10. Pompadour Undercut

Pompadour Undercut

Let your presence shine with a playful touch through the pompadour. Pair it up with the perfect undercut for a head-turning hairstyle that broadcasts you’re coming.

11. Hard Part Pompadour Undercut

Hard Part Pompadour Undercut

Looking for a sleek, short, undercut hairstyle for men? This style flaunts a traditional comb-over, creating a miniature pompadour parted with a hard positioning. It’s a sharp, standout look that screams style and taste. To get it right, bring a pic to your hairdresser and chat about what you’re aiming for beforehand.

12. Slicked Back Undercut

Slicked Back Undercut

This hairstyle is a go-to for guys, channeling the Sigma male vibe with serious style. It’s all about that high-contrast look like short sides, slicked straight back, long on top. Perfect for ambitious pros, but it’s also a knockout for parties, dates, or casual hangouts. Make sure your barber tailors those side undercuts to match your hairstyle and length.

13. Undercut with Comb Over or Brushed Back

Undercut with Comb Over or Brushed Back

Got medium-length hair? Want more volume than the slicked-back undercut? Try a comb-over or brush your hair straight back. It’s an easygoing style you can tweak to your liking. Depending on your hair, use styling wax or pomade to keep that volume in check when brushing it back. You’ll be the guy everyone’s looking for!

14. Undercut With Dreadlocks

Undercut With Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks, maybe the oldest hairstyle ever, still grab attention and scream individuality. Adding an undercut to those dreads can level up this standout style, giving it a bit more personal flair and making sure everyone takes notice.

15. Undercut With Pompadour

Undercut With Pompadour

The undercut with a pompadour is a daring style that takes confidence to roll. in It’s a stylish twist on a classic look. If you’ve got the swagger of a rock star and want everyone to know it, this bold cut is made for you.

16. Undercut With Quiff

Undercut With Quiff

Think of the undercut with a quiff as a pompadour with extra flair. It’s daring, and it puts your boldness front and center in your style. This standout cut guarantees attention whether you’re at the club or in the office.

17. Undercut With Blowout

Undercut With Blowout

Drying your hair right after washing with a blow dryer is key to achieving a super smooth and sleek style. Pair that with neat sides and top-notch grooming, and you’ve got the undercut with a blowout, a perfect choice for the fashion-forward guy.

18. Undercut With Caesar

Undercut With Caesar

This haircut, named after Rome’s iconic emperor, stays popular for a reason. Making the sides tight boosts the undercut with Caesar to a whole new level, perfect for the well-groomed man.

19. Undercut With Hard Part

Undercut With Hard Part

An undercut with a hard part is about as sharp as it gets. It’s a chance for a skilled barber to really showcase their precision and attention to detail. This sleek style is ideal for a professional who takes both his style and business seriously.

20. Undercut With Half Pony

Undercut With Half Pony

If you’re a bit of a free spirit and want your style to reflect that, consider the undercut with a half-pony. It mixes sleek sides with a laid-back pony on top, showcasing your fun-loving, carefree style.

Will an Undercut Suit You?

Absolutely! Your hair type, beard style for men, face shape, and the places you go all play a role in finding your perfect look. Still, there’s definitely an undercut variation or two that can be tweaked to match the style you’re aiming for.

Not every face shape suits every undercut hairstyle. The trick is to understand your own features. Think about whether your face is soft or angular, round or long, with a small or large forehead, a small or square jaw, and so on. That helps find the right match for you.

Before you settle on a hairstyle, look at models or people with a similar look to yours. Once you’ve picked your style, get your hairstylist’s honest take on any adjustments that might better suit your unique traits.

How to Get Success with Your Undercut Hairstyle

We’ve covered quite a bit in this blog, so let’s recap how to go about with an undercut hairstyle that’ll really elevate your look.

1. Learn What You Like

Before you schedule that time with your favorite hairdresser or stylist, be sure you know precisely what you desire. Describe it well and get a picture to demonstrate your style. It’ll help them understand your vision.

2. Make Adjustments as Necessary

When you chat with your hairstylist, don’t just boss them around. Share what you desire while also asking for their view and recommendations. They’re the pros, and they might spot ways to tweak your hairdo that you haven’t thought of.

3. Observe, Learn, and Question

Once they’ve nailed the cut, your hairdresser will use different hair techniques and products to style it. Pay attention to what they’re doing and question if you’re unsure. Also, get their advice on which products suit your hairstyle and the cut you’ve picked.

4. Upkeep

Your hair will grow; that’s a fact. But certain undercut styles need skilled cutting. Instead of DIY touch-ups with clippers, consider visiting your barbershop regularly for trims. How often? Well, it depends on how quickly your hair grows and the cut you’ve gone for.


Does undercut suit everyone?

Yes, an undercut hairstyle generally suits every face cut and can be worn in both casual and professional settings.

What do I tell my barber for a undercut?

It is always ideal to show your barber a picture of the undercut that you want. It will give them a clear idea of your preferences. 

Which undercut is best?

Most men believe a hard part undercut to be the best of all the undercut hairstyles.

Why undercut is so popular?

Undercuts are popular because they are easy to style and look good on all outfits.


When thinking about an undercut, think about your face shape and how much effort you want to put into maintenance. Different face shapes suit different styles. A sleeker look might suit longer faces, while the added height can flatter round faces. Simple cuts are low maintenance, while styled undercuts need more upkeep and trips to the barber. With our comprehensive guide, we hope that you will be able to get the perfect undercut haircut for men.

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