25+ Burst Fade Haircuts For Men In 2024

Do you know about one-third of men believe that getting a fresh haircut makes them feel more confident? This clearly highlights the importance of a haircut in men’s life. If you are someone who likes to dress in style, an aburst fade haircut can do wonders for your personality. Now, you may wonder why burst fade while there are many other stylish options available. Well, the main reason is that burst fade is trending this year, and you can spot many celebrities boasting one. Another reason is that this haircut goes perfectly with every type of face and physique. Impressed? Well, you are in for a surprise! In this article, we have compiled the 30 best burst fade haircuts for men.
So, let’s get started.

What Is A Burst Fade?

The burst fade haircut is a type of fade, but it’s quite different from other hairstyles. In this type of haircut, instead of creating a fade around the sides, it is done in a manner that follows along the shape of the ear, thereby creating an elegant design.

Also, the hair at the back is long compared to other haircuts. So, if you are looking for a fade without sacrificing hair length, a burst fade is the perfect choice.

As the sides are short and the top is long, it becomes the focal point in this haircut, thereby offering you versatile styling options. You can keep the top in spikes or straighten your hair. There are limitless options to try.

One of the best things about burst fade haircuts is that they suit every type of hair and face type. From short to long and straight to curly, a burst fade can bring out the best in you.

In embracing the latest trends like the burst fade, it’s also important to address other hair concerns. Understanding and managing men’s hair loss is crucial for maintaining not just the style but the health of your hair.

1. Mohawk Style Burst Fade

mohawk style burst fade haircuts

One of the most common yet cool burst fade haircuts is with a Mohawk. Also known as a Mohican haircut, a Mohawk is a type of cut in which only a strip of hair on the top is long while it is shorter or mostly shaven on the sides. In this haircut, instead of shaving the sides entirely, you can create a burst fade. The long strip of hair on the top and lengthy hair on the back complement the fade and give you a cool and edgy look.

2. Burst Fade Curly Hair

burst fade curly hair haircuts

Burst fade curly hair can be of different types, and what’s best is that you can create a burst fade with any type of curls. If you are looking for a soft and clean look, this hairstyle is the one for you. While mostly popular among men of color, anyone with curly hair can rock this style. Soft curls on top followed by fade on the sides will give you a cool and charming look.

3. Burst Fade Mullet

burst fade mullet haircuts

You can also try burst fade mullet haircuts with a vintage yet classy look. Mullet is a type of hairstyle in which the hair is shorter at the top, sides and front while it is longer at the back of your neck, sometimes even going even beyond your shoulders. This cut was quite popular during the 90s rock culture and is back in trend in this year. You can pair this style with a burst fade by tapering the sides along the curve of your ear.

4. Messy & Straight Hair Burst Fade

messy & straight hair burst fade haircuts

Most people consider straight hair to be quite simple and ordinary, but you can give it a fresh new twist with burst fade haircuts. If you have straight hair, you can create a textured top and burst fade on the sides. To add a bold new touch, you can use some gel and create a messy top instead of keeping the hair straight. It will add more volume to your hair and complement your overall personality.

5. Buzz Cut Burst Fade

buzz cut burst fade haircuts

This is one of the easiest burst fade haircuts to manage. If you don’t want the hassle of managing or caring for long hair, you can pair a buzz cut with a burst fade. In the buzz cut, the hair is very short on all the sides. Now, you can make this style even better by creating a tapered fade on the sides. Zayn Malik is one such celebrity who totally rocks this cut.

6. Burst Fade Long Hair + Braids

Burst Fade Long Hair + Braids

If you want to drastically transform your hairstyle, there’s nothing better than burst fade with long hair and braids. You can keep the hair long on the top and make braids out of it while the sides will fade. You can tie the braids on the back to show off the burst fade on the sides. One way to further enhance this haircut is by keeping a beard.

7. Burst Fade Short Hair

burst fade short hair haircuts

Burst fade haircuts are not just for longer hair. If you have short hair, you can still try this haircut. The tapered sides will be shorter than the top and the back, and you can even add clean lines to this cut. A skilled barber can give you a clean fade with crisp lines to give definition and sharpness to your facial features. One of the most famous footballers of all time, Karim Benzema, boasts this haircut.

8. Mid Burst Fade Short Quiff

mid burst fade short quiff haircut

If you are an Elvis Presley fan, you might be aware of the quiff hairstyle. This cut was very popular in the 1950s among Hollywood celebrities. In this type of haircut, the hair is long on the top with extra volume at the front. Now, you can try this cut with a burst fade for quick and easy styling. The hair will be shorter on the sides with a fade, while you can keep it however long you want at the front.

9. High Burst Fade Brushed Back

high burst fade brushed back haircuts

You can also try burst fade haircuts with brushed-back hair. In this type of cut, the hair on the top will be long so that you can easily create a brushed-back look. However, you can create a high burst fade on the sides for a more polished appearance. This cut is good for formal events and parties. You can use gel to create a clean hairstyle.

10. Short Pomp With Burst Fade

short pomp with burst fade

Pomp stands for pompadour haircut, where your hair is slicked back with volume on top. This style became popular after Elvis Presley, but you can make it a bit different and trendy by pairing it with burst fade. With a clean fade and front volume, you can easily style your hair differently. This cool hairstyle will add a few extra inches to your height and boost your personality.

11. Coiffed Burst Fade

coiffed burst fade haircut

Coiffed burst fade haircuts are truly elegant and go well with any type of hair. It is a simple fade cut in which the barber will create a perfect arch from the front to the back to create a nice fade. You can keep the top hair in medium length and even add highlights to your front hair to make it a bit unique.

12. Cropped Burst Fade

cropped burst fade haircut

This is another great burst fade haircut for men with short hair. Here, you can keep the top cropped but fade on the sides. Instead of simply cropping the hair on top, you can also add texture and keep it messy with the designed hairline on the front. It will give you a great look, especially if you are in college or high school.

13. Burst Fade With Side Design

burst fade with side design

This haircut is for fashion rebels who love experimenting with unique styles. You can go for burst fade haircuts with a side design. Along with the fade, you can create different patterns and shapes on the sides to make heads turn. However, remember that this style requires the expertise of a skilled barber, and you need to go for regular touchups to maintain this style.

14. Undercut Burst Fade Straight Hair

undercut burst fade straight hair

If you want a model-like look, you can always go with an undercut burst fade with straight hair. Keep the volume, but simply create an undercut with tapered sides. Now, you can style the layered straight hair on top with gel to get an edgy and bold look. This style is mostly suitable for people with jet-black straight hair.

15. Ideal Hawk Burst Fade

ideal hawk burst fade haircut

When it comes to Mohawk cut with a burst fade, you have different styling options. These two cuts complement each other well, and you can choose from different styles. If you want a cool hairstyle, you can choose your ideal hawk cut and add burst fade on the sides. Make sure to style the top in spikes to get the perfect look.

16. Low Burst Fade Spiky Brush Up

low burst fade spiky brush up

If you want a completely unique haircut, try the low burst fade cut with a spiky brush-up. Don’t confuse this cut with Mohawk, as the spiky brush-up is different here. It adds volume to the front of the hair, and spikes lean ahead. It is a sharp look and is suitable for people with long to medium hair length.

17. Textured Hair Burst Fade

textured hair burst fade haircut

Guys with straight hair can try this type of burst fade haircut. You can cut your hair short on the sides and keep the top part textured. The fade on the sides will make the cut even more intricate and make your simple, straight hair worthy of appreciation. You can also add a beard to this cut for a more defined look.

18. Curls + Taper Burst Fade

curls+taper burst fade haircut

Curly hair can be difficult to style and manage, but you can make it more manageable by adding a taper cut on the sides. Keep the curls on top as it is and simply create a fade on the sides. This way, the lower section of your head will look clean, and the top will stay voluminous with the rebellious curls.

19. Short Fade With Sponges

short fade with sponges

If you have Afro-textured hair, burst fade haircuts can do wonders for you. In this type of burst fade haircut, you can cut the kinky curls very short with taper sides. The top sponges will give you a soft look, while the clean sides will add more neatness. It is an easy-to-manage hairstyle and doesn’t need much care.

20. High Top Burst Fade

high top burst fade haircut

This is another great haircut for people with curly hair. As the name goes, you will have high-top curls in this cut with faded sides. While this is quite similar to high-top fade, there are some differences between the two haircuts. If you are looking for this cut, it is best to choose a skilled barber.

21. Low Burst Fade Design

Low Burst Fade Design

You can now add a unique touch to your hairstyle by incorporating burst fade designs on the sides. While there is not much to do with the top hair, you can taper the sides and try adding lines or designs on the sides for a clean appearance. To make it even better, you can give a curvy shape to your beard and create a low burst fade with it.

22. Bald Burst Fade

bald burst fade haircut

Guys with unmanageable hair can try this type of haircut. If your hair is thick and you want a hairstyle that’s different, you can add a bald burst fade to the sides. Here, the fade will remove plenty of hair from the sides, thereby giving you a clean look while the hair on the top remains thick. You can also add bald lines with this cut.

23. Burst Taper Fade

burst taper fade haircut

You can also go for this haircut to try something different and fun. It is like your normal fade cut with different hair lengths. However, one significant difference here is that the hair is not shaven but simply trimmed short to create a fade. The nice pattern that follows from the side to the front brings out of best features.

24. Burst Fade Faux Hawk

burst fade faux hawk haircut

If you are looking for a slightly tamed Mohawk version, try this haircut. It is not really bold like Mohawk, but it will give you a similar look. Here, the hair will not be as spiky and will add a bit of softness to the look. And as usual, the burst fades will add its magic to make it all the better.

25. Comb Over Burst Fade

comb over burst fade haircut

If you are currently working in the corporate sector, try such burst fade haircuts. While it is cool and trendy, it will also give you a formal look. The hair on the top will be medium length that you can comb over, while the hair on the sides will be clean. You can comb over the hair in different ways as per the occasion.

26. South of France Burst Fade Mohawk

south of france burst fade mohawk haircut

People with curly hair can try this haircut to get the Mohawk look. It is also known as burst fade Mohawk. In this cut, the curly hair on the top will be cut in a thick strip from the front to the back, with the sides tapered to add a nice effect. It is suitable for all types of curly hair and is easy to style.

27. Curly Mohawk With A Shaved Part

curly mohawk with a shaved part

This haircut is pretty much similar to the South of France burst fade Mohawk with the only difference of shaving the sides. The entire side is not shaved, but a part of it just above the fade to add a bold touch to the look. You can either have one side or both sides, depending on your preference.

28. Messy Mohawk Style Burst Fade

messy mohawk style burst fade haircut

This haircut is quite similar to the other Mohawk cuts in this list, with the only difference being that the top is messier. Here, instead of going for a clean look, you can keep the top part messy and unruly. Apart from that, you can also add designs and patterns to this cut.

29. Burst Fade With A V-shape

burst fade with a v-shape

If you want to really make an impression with your hairstyle, try burst fade haircuts with a V shape. Here, the hair on the top and back will be longer, and the sides will be faded in such a way that it will create a V shape at the back. You can try it will different types of hair, but it really goes well with straight hair.

30. Two-Tone Burst Fade 

two-tone burst fade

As the name goes, this type of burst fade haircut is more about keeping your hair in two color tones. Here, you can go with the normal burst fade with add color highlights to your hair. It looks really nice with curly hair, as the curls bring out the colors.


Is burst fade a good haircut?

Yes, burst fade haircuts are a great option for people with all types of hair, i.e., straight, curly, long and short, who can rock this look.

Is burst fade good for a round face?

As the burst fade has taper sides, it is good for guys with round faces as the attention is mostly drawn toward the top.

How can I do my own fade at home?

Doing a fade is not simple, especially a burst fade, as you have to follow the shape of the ear and create an arch. It is best to visit a professional barber to get this haircut done.


And, it’s a wrap!

A stylish haircut can really boost your personality and give you added confidence in personal and professional settings. Burst fade haircuts are trending currently, and you can choose from any of these 30 cool options depending on your hair type and personal preference.

Unlike other list of haircuts, we have offered options for every type of hair. These styles are not just fashionable but also practical and easy to manage. You can also add your own unique twist to each cut to stand apart from others. Tell us about your favorite cut from the list in the comment section below.

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