15 Trendiest Mid Fade Haircuts for Men in 2023


Are you looking for a versatile haircut that perfectly goes with every occasion and style? If yes, it’s time for you to try the infamous mid fade haircut! As the name goes, the mid fade haircut is the balance between high fade and low fade cut. It gradually blends your hair lengths, thereby creating a transition from short to longer hair around the crown.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best mid fade haircuts for men. No matter what type of hair you have, i.e., short, long, curly, or straight, we have the perfect and fashionable mid fade haircut for you. From Cillian Murphy and Brad Pitt to David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, this haircut has become the go-to choice for men with style.

1. Mid Fade Cut with Beard

Mid Fade Cut with Beard

If you’re aiming for a stylish yet masculine look that will make heads turn, try the mid fade haircut with a beard. Here, instead of leaving the fade streak around your temple, you continue it down and blend it with your side locks and beard, thereby creating a clean and sharp look. The best thing about this cut is that it perfectly suits every face shape and gives definition to your jawline, making it appear more chiseled.

Another advantage is that it goes well with short as well as long hair lengths. Whether you’re attending a formal event or a casual outing, this cut ensures you make a lasting impression on the audience.

2. Mid Fade Haircut with Long Hair

Mid Fade Haircut with Long Hair

Mid fade cut goes best with long hair. If you are aiming for a unique hairstyle, there is nothing better than pairing your long hair with a medium fade. These types of cut features long hair on top with a fade on the sides which creates a contrast. You can part your long hair on either side to create a variety of styles when going on. Apart from that, you can also keep your hair polished by applying wax or gel for a professional look. This style exudes a sense of confidence and uniqueness and helps you stand out in the crowd.

3. Mid Fade With Line Design

Mid Fade With Line Design

To make your medium fade cut more sharp and captivating, you can add a line to create depth. In this cut, along with a fade, you add a shaved line design that complements your overall look. What’s best is that you can make the line more artistic by creating a design.

Along with a straight line, you can add line patterns to enhance your hairstyle. Do you want to know what will make this cut even better? A light stubble with some silver accessories like a metallic chain and eyebrow piercings. It will give you that edgy, serious, yet stylish look.

4. Mid Fade Haircut with Short Hair

Mid Fade Haircut with Short Hair

Even if you have short hair, you can still go for a mid-fade cut. In fact, shorter hair makes this cut even better with hassle-free styling. Phil Foden, the well-known footballer from Manchester City, boasts this cut and totally rocks it. This cut has become quite popular after Thomas Shelby, played by Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders. So, if you are looking for a clean look and don’t have much time for styling, this haircut is perfect. With this cut, you don’t need to invest in hair styling or grooming products.

5. Mid Fade with Fringe

Mid Fade with Fringe

If you want to add a twist to your hair, go for a mid-fade with fringes. In this type of cut, you keep a front fringe along with the fade to add extra charm to your look. Fringes have always been a fashion trend in the men’s world, from Justin Bieber to Ashton Kutcher sporting them at some point. If you have a big forehead or want to create a charming look, this mid fade haircut men is the best option.

You can even change the direction of the fringe to experiment with what looks best on you. It creates a balance between modern and classic style while keeping you fashionable altogether.

6. Mid Fade Cut with Design

Mid Fade Cut with Design

To make a bold statement and create a unique appearance, you can go for a medium fade with design. Along with the fade, you can add designs on either side to draw attention. You can choose either a straight-line design or symmetrical patterns. Another popular trend is adding a Nike logo design on the side. This not only looks cool and stylish but also works as a personal style statement. However, unlike other cuts, you need regular grooming to maintain the design, as it will keep fading as your hair grows.

7. Mid Fade Cut with Natural Curly Hair

Mid Fade Cut with Curly hair

Guys with curly hair often struggle with hairstyles, but with a mid-fade cut, you can always stay on trend. No matter what your hair length or curl type is, medium-fade complements all hair types. If you have smaller curls, this cut will give you a sharp look that is easy to maintain. You can also use it for longer curls and keep a curly fringe in the front for a better look. This cut is a go-to choice for people with curly hair who are looking for versatile styling options.

8. Mid Fade with Bangs

Mid Fade with Bangs

Another great haircut option is a mid-fade with bangs. While most men don’t go for bangs, you can pair them with a fade for a sophisticated look. In this cut, you can keep short or long bangs in the front for a pointy look. It will make your face appear sharp and highlight your features. To add an extra twist, you put color streaks on the bangs and pair it with a clean, shaved look. It will give you a model-like and youthful appearance.

9. Mid Fade Haircut with Waves

Mid Fade Haircut with Waves

If you are a fan of Drake, you must be aware of this unique, elegant, and cool haircut. In this cut, you keep wavy hair on top, along with a fade on the sides. It is one of the most trending styles in 2023, and you can see it on many celebrities, influences, and YouTubers. If you have dense, curly hair, you can cut it short in waves to create a pattern on top. The combination of mid-fade and textured waves creates a charming appearance suitable for all types of occasions.

10. Mid Fade Cut with Braids

Mid Fade Cut with Braids

To add an extra flair to your hairstyle, you can keep braids with a fade. Braids have become quite trending among men due to the rise of pop and rap culture. All the major rappers boast braids to add appeal to their overall personality. If you are aiming for a similar look but with a slight change, go for a medium fade with braids. You can choose any type of braid or pattern and even add accessories to your braids to keep them even better.

11. Mid Fade with Side Part

Mid Fade with Side Part

You can also try mid-fade with a side part if you have long or medium hair length. This is one of the most common hairstyles, but you can change the side part to add a bit of versatility to your look. When adding a side part, you can also make a saved line to add more definition to the cut. This haircut gives you a polished look for formal occasions. You can style it using gel or even blow-dry your hair for a modern edge.

12. Mid Fade for Round Face

Mid Fade for Round Face

Try the mid fade haircut men if you have a round face and want to draw attention to and emphasize your features. Your facial structure is ideal for this style since it makes you appear more chiseled and flat. For a more manly appearance, you can add lines to this cut or wear it with a beard. It will lengthen your face and enhance your personality in general.

13. Mid Fade Cut for Oval Face

Mid Fade Cut for Oval Face

One type of haircut that goes well with oval fade is medium fade. If you have an oval face, your cheekbones will be broad, and your jaw will be narrow. The mid-fade will complement this face type and will highlight the features. You can try different types of medium fade cuts for an oval shape, as it is considered one of the ideal face shapes.

14. Mid Fade Haircut for Square Face

Mid Fade Haircut for Square Face

You can also try mid-fade if you have a square face shape. This facial shape is characterized by a wide jaw and hairline and is extremely symmetrical. You can try the medium fade haircut to enhance your facial features further. It will make your face appear longer and sharper. What’s best is that you can keep the top long as well as short to experiment with different styles.

15. Mid Fade Cut for Natural Straight Hair

Mid Fade haircut for straight hair

If you have straight hair, you can choose from different types of haircuts. A mid fade is ideal for you as it is easy to style and maintain compared to other cuts. You can part your straight hair with a cut or add a line or design to make a bold statement. You can also try the slicked-back style with a fade for a formal look.

Difference Between Low Fade, Mid Fade, and High Fade Haircut

Difference between low ,medium ,high fade

If you are planning for a fade cut, you need to know the difference between the types of fade (low fade, high fade, and medium fade).

Here’s a table to help you distinguish between the fades:

Fade TypeDescriptionCharacteristics
Low-FadeSubtle transition, minimal contrastGradual blend, longer sides, and back
Medium-FadeNoticeable transition, moderate contrastClear separation, moderately shorter sides
High-FadeDramatic transition, a stark contrastSharp contrast, shaved sides and back

Is a Mid Fade Haircut for Men Worth It?

Here are some reasons why a medium fade cut works for men:

  • It gives you a clean and polished look
  • You can try this haircut with different types of hair
  • It highlights your facial features
  • This haircut is easy to maintain
  • It is modern and stylish


If you are a man who loves to stay on trend, this guide is for you. We have prepared a list of the best mid fade haircuts for men. Depending on your face shape, hair type, and personal preference, you can choose any of the styles from these options. You can also pair different styles or add your own touch to make the haircut even better. There are endless options when it comes to medium fade haircuts for men.


1. Is Mid-Fade Haircut Attractive?

Yes, a medium fade haircut is attractive as it offers a smooth, sharp, and clean appearance.

2. What Is a Mid-Fade Haircut?

A medium fade haircut is longer on the top and starts getting shorter in the middle as it moves down around the sides.

3. Does Mid Fade Suit Everyone?

The mid fade lies between the high fade and low fade, so it suits everyone and works for every hair type.

4. Which Fade Haircut Is Best?

Your hair type and preferences will determine which fade is best for you. Speak with a professional hair stylist to know which style will suit you.

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