21+ Best French Crop Haircut Ideas For Men

Are you tired of the same old, boring haircut? 

If yes, it is time to switch up your regular men’s haircut with a trendy French crop haircut! This cool hairstyle features short hair at the back and sides, while longer hair is on the top. It has several variations and can be combined with other cuts and fades too. Due to its versatility and modern masculine looks, the French crop has become one of the top hairstyles for men today. If you’re also constantly searching for new haircuts to try, you’re on the right page!

Today, I made a list of the best French crop haircut ideas for men. You will find numerous versions on the list, from short and French crop cuts to French crop with fade and taper. So, whether you have long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, or colored hair, you will surely find the right haircut for you in the below list. 

What is French Crop?

The French Crop refers to a mens hairstyle that features long hair on the top and shorter hair at the sides and back sections. It also includes a taper fade or undercut, similar to the Caesar Cut. The length of the top can vary depending on style and personal preference. Overall, the French crop is a versatile, timeless, and easy-to-maintain haircut that looks good on various hair types and textures.

1. Classic French Crop

Classic French crop

Let’s start the list with the traditional French crop, as it will be the best men’s hairstyle in 2024. This cut features classic short hair on the side parts with an added fringe on the forehead. This makes the crown part longer than the sides, creating an elongated appearance. Look at the above picture for reference. 

2. Disconnected French Crop

Discontinued French crop

A disconnected French crop hairstyle has shorter hair on the sides and long hair on the back and top. With this twist, it becomes another version of the classic French crop haircut, but this looks more interesting. These disconnected hairstyles always finish with a clipped length at the sides and front hairline. Sometimes, the hair stylist also makes a distinct line to divide the longer hair on top from the faded sides. 

3. Short French Crop

Short French Crop

As its name suggests, this version of the French crop haircut features extremely short hair on the sides, making it appear like a buzz cut. However, this one has more volume on the top, which is one of the reasons why people love it so much! This look is a great option for men with thin hair or less hair. It is short, requires less maintenance, and is easy to style. 

4. Long French Crop

Long French Haircut

Here is the longer version of the French crop. This haircut is quite voluminous at the crown and faded at the sides. So, if you want to keep your hair at the length you want, try this long French crop hairstyle. This looks great on both wavy and straight hair types, and you can also style it in many ways. However, this isn’t low-maintenance, as it requires frequent visits to the barber to keep the hair length in proportion.

5. Straight French Crop

Straight french crop

For men who don’t want to spend any time fixing their hair, here’s the perfect hairstyle for you: Straight French Crop! However, this haircut works like magic on straight hair, specifically. Once you get this cut, all you need to do is comb the hair at the top, and that’s it! You can also use hairspray to keep your hair in place or add some texture. Try this sharp and athletic look! 

6. French Crop Undercut

French crop undercut

Do you want some drama and interest in the classic French crop haircut? If yes, try it with an undercut style! This style features medium-length hair on the top, and the sides and back parts are completely shaved. As you can see in the above picture, some hairs freely fall over the forehead, creating an attractive appearance. You can also change the look to your liking.

7. French Crop with Caesar Cut

French crop Ceaser cut

At first glance, many people confuse the French crop with the Caesar cut. However, there is a slight difference between them. The Caesar cut has a shorter fringe than the French crop cut. You can play with the fringe length to see which looks best on your face shape. 

8. Blonde Textured French Crop

Blonde textured french crop

If you like to bleach your hair or have naturally blonde hair, this French crop will be a great option! This haircut gives you a sleek and sophisticated appearance without looking too much. Make sure to keep your crown section length only from short to medium length. However, if you want to make it edgy, go with a tapered fade French Crop and an icy shade of blonde.

9. Curly French Crop

Curly french crop

Do you have natural curly hair? This hairstyle is nothing special, but keep the natural curls in mind while styling it. Like the classic French crop fade on the sides and back area is also there. The best thing about this long, curly hair men hairstyle is that it works with short and long curls.

10. Textured French Crop Cut

Textured French crop

The textured French crop is a versatile cut, which means this will work no matter whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair! This features a layered fringe and top hair. Keep the medium-length hair for a clean and professional look, while the long length will be more appropriate for a relaxed and casual look. You can also color or add highlights to give your hair more depth and texture.

11. Mullet French Crop 

Mullet French crop

Hairstyles are all about experimenting, so don’t be afraid to combine different hairstyles to create something trendy and stylish. For example, the French crop top taper cut is mixed with the classic mullet haircut. This combination results in a cool and edgy-looking hairstyle. 

12. Blunt Cut Fringe Crop

Blunt cut fringe crop

This one differs slightly from the classic French crop as it has a blunt fringe. As usual, the sides and back parts of the head are completely shaved or faded, and the top part is kept longer. The interesting part is the fringe, as it cuts into a super straight line. This is done to frame the face and draw all the attention upward. The blunt haircut works with all hair types and can also be paired with mens hairstyles with beard.

13. Low Fade Textured French Crop

Low Fade Textured Fade

A low fade is another popular mens haircuts in 2024. This is another hairstyle you can combine with your French crop. The low taper fade features short hair (not skin fade) around the hairline. However, if you want to keep length, you can go with a textured crop. The tousled locks on the top will give it a modern look without spending much!

14. French Crop for Receding Hairline

French Crop for Receding Hairline

Men with receding hairlines are usually not comfortable with every hairstyle. If you’re also facing the same thing, try this haircut. This French crop cut features a layered fringe that blends with the top hair while covering the forehead. Try this hairstyle and be confident! 

15. Side Swept French Crop 

Side Swept French cut

How to style French crop? 

Having a French crop cut doesn’t necessarily mean you must always brush your hair forward or keep the fringes on the forehead. Look at the above picture; the model has styled his French crop in a side-swept style and it’s looking pretty cool. 

16. French Crop Burst Fade

French crop burst fade

If you want a hairstyle that looks striking but is easy to maintain and style, the French crop burst fade cut is all you need. This is the classic French crop with a bold twist. This means it rapidly tapers instead of gradually fading down to the sides and back. That’s why it is known as the burst fade. Take a look at the above image for reference.

17. French Crop Cut with Spiky Highlights

French crop Spiky highlights

Make the French crop cut cool and stylish with highlights, and later style them in spikes. Even if you have short hair on top, you can try this hairstyle while adding some texture to make it even more stylish. 

18. French Crop with Comb Over

French crop comb over

A French crop cut with a comb-over style is another variation you should try this year! To achieve this look, start by combing your hair to one side with the help of a round brush and hair gel or wax. This style is timeless and looks good on men of all ages. 

19. Short Anuel Haircut

Short Anuel haircut

The best thing about French crop hairstyles is their versatility and evergreen look. For example, the above haircut features an overall shortcut. You can show this picture to your hairstylist or just ask them to keep the hair on top a bit longer than the rest, and that’s it. This French crop cut gives you a fresh and clean appearance.

20. Shaggy French Crop Cut

Shaggy french crop

Let’s take a look at the trendy men’s hairstyle – shaggy French crop! This cut features tousled, textured, and a bit longer hair at the top and tapered at the sides and back. This messy yet stylish hair look is appropriate for several events and occasions. 

21. French Crop with Surgical Line

French crop with surgical line

The beauty of the French crop hairstyle is that you can mix and combine different cuts. This variation of the French crop consists of a hard line and a mid fade haircut, which adds a cool and edgy touch to the haircut. This time, instead of your regular cut, go with this type of French crop cut for a neat and well-groomed appearance.

22. French Crop Top with Design

French crop with design

The last French crop haircut on the list is this unique one that features intricate designs. Along with the French crop, personalized patterns and simple designs can be shaved into the hair. This will create an edgy and eye-catching hairstyle, making it perfect for people who want to express their personal style with hair artistry.


What face shapes does the French Crop suit? 

French Crop looks most flattering on round, oval, and square faces.

How to ask for a French crop? 

You can show pictures and discuss the desired length and fade type with your barber. 

How short should the top be for a French Crop?

The top part of a French crop cut is usually cut short to a length of about half an inch to two inches.

Is the French Crop suitable for all hair types?

Yes, it works well for various hair types and textures, from straight to wavy or curly.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the best French crop haircuts for men. You can get haircuts French crop variations that suit your face shape and texture. You can style your French crop in so many ways, from adding highlights to textures. Don’t be afraid to try French crop haircuts with different hair lengths and styles to find what works best for you!

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