25+ Best Blowout Haircut for Men to Try in 2024

Are you looking for trendy hairstyles for men? Are you seeking a haircut that captures attention? – If yes, then this blog is for you. 

We are already, and the world of men’s hairstyles is evolving, with new trends and innovative styles. 

Hence, to keep you trending with the latest trends we have prepared a list of 25+ blowout haircuts that showcase a diverse range of stylish options to try. 

The list, accompanied by images for inspiration, offers a comprehensive guide to the latest and most stylish trends, from classic looks to modern trends.

So, are you ready to look more confident and trendy? Let’s dive in

What is a Blowout Haircut? 

The term “Blowout” refers to the styling technique used to achieve a voluminous hair look. The blowout haircut employs blow dryers to lift the hair at the roots, which is then styled upwards and away from the face. 

Such an upward lift to the hair adds volume and creates a dynamic, tousled appearance to your identity. 

Versatile blowout haircuts can adapt to various lengths and hair types. They are known for providing a polished yet effortlessly stylish appearance.

The most common types of Blowout haircuts are classic, tapered, messy, curly, and high-top blowouts. 

25+ Blowout Haircut for Men

Here is the list of perfect blowout haircut for men that help you look confident and polished: 

1. Classic Blowout With Taper Fade

Classic Blowout With Taper Fade

If you are seeking a sharp, clean, and contemporary look for your personality, then this classic blowout with taper fade is the perfect choice. This stylish haircut is a combination of traditional and modern touches that provides you with a sophisticated look to your personality. 

In this hairstyle, leave the top of the hair longer to achieve volume and a full-bodied appearance. The sides and back feature a taper fade, where the hair gradually transitions from longer to shorter. 

2. Textured Messy Blowout 

Textured Messy Blowout

Are you looking for a trendy and funky hairstyle? Try out textured messy blowout, a modern hairstyle with medium to long textured layers on the top. This hairstyle naturally combines a contemporary feel with a touch of casual chic, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a stylish appearance.

3. High-Top Blowout with Skin Fade

High Top Blowout with Skin Fade

If you are a college student or athlete looking to leave a lasting impression with your style, consider a high-top blowout fade haircut. This haircut combines the height and volume of a high-top with the sleekness of a skin fade. Further, this hairstyle brings a clean and sharp contrast to your overall look, which is a commanding presence to your personality.

4. Slicked-Back Blowout

Slicked Back Blowout hair

This fashionable yet relaxed-looking hairstyle makes your appearance look polished and sophisticated. To achieve this hairstyle, you can use a blow dryer and mousse to provide some hold on the top. This hold on the crown adds volume to the top, which creates a clean and refined appearance.

5. Curly Blowout with Undercut

Curly Blowout with Undercut

Curly hairs? Are you facing difficulty in managing and styling? Worry not – your curly hair can make you look stylish with a curly blowout. This hairstyle combines the natural texture of curls with the edgy appeal of an undercut. To enhance the volume and texture on the top, trim the sides closely, resulting in a trendy and eye-catching style.

6. Pompadour Blowout

Pompadour Blowout hair

This famous men’s hairstyle is a combination of classic and redefined hairstyles that keep your hair upward and back and create a “pomp” on the front of the forehead. This classic hairstyle dates back to the 1700s-1800s, favored by male royalty who adorned different pompadours. The fundamental idea behind this hairstyle is to maintain a prominent front volume, achieving a sophisticated and well-groomed look.

7. Modern Quiff Blowout

Modern Quiff Blowout hair

If you are gearing up for a grand event or want an eye-catching look to your personality, then wear the modern quiff blowout. This hairstyle is longer at the forehead with shorter hairs on the sides and back. This modern look gives you a sharp and dynamic appearance that will undoubtedly turn heads at any party or gathering.

8. Faux Hawk Blowout

Faux Hawk Blowout hair

If you are fond of bold and edgy hairstyles, then faux hawk is the go-to choice. This hairstyle combines the rebellious spirit of a faux hawk with the volume and lift of a blowout. This hairstyle aims to resemble a mohawk but with less vibe, creating a textured and attractive appearance for individuals. The faux hawk blowout is a stylish choice for the individual seeking a daring and contemporary look.

9. Side-Parted Blowout

Side Parted Blowout hair

Were you looking for a fashionable yet corporate look? Try out a Side-Parted Blowout haircut. This style easily combines the distinguished side part with the volume and flair of a blowout, offering a polished and sophisticated appearance that perfectly balances style and professionalism.

10. Long and Wavy Blowout

Long and Wavy Blowout hair

The “Long and Wavy Blowout” is a relaxed and effortlessly chic hairstyle that combines the free-flowing beauty of long, wavy hair with the volume and texture of a blowout. This style features longer hair, allowing natural waves to cascade for a laid-back and breezy appearance. The blowout technique adds volume and movement to the waves, creating a look that is both stylish and carefree.

11. Disconnected Undercut Blowout

Disconnected Undercut Blowout hair

The disconnected undercut blowout is a modern hairstyle that combines three trendy elements into one striking look. This hairstyle refers to contrasting lengths on the sides and top of the head. Keep the sides and back short and faded, often transitioning seamlessly into the skin. However, the top section remains significantly longer, creating a dramatic disconnect between the two lengths. 

12. Low Blowout Haircut

Low Blowout Haircut

Blowout haircuts can also look modest, formal, and straightforward. Thanks to such a short blowout haircut, it does not look so pushy and old-fashioned. To get this Hollywood-inspired haircut, you need to trim the side closely and apply some volume mouse or paste, and then blow dry the hair back away from the face and use a flat brush to get a finishing touch and polished look. 

13. Low Skin Fade Blowout

Low Skin Fade Blowout

Low skin fade blowout is a all-round fade option for all face shapes and preferences. This fade starts low near the crown and seamlessly blends the hair on the sides and back into the skin, creating a clean and sharp contrast. Whether you need a confident look for professional settings or a stylish choice for casual occasions, the low skin fade blowout suits all occasions.

14. Afro Blowout

Afro Blowout hair

The afro blowout hairstyle rose to prominence in the 1960s and 70s as part of the Black Power movement, symbolizing pride and embracing natural texture among black men. This hairstyle embodies confidence, texture, and a deep connection to black hair culture. The afro blowout is a bold and voluminous hairstyle that combines the natural texture of an African person with the volume and lift of a blowout.

15. Messy Top Knot Blowout

Messy Top Knot Blowout hair

The “Messy Top Knot Blowout” is a contemporary and laid-back hairstyle that combines the charm of a messy top with the volume and texture of a blowout. In this hairstyle, the hair on the top is kept loose and textured, which creates a relaxed and effortless look. The Messy Top Knot Blowout is a stylish choice for those seeking a carefree yet trendy look.

16. Mohawk Blowout

Mohawk Blowout hair

The Manhawk blowout is a modern hairstyle that merges the distinctive Mohawk with the volume and lift of a blowout. In this style, the hair on top is styled upward and often with added volume, creating a dynamic and eye-catching appearance. The sides are typically shaved or closely trimmed, emphasizing the height and contrast. 

17. Mid Fade Blowout

Mid Fade Blowout haircut

The mid-fade blowout is a perfect blend of sophistication and an edgy look. This fade sits right around the middle of the head, transitioning seamlessly into the skin or a concise buzz cut. In this haircut, the top is styled with the blowout technique, adding volume and lift for a polished yet modern appearance.

18. Layered Blowout

Layered Blowout haircut

This hairstyle features various lengths of hair, which makes it dynamic and fit for all occasions. To add natural texture and volume to this haircut, the blowout technique is used, which results in a contemporary and stylish look. The layered blowout is a versatile choice suitable for those who desire an effortless chic hairstyle. 

19. Sleek and Straight Blowout

Sleek and Straight Blowout haircut

If you are in search of a clean and sophisticated look, then give a try to a sleek and straight blowout. This haircut provides a glossy finish to your personality that makes you feel confident and fluently refined. This look is achieved by styling the hair straight upwards and through the blowout technique applied in the roots to add volume to the top and maintain a well-groomed appearance. 

20. Surfer-Inspired Blowout

Surfer Inspired Blowout haircut

If you aim for a trendy and relaxed vibe during your vacation, this “Surfer-inspired blowout” is the ideal hairstyle for you. Particularly fitting for seaside relaxation, this hairstyle casually captures a stylish beach vibe. This style features longer, textured hair on top, creating a tousled and windswept appearance reminiscent of beach waves. The blowout technique enhances the natural texture and adds volume, resulting in a laid-back and cool look.

21. Tapered Sides Blowout

Tapered Sides Blowout haircut

The “Tapered sides blowout” is a modern hairstyle that combines the sharpness of a fade with the volume and texture of a blowout. To achieve this haircut, keep the sides and back shorter while maintaining voluminous and lifted top hair. This creates a neat and stylish look with smooth transitions between different lengths. It is a multifaceted and fashionable hairstyle that suits different situations and personalities.

22. Subtle Pompadour Blowout

Subtle Pompadour Blowout

Wear the classic yet modern look hairstyle that combines the typical charm of pompadour with the current volume and texture of a blowout. This hairstyle creates a revolutionary personality to the yesteryear towering pompadours. To achieve this look, the top is slightly elevated with a gentle sweep back, creating a subtle and polished pompadour effect. The length of the top section determines the volume you can achieve.

23. Angular Fringe Blowout

Angular Fringe Blowout haircut

If you are fond of fashion-forward and unique hairstyles, then wear the Angular Fridge Blowout. It’s a unique look that screams confidence and versatility. In this style, the hair on top is cut in a sharp, angular manner, creating a distinctive fringe that adds a bold element to the look. Apply the blowout technique to increase the volume and texture on the top, resulting in a potent and contemporary appearance.

24. Guido Blowout

Guido Blowout haircut

This particular blowout hairstyle often refers to a specific type of 90s blowout haircut popularized in the reality TV show “Jersey Show.” The Guido blowout contains big, bouncy hair with a lot of lift and body that is often achieved with blow-drying techniques. The hairstyle is frequently paired with a side part, which adds a classic and polished vibe. Meanwhile, the top has a large volume of hair with minimal fizz, sometimes styled with flat irons or strengthening brushes.

25. Blonde Highlights Blowout

Blonde Highlights Blowout haircut

The Blonde Highlights blowout is a combination of classic and ever-trendy looks. This blowout hairstyle adds dimension, brightness, and volume to your hair, creating a stunning look to your identity. The highlights come in various shades, from sun-kissed honey blonde to cool platinum, depending on your desired level of contrast and skin tone. This style seamlessly transitions from casual everyday wear to dressier occasions with a slight change in styling. 

26. Wavy Crop Blowout

Wavy Crop Blowout haircut

The wavy crop blowout is a stylish blend of modern, edgy, and retro vibes. This hairstyle combines the natural waves of a crop cut with the volume and lift of a blowout. This style features shorter hair on top, allowing wild waves to create a relaxed and effortless appearance. If you are someone who wants to maintain a dynamic and well-groomed look along with a touch of brightness and modernity, then this is the perfect hairstyle for you.

27. Faded Beard Blowout

Faded Beard Blowout haircut

This dynamic combo marries the sharp lines of beard fade with the textured volume of a blowout, which creates an undeniably attractive look. This hairstyle is strong and well-groomed and seamlessly blends a blowout haircut with a faded beard. The style features a clean and tapered haircut on top with a blowout for volume, while the beard is expertly faded for a gradual transition. Such features result in a modern and sharp look that combines a well-styled haircut with a precisely faded beard.

28. Top Knot Blowout

Top Knot Blowout haircut

If you are seeking something that makes your personality look eye-catching and modern, then you should give a try to a top-knot blowout hairstyle. In this style, hairs are kept long and gathered into the knot at the crown. The knots are tied in a bun-like shape, which creates a distinctive and attractive look. Use the blowout technique to add volume and a smooth touch to the rest of your hair in your hairstyle.

29. Undercut with Spiky Blowout

Undercut with Spiky Blowout haircut

The undercut with a spiky blowout is a combination of edgy and bold hairstyle that provides a clean-cut appearance with the volume and texture of a spiky blowout. Shave or closely trim the sides and back, creating a contrasting look to the long hair on top. Then, use the blowout technique to lift the hair and add volume, providing a contemporary and attention-grabbing hairstyle.

30. Short Blowout Haircut men

Short Blowout Haircut men haircut

For gentlemen who like to look simple yet bold, we have this short blowout haircut. These haircuts typically involve keeping the sides and back shorter while leaving enough length on top to create volume and lift using the blowout technique. However, to make the most out of this look, it is essential to keep the face proportions and bread lines balanced and sharp.

31. Long Blowout Haircut

Long Blowout Haircut

If you believe that having long hair means you can’t rock a blowout haircut, you’re mistaken. Try out this long-haired blowout hairstyle for a trendy and voluminous look that defies expectations. In this style, style the longer hair on top to create a voluminous and textured appearance. The blowout technique enhances the overall fullness and movement of the hair. This hairstyle is ideal for those who want the benefits of a blowout while maintaining longer locks for a trendy and dynamic aesthetic.

Final Words

So, here we conclude the list of our blowout haircuts for men, leaving you inspired to embrace the versatility and style of a blowout. So, get out there and rock your perfect blowout, confidently showcasing a trendy and well-groomed look that suits your individuality.

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