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Korean culture, including food, fashion, skincare, and hairstyles, has become increasingly popular across the world, thanks to the widespread love for Korean dramas. Korean hairstyles offer a cool, fun, and fashionable appearance with a laid-back design suitable for both casual and professional settings. Check out these attractive and popular Korean hairstyles for men and women. Chances are, someone around you has been crushing on them for a while. Go ahead, give it a try!

Korean Hairstyles for Men

When it comes to setting fashion trends and popular hairstyles, Korea isn’t just following the pack – they’re leading it. Especially in South Korea, they’re setting the bar for beauty standards worldwide. Many of the hairstyles you see on your favorite Korean pop stars are setting the trend for everyone else.

But Korean hairstyles aren’t just popular because K-pop stars wear them. Asian men and women often have thick, straight hair, making them versatile in choosing hairstyles. Korean hairstyles make the most of this natural texture, whether it’s with a classic bowl cut for a youthful look, layered hair, or a trendy K-pop undercut. It’s the best korean hair fashion.

Surprisingly, many global hairstyles have Korean origins. For instance, the topknot, which remains popular worldwide, originated in Korea during the 1300s. Back then, married Korean men tied their hair in a knot on top of their heads using pins and headbands.

Some styles, like the timeless bowl cut, remain popular among Korean men worldwide. This might be because it’s an easy way to manage the thick, straight hair common among Asian men. Many K-pop stars, especially younger ones, have sported a bowl cut at some point, inspiring men across the globe to try similar Korean haircut guys.

Other styles, like the undercut, have gained popularity in recent years and show no signs of fading away. Classic Korean hairstyles, such as the topknot or two-block haircut, are also favorites among men.

The best Korean haircuts are easy to style and manage, especially for thick Asian hair. Strong hair products like wax, pomade, or gel are often used, especially for Korean layered haircuts, like the long-layered pushback, which gives a longer appearance on the sides.

Now that we’ve explored the history of some timeless Korean haircut men and why cities like Seoul continue to shape beauty standards for men, let’s take a look at some trending guy Korean hairstyles. Whether you have long, short, or medium hair, we’ve compiled a list of the best Korean hairstyles for men to show your hairstylist or barber next time you want a fresh look.

Permed French Crop

Permed French Crop hair

French Crops have long been popular in Korea. A perm, however, would be a great way to update it! Perming the short sides and back creates a stylish contrast, whether you want loose waves or tight curls. For a trendy look, it’s an excellent pick. Also, apply a strong-hold, matte-finish hair wax to keep the volume and structure of your perm looking great.

Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut hair

Korean trendsetters are going gaga over the Buzz Cut. You can do it if recently recruited K-pop stars like Jin of BTS and Minhyuk of MONSTA X can! Getting your hands on a pair of clippers is all it takes to get that carefree, low-key look. These days, everyone wants their hair buzz cut short and smooth.

The Jackson Wang

The Jackson Wang hair

You need to go no further than Jackson Wang for a hairdo that screams A-list celebrity. This gifted GOT7 member’s enviable hair has been causing quite a stir on TikTok. Get out your trusty hair tools and some top-notch hair products if you want to pull off his striking style.

Begin by cutting your hair into two blocks. Next, make a side part using a comb. To style your hair sideways, use a round brush and your hairdryer. A hair iron will do the trick for that distinctive flick-out motion. By enhancing your hair with volume, structure, and lift, this style secret will keep your hairdo looking great all day long.

The 60-40 Quiff

The 60 40 Quiff hair

The 60-40 Quiff is a beautiful and elegant hairdo that you should attempt. This hairdo has a side sweep of 60% of the hair and an opposite side sweep of 40%. The quiff’s allure stems from its full, swept-up look. Our advice for becoming an expert is: To get that additional height, pull your hair from the roots and apply a firm wax using your fingers.

Center Parting Bowl Cut

Center Parting Bowl Cut hair

As a style that evokes a sense of youth, the bowl cut remains popular in K-stans. One modern take on this style is to wear it with the part in the middle. Just have your barber cut your hair so it forms a bowl shape around your head. Next, separate the front hair in half lengthwise. Get the hair style Korea man tools you need to keep your center part clean.

Textured Undercut

Textured Undercut hair

The Textured Undercut is the epitome of casual cool: unkempt, fashionable, and perfect for any occasion. This hairdo is perfect for those times when you want to seem cooler. A head-turner with shorter sides and a longer top. Tip: Request a lot of texturing on top when you visit the salon.

Slick Back

Slick Back hair

Slick Back is a killer hairstyle for medium-length hair. An air of grandeur will wash over you thanks to the perfectly combed-back appearance. If you want your hair to stay put and look glossy and smooth, make sure you style it accordingly. You will exude confidence and look stunning all day long with this!

Wolf Cut

Wolf Cut hair

The Wolf Cut is our favorite new hairstyle on BTS’s golden maknae Jungkook!

Korean hairstyles for 2024 are all about the Wolf Cut. Although it closely resembles a mullet, this cut is really rather unique. This shaggy-mullet hybrid is ideal for anyone seeking a daring and badass style, thanks to its chaotic and edgy atmosphere. Have your barber cut your hair into several jagged layers once it has grown out. The option to wear it sleek and silky or with a disheveled look is entirely up to you!

Curtain Hair

Curtain Hair

The Curtain Hairstyle, popularized by K-pop stars, is making a comeback. Long, somewhat wavy hair is a great match for this fashionable style. For a natural look and a mild grip, consider a gel-wax combination product for a sleek but delicate center part.

Wavy Perm

Wavy Perm hair

When it comes to easygoing oppa hairstyles, nothing beats a long wavy perm. Where is the key? Waves that seem natural and carefree. If you want to pull this look off, layer your hair heavily before having a perm. If you want your waves to keep their texture, apply a matte hairstyling wax.

Korean Hairstyles Women

Chances are, you spent a lot of time binge-watching shows during lockdown. Among the gems you discovered were Korean dramas, also known as K-dramas, which quickly became a favorite. With the massive success of boy band BTS, K-pop fever hit its peak. And, of course, along with the music, Korean fashion became a big fascination, especially those hairstyles that caught your eye.

It’s no secret that Asian hairstyles women are trendsetters. They lead the charge in global trends, from K-beauty to K-pop. And when it comes to hair, Korean styles are no exception! These hairstyles are sleek and modern and look great on many different face shapes.

Korean hairstyles for women are just as fabulous as the Korean beauty industry itself. They’re creative and versatile, able to give you a soft, tender look or an edgy vibe – you never know what you might end up loving! But don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ll explore some of the best hair cut style Korean for girls that can totally transform your look.

Long layered Cut

Long layered cut hair

Long, layered cuts are popular among Korean actresses, as any lover of Korean dramas will attest. This low-maintenance Korean style haircut will keep their hair looking fresh even when they’re jam-packed. Hollywood A-listers get their picture-perfect hair by having their layers expertly clipped to frame their faces.

Layered Cut with Bangs

Layered cut with bangs hair

To give their long layered cuts more depth, actresses and K-pop celebrities often accessorize with different fringes. If you have a round face and want your waves to seem larger, try a long side bang or curtain bang. The delicate fringe that falls just below the brows is a foolproof method of drawing attention away from a large forehead or any other facial flaw.

Korean Perms

Korean Perms hair

The goal of the build perm is to achieve a full, puffy style by using C-curls that either point outward or inward.

For a more feminine look, try it with a slightly layered cut; for more volume, try it with a root perm! Hug perms are characterized by lengthy hairstyles with huge C-curls styled to ‘hug’ the face.

It’s a timeless style that never goes out of style! Layering is key when obtaining this perm so the bottom doesn’t seem too thick or heavy. Both the Elizabeth and Grace perms are well-liked in Korea for medium-length and longer hair because of the sophisticated curls they produce.

The curls are what differentiate the Elizabeth perm from the Grace perm. The former contains S-curls only, while the latter also includes C-curls. Though they exude distinct energies, both sculpt hair into a full, voluptuous form. Thick waves are the outcome of a jelly perm’s creation of tight S-curls from the roots to the ends. Likewise, a hippie perm provides even tighter curls, creating a strikingly curly look.

It’s adorable, and it gives your hair volume and structure in a big way! Getting a sleek perm is all the rage in Korea, particularly for that Y2K style. Because of how common it is among members, the “NewJeans hairstyle” is a common descriptor.

The neat and uncluttered Korean hair styles exude an air of sophistication and style. Combining this with a hair treatment produces a very smooth result, and it is most often used for long hair.

Hush Cut

Hush Cut hair

Currently, the hush cut is a huge trend in Korea! In hip neighborhoods like Gangnam, Hongdae, and Seongsu, you may see many ladies sporting this look.

It has two separate halves and is stacked. The layered top segment begins at the nape of the neck and continues downward, remaining longer and thinner than the bottom. People began referring to this cut as the Wendy Cut when it got popular due to Red Velvet’s Wendy sporting it.

Hime Cut

Hime Cut hair

One of the newest Korean haircut for women is this Japanese-style cut. The fact that Suzy looked amazing in her role as Lee Doona in the Korean drama further added to its popularity!

It’s a razor-sharp cut with horizontal, straight sections that don’t blend into one another. It exudes an air of effortless elegance!

Tassel Cut

Tassel Cut hair

Short hairstyles with straight across-cut ends are known as tassel cuts, and the term comes from the fact that they seem like tassels. Many Korean actresses and stars like this sleek style.

In the Korean drama “Business Proposal,” actress Seol In-ah became famous for her tassel cut. It became a fad because people like her style!

Layered mid-length cut

Layered mid length cut hair

When the weather becomes warmer, K-stars opt for mid-length hairstyles. It’s fantastic, particularly for thick hair, since it’s noticeably lighter than longer locks. Plus, after cutting their hair short for a job, several actresses flaunt layered chest-length styles with fringes to effortlessly transition to their long locks!

Hershey cut

Hershey cut hair

The Hershey cut is popular among K-celebrities, just as it is among Hollywood A-listers. They have many similarities, including the use of several layers to create texture. A full fringe or side bangs are common features of the Hershey. Everyone from Itaewon Class’ Lee Joo Young to Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation and Wendy of Red Velvet, as well as Korean model Sora Choi, sport this style, which is similar to a beginner-friendly mullet and wolf cut in Korea.

Birkin Bangs

Birkin Bangs hair

The Birkin bag is as traditional as it is universally flattering, and so are Birkin bangs. The French fashion star Jane Birkin popularized these somewhat feathery and disheveled bangs in the 1960s. Get them to seem purposefully untidy, almost as if they were air-dried. Use a high-quality dry shampoo to maintain your fringe looking light and airy throughout the day.

Peekaboo highlights

Peekaboo highlights hair

Highlights that peek out from beneath the hair or around the face are a great way to spice up any Korean hair woman style. Although there is no one right method to wear two-toned hair, one trick is to arrange your hair in a manner that brings out the second hue. The greatest thing is that you won’t even have to bleach the top layer if you choose a deeper color, so it’s really low maintenance.

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