Popular 1980s Men’s Hair Fashion to Try in 2024

1980s Mens Hair Fashion is trending, and how?

The TV show “Stranger Things” has made a huge impact and brought back the 80s in a big way. And with everyone feeling those retro vibes, men’s fashion and hairstyles are also going old school.

We’re seeing a comeback of the bold, daring looks that were all the rage in the 80s—think big, sharp fades, voluminous hair, and bold geometric shapes.

But why the sudden interest in 80s hairstyles? Well, part of it might be nostalgia. For many people, the 80s were a time of long hair, funky fashion, and unforgettable music. From Michael Jackson to John Travolta, Prince to Tom Cruise, the 80s were filled with iconic figures and their stylish hairdos.

The 80s were a legendary era for men’s fashion, style, and hair. It’s no surprise that many of the hairstyles from that time have endured beyond the decade, making comebacks in the 90s and even today, though with some modern twists. From the high-top fade to the perm to slicked back hair, 1980s hairstyles were all about large styles and bold cuts. Whether you’re aiming for a retro vibe or just curious about past trends, here are some of the coolest 80s hairstyles for men to try out! 

Men’s Hair 80s Style:-

1. The Mullet

Best Mullet Hairstyles For Men

Grow your hair out evenly if you want to have a modern mullet hair. When it reaches the desired length, have a stylist cut the sides and front shorter while leaving the back longer. Curls or waves in the back, a la Road House star Patrick Swayze’s classic look, for added flair. This hairdo, from the late 1980s, perfectly captures the bold attitude of the time.

Billy Ray Cyrus is another well-known mullet, having gained popularity in the early 1990s. These looks demonstrate how experimenting with your hair may tell a lot about your own style.

2. Punk Look

Punk Look hairstyle for men

A haircut that blends a longer top with short sides is a great way to embody the rebellious punk style of the 1980s. If you want to produce elaborate mohawk or dramatic spikes, use a lot of strong-hold gel or wax.

Consider the razor-sharp mohawks of bands like GBH or 80s superstars like Billy Idol, who is well-known for his sunny spikes.

3. Feathered Hair

Feathered Hair men

Regular layers and trims are necessary to maintain volume and delicate, flowing layers in feathered hair. When blow-drying, shape the feathery edges using a round brush. In Full House, John Stamos demonstrated the adaptability of the feathery hairstyle with a mullet-tinged variant.

4. The Quiff

The Quiff hair

Apply a volumizing product to wet hair, then use a brush to lift the roots and blow-dry to obtain a quiff appearance. After that, brush your hair back and forth with a different brush. Finally, apply a finishing spray to hold the look in place. For the ideal quiff, take cues from legends like Huey Lewis and George Michael.

5. Pompadour

Pompadour hair men

Let the top hair grow out while keeping the sides short to get the 80s pompadour look. To get that timeless lift, comb through your hair after applying a high-hold style product and elevating the front. Take a cue from Antonio Banderas to get the ideal pompadour style from the 1980s.

6. Slicked-Back Style

Slicked Back Style hair men

Start with wet hair and use a lot of pomade or gel to get the 80s slicked back hair look. Slick back your hair using a fine-toothed comb, trying to achieve a smooth finish free of stray strands. For that timeless, sexy appearance of the 1980s mens hair fashion, take inspiration from movie characters like Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko or American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman.

7. The Jheri Curl

The Jheri Curl hair for men

Tight, glossy curls give your hair volume and shine, making this ’80s classic a timeless favorite. To keep your curls looking fresh and bouncy, use a lot of curl activators and hair gel to get this effect.

8. The Perm

Perm hair for men

Getting a perm is a terrific alternative if you want to give your hair a considerable increase in body and texture. This iconic ’80s look permanently alters the structure of your hair using chemicals, giving you months of vibrant, tight curls.

9. The Flat Top

Flat Top hair for men

To pull off this eye-catching, geometric hairdo, emphasize symmetry and accuracy. To begin, get your hair cut into a square that is straight across the top of your head and is crisp.

10. The High and tight

high tight hair for men

This classic military-inspired hairstyle has a longer, tapered fade hair and short, neatly trimmed sides. Guys seeking a low-maintenance, sleek, and tidy appearance will love it.

11. The Spikey hair

Spikey hair men

Use a lot of hair gel and a fine-toothed comb to create sharp, pointy spikes that stand tall to get this daring and edgy appearance.

12. The Mohawk

Mohawk hair men

This hairdo is very ’80s! It has a striking hairline that runs down the middle of the head, with short, closely cut sides. For men who want their hair to stand out and create a statement, it’s ideal.

13. The Rat tail

Rat tail hair for men

A thin, long strip of hair left at the back of the head—often referred to as a “rat’s tail”—became fashionable in the 1980s. Rock stars and rebels slayed this look, giving their ensemble an edgier feel. This is a possible haircut for you if you’re going for a little rebellious look.

14. The Shag

shaggy haircut for men

The shag, a carefree hairstyle with layered, disheveled locks, first appeared in the 1970s and persisted far into the 1980s. Anyone wishing to embrace their inner rock star will love its laid-back feel and choppy layers.

15. The Long and curly hair

Long and curly hair for men

The 1980s saw a widespread trend for big, curly hair, notably in celebrities like Prince and Bon Jovi, who were known for sporting their unruly manes. If you want to style your hair to obtain those wild waves or if you have natural curls, this is a terrific look for you.

16. The Afro

Afro hair for men

The afro has been a classic look because of the many notable figures who have sported it throughout history. It’s still a daring option for anybody looking to make a statement with their hairdo; protestors and rock celebrities alike wore it in the 1980s.

17. The Cornrows

Cornrows hair for men

Hip-hop culture contributed to the rise in popularity of cornrows, a traditional African hairdo, in the 1980s. They remain a fashionable option for anybody looking for a modern but edgy appearance.

18. The Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks hair for men

Dreadlocks are a kind of hairstyle in which hair tangles and knots organically over time. They had a tight relationship with Rastafarian and reggae culture in the 1980s. They are still a popular choice for anybody looking for a boho look nowadays.

19. The Undercut

Undercut hair for men

A person with an undercut has longer hair on top of their head and shaved back and sides of their head. For a rebellious and edgy look in the 1980s mens hair fashion, individuals often paired it with a rat tail or a mohawk.

20. The Sideburns

Sideburns hair for men

Facial hair on the sides of the face, extending from the hairline, is called a sideburn. People wore them thick and long to give their looks a gritty edge in the 1980s.

Pop Culture Icons & Their Hairstyles

Pop Culture Icons & Their Hairstyles

David Bowie’s Pompadour Mullet

David Bowie’s Pompadour Mullet

The iconic pompadour mullet of David Bowie combines the styles of the 1970s and 1980s. Here’s how to look amazing in this style:

Get the Perfect Cut: Request that your barber cut the back and sides shorter and leave the top of your hair longer.

Get Your Hair Ready: Wash and towel dry your hair first.

Apply Styling Product: Warm up a little bit of strong-hold pomade or gel between your fingers and work it into your hair, paying special attention to the top and crown.

Style Your Hair: To create volume and the pompadour form, lift and shape the hair on the crown with your fingers or a comb, pushing it upward.

Lock in the Look: To ensure that your look lasts the whole day, finish with a quick mist of hairspray.

Fashion Tip: Try adding a strong stripe of color to your pompadour mullet to make it seem more like David Bowie! Imagine a bright crimson or an electric blue. It’s an enjoyable method to make your haircut really eye-catching.

Michael Jackson’s Jheri Curl

Michael Jackson’s Jheri Curl

This is how you pull off the classic Jheri curl, exactly like Michael Jackson used to. Start with your hair a little moist. Next, give your hair a thorough coat of curl-defining lotion or curl activator. Be careful to evenly comb it through.

You can either let your hair air dry or use a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment to intensify the curls. For inspiration, consider Michael Jackson’s sleek curls in the “Thriller” music video or Lionel Richie’s sexy appearance on his record covers!

Billy Idol’s Punk Spikes

Billy Idol’s Punk Spikes

Here’s how you flaunt the legendary punk spikes from Billy Idol’s 1980s wardrobe! With short, textured hair, start. After that, apply some mousse or style gel throughout your hair, being very careful in the front and top areas.

It’s time to amp things up now! To create those daring spikes, simply lift your hair forward with your fingers or a comb. Get that rebellious punk rock attitude by adding some strong streaks of temporary hair color spray to your spikes if you want to go full Billy Idol.

Influence of Fashion Trends on Hair

The 1980s saw a lot of color in both fashion and men’s haircuts. Bold hairstyles evolved along with clothing overflowing with band logos, leather, and bright colors. Hairstyles reached new heights during this excess-filled age, embodying the idea of “go big or go home.”

Men welcomed long, rebellious locks fed by acid-washed denim and rock culture. Against the polished leather background, leather jackets created a subtle rebellious vibe with their edgier appearances, such as spiky tops combined with shaved sides.

Men played with kaleidoscope hair streaks to match their bright neon clothes. Their bright costumes gained a striking touch as their heads transformed into vivid paintings.

Hair Culture

Hair Culture

Hairstyles served as a medium for music genres to connect, creating a complex mosaic of cultural expression. During the colorful 1980s mens hair fashion, hair evolved from the wild locks of heavy metal enthusiasts to the polished appearances of new-wave aficionados, becoming a quiet mark of musical devotion.

Hairstyles throughout this time period reflected larger societal shifts. The emergence of MTV changed our perceptions of fashion and music, elevating performers to the status of both visual and audial idols.

The suburban scene gave rise to the skateboarding culture, which welcomed longer, disheveled hair as a representation of urban liberation. With the rise in popularity of grunge music, haircuts became more relaxed and unpolished.

Furthermore, Japanese pop culture and anime gradually influenced Western fashion, influencing hairdo choices with their vibrant colors and exaggerated shapes.

Hair in the Workplace

Hair in the Workplace

A move away from standard workplace haircuts occurred in the 1980s. As an alternative to the traditional short-back-and-sides, people began adopting more daring styles, including textured looks and business mullets. This modification was a reflection of a change in the ethos of the company, where productivity was no longer as vital as being distinctive.

The Rise of Hip-Hop

The Rise of Hip Hop

Men’s hair saw a turning point in the 1980s, mostly due to the rise of hip-hop culture. Hip-hop, which originated in the streets of New York City, changed the face of fashion and personal style in addition to music.

The bold haircuts that embodied this urban fashion were particularly striking, with the high-top fade taking center stage. Short sides and a tall crown define this haircut, which became a mark of individuality that both celebrities and common people embraced.

The time encouraged men to approach their hair like a blank canvas, going beyond the high-top fade. Many started adding elaborate carvings to their hairstyles, transforming everyday looks into works of art. These designs, whether simple or complex, captured the spirit of the time’s celebration of uniqueness and self-expression.

Fashion Magazines, TV Shows & Movies

Fashion Magazines TV Shows & Movies

Fashion publications of the 1980s, such as GQ and Esquire, served as style guides in addition to being picture-filled pages. Their articles provided specific instructions on how to take men’s hair from ordinary to legendary, in addition to serving as inspiration.

However, the impact extended beyond periodicals. The A-Team and Miami Vice, among other TV series, introduced the topic of style into American households. The flawlessly coiffed hair of the characters in these shows rose to prominence as symbols of sophistication and self-assurance, influencing fashion well beyond television. Films also had an impact. Movie characters like Back to the Future and Top Gun had haircuts that were just as iconic as their catchphrases. These screen icons became the pinnacle of style and coolness, and many men tried to follow their example.

Men, therefore, found themselves equipped with magazine clippings in the barber’s chair. Using their hair as a bold canvas, they all aimed to transform pop culture into their own unique styles, regardless of what they saw on TV or in print.

Nostalgia & Retro Trends

The colorful atmosphere of the 1980s is returning today, drawing interest from both the younger generation and those looking for a hint of nostalgia. 80s hair styles men stand out the most among the striking designs and vibrant hues of the past.

The resurgence of permed hair, pompadours, and mullets is a modern spin on those classic styles rather than just a throwback. Retro looks like perms have returned to popularity thanks to modern inspirations like K-pop, demonstrating the decade’s global impact.

Entertainment & Social Media

Entertainment & Social Media

TV series like Stranger Things are reviving the old atmosphere, which is adding to the enthusiasm. They are blending the lines between the past and present by displaying haircuts like the mullet to a new generation.

Bright neon hues and distinctive hairstyles—the same features that turned ’80s men’s hair into a vibrant canvas of self-expression—herald a discourse across eras. The comeback of ’80s men’s haircuts in this cycle of fashion trends is a reflection of the decade’s focus on individuality and creativity.

80s Hair Revival

80s Hair Revival

Modern culture and social media have brought back the essence of ’80s haircuts. However, it’s important to reimagine the past rather than just replicating it.

In this period of unlimited invention, we are combining the audacity of the ’80s with today’s mix-and-match aesthetic. Styles from the 1980s are returning despite the 1990s trend toward grunge and minimalism. But this time, they’re ironic, gentler, and more playful, expressing the love of retro vibes held by a new generation.

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