21+ Stylish Slick Back Haircut Ideas in 2024

Discover the best Slick back haircuts and learn valuable tips on styling.

Is your hairstyle feeling a bit boring? Are you tired of only receiving compliments from your grandma? It might be time to spice things up and ask your barber to upgrade your choirboy haircut. Wondering how to do it? Two words: Slick back.

The slick back is the go-to haircut for bad boys, Hollywood villains with a low-key cool vibe, and rebels without a cause. It’s a guaranteed way to transform your look from a religious devotee to The Godfather and fashionably unleash your inner rebel.

But before you grab that comb and hair gel, there are a few things to keep in mind. Not everyone can pull off this particular hairstyle; even if you can, there are several variations to consider.

To help you out, we’ve gathered essential information about slick back haircuts and highlighted some of the best styles. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is A Slick Back Haircut?

A slick-back haircut is pretty simple—it’s a style where your hair is brushed or combed away from your face and towards the back of your neck. While there are various subtle variations, they all share this main characteristic.

When we talk about the “haircut slick back,” we mainly refer to the hair on the top of your head. This upper hair is kept longer than the sides and back in many slick-back styles. This means you’ll need a decent amount of length initially because the hair won’t lay down properly without it.

As for the sides and back, they are usually kept shorter, sometimes with a fade, taper, or a mix of both.

Is A Slick Back Haircut For Me?

Before you head to the barber shop with a picture of Brad Pitt or Leonardo Di Caprio in hand, you need to figure out if a slick back is the right choice for you.

The good news is, in general, this style is pretty easy to maintain. All you need is a comb and your favorite styling product, and you’re good to go. However, if you decide on a version that includes an undercut or fade, remember that regular touch-ups will be necessary to keep it looking sharp.

Apart from maintenance, consider your face shape. Fortunately, the slick back is quite versatile, so if you’re really into it, you can likely find a style that suits you. The crucial thing to keep in mind is height. Since this style is low-volume on the sides, you’ll want to keep it close to the scalp on top if you have a long face. For those with round, heart-shaped, or square faces, think about going for a slick back variation that adds a bit of height on top. It’s all about finding the right balance for your proportions.

Slick Back Haircuts For Men

Choose the slick back hairstyle if you want your hair to look fancy. It’s not just for red carpet events anymore; you can wear it in your everyday life, too. Discover how to achieve these easy-looking men’s hairstyles in a few simple steps. Feel free to select some dapper, slick-back looks. So, buckle up, and let’s get started!

1. Traditional Slick Back

Slick Back Taper haircut

The slick back is one of the most evergreen hairstyles of all time. It gives you an easily put-together business-ready look because of its sophistication.

2. Medium Slicked Back Cut

Medium Slicked Back haircut

Surprisingly, it’s not hard to strike the proper balance between really short haircuts and lengthier hairstyles. You can also improve your overall bold and fashionable appeal by choosing a well-groomed slicked back hairstyle. Remember that, on bright, warm days, you can alternatively opt for a taper slick back.

3. Undercut Slick Back 

Undercut Slick Back haircut

The slick back undercut has gained enormous popularity as a hairstyle in the last few years. The stark distinction between the top and sides is what makes it appealing. Grow out the top hair to a respectable length so you can brush it backward for a smooth back undercut. Then, just request your hairdresser to buzz the flanks short and prune the crown a little.

4. Fade Slick Back

Fade Slick Back haircut

The brushed-back hair on top of the slick back fade haircut blends in perfectly with the fading side hair, creating a smoother shift between the top and sides. The smooth back hair fade comes in several forms, such as high, low, mid, and bald fades.

5. Short Slick Back 

Short Slick Back haircut

Even though you have shorter hair, you can still look great in a slicked back haircut. All you need to do is take a dependable styling product that has a firm grip!

6. Long Slicked Back Hair

Long Slicked Back Haircut

In this style, the only thing you need to maintain your hair is to comb it back nicely; not every man with long hair can pull off this hairstyle. The slick back is the simplest of all the long hairstyles for men because it makes the most of your hair’s natural structure and weight.

7. Quiff Slick Back

Quiff Slick Back haircut

If your hair is kinky and you want a unique style, think about treating yourself to a curly slicked-back hairstyle. To maintain the back about one inch shorter, taper the front and use clippers with guard sizes 2 and 3 to fade the sides.

8. Pompadour Slicked Back

Pompadour Slicked Back haircut

Selecting the pompadour haircut is always successful. Keep it basic with fading sides so that the pompadour itself is the main attraction. To produce a stable and structured top, give the pompadour a tapered fade style with wax or pomade.

9. Slick Back Taper

Slick Back Taper haircut

Add a taper to the back and sides of your slick back haircut to give it a contemporary and fashionable appearance. Choose a fade slicked-back of your choosing, from a high skin fade to a low shadow fade, for an extra daring look.

10. Side Part + Slick Back

Side Part and Slick Back haircut

If you believe your hairdo is missing a definition, feel free to include a side part. Whether you want to go bold or stay true to nature is on you. You may also choose a carved line for an even more angular appearance.

11. Curly Hair Slick Back

Curly Hair Slick Back

An undercut is the best haircut for highlighting your long curly hair surface. When you shave your back and sides, your top becomes the center of attention.

12. Long Slick Back With Undercut

Long Slick Back With Undercut

Think about growing out your bob if you want to add some flair to your taper fade smooth back appearance. A sleek back fade with an undercut exudes a sensual and seductive look. It may be time to meet your hairdresser if that’s your goal!

13. Slick Back Middle Part

Slick Back Middle Part haircut

The unquestionable beauty of men’s slicked back hairstyles is their extreme versatility. To bring in the 30s feel that will definitely make others love your style, consider splitting your hair in the center rather than just putting it back.

14. Slick Back Mullet

Slick Back Mullet haircut

You’ve undoubtedly heard about the cool vibes tied to fashionable mullets. However, We advise reaching the middle ground since not everyone enjoys a traditional mullet. Choose an edgy mullet and a mid-fade smooth back for a fashionable look. Your amazing hairdo will remain in place all day with only a small amount of styling product. Simple upkeep – verified!

15. Retro Slick Back

Retro Slick Back haircut

Have you ever wondered why Elvis became so popular with ladies across the nation? We think it’s his prominent hairstyle. Consider putting a low fade slick back on your to-do list if you’re willing to attempt a comparable style. This look is very appealing, but it’s also simple to play about with and get. Try it out and make up your own mind!

16. Combed Back Hair

Combed Back Haircut

Look at this really stylish comb-over hairstyle. Simply comb through your hair with proper styling tools, such as wax, gel, or pomade, to get the desired look.

17. Volume Slick Back

Volume Slick Back haircut

If you believe men’s slicked back hair is simply flat, try this hairdo to show them how wrong you are. To give your hairdo additional volume, make a big pomp in the front.

18. Long Top Short Sides

Long Top Short Sides haircut

A nice thing about slick backs is that it looks amazing on any length of hair. You can still look amazing even if you don’t have very long hair. Short hairstyles with a sleek back appearance are professional and appropriate for both job and daily use.

19. Brushed Back Messy Slick

Brushed Back Messy Slick haircut

It’s not necessary to constantly have flawlessly coiffed hair. A sloppy slicked back undercut is the route to take if you want more carefree and relaxed hairstyles. The short, clipped sides of the haircut prevent it from seeming sloppy, but the untidy top gives it a carefree appearance.

20. Contemporary Ducktail Haircut

Contemporary Ducktail Haircut

The ducktail hairstyle is returning, but it’s more distinct and prominent now than it was in the past. It’s basically a medium-length, slicked-back haircut. Choose a short, slicked-back hair taper or a low-fade ducktail to add a modern touch.

21. Layered Slick Back

Layered Slick Back haircut

Cut the back and sides of your hair shorter, but leave the top lengthy. Then, smooth and slick back your hair for a put-together, elegant look. Think about adding extra layers to your short taper sleek back to give it a more laid-back vibe.

22. Medium Hair Like Mullet

Medium Hair Like Mullet haircut

Wear a chic hairdo that combines a contemporary twist with aspects of the traditional mullet. Keep the back hair longer and slicked back for a chic and edgy old-meets-new appearance.

How To Style A Slicked Back Haircut

You don’t need to ponder how to slick back your hair anymore—we have the solution. No matter how long your hair is, don’t hurry it since this style requires it to keep a certain appearance. Start with products that have a firmer grip and give it more combing, especially if you’re new to style. If it needs a touch-up, which is simple to do with a water-based hair product, keep a watch on it throughout the day.

The following is a basic tutorial on slicking back your hair:

  • Begin by washing your hair. Use a good shampoo like Keratase or Every Man Jack to clean it to get rid of natural oils and leftover product residue. Remove the dampness with a towel, but avoid air drying your hair completely.
  • Select the product of your choice, like Clay by Every Man Jack, and apply a little quantity to your hands.
  • Before applying the product to your hair, avoid the roots by rubbing your hands together to emulsify it. Give it time to absorb and massage it in to ensure even dispersion.
  • Slick back all of your hair with a fine-toothed comb.
  • Try out several slick back techniques now; add a naturalistic part for a definition or increase the front volume for a pompadour slicked back.
  • Use hairspray to firmly fix your look.

How to Slick Back Your Curly Hair?

A curly, slicked-back style may be ferocious, but styling kinky hair can be difficult. Here’s a quick tutorial on mastering that challenging texture:

  • After washing, use a towel to gently pat dry your hair.
  • Brush or comb back your hair.
  • Using a comb, distribute a styling product—such as wax pomade or a texturizing kit—through your hair.
  • From the forehead to the neck, blow-dry your hair and use a brush to tame any flyaways.
  • To prevent flattening the curls, brush lightly.
  • Continue blow-drying your hair until the decorative waves emerge and it is dry and remains in place.

How to Slick Back Your Long Hair?

Unlike other long haircuts for guys, the long, slicked-back hairstyle is not difficult to produce or maintain. Men with long hair often strive for volume as it accentuates the sleek look organically, thanks to the weight of the hair. Just don’t omit to use a hairdryer brush and a mild hairstyle product.

  • This is an easy tutorial for slicked-back long hairstyles:
  • To make sure your hair is hygienic and clear of buildup, take a shower.
  • Dry out any extra moisture in your hair using a towel.
  • Using your hands, distribute a moisturizing oil throughout your hair.
  • Pick up a hair dryer and a brush. Blow-dry your hair while brushing it back.
  • After the hair has fully dried, smooth any straggling hair with your hands and a hair pomade.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb to finish your hair off.
  • Apply a few hairspray spritzes to your hairdo if desired.

How to Maintain Your Hair Slick Back?

Take meticulous care of your hair during styling to ensure that your slick hair remains in place all day. To slick your hair back, use a brush and a hair dryer simultaneously. Using a good-quality product is another important step in making sure none of your hair can come loose.

Slick Back Hairstyles Tips:-
Here are some crucial hair suggestions to remember in order to maintain the sharp appearance of your slick back cut:

– Go to the barber once every 3 weeks to keep your haircut looking new and steer clear of the unsightly regrowth stage.
– In order to make your thick hair easier to handle, ask your hairdresser to thin it down a little.
– Maintain the form of your hair by giving it frequent washings and a liberal dose of pomade.

Best Slick Back Hairstyle Products

You will need a few basic hairstyling supplies and equipment to pull off the ideal slicked-back look. Here’s a checklist to make sure you have everything you need:

  • Pomade – Hair pomade is a must-have for sleek haircuts since it keeps your hair in position without adding weight. Select from formulae that are water-based or oil-based. Pomades with an oil base are ideal for dry hair, while those with a water base are better suited for oily hair.
  • Hair Wax – Applying wax is simple, giving a natural finish without a distinct sheen. It’s a terrific option for curly hair since it’s perfect for keeping your hair in place without sacrificing volume or definition.
  • Hair Clay – Clay, a relatively recent participant in the hairstyling world, is a global favorite among barbers. Clay is ideal for oily hair since it absorbs excess oil and leaves your hair looking drier with a flexible, natural finish.
  • Comb – For sleek hair, use a comb or your fingers, but the kind of comb you use is important. Use a fine-toothed comb for a neat and tidy finish. Use a wide-tooth comb for a softer touch.

Remember, slicked-back hair can have a glossy sheen or a business-like matte finish. Choose the variation that suits you best, considering factors like fade level, top hair length, and pomp design. And don’t fail to seize your most liked hair styling product to perfect the styling!


What haircut is best for slick back haircut?

Create a classy slicked-back style with short sides and a long top haircut, long top taper or fade. In every scenario, you’ll require longer hair on top and a high-quality styling product suitable for your hair type.

What is the slick back haircut called?

The ducktail, sometimes referred to as the duck’s tail, duck’s ass, or just D.A., is a 1950s men’s haircut style. The hair is pomaded (greased), combed back along the sides, then parted centrally down the back of the head in this laid-back hairstyle.

How do I ask my barber for slick back?

The sides and top lengths are essential for achieving a Slick Back look. For that particular appearance, ask for a mid-to-high skin fade that is taut on top with no overhang. With this lesson, you can easily reproduce the Slicked Back look at home!

Why wont my hair stay slicked back?

If there are leftovers from yesterday’s product or your hair is a bit greasy, it will affect the effectiveness. Greasy hair tends to flatten out, and the slick look will come undone more quickly.

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