41+ Best Fringe Haircut for Men Trending Now

If you want to change the look of your face without going for a drastic buzz cut, growing a fringe is a great option. It’s especially helpful for those with big foreheads or longer face shapes. Choosing the right fringe can transform not only your hair but also your overall appearance.

However, like any significant styling choice, getting a fringe wrong can have unfortunate results; think Pete Wentz or Javier Bardem in the movie No Country for Old Men. To avoid a fringe disaster, consider three key factors: the length (long for oval or rectangular faces, short for square or round faces), the volume (sitting close to the forehead or high and pushed out), and the shape (rounded or sharp and angular). Your hair’s density, texture, and natural fall also play a role in finding the perfect fringe style for you.

Let’s take a look at the best fringe styles below to discover the one that suits you best.

What are Fringe Haircuts?

A fringe cut is when you cut the sides short while leaving the front part of your hair long so you can have it styled to hang over your forehead.

Best Fringe Haircuts for Men:-

Naturally, we had to provide you with some fringe inspo, so we’ve put together this incredible list of the hottest haircuts, including bangs.

1. Side-Swept Fringe Bangs

Side Swept Fringe Bangs haircut

Searching for a sophisticated but laid-back haircut? For guys, a side-swept fringe haircut men provides all of that and more. It accentuates your best facial features and gives your appearance a dash of flair.

2. Flowy Bangs with Short Sides

Flowy Bangs with Short Sides haircut

A messy, flowy fringe allows men to experiment with several fashion styles. Combine the fringe with short-cut sides to make it the real draw. There are several styles available to you to select from, including a fade, undercut, taper, or any combination of these.

3. Textured Fringe Haircut

Textured Fringe Haircut

For a refined style, go for a textured fringe. If you have curls in your hair, it’s ideal for bringing out their structure. Simply use a small amount of style product to mold your hair into the desired form.

4. Long Side Fringe Haircut

Long Side Fringe Haircut

All set to give a lengthy fringe a try? You’re going to love it! No matter how you choose to wear it, it always looks chic. Just push your locks to the side or push them around your ear to avoid getting in the way. In any case, you’ll look dapper.

5. Angular Haircut with Bangs

Angular Haircut with Bangs

For a fresh variation on how you look, try an angular male haircuts fringe. Its asymmetrical texture gives it a sophisticated touch. Shorter sides and a larger front portion pushed to one side are typical features.

6. Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs haircut

There’s a solid reason why the eBoy hairstyle, often called curtain bangs, has been popular for a few years now. Almost anybody can look amazing with this popular men’s fringe haircut, which gives their appearance a clean and refined touch.

7. High Volume Fringe Haircut

High Volume Fringe Haircut

Give your bangs haircut some volume to create an illusion of height. To get this look, use dry shampoo and a texturizing product. It doesn’t have to be tidy; messy bangs may also add a lot of height to your appearance.

8. Short Fringe Bangs

Short Fringe Bangs haircut

Long hair isn’t the only need for fringe hairstyles. You can still sport man bangs if you wish to look nice. Simply let them hang a little longer than the rest of your hair and style them with a small amount of hair product.

9. Downplayed Fringe Haircut

Downplayed Fringe Haircut

This fringe haircut male gives a traditional look and a contemporary spin. It covers your forehead with hair and, for added flair, adds a little dishevelment.

10. Brushed Up & Back Fringe Bangs

Brushed Up and Back Fringe Bangs haircut

There are several benefits to giving your fringe haircut a brush-up. It first provides you with a trendy look. Secondly, it draws attention to the characteristics of your face. Thirdly, it’s quite simple to keep up.

11. Curly Fringe

Curly Fringe haircut

Try this restrained curly fringe haircut for guys if you’d rather keep everything, including your hair, under check. Applying a lot of hair gel is necessary to get this style.

12. Short Tousled Fringe

Short Tousled Fringe haircut

Use some hair mousse to tousle your fringe bangs to make them seem more put together. With only a few easy steps, you can easily change your hairdo from conventional to current.

13. Cropped Bang

Cropped Bang haircut

The French crop haircut is characterized by a short top and short sides. The fact that it looks well on all ages and hair types is its greatest benefit.

14. Long Fringe Undercut

Long Fringe Undercut hair

Like peanut butter and jelly, an undercut hair and fringe go along well. When you get your sides cropped properly, your top hair becomes the focal point of your appearance. Thus, be careful to style your fringe with precision. This will look sharp and edgy even if you choose for a basic, carefree hairdo.

15. Faux Hawk Bangs

Faux Hawk Bangs haircut

This fashionable men’s haircut is a fringe take on the fake hawk. Check it out. For the desired style, push the top portion up and forward and trim the sides somewhat shorter than the rest of your hair.

16. Slicked-Over Fringe Haircut

Slicked Over Fringe Haircut

Only a true trendsetter could pull off this style; it’s not for everyone. Use a lot of hair gel to apply the fringe all over the forehead.

17. Short Textured Fringe Haircut

Short Textured Fringe Haircut

There are no length restrictions for textured fringe bangs. You can use hair wax or gel to define the structure of your hair, even if it is short.

18. Curly Long Bangs

Curly Long Bangs haircut

This cut nicely accentuates the structure of your long curly hair. Consider growing your fringe all the way up to your ears if you are patient and have the desire to do so. The fact that this form requires little upkeep is one of its many wonderful qualities.

19. Straight Bang

Straight Bang haircut

If you decide to go with a straight fringe, make sure the remainder of your ensemble doesn’t have the same preppy vibe as your haircut. If not, you might come out as more of a geek than a stylish person.

20. All-Around Fringe Haircut

All Around Fringe Haircut

Although short edges and lengthy fronts are the traditional characteristics of bang hairstyles, several unusual designs defy this standard. Consider the all-around fringe cut, in which each side of the head has the same length of hair.

21. Side-Part Medium Hair with Fringe

Side Part Medium Hair with Fringe

There’s no denying that there are plenty of ways to style a fringe. For medium-length hair, adding side bangs is one of the most popular looks. The ideal hairstyle for medium-length hair is this one, although short hair may still look well with it if you add a strong part.

22. Quiffed Fringe Up Haircut

Quiffed Fringe Up Haircut

Guys who desire to lengthen their features or seem taller would look wonderful with this hairdo. Adding volume to your fringe by brushing it up can give you a few more inches on top. Combine this appearance with a taper or fade on the sides and rear to accentuate it.

23. Messy Fringe Haircut

Messy Fringe Haircut

You can sport a bowl cut in a number of different ways, didn’t you know? Try pushing the bangs up rather than smoothing them down. This draws attention to your powerfully masculine features and lengthens your face optically. For an even more contrasted effect, consider undercutting, tapering, or fading the sides and rear.

24. Front Fringe with Mullet

Front Fringe with Mullet haircut

This men’s mullet haircut has a cute twist: a straight, wispy fringe that updates the traditional shape. Front and back are all business, with a soft, untidy fringe to finish the look.

25. Messy Bangs for Men with Thick Hair

Messy Bangs for Men with Thick Hair

Unexpectedly, this cut sporting a messy fringe gives off a seductive, carefree air. The secret? For the ultimate dynamic combination, pair those disheveled bangs with a chic taper fade hair on the back and sides!

26. Fringe Styled with Mid Fade

Fringe Styled with Mid Fade haircut

For the ideal mix of smart and trendy, combine a handsome fringe haircut with a mid fade hair do. The fringe robs the play with its endearing appeal, while the fade adds a dash of contemporary edge.

27. Textured Fringe on a High Taper

Textured Fringe on a High Taper hair

Combining a high taper with a textured fringe will give your look a fashionable update while achieving the perfect blend of current chic. The high taper provides sleekness, and the textured fringe offers a touchable hair texture.

28. Heavy Fringe on a Soft Taper

Heavy Fringe on a Soft Taper hair

The focal point is this wavy fringe, which gives a hint of charm and natural texture. It’s difficult to miss the vivacious appearance that the delicate taper creates, perfectly balancing it!

29. Short Fringe and Shaved Lines

Short Fringe and Shaved Lines haircut

With its duplex shaved lines and short, straight bang, this fringe haircut draws attention without being too dramatic. It strikes the ideal mix between being overt and understated, ensuring that your short hair sticks out from the others with a little flair!

30. Textured Floppy Fringe

Textured Floppy Fringe haircut

Presenting the floppy fringe, a casual cut that lets your hair flow freely. Spelling cool, this look is little maintenance and effectively conveys that carefree feeling. In terms of men’s haircuts, it’s the pinnacle of laid-back, giving you a fresh appearance!

31. Soft Full Fringe

Soft Full Fringe haircut

Take a peek at the universe of classic appeal with a soft, full fringe! This traditional cut, with its somewhat longer strands, elegantly crafts your face. It’s a pleasant homage to the greatest elements of both worlds, embracing the best of both contemporary and traditional design.

32. Curly Fringe on a Soft Taper

Curly Fringe on a Soft Taper haircut

For naturally curly hair, styling a fringe is simple. Let those curls cascade over your forehead, and keep the sides tidy with a fade or taper. The textured hair looks great with the shaved sides.

33. K-Pop Haircut with Bangs

K-Pop Haircut with Bangs

Korean hairstyles are really famous! The K-pop men’s haircuts have an elegant and well-groomed appearance, with long bangs that softly fall over the eyes to provide a seductive element of charm and mystery.

34. Straight Textured Fringe

Straight Textured Fringe haircut

Straight fringe haircuts, which come in both short and long forms, are designed to allow your hair to flow freely. You may crop the front hair slightly above the eyebrows or at the hairline. Longer bangs flow gently over your forehead, while shorter ones may seem harsh.

35. Tousled Wavy Fringe with a Wolf Cut

Tousled Wavy Fringe with a Wolf hairCut

With a wolf cut that has a disheveled, wavy fringe, you can go for a wild but fashionable look. Your wavy hair may really pop with this fringe haircut, and the medium length hairstyle counterbalances the wild appeal.

36. Angular Fringe and a Shaved Line

Angular Fringe and a Shaved Line haircut

Draw attention with an angular fringe that is very stunning. This asymmetrical fringe haircut gives it a contemporary edge and a hint of drama. The twist is a neatly shaven line that adds even more coolness.

37. Short Fringe with Overhang

Short Fringe with Overhang haircut

Learn how to style fringe that stands out from the crowd and isn’t something you see every day! Imagine a stylish short fringe with a twist. Playful hair tufts swirling erratically add some flair to those perfectly aligned strands. It’s like showing out with pride how unique you are!

38. Messy Long Fringe

Messy Long Fringe haircut

A lengthy fringe that is untidy and carefree may showcase your inner cool. Let those lengthy locks flow to create texture in a professional manner. The key? For the appeal of easily tousled hair, add a little hair wax.

39. Disconnected Angular Fringe

Disconnected Angular Fringe haircut

Transform your fringe hairstyle with an angular, disjointed haircut that seems to work like magic. Those lengthy bangs perfectly frame your features, making them perfect for a square face shape. It’s all about the edgy meets elegant combination—a style that will make you seem amazing!

40. French Crop with a Choppy Fringe

French Crop with a Choppy Fringe haircut

Textured fringes give French crop haircuts a fun twist. This tumbling fringe is just the right amount of sassy and dapper. Prepare to flaunt a statement look that revolves around perfecting the alluring balance of style and texture!

41. Short Afro with Fringe

Short Afro with Fringe haircut

A dashing and stylish combo is a short afro and fringe. Adding height to your overall appearance and framing your face are two great benefits of styling your afro with bangs. With a fringe, every style looks great, whether you want to keep your hair short and neat or grow out your natural curls.

42. Messy Bowl Cut

Messy Bowl hairCut

The messy bowl cut, a throwback style, is becoming popular once again. Bowl cuts usually entail cutting the hair in the same medium length around the head, as if someone had cut the hair using a bowl as a stencil. Applying the same concept to a sloppy bowl cut, the texture adds a novel and interesting twist. This style offers a sleek, elegant appearance with a hint of 60s edge, and it looks particularly attractive on those with straight or slightly wavy hair. Why can’t you rock it like the Beatles did?

How Do You Cut and Style a Fringe Haircut for Men?

There are a lot of different kinds of bangs out there, and choosing the ideal one requires taking your hair texture, type, and personal style into account. Your hair should be between two and four inches long, whether you choose straight bangs or side-swept bangs. Request an angular front fringe from your barber, along with any kind of side undercut or fade. Styling curly hair is easier: just let your front bangs flow naturally. Put some hair gel or wax on your textured bangs if you’re going for a formal appearance.


What is a fringe haircut for men?

Men often pick bangs, sometimes referred to as fringe haircuts, to add a stylish and fashionable touch to their appearance. Men’s fringe looks may range from short and angular to straight and textured, depending on the form of their faces and their particular preferences.

Is a fringe attractive on guys?

Of course! When done with texture and volume, a fringe may lend a youthful and modern touch to a man’s overall hairdo, making him look younger.

What face shape suits a fringe?

Softer, wispier fringes provide a touch of femininity and look great on square or heart-shaped features. Oblong face shapes look great with blunt-cut bangs. For extra depth, curtain or side-swept bangs look great on round faces. Face shapes that are oval in form may look great with almost any kind of bang.

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