35+ Best Wolf Cut Hair Ideas for Women in 2024

The way you style your hair can have a great impact on your overall look and personality.

This is why many women prefer changing their hairstyle from time to time.

If you love keeping your hair stylish, you might be aware of the new style that’s trending.

We are talking about the “wolf cut”! This wild new haircut will completely transform your look and make you stand out from the crowd.

The best thing about this cut is that it goes well with all types of hair and face shapes. So, you don’t have to worry if it will look good on you because it definitely will!

Now that we have established the awesomeness of this haircut let’s come back to the main topic. In this article, we are going to share 35+ amazing wolf cut hair ideas for women.

What Is a Wolf Cut Hair?

A wolf cut is a hairstyle that involves shaving the sides and back of the head short while leaving the hair on top longer. It is also sometimes known as a “reverse mullet”. The style named after the Native American tribe of the same name, as it was traditionally worn by them.

The wolf cut first gained popularity in the 1980s but has seen a resurgence in recent years. It is a popular choice among men and women. The cut is also versatile, as it can be worn with a variety of different hairstyles.

If you’re thinking of getting a wolf cut, then you’ll need to visit a barber or experienced hair stylist. Be sure to bring along a picture of the style you want, so that they can give you the exact cut you’re looking for. And for picture reference, scroll down!

Let’s begin!

1. Sleek Wolf Cut

Sleek Wolf Cut

Wolf cut is often messy and gives you a punk rock icon look, but you can style it in different ways to get a cleaner look. This sleek cut will give you a smooth and well-maintained appearance. 

It is one of the few wolf cuts that aren’t messy. If you have straight and silky hair, it will look good on you. The stylist will cut your hair in layers, but it will still appear polished. 

In this haircut, the lines are clean, and you can even move your hair behind your ears to keep it neat. It is ideal for oval and rectangular faces because the layers will make your face appear slimmer and symmetrical. 

2. Wolf Cut with a Retro Touch

Wolf Cut with a Retro Touch

This haircut is the complete opposite of the one we have discussed earlier. As the name goes, it is more of a retro style and will give you an appearance like the people in the late 70’s and 80’s.

In this wolf cut, your hair will be in vintage waves or curls. This will give you a timeless look that is still trending now. The best thing about this style is that it will add volume to your hair and make it appear fuller. You will have more hair in the crown area.

This haircut will look great on people with oval or heart-shaped faces. It will highlight your facial features and will bring out your hidden beauty. If you are a fan of the old rock ear, this haircut will suit you best.

3. Textured Wolf Cut

Textured Wolf Cut

Another great wolf cut idea is to keep your hair in textured layers. It will help your hair to move freely and even add volume. This type of haircut will give you a lot of flexibility for styling.

You can easily style it in many different ways, from leaving it loose to wearing it in a ponytail. One thing we love about this style is that it works for various occasions. 

It looks good on college-going people, working-class women as well as middle-aged women. It complements all types of faces and even adds fullness and dimension to your face. 

4. Wolf Cut with Fringes

Wolf Cut with Fringes

If you are a fan of Demi Lovato, you should definitely try this wolf cut. It is one of the best haircuts for people who want to make their face appear chiseled. The bangs on your forehead will draw attention and highlight your eyes.

This haircut will add a touch of playfulness to your personality. Moreover, it also makes you look younger. The fringe will frame your face perfectly, thereby giving you an elegant appearance.

People with oval and round faces can easily rock this haircut. It will soften your facial features and make you look cute. Add highlight to your hair to make this cut even better.

5. Asymmetrical Wolf Cut

Asymmetrical Wolf Cut

Gone are the days when haircuts used to be symmetrical. Nowadays, you’ll see many people boasting asymmetrical haircuts, and guess what? It really looks cool on them. This type of hair will give you a distinct look from the rest.

You can pair it with the wolf cut and keep one side long and the other side short. It is a bold style that looks really good on young women. It will give you versatile styling options, and later, you can cut the hair evenly to try another look.

This haircut is suitable for people with square and round faces. It will draw attention to your face and give you the added confidence you need. 

6. Bohemian Wolf Cut

Bohemian Wolf Cut

The boho chic style has been very much in trend for the past few years. From clothes to makeup and bags to accessories, you’ll see many people going with the bohemian fashion. If you look at this genre of aesthetics, you can go with the bohemian wolf cut.

It will give you loose and relaxed waves that add to your free-spirited personality. The haircut is light airy and looks almost natural. You can wear it with boho pattern colors to get the complete look. Its the best wolf cut long hair.

The best thing about this haircut is that it suits all face shapes and is very easy to style. You can leave your hair open or use a hairband to tie it back. No matter how you style it, the haircut will make you look very good. 

7. Wolf Cut in Messy Bedhead Style

Wolf Cut in Messy Bedhead Style

This wolf cut is for those women who love a messy look. Here, your hair will be tousled by cutting it into even and uneven layers. The final result will be style hair that gives you a wolf-like appearance. It’s the best wolfcut women.

If you have a flat, oval, or heart-shaped face, you will truly rock this cut. We loved how this hairstyle will add softness to your facial features and give you a casual and happy look.

This cut is very easy to style, and you can leave it as it is for most occasions. It will make your hair look fuller even if you don’t have much volume. 

8. Blunt Wolf Cut

Blunt Wolf Cut

Are you looking for a dramatic haircut? Then you should try this blunt wolf cut for your hair. Unlike the ideas we have discussed in the above options, it is a wolf cut straight hair with sharp ends. This will give you a striking appearance.

It is perfect for people with angular faces as it helps you define the facial features. This cut creates a sleek and edgy look that’s suitable for people with intimidating personalities. 

This haircut is different from all the other styles and is mostly suitable for working women. You can easily rock it for both formal and casual occasions. 

9. Side-Swept Wolf Cut

Side Swept Wolf Cut

If you are aiming for a completely unique haircut, you can go for a side-swept wolf cut women. It is clear from the name that the style is pretty artistic and peculiar. In this cut, your hair will be in dramatic layers and will be parted on one side to frame your face. 

This will add movement to your hair and make it visually appealing. However, you have to take care of your hair and keep it in good condition. People with oval and square faces are ideal for this cut.

You can make this style even better by wearing black and dark colors. For a bolder look, add multiple ear piercings. Trust us, this hairstyle will turn heads!

10. Wolf Cut with an Undercut

Wolf Cut with an Undercut

Do you remember Skrillex? Popular American DJs and musicians have this type of haircut. The once-famous Canadian singer Avril Lavigne also tried this haircut for one of her music videos.

While getting this type of cut is a bold move, you can try it to look cool. Here, your hair will be short or mostly shaved on the underside, and the rest of it will be long. This will create a contrast and give you an edgy appearance. 

This is a modern haircut that is versatile and suits all face shapes. If you are going through the rebellious phase of your life, this cut will be your BFF. 

11. Cute Pixie Wolf Cut

Cute Pixie Wolf Cut

You can turn the wolf cut girl into a cute hairstyle by pairing it with a pixie cut. The blend of these two styles will give you a modern yet classic look. 

It is perfect for people who don’t want to bother with long wolf cut. This makes it very easy to style. You don’t have to cut your hair very short for this look. It is best to part your hair and keep side bangs to define your face.

This style is ideal for people with heart-shaped or oval faces. You can even color your or add a touch of pink to look even cuter. 

12. Grunge Wolf Cut

Grunge Wolf Cut

Grunge is the complete opposite of a cute wolf cut. In this style, you will mostly be messy and disheveled with choppy layers. However, it will give you a cool and effortless vibe. 

While this haircut is rugged, it is aesthetic in its own way. The textured ends will make you look carefree and stylish. It works well for people with square or round faces.

Many women often choose this cut with colored hair. This brings out your facial features and makes your face look angular. 

13. Wolf Cut with Accessories

Wolf Cut with Accessories

This is not actually a different haircut but just a styling idea for people who want a wolf cut. Even though the haircut itself is a great way to look different, you can further enhance it using accessories.

You can choose from different types of options like a headband, beanie, or hair jewelry to style your hair. It will add your own unique touch and flair to the cut. With this idea, you will have versatile styling options.

14. Miley Cyrus Style Wolf Cut

Miley Cyrus Style Wolf Cut

Miley Cyrus is known for her bold looks, so it is very common for her to try the wolf cut. Let us inform you this style looks really cool on her. She tried this haircut back in 2020, and it took the internet by storm.

If you admire her style and looks, you can try this haircut. It is very easy to care for and doesn’t need much maintenance. You can keep a short fringe in the front and add layers to the rest of your hair. 

15. Wolf Cut with Middle Parting

Wolf Cut with Middle Parting

Middle parting has become the latest trend, with many women going with the style. Now, you can make it even better by cutting your hair in a wolf style.

This will add depth and volume to your hair, especially if you keep it open. It is suitable for people with round and chubby faces because it will cover your cheeks. The best thing about this style is that you can change your parting anytime to try a different look.

16. Wolf Cut Long Hair

Wolf Cut Hair

Struggling to manage the long hair? You might want to try the wolf cut long hair. You might have come across various social media posts featuring long wolf cut hair. They give you an edge and a classy look to adore. 

17. Wolf Cut with Layers

Wolf Cut Hair

If you are looking for something wild but softer too, then the wolf cut with layers will win your heart. The wolf cut with layers will give you a thick top and thin bottom. The face-framing fringes will do wonders for your entire look.

18. Curly Wolf Cut

Wolf Cut Hair

Do you have curly hair? You can still get the wolf cut hair. Ask your hairstylist to give your curly hair a wolf cut and look super stunning. It is a haircut that goes well on every type of hair. 

19. Wavy Wolf Cut Hair

Wolf Cut Hair

No matter if you have wavy hair or curly hair, or straight, a wolf cut will definitely look better on you. A heavy layering creates a choppy, voluminous appearance to the cut. By using short layers that are thinner at the bottom, the top of the head maintains length. 

20. Multilayer Wolf Cut

Wolf Cut Hair

Want to look super cool with a hairstyle? You might want to go for the multi-layered wolf cut. Ask your hairstylist to give you a multilayer cut with a hint of wolf cut as well. You can never go wrong with this haircut.

21. Hairstyle Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs

Wolf Cut Hair

Another super trendy hairstyle is the mixture of curtain bangs and wolf cut hair. It suits every woman regardless of age. The curtain bangs will frame your face giving you the perfect outlook for any occasion. 

22. Double-Tone Wolf Cut

Wolf Cut Hair

If you want to go a bit bold and extravagant with the style, try getting your locks colored in two tones. They can either be monochromatic colors or pop colors. Once you get your hair colored, ask the barber to give you a wolf cut that will enhance the look.

23. Short Wolf Hair Cut

Wolf Cut Hair

Don’t worry even if you have short hair, you can still get the wolf cut. The wolf cut short hair is the ideal wolf cut look, as it represents the head of a wolf perfectly. You can either go for the original short hair wolf cut or the short bob wolf cut too!

24. Wolf Cut Thin Hair

Wolf Cut Hair

Who said only thick haired females can get the wolf cut? The wolf cut women is for every hair type, including the thickest and thinnest. The only problem you’ll have is, you won’t be able to do the ponytail after the cut. As in you can but it won’t look good. 

25. Asian Wolf Cut Hair

Wolf Cut Hair

The Asian wolf cut hair is nothing but the wolf cut initiated by Asian countries. There’s no difference, but some alteration to match the face shape of Asians. You might see the smoother ends and longer bangs to frame their face.

26. Wolf Cut Straight Hair

wolf cut long hair

As said above, the wolf cut hair is for everyone, including the females with straight hair. The wolf cut on straight hair looks as amazing as on the other styles. With this, you can get an equal part of the wild and tamed look. 

27. Wolf Cut for Medium Hair Length

wolf cut long hair

This one’s an excellent reference image for girls with medium-length hair looking to get the wolf cut. Ask your barber to keep the length intact and add the wolf cut layers for a perfectly rough look.

28. Long Layered Wolf Cut Hair

wolf cut long hair

This haircut is a mixture of both long layers and wolf cuts. We all know, the layers can be shorter or longer and it all depends on your preference. The long layered wolf cut hair also looks amazing.

29. Rainbow Wolf Cut

wolf cut long hair

Be creative while getting your hair colored and go for the rainbow effect. The rainbow hair color is in trend nowadays. So with the rainbow hair and wolf cut, you will be the queen of the trending beauty regime. 

30. Choppy Wolf Hair Cut

wolf cut long hair

Want to show off your wilder and rougher side? The choppy wolf cut hair might be the right choice for you. The rough and messy ends of the wolf cut are what give it that choppy look. It is a combination of the shag and a mullet cut.

31. Colored Wolf Cut Hair

wolf cut long hair

Who doesn’t like to color their hair at least once in a lifetime? There are people who change their hair color every month. You can at least try one color. Get your hair colored or bleached (to be blonde) and get the wolf cut to achieve this look. You can go for colors like fiery red, purple, brown, etc.

32. Wolf Cut with Highlights

wolf cut long hair

If not color, you can also go with the highlights. The brunette highlights go well with the wolf cut. Ask for suggestions from your barber or hair stylists, to get the look that will suit your personality.

33. Soft Wolf Cut Hair

wolf cut long hair

Aren’t you a fan of the choppy or messy look? You don’t ever get the messy layered cut? Then this might be the safest choice for you! The wolf cut hair has a smooth finish at the tips of the hair. It won’t give off the wilderness vibe and still look cool. 

34. Bob Wolf Cut

wolf cut long hair

As I mentioned above in the short hair wolf cut idea, you can also go for the bob cut. Women with short hair have only few options to get creative with their haircut. However, that isn’t the case, be bold and try new haircuts, you won’t regret it!

35. Feather Wolf Cut

wolf cut long hair

Feather is the second most popular haircut among females after the layers. It is similar to layers but with the feather effect. So, you can guess the same is with the feather wolf cut. It is a haircut that will give you an angelic look with the wilder haircut. Isn’t that mesmerizing?

36. The ‘70s Inspired Wolf Cut

wolf cut women

The ‘70s wolf cut hairstyle characterized by its long, shaggy layers and is perfect for those who want a low-maintenance hairstyle. To get the look, simply grow your hair out long and then ask your stylist for long, shaggy layers. Be sure to use a good conditioner to keep your hair healthy and hydrated.

37. Thin Midi Wolf Cut

wolf cut women

A thin midi wolf cut is a hairstyle that is perfect for those with thin or fine hair. This style achieved by cutting the hair into a blunt, straight line at the chin level, and then adding layers to create a wispy, disconnected look. The result is a hairstyle that is both stylish and low-maintenance.

38. Korean-Inspired Wolf Cut

wolf cut women

Looking for a new hairstyle to try out? Why not go for a Korean-inspired wolf cut? This style is definitely trendy and will make you stand out from the crowd. So if you’re ready to try something new, go for a Korean-inspired wolf cut! You won’t regret it.

39. Wolf Cut Women with Thick Fringes

wolf cut women

A wolf cut is a hairstyle that is becoming increasingly popular among women with thick fringes. The cut involves the thick part of hair on top of the head and leaving the fringe area longer. This style is perfect for those who want to add a touch of edge to their look.

40. Shag Wolf Cut Female

wolf cut women

A shaggy wolf cut is a popular hairstyle for women. It is a shorter version of the classic bob cut, with layers that are cut to frame the face. This style is easy to maintain and can be styled in a variety of ways.


Can you have a wolf cut with an undercut?

Yes, you can surely go with a wolf cut with an undercut.

What hair looks good in a wolf cut?

All types of hair look good in a wolf cut – straight, wavy, and curly. 

What face shape is wolf cut good for?

While this cut is good for all face types, it looks the best on people with round face shapes. 


These are the 15 best wolf cut hair ideas for modern and stylish women. If you want to try a different haircut in the coming year, the wolf cut should be on your list. While it is a bit bold, you can easily style it in different ways. The biggest advantage of this cut is that it adds volume to your hair. After reading this article and looking at the pictures, we hope you find your next haircut idea.

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