Top 5 Organic Yoga Clothes for Sustainable Workout

The morning routine of laying out the yoga mats provides the fuel for the entire day and the soul, given how quickly times are changing.

Yoga, after all, can help one find inner quiet by promoting physical, mental, and spiritual tranquility.

Yoga, however, also aims to help practitioners connect with their surroundings, and doing so is challenging when the very clothes we purchase harm the environment.

It’s no secret that the fashion business negatively influences the environment. The lines of yoga clothes have not been immune to this. While it may not seem necessary, learning your organic yoga clothes are eco-friendly can give you an extra spring in your step.

However, yoga pants are typically made of synthetic fibers because they resist water, wick perspiration, and stretch without distorting. But, there are drawbacks to synthetic textiles that affect both you and the environment. Let us read how.

During yoga, you need to wear something loose-fitting, weightless, breathable, and comfy. Additionally, if you practice consistently, you should look for yoga clothing that is enduring and lasts longer.

What Are the Benefits of Organic Yoga Clothing?

  • They reduce waste.
  • Organic yoga clothing is produced from organic cotton farmed without pesticides or insecticides.
  • Chemical-free cotton is gentler on skin that is already sensitive.
  • They are long-lasting and hence, help save money.
  • They are usually not produced in bulk quantities. Therefore, each clothing piece is unique and generally handmade.

List of the Best Organic Yoga Clothes

1. Pact

List of the Best Organic Yoga Clothes

From relaxing to working out, Pact has leggings for every occasion. They are all soft and sustainable because they are created ethically in fair trade enterprises using either organic cotton or recycled nylon.

Moreover, some leggings have pockets for when we’re moving about.

The Pact also reduces its carbon footprint with every order. So, no matter whatever pair you choose, it’s a win-win.

Its Go-to leggings have been updated and refined to provide you with all-day comfort, compression, and curve.

It is made with organic cotton that can be worn next to the skin and is plush and permeable without being too thin.

2. Wolven

List of the Best Organic Yoga Clothes

Due to its striking colors and patterns, Wolven is one of the most distinctive brands. It makes organic workout clothes for men and women.

Wolven provides an extensive range of canvas prints and is concerned about the environment as well as works to safeguard it. The business employs methods to balance its emissions. In addition, it also recycles materials to provide cozy and environmentally friendly yoga attire.

They use both recycled fabrics and recycled plastics to create soft, long-lasting products.

Men’s summit jogger from Wolven is our top pick. The Summit print was created to inspire activity and drive, and it will be there to push you farther, higher, and greater. In addition, it is also designed to keep up with your active lifestyle, whether you’re on mountain peaks or on metropolitan streets.

3. Treelance

List of the Best Organic Yoga Clothes

Treelance was founded by a yoga teacher. A yoga instructor who infuses everything with the values and spirit of yoga. They develop goods that inspire, motivate, and make you feel at ease.

Their products are lovingly made with organic cotton that is exceptionally soft for your yoga, dance, and meditation practices. In addition, their products are of excellent wholesome quality, are reasonably priced, and are useful for your meditation and yoga routines.

Their chakra black tank top is a unique product in many ways. It has exclusive yoga illustrations created by a yoga instructor that intends to guide you through your asana. They are made using 95% organic cotton and 5% spandex. Hence, they are durable and long-lasting.

4. Soul Space

List of the Best Organic Yoga Clothes

They sought to subvert the idea of cold fashion by incorporating soul into it and being responsible. So, they combined sustainability with fashion. They designed clothing that is ethically made and entirely organic.

The clothing line from Soul Space is fair trade, and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. They cultivate the cotton they use with less water and energy while preserving soil fertility. For both men and women, a variety of tops, jackets, shorts, bras, vests, and underwear are available.

Bacopa men’s bottom has a super cool, professional design and has made our top list. It is a low-rise pant with pleats that makes leg movements simpler and easier. In addition, it is made using 100% handwoven khadi, which feels amazing on the skin.

5. Manduka

List of the Best Organic Yoga Clothes

Manduka offers everything a yoga enthusiast might want. It truly has the market covered for top-notch yoga gear, from eco-friendly yoga mats to organic yoga clothes for men and women.

All green yoga apparel is produced with a mixture of recycled polyester, organic cotton, and other plant-based materials.

Manduka makes every effort to maintain all its items at budget-friendly pricing because the company believes that comfortable and long-lasting organic yoga clothing should be available and inexpensive.

Their refined tee is a must-have for every man. It is made using the softest Pima cotton and is perfect for yoga, gym, and everyday wear.


Sustainable fashion should not be limited to casual wear. Hence, many brands are launching their lines of organic yoga clothes to widen the landscape of sustainable fashion.

The list mentioned above is for both men and women indulged in the holy practice of yoga. They have a deeper understanding of worldly things and also how clothes can be a major source of pollution.

So, if you are an enlightened yoga practitioner, invest in organic yoga clothes now!

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