5 Best Sustainable Swimwear Brands to Try in 2024

Finding the right swimwear can be a long, tiring, and daunting process. From the fabric and comfortness to design and fit, there are many things to consider while purchasing bathing suits. Trying the endless number of suits to see whether it suits your body type to pick the one that actually looks good on you is a bit uncomfortable. Sometimes, the terrible dressing room lighting doesn’t work, and many times people don’t find the right style of swimwear that they can feel confident in. and going through all of this can be overwhelming for you!

And even after this long shopping process, when you finally like a swimwear that fits your perfectly, and style looks great on you, what if it’s not organic?

Today many swimsuits are made from unsustainable fabrics and materials or made from an unethical manufacturing process that is harmful to the planet.

Do you also support a green lifestyle and looking for organic swimwear? If yes, if you’ve landed on the right page!

Today in this blog, we’ve listed some of the best sustainable swimwear brands of this year. From cute swimsuits to colorful and comfortable bathing suits for every size and shape, these brands have a variety of affordable sustainable swimwear for people of all ages.

Not only this, all these organic clothing brands prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly production processes. All the products are available online to make your shopping experience easy, convenient, and quick.

Let’s check them out!

5 Ethical & Sustainable Bathing Suit Brands

So, what to check while buying sustainable swimwear?

Remember to read the brand’s credentials every time you shop for beachwear. This simply means you should read what materials they’re using, like natural or synthetic, and whether the manufacturing process affects or impacts the planet.

Below is the list of the top five sustainable swimwear brands in this year. These sustainable swimsuit brands are completely produced from sustainable fabrics in a certified factory. To help you get all the information, we’ve also provided each brand’s certifications, materials, and available sizes.

So, take a look at them before you go beachwear shopping.

1. Vitamin A

Ethical & Sustainable Bathing Suit Brands vitamin A

Materials: Recycled nylon & plant-based fabrics

Certifications: OEKO-TEX certified

Size: XS–XXL

Made in: USA

Shop: Vitamin A

Do you like to mix and match your bikinis? If yes, you’ll surely love this brand!

Vitamin A is a sustainable swimwear brand founded, designed, and produced in California. They mostly have a beachwear collection by the ‘70s beach glamour.

Vitamin A is an OEKO-TEX certified brand that uses recycled nylon & plant-based fabrics to create amazing swimsuits. Some popular clothing pieces are EcoLux™, a superfine matte jersey, and stretch-ribbed EcoRib®. All the designs and prints are made with water-reducing digital technology to support water conservation efforts. Also, they only use fully recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

Bikinis and swimsuits are available in numerous patterns, prints, and colors in sizes from XS to XXL. You can get a single set at $86, and one-pieces start at $165.

2. Girlfriend Collective

Sustainable Swimwear Brands Girlfriend Collective

Materials: Regenerated nylon

Certifications: OEKO-TEX certified and SA8000 certified ethical production

Size: XXS–6XL

Made in: Vietnam

Shop: Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is a well-known brand for making sustainable activewear. Recently it has added a new swimwear range to its collection and has already won people’s hearts. It has a wide collection of tops, bottoms, and one-pieces. Everything is available for women of all sizes, from XXS–6XL.

All the clothes are made from post-industrial waste and recycled fishing nets. They have eco friendly swimwear in vibrant colors, extended sizes, and flattering cuts that look great on every body size and shape. All the products are affordable; separates start at $38, and one-piece start at $88. Isn’t it great?

So if you’re a plus-size woman struggling to find the perfect swimwear for you, check out Girlfriend Collective and order your favorite sustainable swimwear!

3. Youswim

Sustainable Swimwear Brands Youswim

Materials:  European-sourced nylon

Certifications: Certified Plastic Negative

Size: US 2–14, UK/AUS 6–18

Made in: England

Shop: Youswim

Searching for a great swimsuit that you can wear forever?

Youswim is a sustainable swimwear brand that offers beachwear in seven sizes. Not only this, all the clothes are locally & ethically made in London, England. This brand has swimwear in two simple and unique styles that look flattering on most body shapes and sizes.

Every swimsuit is made with European-sourced nylon and elastane. To maximize sustainability, the Youswim team uses recycled nylon fabric. They are also ethically woven, dyed, cut and sewn, and packed in biodegradable packaging. You can get prices above £105 GBP ($139 USD). Just browse the website, select the ones you like the most, find the right fit, and order it right away!

4. Summersalt


Materials: Recycled polyamide

Certifications: WRAP & BSCI certified ethical production in Asia

Size: XS–2X

Made in: Asia

Shop: Summersalt

Those who have long torsos know the struggle to find the best beachwear. No worries, Summersalt has a variety of beachwear, including bottoms, tops, shorts, bikinis, and more. They are perfect for women with long torsos, and everything is made from recycled polyamide and sustainable materials.

This brand has swimwear with the most perfect and comfortable fits. How is that possible? The brand took 1.5M measurements from 10,000 women across the globe to get the ideal and practical fit. The recycled textiles have been used to produce all the swimwear, which increases the strength five times and boosts the compression four times compared to the other swimwear.

You can find two and one-piece suits, maternity, and long torso sets. This sustainable swimwear brand made beachwear fashionable, sustainable, and made-to-last. And another great thing about this brand is that it’s pretty affordable. The separates start at $45, and one-pieces start at $95, so overall, you can get everything under $100.

5. Cosabella

Materials: Recycled polyamide & Natural dyes

Size: XS-XL

Made in: Italy

Shop: Cosabella

Who doesn’t want to look modern, classy, and cute while wearing swimwear? Everyone wants to, right! If you’re also looking for some of the most versatile swim tops and bottoms, check out Cosabella!

Cosabella is one of the best sustainable swimwear brands, which is popular for its supportive yet stylish designs. For the last 40 years, this brand has been providing perfect Italian lingerie, and now a new swimwear collection: the Vita Marina, has been added to the clothing line.

The organic and recycled swimwear collection is designed to support every body form. From bandeaus and shirred bottoms to cool tops and one-pieces, many options are available on the site in three basic yet attractive colors. Available in inclusive sizing, these modern and trendy one-pieces and sets will make you look and feel your best on a trip or vacation. All the pieces are made from recycled nylons and elastane, making them durable and stretchable. So whether you’re basking on sandy shores or diving into refreshing pools, this swimwear will make you feel great from inside and outside.

Final Thoughts

So these are the top five best Sustainable Swimwear Brands you can try in this year. All the above brands are sustainable and eco-friendly because they only use organic and recycled materials to create swimwear. You can select the ones according to your body shape, size, budget, and style you like the most.

I hope this guide on the sustainable swimwear brands of the year has helped you choose the swimwear that is right for your body and your pocket. If you like this post on the best sustainable swimwear brands, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family members searching for ethical and organic swimwear.

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