22 Trendy Crew Cut Hairstyle for Men to Try

Are you looking for a haircut that is both stylish and practical? Look no more; the crew cut is the haircut that will be perfect for you! Today, a crew cut haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles for men, as it offers a classy, modern, and masculine look. This versatile cut features short hair on the sides and back and longer hair on the crown part. The best thing is that you can also combine mens crew cuts with different hair lengths, beard styles, and haircuts such as a taper, fade, or undercut.

Today, in this guide, I have made an exclusive list of the top trendy crew cut hairstyle for men. From a traditional crew cut for men to a modern crew cut with twists, there are more than 21 different crew cut hairstyles for men in the list below. So, keep reading till the end and pick your favorite one.

Let’s get started.

What is Crew Cut Hairstyle?

The crew cut, sometimes also referred to as the buzz cut, is two different haircuts. The buzz cut has short hair all over the head; on the other hand, the crew cut features short hair that is graduated in length on the sides and long hair on the top. In short, a buzz cut looks like a bald cut, whereas a crew cut is cropped or closer to a short cut.

1. Classic Crew Cut

Classic Crew Cut hairstyle

As we explained what a crew cut haircut is, this one is easy to start with. This is the traditional haircut, also widely known as the professional hairstyle for men. The classic crew cut features short hair on top and tapered sides. It gives you a timeless look suited to workplaces and casual outings. Also, if you want to add some texture, ask your barber. 

2. Crew Cut Fade

Crew Cut Fade hairstyle for men

Here is a popular version of the crew cut hairstyle, crew cut fade. It has the same length on the top, but the sides have a contrasting twist. The shorter sides give a slimming effect while highlighting your facial features more. Many celebrities, including Zac Efron, Tom Hardy, David Beckham, and Brad Pitt, have also styled this haircut in recent years. The reason is simple: the crew cut is easy to maintain and looks cool!

3. Long Crew Cut

Long Crew Cut hairstyle for men
Long Crew Cut fade haircut for men

A longer version of the crew cut has more length on the crown section. Here, the length can be two or more inches, depending on your style and preference. However, make sure not to overdo it, as anything too long on the top can’t be classified as the crew cut, and you’ll enter into another hairstyle. Also, to maintain its shape, you can use hair gel or wax.

4. Medium Crew Cut

Medium Crew Cut hairstyle for men

The medium crew cut is exactly 1 inch long on the top; the rest of the side and back are trimmed short. These tapered sides give a professional and timeless finish. You can also get a crew cut with a fade for a modern appearance. From fluffy spikes to textured strands, you can style this crew cut in numerous ways. 

5. Short Crew Cut

Short Crew Cut fade hairstyle for men

There are no hard and soft rules about crew cuts. This means you can change the length or add texture as you like. For example, here in this variation, the top part has hair the same length as the sides (¼ – ½ inch). You can also mix it with a low, mid, or high skin fade for a bold appearance. As this cut is extremely short (almost like a buzz cut), it requires low maintenance and care. 

6. Textured Crew Cut

Textured Crew Cut haircut for men
Textured Crew Cut fade hairstyle for men

The next crew cut on the list is the textured crew cut haircut. It features the classic crew haircut, but it is undone. This is suitable for guys looking for an elegant yet casual feel to their hair. To get that matte finish and natural look, use texturizing products. This cut particularly looks great with thick, straight, curly, and wavy hair.

7. Crew Cut with Beard

Crew Cut with Beard hairstyle for men

Another way to wear an elegant crew cut is with a beard. This combo will immediately create a masculine look. Just like the French crop cuts, the angular crew cuts also go well with a beard look. The longer hair on the top will balance out the full beard look. 

8. Military Crew Cut

Military Crew Cut haircut for men

You have already seen the various versions of military cuts, so here is another one! Military cuts are extremely short, as per the force’s guidelines and regulations. Try a short crop on top and a high fade on the back and sides to make it cleaner and crisper. Though anyone can try this haircut for men, it looks particularly good on angular faces.

9. Ivy League Crew Cut

Ivy League Crew Cut hairstyle for men
Ivy League Crew Cut haircut for men

The Ivy League crew cut is another popular version of the crew cut. This cut was initially inspired by American Ivy League schools like Harvard and Princeton. It is believed that this haircut looks universally flattering and is for stylish men. The cut features a low taper fade on the sides and longer hair on top, neatly styled as a side part. Furthermore, keep the sides taper fade occasionally to create a dapper appearance.

10. Curly Crew Cut

Curly Crew hairCut for men

Crew cut haircuts are called versatile because there are no requirements for hair type or face shape. It usually works with all hair textures and face shapes. As you can see in the above image, the crew cut looks good on these curly hairs. However, you have to use products to maintain your hair’s curly or wavy texture and shape. 

11. Crew Cut with Low Fade

Crew Cut with Low Fade hairstyle for men
Crew Cut Low Fade for men

A classic crew cut with a low fade simply means a clean, professional look that can’t go unnoticed. Try adding a skin fade to this hairstyle for a soft finish. Here, the crew cut gradually faded into a shorter cut about 1 inch above the ears. Style your top hair either to the side or brush it forward. 

12. Crew Cut with Taper Fade

Crew Cut with Taper Fade hairstyle for men

The next haircut on the list is the crew cut with taper fade, which has a cut that immediately gets shorter around the ears. Even after this quick change, the taper fade hair is not as extreme as the skin fade. Show the above image to your barber for reference and get this stylish crew cut look.

13. Crew Cut with High Fade

crew cut short wavy high fade hairstyle for men
Crew Cut High Skin Fade haircut for men

The high fade is all about contrast and boldness. So, if you want to become unnoticeable and in the spotlight, get the crew cut high fade haircut. It has a short crop on the sides and back, which will completely put focus on your eyes and the top part of the head. Men with sharp facial features can try this eye-catching haircut to stand out. However, it’s your first time getting a crew cut; I would recommend starting with taper, low fade, or mid fade hair instead of high fade.

14. Side Swept Crew Cut

Side Swept Crew Cut hairstyle for men

A swept crew cut makes men of any face shape look handsome and dashing. This hairstyle has a mix of both the classic crew cut and the Ivy League crew cut. When it comes to styling, as its name suggests, this one is styled sideways. However, here, there is no defined parting. So, you’ll need some hairstyling products to hold your hair in place. You can also comb and brush your hair towards any side (left or right), depending on your liking. 

15. Messy Crew Cut

Messy Crew Cut hairstyle for men

Do you know that messy hair can look professional? Yes, it can be, but only if you know how to style them properly! The best example is the crew cut with a messy top! Ask your barber to add choppy layers of varying lengths in the top section to get this look. You can freely move your fingers in your hair to style them or use gel to spike them up. This quirky, disjointed look adds volume to thin hair and makes you appear effortlessly cool. 

16. Slicked Back Crew Cut

crew cut high fade slicked back hairstyle for men

Want to look cool yet elegant? Try this slicked-back crew cut! This hairstyle features a bit longer hair on the top, which is brushed thoroughly to the back. Yes, you have to brush all your hair to the back, and no hair should be on your forehead. This will immediately highlight all your facial features while giving you a professional appearance. If you want, you can also pair it with a trimmed beard.

17. Crew Cut with Mohawk

Crew Cut with Mohawk hairstyle for men

The next hairstyle isn’t for everyone. We’re talking about the bold and daring Mohawk cut paired with a crew cut! This cut has long hair on the top and a short and high fade on the sides. It is perfect for men who want to try something unique or express their rebellious side. Another fascinating thing about this crew cut is that it might appear challenging to style at first, but it is not. Once you get used to it, it will take only a few minutes to style.

18. Faux Hawk Crew Cut

Faux Hawk Crew Cut hairstyle for men

Break the traditional crew cut look with this dramatic fauxhawk crew cut! To get this look, show the above picture to your hairstylist or ask for a zero fade on the sides. When it comes to the length of the hair on the crown part, go with the one that suits your face shape and the size of your head. Later, style this hair with matte gel and hair spray, and you’re ready to go out!

19. Flat Top Crew Cut

Flat Top Crew Cut hairstyle for men
Flat Top Crew Cut hair for men

The flat top, also known as the flatbed head style, has a longer front section than the crown part. This is quite a smooth and brushed haircut with a voluminous top. Try to brush your hair to its most flattering side. The flat top crew cut is gaining popularity as many celebrities have been seen wearing it at various events. So, for a refreshing look, you can also try this crew cut!

20. Skin Fade Crew Cut

Skin Fade Crew Cut hair for men

Skin fade is the last type of fade you can pair with a crew cut. As its name says, it goes right down to the skin around the ears. This haircut will instantly put you in the spotlight by creating a fabulous contrast, even with this simple but sleek cut. Ensure the top section isn’t too long; otherwise, the overall appearance will not look balanced.

21. Widow’s Peak Crew Cut

Widows Peak Crew Cut hairstyle for men

Look at this hairstyle’s sharp hairline and clean cuts; doesn’t it look so attractive? This haircut is perfect for men with a V-shaped hairline. The widow’s peak crew cut features a soft taper on the sides and a slightly longer top. The spikes at the front will hide that V-hairline. 

22. Fuzzy Crew Cut

Fuzzy Crew Cut hair for men

Don’t want to spend the morning styling your hair but still want to look presentable? No worries, this last crew cut haircut is for you! The fuzzy crew cut is a messier and more textured hairstyle but looks great on men. Men with thin hair can try this, as it offers more volume and is quick to style.


How short is a crew cut?

A crew cut can be a very short haircut, ranging from 1/8 to 1/2 inch.

How long does it take to style a crew cut?

Crew cuts are easy to style and maintain. First, dampen your hair, apply hair product, and simply brush it into the desired style.

Are a crew cut and a buzz cut different?

Yes, both are short hairstyles, but they are different. A crew cut is tapered on the sides and back with a longer length on top, while a buzz cut is uniformly short all over.

What are some popular variations of the crew cut? 

The Caesar cut (blunter fringe), the Ivy League (longer top with side part), and the French crop (textured top) are some trendy crew cut variations.

Final Words!

The crew cut is a timeless, versatile, low-maintenance haircut perfect for the modern man. This cut goes perfectly with various hair textures and face shapes while creating a striking appearance. Whether you like the classic crew cut for a professional look or the masculine crew cut with a twist for a modern look, this hairstyle will surely make you attractive. So, pick your favorite crew cut hairstyle for men from the above list to elevate your style today!

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