35 Creative Updos for Short Hair That Look Awesome

Do you want to try some amazing hairstyles for your short hair? If yes, stick to this blog. We bring to you some of the most creative Updo hairstyles for your short hair.

Many people think that they cannot do a good hairstyle with their short hair. But this thing is completely wrong. We will share the best updos for short hair that will take your entire look to the next level.

You can look good whether you have short hair or a lot of hair. Simply attempt the hairstyle that works best for your hair. This particular blog will be dedicated to all the girls with short hair.

Best Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair

1. French Twist

updos for short hair

The French twist hairstyle is one of the classiest hairstyles for short hair. Also, it is easy updos for short hair so one can do this hairstyle quickly. So, now don’t worry if you are getting late for an event. You can just do this hairstyle and get set go.

Simply backcomb the hair at the crown to form a bouffant to achieve this look. The remaining hair should be gathered and held flat and vertically to one side. Pin the hair in place after rolling it toward the center.

2. Inverted Curls

updos for short hair

It is one more on the list of phenomenal hair updos for short hair.  You should utilize bobby sticks that match the shade of your hair to get every one of the twists at the highest point of this hair styling.

3. Easy Bun Hairstyle

Easy Bun Hairstyle

The bun updo hairstyles for short hair can go well with all types of hair textures and lengths. We can call it a practical hairstyle that helps to keep the hair away from your face and neck. Due to this, the attention can be drawn straight to your face. There are different ways to style this hairstyle.

People have the option to choose a sleek hairstyle that goes well with the formal setup. The other one is a messy and deliberate one that will give you a good romantic look.

4. Artistic Curly Updo

updos for short hair

If you have short curly hair, this is one of the best updos for short hair in this year hairstyle that you should choose for yourself. Your hair will look great with this gorgeous Updo style.

There is a technique to achieve this haircut even if you don’t have curly hair. Before doing this hairstyle, you can do it with a chopstick curling iron.

5. Twisted Bun

updos for short hair

If you’re a working lady, these updos for short hair are one of the most ideal hairstyles for you. You must construct a twisty bun by twisting your hair into little portions and pinning each one at the back. If you have a wide face, try to lift your hair by squeezing the twists up before putting them in place.

6. Rolled-In Bun

updos for short hair

To try this hairstyle, you must tie your hair in a low ponytail. The ponytail is held in place using an elastic band. To achieve this rolled-in bun, twist the elastic band one more time and briefly thread it through your ponytail.

7. Folded-In Updo

updos for short hair

You will need a thin headband if you want to try this hairdo. Tease your hair at the head to make a pouf. Create two little braids or twists using a few hair strands from the sides. Put on a thin headband, then roll up the remaining hair inside of it to create a Gibson roll. Pin the braids over the Gibson roll to finish the look.

8. Romantic Twist Updo for Short Hair

updos for short hair

For the twists, you typically need less length. The hairdo is ideal for special occasions and significant occasions. The hairstyle looks great and will be suitable for women of all ages. One can use floral accessories to make this hairstyle even more beautiful.

9. Top Bun for Short Hair

updos for short hair

The top bun is an easy updo for short hair to do yourself. You can make this hairstyle quickly so can be a great choice if you are getting late to reach any event.

The bun is worn higher compared to the other classic hairstyles. However, you need to try different positions as per the length of your hair.

10. Half-Up Waterfall Braid for Short Hair

updos for short hair

This is one of the most stunning hairstyles and thus is highly suitable for weddings or proms. Half-French braided, the style falls to free the remaining hair. As the braid is done with the crown, you won’t need much length as you would with many other braided styles.

11. Pigtails

easy updos for short hair

Pigtails are a cute hairstyle and you can make it with a cute and youthful style. You can make it with a ponytail or braid on either side of the head.

The hairstyle is perfect for women who have short hair and want to keep it simple but fun at the same time.

12. Short Curly Hair Updo

easy updos for short hair

No matter the length, hair of any texture may be styled into the ideal updo. Your hair should be pulled into the crown of your head, some of it pinned, and the rest allowed to fall freely. The hairstyle will add volume to your hair and can be perfect for special occasions.

13. Short Messy Updo

easy updos for short hair

A short messy updos for short hair is a cute hairstyle. Use some dry shampoo to add volume to your hair for this look, then pull it back into a low ponytail. Avoid flattening your hair, and don’t be hesitant to leave a few free strands.

14. Short Bridesmaid Updo

easy updos for short hair

The hairstyle will create an amazing flattery look for the bridal party. Tease a small section of the hair at the top of the head to create volume, then wrap curls into a French twist hairstyle. In case, you are confused regarding the hairstyle then you can go with this hairstyle.

15. Side Updo with a Braid

easy updos for short hair

It is viewed as an exquisite and heartfelt haircut. Take a few hairs from one side and pin it away to keep it independent. Gather the leftover hair and bother it with a brush. Make a free-side bun and tie it. The split area ought to be interlaced freely and stuck over the side bun. To give the updo more volume, hotcake the interlace.

16. Curly Ends

easy updos for short hair

Curly hair and a lifted French fishtail braid are featured in this updo.

The top section of your hair should be curled and braided before being pulled back and wrapped in a bun. This hairdo is appropriate for prom or a wedding.

17. Messy Huge Bun with Long Divided Fringes

easy updos for short hair

You will have a really attractive appearance with this haircut that will complement any outfit.

To make this hairstyle even cuter, add length, split the fringes, and leave the hair towards the nape of the neck a bit fluffy.

18. Exclusive Grand & Polished High Updo

easy updos for short hair

This big hollow Updo at the top of the head looks very beautiful and gives you a very stunning look. Just make a top-high ponytail on your smooth black hair and fold it neatly to come up with a hollow bun.

19. Multi-Braided Bun Updo

easy updos for short hair

In this hairstyle, all the hairs are divided into multiple parts and braided up neatly to come with the semi-high multi-braided updo. Please do remember that this hairstyle will take a lot of time but will be worth it.

20. Low Wavy Elongated Updo with Waves and Bangs

easy updos for short hair

Add volume to the roots of the highlighted wavy locks by applying mousse and part them to one side casually. Create a low flat bun and give it an elongated shape by pulling both upwards & downwards together.

21. Huge Highlighted Updo with Pouf and Accessory

upstyles for short hair

The big hollow bun with a smooth texture and purple highlights is enough to raise the oomph factor. This small cute pouf and the golden lacy wraparound make the hairstyle more attention-worthy.

22. High Fluffy Side Updo with Multiple Folds

upstyles for short hair

You can try these unique hair updos for short hair. You can make your hair smooth by applying mousse. Pull it back tightly to any one of the sides of the crown and make a high pony. Divide the pony into the four sections and fold them one by one and secure them with the bobby pins differently.

23. Huge Flowery Updo with Feathery Clips

upstyles for short hair

Texturize, fold, and twist your black, wavy hair as you like, and then use bobby pins to hold it in place in various locations. It must make a large flowery Updo at the back of the head and you can bedeck with the hair clips just like the feathers.

24. High Top Knot Updo with Textured Hair Wrap

upstyles for short hair

The hairstyle is the modified version of the regular topknot bun. You need to pull the hair at the top and make a tight topknot bun by twisting it hard. Now, you need to wrap the last part around its base and give the edges a straight angular shape by adding extreme texture.

25. Simple Ballet Bun with Thin Hair Wrap

upstyles for short hair

Yet another easy updo for short hair is – a simple ballet bun with a thin hair wrap. You need to pull your hair at the crown then turn it into a nice ballet bun and wrap it within the thin section of the hair. You don’t need any costly styling tool or chemical-loaded styling product.

26. Bantu Knots

upstyles for short hair

For people who have extremely short hair, the Bantu knots are the best option as they can be styled with any type of hair irrespective of size. For this hairstyle, you need to section the hair, twist it, and wrap it for a knotted appearance. The size of the knots will depend upon the thickness of the hair and its length.

27. Cute Space Buns for Short Hair

upstyles for short hair

Space buns are cute updos for short hair. It is a simple hairstyle that has a bun on any of the sides of the head. Again, the size of the bun will depend upon the hair length and its texture.

For short hair, your look will have two small buns and one can style them to sit lower on the head if you do not have the necessary length.

28. Updos for Short Fine Hair

upstyles for short hair

Thin or fine hair can make pretty and stylish Updos. Pull the two bulky locks from the center of your hair part and place them at the back of your head. Simply form two buns out of the parts and secure them with pins.

The hairstyle is the perfect choice for people who want to get ready quickly or want a fancy look. It is one of the best fancy hairstyles for short hair.

29. Twisted Tri-Knot Updo

upstyles for short hair

You must divide your hair into three equal sections on the horizontal to try this short hair updo. Gather each part of your hair now, then twist it in the middle. To create a bun that resembles a mohawk down the middle of the head, roll each of these portions and pin them together.

30. High Updo with Random Twists and Turns

upstyles for short hair

It is an easy haircut for short hair that keeps hair out of the face’s eyes and neck. If you wear this haircut to an event, everyone will be talking about how lovely you look.

To create a great shape with this hairstyle, you must twist the hair up and turn it randomly before pinning it in various locations at the back of the head.

31. Casual High Folded Updo with Crystal Pins

cute updos for short hair

You must draw the hair up to the crown for this look, then fold it loosely into a high bun. Be sure to design it with some high-quality crystal pins and make sure it is not too tight.

32. Short Straight Hair Updo

cute updos for short hair

A low bun is the best way to use your short and straight hair. For making this hairstyle, you need to start by brushing the hair into two little pigtails and creating loose braids.

Now, you need to wrap them together into a low bun with any loose strands pinned down to the back of your head.

This upstyles for short hair is suitable for people who don’t want to curl their hair or are getting late at an event. It is an easy hairstyle and yet perfect for parties, weddings, or any other event.

33. Short Quick Updo

cute updos for short hair

Again a perfect hairstyle if you are in the rush of going somewhere and getting late. For styling like this, you need to pull your hair into a loose bun and tighten it with a few pins.

34. Short Casual Updo

cute updos for short hair

Continue the relaxed flow by removing some tendrils to soften your features and give your hair more volume. This laid-back look is ideal for university, lunch with friends, and shopping excursions.

35. Short Formal Updo

cute updos for short hair

If you want to attend an event, this is the perfect hairstyle. It gives the appearance of long and flowing hair even if your hairs are short. The hairstyle will demand some time and practice but it will be worth it.

updos for short hair


1. Can Updo Hairstyles Be Suitable for Girls Below the Age of 20 Years?

The Updo hairstyles are quite versatile. All women irrespective of their age can try this hairstyle. However, do remember that the loose Updos do suit much to the young girls so they need to try something with braids or twists.

2. How to Ensure the Updo Style Stays for Long?

If you want to ensure that the hairstyle stays for long then you need to use your touch-up spray. After thoroughly brushing the hair and both before and after the updo, spray it well.

3. Does the Short Hair Updo Suit the Round Face Women?

If you want a straight answer then it will be – Yes. It suits round-face women.

4. How Long Can I Stay with a Tight Hair Updo Style Without Damaging Hair?

It is up to you. If you take proper care of your hair with a consistent hair care routine, and oil and serum applications, you may only experience minor damage; just be sure not to sleep with this updo style.

5. What Care Should One Take While I Do Updo for a Function?

One obvious thing that all know is using hair spray to keep it for a long time. Apart from it, make sure that the hair is allowed to breathe after the end of the function. It will prevent damage that happens due to more usage of styling tools.

Final Thoughts

We would end this blog by saying that for every hair there is a style that will make a woman pretty. If you were the one who used to think that short hair women cannot style their hair then you were wrong. The updos for short hair are some of the best hairstyles for women who have short hair.

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