Reasons Why Human Hair Wigs Are Superior to Synthetic Hair Wigs

Wearing wigs can make life easier in many ways. Many people incorrectly assume that all wigs are synthetic but that just isn’t true at all. If you are just getting started on your journey to find the right wig for you, you may want to consider trying out human hair wigs. Human hair wigs offer the most natural look and feel between the two options. With the proper care, they can exceedingly outlast their synthetic counterparts offering beauty, softness, and performance.

Human hair wigs do require a different maintenance routine than the synthetic wigs you may be used to, but they are well worth the extra time. When choosing the right hairpiece for your lifestyle, you’ll also need to consider purpose and price. The right wig will not only look fabulous, but it will make you feel empowered, like the best version of yourself. While synthetic wigs have come a long way over the last few years, they just can’t compare to the luxurious benefits offered by human hair wigs.

1. Versatility

Reasons Why Human Hair Wigs Are Superior to Synthetic Hair Wigs

Wearing a wig made of human hair does not mean that you’re stuck with the same look every day. Just like a natural head of hair, a wig made of natural hair can be colored and styled for different looks. They can withstand nearly the same type of styling techniques as a regular head of hair. Whether you want to pull it back, curl it, or even braid it, you don’t have to shy away from styling just because you are wearing a wig.

With a wig made of human hair, you can enjoy all the versatile looks you want to match your mood for the day and your outfit too. That said, it is critical that you give your wig the proper care so that it will look its best for you. There are specific care instructions regarding washing and detangling wigs made of human hair. If you adhere to the guidelines, your wig can last up to 3 years ensuring you get every penny out of your investment.

2. Natural Look

Reasons Why Human Hair Wigs Are Superior to Synthetic Hair Wigs

Choosing to invest in a wig means that you have multiple options. Human hair wigs come in various styles, colors, and textures. Some may be thicker than others, offering long luxurious locks, while others may be composed of finer hair. Choosing to wear wigs made of natural hair means that you can opt for those that most closely resemble your natural hair if that’s what you desire.

Even completely changing your look altogether can yield better results with wigs made of human hair. They look, feel, and behave just like your normal hair as many of these wigs are made from natural human hair with carefully preserved follicles. Synthetic hair can be heavier and is often coarse to the touch. Styling from everyday wear can leave synthetic wigs looking fuzzy and unnatural.

3. Natural Flow and Bounce

Reasons Why Human Hair Wigs Are Superior to Synthetic Hair Wigs

Wigs made of human hair offer a natural look and feel that is hard to replicate. They typically contain hair from multiple people offering a natural color range that just isn’t available in synthetic wigs. A wig made of human hair offers natural movement and flow, which is often light and bouncy. It looks and acts like natural hair because it is natural hair.

Synthetic wigs can often have a glossy sheen that seems unnatural. Since they are made of synthetic materials, they can not replicate the characteristics of natural hair. Synthetic wigs can be easily damaged by styling tools, especially tools that emit heat. Wearing a synthetic wig means you must stick to style variations similar to what the wig itself already possesses.

4. Color Care and Life Span

Reasons Why Human Hair Wigs Are Superior to Synthetic Hair Wigs

Wearing human hair wigs offers a more natural experience, especially when it comes to coloring. A wig made of human hair can be colored if it is done properly and cared for correctly. This gives you multiple style options beyond accessorized hairstyles. Even with daily wear, a wig made of human hair can last a year or longer. A wig made of human hair is an investment into your personal style that pays multiple dividends.

Synthetic wigs are not made to be colored as coloring can often damage the wig itself and ruin your new purchase. Even with the proper care, synthetic wigs do not last as long as their human hair counterparts. They must be replaced often, especially if you wear them every day. Synthetic wigs have made progress over the years, but they cannot duplicate the characteristics of human hair.

5. Craftsmanship and Care

Reasons Why Human Hair Wigs Are Superior to Synthetic Hair Wigs

Wigs composed of human hair are created with a deep level of care and craftsmanship. They are created, not manufactured. Each hairpiece is a specific work of art, made specifically to empower the person wearing it. It takes creativity, ingenuity, and talent to create wigs made from high-quality human hair.

Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, can be mass-produced because they are not natural products. While there are some higher-quality synthetic wigs available, you don’t get to enjoy the same level of skillful artistry. Even if you do choose to invest in one, it won’t last as long as a wig engineered with gorgeous human hair.

Final Verdict

If you find yourself in a position to shop for wigs, you’ll need to consider your lifestyle, price point, and purpose for choosing a wig. While there are some instances when a synthetic wig will do, you just can’t match the quality and beauty of a human hair wig. It has all the characteristics of biological hair because that’s what it is.

Wigs made with human hair can be colored and styled and worn with confidence daily. They last longer than their synthetic counterparts, with a look and feel that is unparalleled in the industry. If you are in the market for a wig, choose a wig made with human hair.

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