30 Amazing Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas of 2024

Nowadays, the trend of trying different hair colors is on the rise. So, why don’t you try a gorgeous hair color and make your hair look attractive? And the color that can make your hair look instantly beautiful is strawberry blonde hair color.

If you saw someone with a hair color that confused you, whether red or blonde, then it is strawberry blonde. The strawberry blonde hair color combines light red shades and warm blonde hues. 

Stick here to learn about some of the beautiful strawberry blonde hair color ideas. We will also share all the other details regarding the strawberry blonde hair color. 

The Rising Popularity of Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Over the past few years, strawberry blonde hair color has experienced a surge in popularity, capturing the hearts of those searching for a distinct and captivating look.

This charming hue, blending luscious golden blondes with warm hints of red, offers a refreshing and playful alternative to traditional hair colors. Its versatility makes it even more appealing, as it complements a wide range of skin tones, infusing every hairstyle with a delightful warmth and vibrant energy.

The growing fascination with strawberry blonde can be attributed to its ability to effortlessly blend natural and bold elements, resulting in an enchanting and truly unique appearance that turns heads wherever you go.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Chart

Here is the picture of the strawberry blonde hair color chart.

strawberry blonde hair color

The shades of strawberry blonde hair color include:

  1. Red highlights
  2. Brownish strawberry blonde 
  3. Golden strawberry blonde
  4. Champagne strawberry blonde
  5. Copper strawberry blonde
  6. Strawberry blonde ombre
  7. Pink undertone
  8. Auburn strawberry blonde
  9. Soft strawberry blonde
  10. Peachy strawberry blonde
  11. Light strawberry blonde

Gorgeous & Best Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas

1. Strawberry Blonde Hair with Soft & Multi-Tonal Highlights

strawberry blonde hair color

Strawberry blonde hair will always stay in the trend. For that, you can add multiple tones. This will create an elegant look and give you a chic upgrade. 

2. Golden Pink, Strawberry Blonde

strawberry blonde hair color

This haircut is going to give you a look of Greek goddess. This hair color’s lovely copper undertones give the warm blonde an almost sparkling appearance. I bet these hair color will be stunning when you steps outside in the sunlight.

3. Strawberry Blonde with Front Highlights

strawberry blonde hair color

One of the most alluring blondes has strawberry-blonde hair. Its color has a delectably cold strawberry undertone. Combine it with front highlights that are a lighter shade of blondeThe strawberry blonde with front highlights can be a perfect look for you this year!

4. Subtle Strawberry Blonde Balayage Hair

strawberry blonde hair color

If you don’t want your full head to be covered by the strawberry blonde, then here is a good way to use the elements in your hair. Go for the subtle strawberry blonde balayage highlight in the light brown or the blonde hair to give it a beautiful glow. Thanks to the subdued red tones, your hair will have more dimension without being overbearing.

5. Dark-toned Strawberry Blonde

strawberry blonde hair color

For all the women, who like to have darker-toned hair, this is the style that will go well. The light blonde can give you movement & edge to the whole look. 

6. Light & Bright Strawberry Blonde

strawberry blonde hair color

By choosing this hair color, you can add brightness and shine to your hair. This can also be considered lightest variation of the strawberry blonde.

7. Metallic Strawberry Blonde Hair

strawberry blonde hair color

Flaunt your bold side with these amazing hair color for strawberry blonde. The look celebrates the metallic sheen that results from hair coloring and shows it off in all glory while the rest of the world attempts to avoid that brassiness. The shiny straight bob only serves to increase this look’s sheen. Your hair will gain dimension without being overly dominant.

8. Copper Strawberry Blonde Hair

strawberry blonde hair color

When we talk about this style, only three words come to our mind – sexy, sultry, and seductive! This hair color, strawberry blonde, which is a coppery color, gives the entire ensemble a hint of the metallic tone. This hair color is one you should choose if you want to go for strong and feisty appearance.

9. Strawberry Blonde Ombre Hair

strawberry blonde hair color

This is another one on our strawberry blonde hair color style list. You should choose this if you don’t want to let go of the dark tresses. You can just Ombre the lower half into beautiful shade of rosy, strawberry blonde. It will complement the chocolate brown lock very nicely.

10. Caramel Strawberry Blonde

hair color strawberry blonde

Just because you want to look blonde doesn’t mean you have to give up your brunette roots. The strawberry blonde hair color highlights brighten the entire look while the caramel blonde lends a dark undertone to your hair.

11. Pretty Pastel Peach Strawberry Blonde

hair color strawberry blonde

Envision a breathtaking fusion of soft pastel peach and delicate strawberry blonde tones. This ethereal blend creates a mesmerizing hair color that’s both whimsical and captivating, reminiscent of a romantic sunset on a summer’s eve.

12. Creamy Strawberry Blonde Hair

hair color strawberry blonde

The combination of cream & strawberry will give you a beautiful hair color! It gives you a gentle & romantic look. This look is perfect for attending special events. 

13. Strawberry Blonde with Orange Tones

hair color strawberry blonde

Are you looking for a simple color that you can style every day? If yes, just go with this style. Also, it will provide you with an elegant look.

14. Strawberry Champagne Hair Color

hair color strawberry blonde

When you see this stylish hairstyle, you’ll be reminded of mimosas (a cocktail). It contains strawberry blonde highlights with notes of peach and champagne. On folks with fair to medium complexion tones, it looks fantastic.

15. Strawberry Blonde with Copper Undertones

hair color strawberry blonde

This color mixes deep red and golden blonde tones with copper highlights. You can style this hair color in a lot of different ways. 

16. Multi-Hued Strawberry Blonde

hair color strawberry blonde

Imagine a captivating display of multi-hued strawberry blonde hair, with delicate variations of tones seamlessly blending together. This enchanting color combination creates a vibrant and dynamic look that’s as unique as you are.

17. Bold Red Strawberry Blonde Waves

hair color strawberry blonde

If you are fun-loving person, this vibrant color is a great choice. This color gives a bold & youthful look. 

18. Voluminous Strawberry Blonde Hair

hair color strawberry blonde

Imagine cascading waves of vibrant strawberry blonde hair flowing freely and voluminously. This captivating mane exudes an irresistible charm, blending the sweetness of strawberries with the fiery allure of a sun-kissed redhead.

19. Amethyst Strawberry Blonde Balayage

hair color strawberry blonde

These colors create a feminine look which can create an eye-catching look. This style can literally give you a princess look. 

20. Strawberry and Vanilla on Ice, Strawberry Blonde Hair

strawberry blonde hair color

If you want a hair color with a lot of pigmentation, then a combination of strawberry and vanilla can be perfect for you! 

21. Classic Red-Toned Strawberry-Blonde Hair

strawberry blonde hair color chart

Picture a naturally stunning mane of strawberry blonde hair with classic red undertones that add depth and richness. This timeless, effortlessly beautiful color evokes warmth and sophistication, making heads turn wherever you go.

22. Tangerine Strawberry Blonde

strawberry blonde hair color chart

Tangerine Strawberry Blonde is a refreshing and vibrant blend of citrusy tangerine and luscious strawberry flavors. This delightful drink boasts a golden hue with a hint of red, creating a visually appealing and deliciously fruity beverage that’s perfect for summer sipping. 

23. Strawberry Blonde Babylights

strawberry blonde hair color chart

Subtle baby lights are an amazing way to add a dash of color to your natural hair. If you have beautiful natural red hair, then you can simply add some lightness & dimensions. You can also try red hair with blonde highlights if you have natural red hair. 

24. Sun-Kissed Strawberry Locks, Strawberry Blonde

strawberry blonde hair color chart

You would love to wear this look in the warmer months. The brown-based color expertly blends blonde and mild red tones to create a style that is worn wonderfully in the shape of loose, tousled waves that may be simply created with a flat iron.

25. Super Bright Strawberry Blonde

strawberry blonde hair color chart

Do you want the look of a princess? Yes, you heard it right. You can get a similar look with shiny, shimmery hair. Try this hair look and see how fast you become the talk of the room. This look will instantly give you a shiny & bright look. 

26. Highlighted Strawberry Blonde

strawberry blonde hair color chart

Highlighted Strawberry Blonde is a stunning hair color that combines vibrant strawberry tones with beautifully placed highlights. This stylish and eye-catching look adds dimension and warmth to your locks, creating a gorgeous, natural-looking hairstyle that will turn heads.

27. Nude Peach Strawberry Blonde

strawberry blonde hair color chart

The best thing about strawberry blonde hair color is that you can incorporate a lot of shades into it as undertones. It elevates your entire look. In the above picture, you can see how strawberry blonde hair has been given a peachy undertone. 

28. Magenta-Toned Strawberry Hair Color

strawberry blonde hair color chart

If you want to take your strawberry blonde hair color to the next level, just go for Magenta toned strawberry hair color. When combined with blonde highlights, Magenta hues will make your look unique and make you stand out from the crowd. 

29. Bold and Beautiful Strawberry Blonde Ombre

strawberry blonde hair color chart

If you want your blonde ombre bolder, then go with this style. This style is best suited for all females having long hair. If you do not have long hair, you can also use extensions. 

30. Trendy Icy Strawberry Blonde Lob Strawberry Blonde Hair

strawberry blonde hair color chart

If you have dark roots, this hairstyle will look very good. The warm strawberry pink tones and ice blonde tones elegantly meld with the dark roots. This hairstyle would look fantastic on long hair and short lobs (long bobs).

How to Take Care of Strawberry Blonde Hair?

strawberry blonde hair color chart

Like all the other red-leaning colors, the strawberry blonde hair color may also be difficult to maintain at times. 

To maintain hair color strawberry blonde, you may need to adopt a particular hair care routine using color-protecting products. Use shampoo and conditioner as part of a regimen designed for colored hair. Use a weekly hair mask if you feel that the strands are dry. 

When hair has been subjected to repeated bleaching, dyeing, and heat styling, this solution can be used to repair and restore severely damaged hair.


What Color Is Strawberry Blonde Hair Color?

It is a blend of light red and blonde hues. 

What the Skin Tone Does Strawberry Blonde Look Best On?

In strawberry blonde, women with fair, cool, & neutral complexion tones look gorgeous.

What Is the Prettiest Hair Color?

Blonde is considered the prettiest hair color. 

What Is the Rarest Hair Color?

Red is considered the rarest hair color. 

What Hair Color Makes the Skin Look Brighter?

You can use neutral, beige-toned blonde color to make your skin look brighter. 

Final Thoughts:-

So, here we conclude our blog on strawberry blonde hair color. We advise you to try this amazing hair color; it instantly makes you look attractive. Whether you want to attend a party or want a color for daily use, there is a style for everyone.

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