30+ Amazing Tattoo on Neck for Women with FAQs

More people are getting inked today. However, if you ask people their preferred body parts for getting the tattoo, the neck won’t be their first choice.

Getting a tattoo is not just for fashion, it also has a meaning, but you need to get a specific tattoo that indicates some meaning. There are many tattoo on the neck for women ideas which they can get on their bodies.

The neck is more exposed than the arm and the back. Consequently, picking a neck tattoo requires extra consideration and meticulous application. The skin on the neck is quite thin, and thus it can cause much more pain than other body parts.

Why Do People Like to Get Neck Tattoos?

Getting a neck tattoo is tough, yet many people get tattoos on the neck because for people who want to show their values to the world, for them the neck is the perfect spot for the tattoo.

The elongated region is the ideal canvas for tattoos that stretch vertically, but it is not the most significant feature. Additionally, the tattoo draws attention to the neckline.

Many celebrities like Lucy Hale, Selena Gomez, Chris Brown, Rihanna, and many others have amazing neck tattoos.

Here, we will discuss meaningful neck tattoos for women.

Best Meaningful Neck Tattoos for Women

1. Simple Small Leaves Neck Tattoo

Simple Small Leaves Neck Tattoo

Let’s start with the basic small leaves tattoo. This basic tattoo is very popular among women. It is simple but gets a fresh vibe to the screen. A tiny, delicate leaf tattoo behind the neck is like a piece of jewelry created by the natural world.

2. Star Tattoo

Star Tattoo

Start tattoo is a very good option; you can get a tattoo of a single star or multiple stars. You can outline them or even fill them, get them in small or big sizes, as you wish. Do make sure to choose the neck size after considering your neck size.

3. Infinity Symbol

Infinity Symbol

The infinity symbol represents endless possibilities & potential. It is a very small tattoo but can be quite meaningful and empowering. Not only will it be meaningful, but it will also look cute.

4. Front Wings Neck Tattoo

Front Wings Neck Tattoo

Most front-neck tattoos feature gritty motifs. These tattoo designs are ideal for women that have an adventurous personalities. The wing tattoo will have 2 small bat wings. The neck is a sensitive spot, so make sure to select a good tattoo artist.

5. Asian Words and Butterfly Tattoo

Asian Words and Butterfly Tattoo

Asian phrases and symbols have always been well-liked tattoo subject matter. This gorgeous ensemble combines two well-liked styles. Not only is it pretty, but it’s also sweet & feminine.

6. Snake in Rose

Snake in Rose

A snake and a rose are classic tattoo designs, but they can be combined to produce a unique look. It is such a tattoo that may not suit everyone; thus, one needs to be brave to get this tattoo inked on the neck.

7. Heart Tattoo

Heart Tattoo

You can get a simple or detailed neck tattoo with a heart inked tattoo. As everyone knows, the heart is related to love, so one can get this tattoo as a symbol of love for someone or remind yourself of the role of self-love for you.

You can go with the normal red color heart, or if you want to go bold, then you can go for the black color heart.

8. Feather Tattoo

Feather Tattoo

One of the most widely used tattoo designs is the feather since it may be simplified and inked on a smaller scale.

The feather tattoo is not just good with the looks; it also has a meaning with it. It represents freedom & courage. The meaning will vary as per the species of the bird you choose. For example, the eagle’s feather will indicate bravery, and the peacock’s feather will indicate beauty.

9. Medusa Neck Tattoo

Medusa Neck Tattoo

Medusa neck tattoo is a very powerful and fascinating tattoo. If you want a bold tattoo, go for it; it also has rich symbolism.

This snake-haired maiden can be inked in various ways and looks amazing when inked, large or small.

The tattoo may also represent rebirth, retribution, or jealousy, depending on how you interpret her tale. It depicts female strength and power.

10. Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoo

Getting a cross tattoo can be a nice option for spiritual people. You can get a big or small cross tattoo as per your choice.

You can get a simple or stylish cross tattoo per your preference.

11. Quote Tattoo

Quote Tattoo

You can get a small quote on the neck. The quote will not only bring style but also inspire and motivate you. It will also reflect your thinking to people. The quote tattoo is considered classy female neck tattoos.

You can get your favorite quote inked in the neck if you have any favorite quotes. When you are getting the quote tattoo, make sure to select the best tattoo artist because this tattoo can be lengthy, and any mistake in such a tattoo can damage the tattoo.

12. ‘Blessed’ Tattoo

Blessed Tattoo

A “blessed” tattoo is the best option if you want a piece of body art that can convey a lot about your mental processes in just one word.

In this world of negativity, where we hardly appreciate things, the ‘blessed’ tattoo will remind you how many blessings you have in your life. It may include from small things to big things in your life. The tattoo will help you to stay grateful in this world.

13. Unalome Symbol Tattoo

Unalome Symbol Tattoo

Theravada Buddhism uses the Unalome as a spiritual symbol, as seen in this neck tattoo. The life path is represented by the straight line and the turns that follow. It’s also thought to stand for the path to enlightenment.

If you are familiar with Yoga, you will know about this tattoo. The tattoo can easily be found on yoga mats, outfits, and props.

14. Small Symbol Ornament Neck Tattoo

Small Symbol Ornament Neck Tattoo

The tattoo has simple shapes & lines. The tattoo has different meanings, which makes the tattoo professional and meaningful. Also, it takes less time, making it perfect for sensitive areas like the neck.

15. Small Daisy Tattoo on the Side of the Neck

Small Daisy Tattoo on the Side of the Neck

Each flower has a unique meaning. Regarding daisies, they stand for innocence, desire, and youth. They are ideal for teenage females because of their white and yellow tones. It is one of the best small side neck tattoo designs female.

16. Number Tattoo

Number Tattoo

Some numbers are close to our hearts, whether it is your own birth date or the birth date of your loved ones. It is a meaningful tattoo; thus, you can choose this one for your neck.

17. ‘Believe’ Tattoo

Believe Tattoo

You can get a ‘believe’ tattoo on the neck. The tattoo will remind you to believe in yourself. Whenever you feel low or demotivated, the tattoo will motivate you and help you to ‘believe’ in yourself.

18. Seven Chakras

Seven Chakras

The meaning of chakras is wheels. Seven primary chakras, or energy points, can be found within the human body: the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras.

It is said that when the energy flows fluently between the chakras, the person will stay healthy, joyful, and energetic. Thus, this tattoo will create a good impression and benefit your health and soul.

19. Black Rose

Black Rose

When it comes to roses, they have been one of the top choices for females. Going for the red roses will be very common; instead, you can go for the black rose to stand out from the crowd.

20. ‘Be Strong’ Tattoo

Be Strong Tattoo

In this life, you may face times when you get demotivated or feel low; at that times, you need something that can give you strength. A ‘Be Strong’ tattoo can provide strength, hope, and a reminder that you got it all; you can do this. Thus, it is a stylish tattoo and gives you strength.

21. Symmetrical Abstract Black Ink

Symmetrical Abstract Black Ink

This is one of those tattoos that are reserved for the brave. The entire pattern resembles flesh covered in ink dripping down the neck. It is one of the best neck tattoos for females.

22. Ouroboros Neck Tattoo

Ouroboros Neck Tattoo

A snake or dragon is shown as devouring its tail to form an enclosed circle in the ouroboros symbol. The Ouroboros thus represents completion and infinite. Additionally, it’s ideal for tattoos that wrap around the neck, wrist, or arm.

23. Floral Necklace Tattoo

Floral Necklace Tattoo

This tattoo will look like a necklace. In the center, just above the heart chakra, there is a tiny heart-shaped structure that connects the leaves. The unalome beneath it represents the wearer’s faith in her ability to discover light along the way. It is one of the best neck tattoos for females.

24. Dragons and Dagger Tattoo

Dragons and Dagger Tattoo

Both dragons & daggers represent power. Getting such a tattoo on a small area like the neck will be hard. If you want to get this tattoo, make sure to choose a good tattoo artist. It is a powerful tattoo that will give you strength in your tough times.

25. Black Butterfly

Black Butterfly

Butterflies serve as a symbol of change because they undergo metamorphosis before developing wings. You should get this tattoo if you are a person who accepts change and the discomfort that comes with development.

26. Bird Neck Tattoo

Bird Neck Tattoo

Bird tattoo represents freedom and adventure. The tattoo represents how you can feel free from the mental and physical challenges you face in your life, allowing you to live your life to your full potential.

You have a variety of options when it comes to getting a bird tattoo. You can choose the bird of your wish for the tattoo, but remember that different birds have different meanings. For example, the owl displays wisdom and mystery, while the eagle is linked with power.

27. ‘Never Give Up’ Tattoo

'Never Give Up' Tattoo

It is a common tattoo that you can find on many people. It is a basic tattoo that can reflect you’re not giving up attitude. Also, in hard times this tattoo can be very helpful to you.

28. Celtic Knot

Celtic Knot

The Celtic knot tattoo has many meanings but considering that they have no beginning or conclusion, they stand for an unshakable link. Despite being frequently shown in black, adding a significant color heightens the tattoo’s significance.

29. Anchor Tattoo

Anchor Tattoo

Whenever anyone hears about the anchor tattoo, then he or she thinks about sailors because earlier used to get this tattoo inked. Choose a fully filled-in design and use negative space for part of the features to give balance to make it stand out in an often-hidden position.

30. Tree Tattoo

Tree Tattoo

In case you want to stand out from the crowd, you can get a tree tattoo. It is a traditional emblem in many different cultures, religions, and philosophical systems.

Many meanings are attached to this tattoo, but its common meaning remains the same. The tattoo represents the interconnections of all life. If you are new to tattoos, then you can go for this tattoo.

31. Dog Paws Tattoo

Dog Paws Tattoo

If you are very close to their dog, you can only get a dog paw tattoo. Paws can also signify movement, particularly moving ahead and, in some ways, advancing. Your loyalty, love, and affection for your dog can be shown through dog paw tattoos. If you have a dog, it can be a good tattoo.

32. Bumblebee Neck Tattoo

Bumblebee Neck Tattoo

This adorable creature would look fantastic as a neck tattoo. Since ancient times, bees have been significant to many societies. These vibrantly colored insects are crucial to preserving a healthy ecosystem and the success of crop growth.

33. Fish Neck Tattoo

Fish Neck Tattoo

To be a little different, you can get a fish tattoo. The fish reflects strength, determination, prosperity, perseverance, fortune, and many things. You can get the tattoo in various colors; just choose the color of your choice.

The Koi Fish Neck Tattoo, Geometric Fish Neck Tattoo, Chinese Fish Neck Tattoo, Kissing Fish Neck Tattoo, Realistic Fish Tattoo, StarFish Neck Tattoo, and others are just a few of the highly popular fish tattoos.

34. Sunflower Neck Tattoo

Sunflower Neck Tattoo

The sunflower tattoo will look very beautiful on a woman’s neck. If you get in the color, then it will look more stunning. Sunflowers are related to hope & good luck; thus, they can remind you of positivity in this world of distress. It is one of the best cute side neck tattoos for females.

35. Zodiac Sign Tattoo

Zodiac Sign Tattoo

You can also get your zodiac sign tattoo on your neck. You can choose to get a small or big tattoo, and you also have the choice to get one in the color of your choice. It is a good small tattoo neck idea.


1. Are Neck Tattoos Attractive?

Neck tattoos look cool, bold, and rebellious. Thus, many people wish to get tattoos on their necks. If you choose the right tattoo, then it will look very attractive.

2. Do Neck Tattoos Hurt?

The neck area is considered quite sensitive, and thus you may face discomfort and pain if you choose to get a tattoo on the neck. However, the pain faced will vary from person to person.

3. Will the Neck Tattoo Fade?

The skin on the neck is very sensitive to exposure to the sun. Additionally, there is a lot of movement, rubbing from clothing, and other factors that could hasten the fading process in this area.

4. Is It a Good Idea to Get a Neck Tattoo?

Yes, it is a good choice or idea to get a neck tattoo. However, make sure to count on all the pros and cons of it before you go for the neck tattoo.

5. Are Neck Tattoos Unprofessional?

The neck tattoos are not entirely unprofessional; they are unprofessional only for conservative work environments. It also depends on which country you are living in and its culture.

Tattoo on Neck for Women

Final Thoughts

At last, we would say that neck tattoos look attractive; however, you need to be bold to get a neck tattoo. There are many neck tattoo ideas, and we have given some of the best ones in this blog. And most importantly, make sure to choose a good tattoo artist for your neck tattoo as the tattoo will stay permanent with you; so you need someone who is best at it and can ink in the best way.

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