30+ Latest & Stylish Tattoos Ideas For Men in 2024

Our body is a blank canvas, and tattoos will turn that canvas into an amazing work of art! In this blog we will explore some amazing tattoo ideas for men.

For many years tattoos have been one of the best ways to express our personalities, behavior, and style! Tattoos are popular among both men and women of all ages. Most of the time, women prefer to get delicate and intricate tattoo designs, and men usually go for something bold and statement tattoo designs that show their masculine side well. However, this can vary from person to person as everyone has their own style, taste, and personality.

Are you also planning to get a tattoo?

Deciding to go under the needle is hard but deciding which tattoo to get is even more difficult! From bold tattoo designs to small minimalist ones, there are thousands of options to choose from. Apart from this, where to get is another challenging thing that you have to go through in this process.

Are you going through the same dilemma? No worries, you’ve got to the right place!

Today in this blog, we’ve gathered up some of the best tattoo ideas for men. From bold animal tattoo designs to simple star tattoo designs, there are so many options of tattoo ideas for men in the list for every taste and style. So, keep reading till the end and decide which design will be best for your body.

Before getting into the tattoo ideas, first, let’s see the different places to get tattoos for men.

Locations of Tattoos for Men

When you’ve finally decided to get inked, the next step is to decide where you want to get a tattoo. Here is a list of different locations which can help you to decide the location for your next tattoo:

  • Hand
  • Forearm
  • Back
  • Shoulder
  • Leg
  • Sleeve
  • Chest
  • Knuckles
  • Ankle
  • Neck
  • Stomach
  • Rib
  • Inner Wrist
  • Face

Now let’s move on to the best tattoo designs for men:

30+ Best Tattoo Ideas For Men and Boys

1. Small Tattoos For Men

Small Tattoos For Men

If it’s your first ever tattoo or your little boy wants to get a tattoo, we recommend starting with a small tattoo design. Also, consider getting inked in a place that can be easy to cover. This is a smart idea if you are still studying in a college or working in a strict corporate office.

2. Bold Dragon Tattoo

Bold Dragon Tattoo

Another tattoo idea is for those who want something powerful and bold. This is a dragon tattoo that is huge, and it represents wisdom and fearlessness. This is one of the most popular tattoos among men of all ages. The dragon symbolizes different things in different cultures; for example, the Japanese Dragon Tattoo Meaning is good for rain, courage, and braveness. If you can correlate to that, you can get this one!

3. Cool Tribal Tattoos

Cool Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos look cool and symbolize important things about a culture and tradition. Tribal tattoos consist of bold gradients, interweaving patterns, and intricate designs. Tribal tattoos work great on the chest but also are one of the best arm tattoos for men. So get inspiration from these cool tattoos for men.

4. Powerful Lion Tattoo Ideas

Powerful Lion Tattoo Ideas

Do you want to show the world how courageous and brave you are? If yes, get a lion tattoo! This tattoo describes leadership and courage for men, as the lion is the jungle king.

You’ll be surprised to know that many male celebs including Ed Sheeran and Justin Beiber have Lion tattoos.

There are various different lion designs available; you can select any of them and get them on places like the chest or upper arm.

5. Simple Finger Tattoos Men

Simple Finger Tattoos Men

Don’t want to commit to big and large tattoo designs? No worries, we’ve got you! Start with these types of simple but really eye-catching tattoo designs for men.

These simple and minimalistic designs look fresh yet meaningful and are absolutely perfect for any age group. Ask your tattoo artist to give you some basic line shapes or small figures such as a fish, cat, or anything with which you can easily relate to.

6. Personalized Portrait Tattoo

Personalized Portrait Tattoo

If you want to honor someone special in your life or a celebrity, getting a meaningful tattoo is a great idea! These portrait tattoos will remind you of the significance of the individual in your life.

Make sure to get this type of tattoo from an experienced artist, as these require special skills. So research well about the tattoo artist or the tattoo place and ask them what exactly you want. You can also show them the picture and tell them whether you want a simple black tattoo or a colored one.

7. Fearless Wolf Tattoos

Fearless Wolf Tattoos

Wolves are known to stay in packs and protect their family in any situation. So if you’re a man who respects family values and wants to show the world that you’ll protect your family and loved ones, get a wolf tattoo.

Wolf tattoo designs also symbolize ritualism, loyalty, guardianship, and instinct. The perfect body parts to get inked are the upper arm, chest, and hands. These types can be seen in many Bollywood celebrities and singers like Halsey.

8. King Tattoo for Men

King Tattoo for Men

Every man is a king, and every woman is a Queen!

If you think the same, a king tattoo will be a great idea for you! Live a king-size life and show the world how strong and powerful you are.

9. Scary Skull Tattoo

Scary Skull Tattoo

Many people believe that the skull represents death! However, today a skull can represent a wide range of different meanings. Men and women have both loved to get these skull tattoos for many decades, and it is also one of the common thigh tattoos for mens.

Many designs and variations are available, such as skulls with flowers and skulls with snakes. You can select the design or customize it that you believe shows your unique personality.

10. Nocturnal Bird Tattoo Idea: Owl

Nocturnal Bird Tattoo Idea: Owl

If you’re considering getting a bird tattoo, an owl can be a good option!

Owls represent wisdom and knowledge so, your tattoo will speak wisdom and mystery. This bird has important significance in many cultures across the globe. For example, Native Americans believe that an owl is an omen of death and a messenger. So if you have a mysterious and secret side of yours, get this tattoo!

11. Mysterious Phoenix Tattoo For Men

Mysterious Phoenix Tattoo For Men

Do you believe in rebirth and renewal? If yes, there is no better tattoo idea for you than a Pheonix tattoo! This is a mythical bird that has origins in Greek and Egypt.

You can get this tattoo design in various colors, such as reds, oranges, and yellow, with intricate details.

12. Latest 3D Tattoo Idea For Men

Latest 3D Tattoo Idea For Men

Have you ever heard of 3D tattoos? If not, take a look at the above pictures, and you’ll get an idea of how a 3D tattoo looks in reality. If you want to try something different and unique, you can get inked with this one design with optical illusions. However, make sure to get it done by a professional, as the wrong person can mess up the design, and you’ll end up with a horrible-looking tattoo.

13. Meaningful Lettering Tattoos

Meaningful Lettering Tattoos

These tattoos are simple but really meaningful. There are many designs available, from the lyrics of your favorite song to a quote that means to you. Look at the above images for reference.

14. Cross Tattoo Design For Men

Cross Tattoo Design For Men

Stay protected and under the guidance of Jesus Christ with this cross tattoo! This is a Christian religious symbol that symbolizes the sacrifices Jesus made to give important messages to humanity.

15. Hand Tattoos For Men

Hand Tattoos For Men

Another great location to get tattoos is your hands!

Yes, your hands and fingers are the best places to show some art. All you need to do is to be creative and pick the designs suitable for the hands. You can take inspiration from the above images. If you’re planning to get inked on both of your hands, make sure to get symmetrical designs and patterns.

16. Crown Tattoo For Boys

Crown Tattoo For Boys

Are you the king of your own life? If yes, show it to the world with this really fancy and cool crown tattoo!

This tattoo relates to the king and his royalty. While a crown tattoo can symbolize these values, remember Counterpunch Tattoo Removal Services are available if your priorities shift.

17. Religious Tattoos For Men

Religious Tattoos For Men

Religious tattoos are highly personal and specific to different cultures and their values. Take the example of the dove, which is related to Christianity, and Buddha is important to Buddhists.

So, select the design or pattern which is related to your religion or to which you can truly relate. These tattoos are spiritual and encourage you to move forward in your life.

18. Star Tattoos Ideas

Star Tattoos Ideas

Star tattoos will be an excellent choice if you’re a science person and are into space. Stars represent hope and guidance. Even ancient people used stars as their guide to sail a boat. This is another popular shoulder tattoos for men.

The best thing about this tattoo design is that you can personalize it according to your style. You can also add other astronomical signs and designs like zodiac signs and stars.

19. Money Tattoos For Men

Money Tattoos For Men

Attract more money into your life with a money tattoo!

This is not true, but if you’re ambitious and have goals in your mind, this money tattoo can be a great option for you. You can show people that you’re money-minded and already have future plans ready to make more money and get rich!

20. Angel Tattoo Ideas

Angel Tattoo Ideas

Don’t think that angel tattoos are for girls and women. That’s because angels guide and protect us; anyone can have them as a tattoo! The angel wings can honor the passed loved one or also symbolize dedication and devotion to your spiritual path.

21. Minimalist Tattoo Ideas For Men

Minimalist Tattoo Ideas For Men

If you’re a person who doesn’t like large and bold tattoo designs or looking for small and simple tattoo designs for men, you should get a minimal tattoo. These minimalist tattoos will say more with less design.

These tattoos are created with lines, limited shading, and little detailing, yet they look absolutely stunning. Another great thing about these tattoos is that they will not hurt as compared to other designs.

22. Fun Music Tattoos

Fun Music Tattoos

If you’re a music fan and want to feel it all the time, the music-inspired tattoo will be perfect! You can get musical symbols like musical notes or musical instruments like guitars. This is a fun and creative tattoo idea for those people who want something different.

23. Fantastic Arrow Tattoos

Fantastic Arrow Tattoos

Get a simple and straightforward tattoo: an Arrow tattoo!

This may look simple, but it has a strong message of strength and aim. The arrow symbol is also associated with Native American culture, where these people used it for hunting and also used for protection.

24. Cool Feather Tattoos

Cool Feather Tattoos

Another bird-related tattoo idea for men is feathers! This is not just a random tattoo idea; it actually represents freedom and travel! So if you’re a free soul and believe in freedom, you can get this tattoo design on your arm or shoulder. Feather tattoo patterns and designs are unisex, so both girls and boys of any age can try this idea and show their personality to the world.

It also has a deep religious meaning, such as in Christianity, it symbolizes virtue, and native Americans believe that feathers are associated with souls and spirits.

25. Zodiac Scorpion Tattoo

Zodiac Scorpion Tattoo

Does your Zodiac sign Scorpio?

Here’s a great tattoo idea for you, get a scorpion!

This is another famous forearm tattoo for men. These have been used for many years. The meaning of this specific tattoo is connected to both respect and fear. Some people use this symbol to warn others not to get too close to them. The Scorpio is also connected to protection or strength. So if you feel connected to this symbol, you can get inked with this particular tattoo design.

26. Neck Tattoos For Men

Neck Tattoos For Men

If you’re looking for statement tattoo designs, here is another interesting one for you! These neck tattoos are only for daring people because it is a bit risky to get inked in this part of the body. Instead of colored tattoos, go with the designs in black and gray shades as they look more beautiful at this part.

27. Family Crest Tattoo

Family Crest Tattoo

Honor your heritage and life with these family crest tattoos. You can get these tattoos on various body parts from the chest and back to the arm and back. This tattoo literally speaks about heritage, pedigree, and family honor.

28. Meaningful Tattoo For Men

Meaningful Tattoo For Men

These tattoos are deeply personalized and are quite close to one’s heart. That’s why it need not be necessary and meaningful to everyone. You can use names, dates of birth, or symbols to pay tribute to someone. These forearm tattoos for men will be a reminder of them for you!

29. Poisonous Snake Tattoos

Poisonous Snake Tattoos

Want to have an edgy and badass tattoo? Get a snake on your arm! I mean a tattoo, not a real one!

These tattoos may look fierce and fearful, but they actually look pretty cool. You can pick any snake design for yourself, from colorful snake designs to small outline ones.

30. Full Moon Tattoos

Full Moon Tattoos

The Bottom Line

Another sky and space-inspired tattoo design is the moon design. You can literally convert the moon into an artistic tattoo. You can even use a realistic picture of a moon to get the exact same design. You can also take inspiration from the above images.

So these are some of the best tattoo designs for men.

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