17+ Best Sustainable Clothing Brands to Try This Year


A sustainable lifestyle with organic fashion is the new Millennial trend. From celebrities to social media influencers, literally, everyone is promoting sustainable fashion so that people will stop purchasing clothes made from chemical-laced fabrics and dyes that are harmful to the environment. These days, people prefer sustainable clothing brands over fast fashion because most fast fashion brands only focus on speed and low production costs. This manufacturing approach is harmful and bad for the environment. 

Gone were the days when sustainable clothing had suspiciously scratchy styles which gave an unflattering look. Today various sustainable clothing brands in the market offer ethical and eco-friendly clothing. 

These ethical clothing brands use recycled materials and natural fabrics like cotton to create trendy and comfy clothes for men, women, and kids. 

Are you also looking for authentic, sustainable clothing brands? We’ve got you covered! 

In this post, we’ve gathered up more than seventeen ethical clothing brands which use recycled and organic materials, dyes, and methods to make apparel. You can invest in these eco-friendly clothing brands to build a sustainable wardrobe.  

Let’s dive in.

17+ Most Sustainable Clothing Brands in 2022

1. Kotn

sustainable clothing brands

Source: ctfassets.net

Based In: Toronto, Canada

Certifications:  Certified B Corp, BCI certified organic cotton, and OEKO-TEX certified nontoxic dyes

Size Range: XXS–XXL; up to US 16

Many people have cotton clothes, but how about having Egyptian cotton wardrobe staples? Sounds great, right? We’re talking about the clothing line from Kotn’s ultra-soft basics that look good on you and feel good on the skin. 

This Certified B Corp brand uses only BCI-certified organic cotton and OEKO-TEX-certified non-toxic dyes. From adult basics and loungewear to accessories and other clothing pieces, many options exist. 

2. Levi’s

sustainable clothing brands

Source: target.com

Based In: California, USA

Certifications: Sustainable fabrics

Size Range: 2XS–4X; up to US 28

Levi’s is a popular international clothing brand known for making adult & children’s apparel and outerwear. It has centres in over 100 countries and is popularly known for its exclusive denim clothing. 

3. Quince

sustainable clothing brands

Source: ctfassets.net

Based In: San Francisco, CA

Certifications: BCSI-certified and OEKO-TEX certified

Size Range: XS-XL; up to US 16

If you’re looking for a brand with ethical production and that uses sustainable & organic materials, Quince will be a great option! You can explore many wonderful clothing items, including Mulberry silk tops, cashmere cardigans, and sustainably sourced leather bags

4. Boody

sustainable clothing brands

Source: shopify.com

Based In: Sydney, AUS

Certifications: OEKO-TEX & ECOCERT certified bamboo and WRAP certified

Size Range: XS–4XL

Love the bamboo basics? Buy the incredible range of adult & children’s apparel from Boody! It is one of the sustainable brands that support clothing made from fast-growing, sustainable, and anti-bacterial bamboo. 

You can get anything from cozy leggings and activewear to casual bodysuits and soft loungewear.  

5. Whimsy + Row

sustainable clothing brands

Source: zerrin.com

Based In: California, USA

Certifications: Deadstock & certified organic materials

Size Range: XS-XL

If you are tired of looking for feminine tops and dresses and still can’t find the best one? Check out the Whimsy + Row brand. This is one of the cute sustainable clothing brands that make high-quality apparel for women to achieve a sleek and modern look.

6. Thought Clothing

sustainable clothing brands

Source: settingmind.com

Based In: London, UK

Certifications: GOTS certified, and ECOCERT certified

Size Range: XS–XXL; up to US 16

Thought clothing is a London-based clothing brand that creates beautiful, timeless fashion without harming the environment. There are multiple options in adult apparel, loungewear, intimates, and fashion accessories. 


sustainable clothing brands

Source: shopify.com

Based In: New York, USA

Certifications: OEKO-TEX 

Size Range: 2XS–2XL; up to US 18

ADAY is known as one of the best sustainable clothing brands. It creates comfy and elevated workwear for women. It uses great eco-friendly fabrics such as LENZING™ Modal and regenerated REPREVE® polyester.

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8. Summersalt

sustainable clothing brands

Source: shopify.com

Based In: Missouri, USA

Certifications: WRAP-accredited factories

Size Range: XS–2X; up to US 24

This travel wear brand offers stylish and comfortable swimwear, athleisure, and loungewear. There are so many different styles, designs, and colors, including interesting color-blocking one-pieces to light and flowy sweaters. 

9. Pact

sustainable clothing brands

Source: wearpact.com

Based In: Colorado, USA

Certifications: Fair Trade Certified, GOTS certified organic cotton

Size Range: XS–2XL; up to US 20

Pact is another famous fair trade clothing brand that makes super-soft sustainable clothes. Numerous options exist, from organic cotton basics and underwear to adult and children’s basics. 

10. Boden

ethical clothing brands

Source: shopify.com

Based In: London, UK

Certifications: BCI certified 

Size Range: XS-XL; up to US 22

Looking for sustainable dresses for your next party? We’ve got you!

This is one of the ethical clothing brands known as Boden has amazing clothing options for both adults and kids. You can find many gorgeous pieces on their website, from stunning silhouettes to whimsical patterns. 


ethical clothing brands

Source: thegreenhubonline.com

Based In: California, USA

Certifications: Deadstock, GOTS certified

Size Range: XS-XL; up to US 18

Create a sustainable wardrobe with VETTA. This brand has some of the best staple clothing items that will last longer, and you can create more than 30 outfits from them. It only uses eco-friendly, recycled, and deadstock fabrics. 

12. Two Days Off

ethical clothing brands

Source: shopify.com

Based In: California, USA

Certifications: Climate-Neutral Certified

Size Range: XS–4XL; up to US 26

This is an ethical and woman-owned clothing brand based in California, USA. All the clothes have materials with natural fibers or deadstock fabrics. Also, everything is made in small batches to avoid excess waste. Here you can get soft and comfy apparel, outerwear, bath & body, home goods, and fashion accessories.  

13. Tradlands

ethical clothing brands

Source: seasons-and-salt.com

Based In: California, USA

Certifications: natural & deadstock materials

Size Range: XXS–5X; up to US 24

The main goal of this ethical brand is to create only high-quality, sustainable essentials for women in all shapes and sizes. All the staples and pieces here come with great fit, details, and quality. 

14. Reformation

ethical clothing brands

Source: thereformation.com

Based In: California, USA

Certifications:  Climate Neutral Certified

Size Range: XXS–3X; up to US 24

Everyone is aware of this amazing brand Reformation. From cute summer dresses to winter essentials, you can get everything here. It only uses sustainable & regenerative fabrics to make on-trend sustainable clothing.  

15. Outerknown

ethical clothing brands

Source: shopify.com

Based In: California, USA

Certifications: Fair Labor Association & Bluesign certified manufacturing

Size Range: XS-XL; up to US 16

Even after looking in many stores and online, you have not found the perfect jeans? No worries, just try jeans from Outerknown! This is one of the trendy sustainable clothing brands that have many durable classics that transcend season. Apart from jeans, don’t forget to look at the swimwear, outerwear, accessories, bags, and shoes. 

16. Girlfriend Collective

ethical clothing brands

Source: glamour.com

Based In: Washington, USA

Certifications: SA8000 certified ethical production

Size Range: XXS–6X; up to US 32

Are you searching for a brand where you can get activewear, swimwear, and maternity clothes altogether? Look no more; Girlfriend Collective is the ultimate stop for you! Another great thing is that all the pieces are available in sizing range from XXS to 6X. 

17. Sotela

ethical clothing brands

Source: pinimg.com

Based In: California, USA

Certifications: organic & sustainable materials

Size Range: 0–30

Bloating, weight change, or pregnancy could be any reason behind our changing body appearance. Even a slight change in a body makes some people anxious, and they’ve to switch their clothing frequently. 

But not anymore! Sotela creates a wonderful and body-positive clothing line for women. From flexible sizing to a relaxed fit, these sustainable clothes have many benefits. Check them out now! 

18. Cuyana

ethical clothing brands

Source: cuyana.com

Based In: California, USA

Certifications: OEKO-TEX & GOTS certified

Size Range: XS-XL; up to US 14

Are you a modern woman looking for modern but minimal clothing pieces? If yes, Cuyana can fulfill your wish! You can build your wardrobe with elegant and long-lasting capsule pieces. This brand also offers sleepwear, loungewear, bags, home goods, and accessories. 

Sustainable Clothing Brands: Final Thoughts

So these are the best sustainable clothing brands you can try in 2022. 

We hope this post on ethical clothing brands has helped you buy some sustainable and fashionable clothes. If you like this post on eco friendly clothing brands, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family members looking for organic clothing options. 

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