Best 80s Fashion Men Outfits and Style Ideas

Today, everyone looks back at the time and wants to try some great trends from the old times. And, when we talk about the old times, the 80s is one of the most interesting phases. 80s fashion men are very stylish and cool.

The 80s men’s fashion is full of designs and attractive colors. The 80s fashion can instantly elevate your entire look easily.

To date, the 80’s fashion hasn’t lost its charm, and thus, we will be discussing the best 80s fashion trends for men.

What Did the 1980s Look Like for Men’s Fashion?

If we talk about the 80s fashion men, we can describe that era in three words – bold, colorful, and excessive.

In the 80s outfits men were ruled by ripped jeans and biker jackets. However, it was much more than just its most overt fashion statements.

The 1980s fashion has a different vibe; when you adopt this fashion style, you can feel that vibe.

1. Bomber Jackets

80s fashion men

Bomber jackets were a popular trend in 80s fashion men, particularly among young men. The jackets, originally designed for pilots during World War II, were made of nylon or leather and had a distinctive, sporty look.

In the 80s fashion for men, bomber jackets became even more popular due to their association with the punk and new wave music scenes. They were often worn with skinny jeans or leather pants paired with studded belts and combat boots.

Bomber jackets were also popular among hip-hop and rap music fans and were often customized with patches, embroidery, or airbrushed designs. They were frequently worn with high-top sneakers and gold chains.

Bomber jackets were an iconic part of 80s fashion men, and their popularity continues to this day.

2. Baggy Jeans

80s fashion men

The trend of hip-hop in the 80s changed how denim was worn. At that time, baggy or loose jeans became extremely popular. Many men started wearing these types of jeans to copy the style of their favorite hip-hop star and look cool.

The baggy jeans were stylish and comfortable to wear; thus, many people adopted this trend.

Today, many men are adopting this trend and wearing baggy jeans. Many fashion icons and models can be seen wearing baggy jeans nowadays.

3. Leather Jackets

80s fashion men

In the 80s, almost every boy wore a leather jacket. It became popular when many rock stars and bikers started wearing these jackets. The leather jacket gave a bad-boy kind of vibe!

Today, leather jackets have been widely adopted, and you can see many men styling this jacket. These jackets elevate the style quotient of boys.

4. Tracksuits

80s fashion men

Tracksuits have never gone out of style since the 80s. Tracksuits were not an invention of the 80s. However, after the 80s hip-hop acts, many artists started wearing tracksuits, which was when the new trend started. The tracksuit materials have improved or changed a lot over the years, but the basic principle remains the same – it is considered proactive clothing that can be worn for the gym.

Today, you can see the high acceptance of tracksuits. Many people wear tracksuits as they find them very comfortable. In the 80s, people used to wear it for the gym, but nowadays, people wear it almost everywhere. You can even see celebrities wearing tracksuits at the airport. So, it is a very comfortable styling option which we can see highly in trend.

5. High Top Sneakers

80s fashion men

The trend of high-top sneakers was on fire in the 80s, and all the credit for this goes to Michael Jordan. The craze was so high that Nike introduced sneakers named Air Jordan. It made an industry-wide trend, making high-top sneakers very popular.

If we see around today, we don’t need to mention the craze of high-top sneakers because you can see it everywhere! High-top sneakers have become a style statement.

6. Power Suits

80s fashion men

As the name suggests, power suits will make you look powerful, and this trend never became out of style. In the 80s, men who wore these 80s fashion men’s suits were considered upper class and were respected.

In the current scenario, the CEOs wear power suits a lot. Also, many professionals wear it at meetings and other professional events.

7. Neon Outfits

80s fashion men

Neon was one of the hottest colors in the 80s outfit men. Both shirts and pants were full of color to help them stand out. Yellow, pinks, and oranges were very popular colors at that time.

Today, people do wear neon, but they are selective about it. Younger girls prefer wearing neon more than men. As a man, you can pair neon with some black pants.

8. Double Denim

80s fashion men

Double denim, also known as the “Canadian tuxedo,” was a popular fashion trend in the 1980s, where individuals wore two pieces of denim fabric clothing. This could include a denim jacket paired with denim jeans, a denim shirt worn with denim shorts, or a denim skirt.

The denim fabric used in this style was often a stonewashed or faded blue, giving it a relaxed and casual look. Some people would even wear different shades of denim together for a more eclectic and daring look.

The double denim trend was popularized by celebrities such as Bruce Springsteen and Britney Spears, and it quickly became a staple in fashion during the 1980s. The trend has returned today, with many designers and fashion brands incorporating double denim into their collections.

In the current scenario, double denim is not as popular as in the 80s, but it has quite a hold. It is not widely accepted as in the 80s because today, some men feel that they will stand out in the crowd and will not look right if they style the double denim.

9. Mullets

80s fashion men

Mullets are a gorgeous hairstyle from men’s 80s fashion. Many popular stars in the 80s adopted the mullet hairstyle. In this style, the hair is kept short in front and inside and long in the back.

Many people still fan mullet hairstyle and want to adopt it. However, very few can style the mullet hairstyle with natural hair. This hairstyle is very hard to style with natural hair; thus, you can consider buying a mullet wig to get this style.

10. Oversized Printed Shirts

80s fashion men

Many men in the 80s used to wear oversized printed shirts. It was a huge style back then in the 80s. The oversized shirts used to have crazy and fun patterns, catching everyone’s attention towards them.

Today, many people style oversized shirts, but it is nowhere like the 80s because the shirts were very much oversized back then.

11. Ripped and Cropped Jeans

80s fashion men

In the 80s, Levi’s was the go-to store for jeans; they sold every type of jeans, whether ripped, cropped, or heavy wash. Among all these styles, ripped and cropped jeans were the most popular. At that time, many kids used to wear their jeans by rolling them up to show off their shoes.

Jeans are still popular and always be popular. You can find any type of jeans easily out there. Everyone wears jeans as they are stylish and suitable for many set-ups. You can even notice the rise in the ripped and cropped jeans trend.

12. Logo and Phrase T-shirts

80s fashion men

T-shirts were just as popular back then as today, although they were a little bit bigger. But concertgoers, sports fanatics, and others who just wanted to be lazy at home frequently wore them. The popularity of phrase and logo t-shirts skyrocketed in the 1980s, whether it be a slogan significant to the wearer, something humorous, or their preferred brand.

This style is very much in trend today as well. You will easily find someone wearing such T-shirts. These T-shirts are fashionable as well as comfortable. Many celebrities also style these types of t-shirts.

13. Ear Piercings and Highlights

80s fashion men

In the 80s, the trend of ear piercings skyrocketed, and almost every teenager would ask their parents to get his ear pierced. Some teenagers used to get their hair highlighted as well, along with their ears pierced.

Ear piercings have become a prominent trend in recent years, with people experimenting with various placements and styles to create unique and personalized looks. Highlights in hair have also remained a popular trend in recent years. Highlights involve adding lighter or contrasting shades of color to sections of the hair, creating dimension and depth.

14. Hawaiian Shirts

80s fashion men

The Hawaiian shirts fall into the extreme category but were a great fashion trend back in the 80s. It became popular as the character of a TV show. The show was Magnum PI, and the character was Tom Selleck. The character used to wear these kinds of shirts. Another famous person who made these shirts was Jimmy Buffet with his popular song “Margaritaville’.

Today, Hawaiian shirts are not as famous as in the 80s. Still, they are returning as many luxurious brands and designers are launching their versions of the floral fashion trend. You can pair these shirts with loose-fitting shorts.

80s fashion men
80s fashion men
80s fashion men
80s fashion men
80s fashion men
80s fashion men
80s fashion men
80s fashion men
80s fashion men
80s fashion men


1. What Shoes Did Men Wear in the 80s?

High-top sneakers and high-top shoes were some of the most popular in the 80s.

2. What Was Popular in the 80s?

The 80s look for guys was all about bright colors, bold silhouettes, and excess.

3. How Do You Dress 80s Style?

If you want to style the 80s trend in the current era, then begin with selecting the fashion style – like hip hop, preppy, or rock. Invest in 80s clothing pieces like faded jeans, bomber jackets, and tees.

4. What Were the 1980s Known For?

The era was known for materialism and consumerism.

5. How Did Black Men Dress in the 80s?

The 80s fashion of black men was all about psychedelic prints, oversized garments, and washed denim

Final Thoughts

At last, we would say that 80s fashion men were quite impressive. Men can adopt many good trends today and look super stylish. We have mentioned some of the coolest trends of the 80s that can look amazing today.

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