10+ Best Tote Bags for Women in 2024

Women often struggle a lot when it comes to keeping things organized when going out. All those stylish and fashionable handbags can only carry a few essentials.

This is the main reason why the majority of women are turning towards spacious and reliable tote bags. Do you know the tote bag market is expected to be worth $3.60 billion by 2023?A tote bag is a simple yet large bag with parallel handles on the sides. These bags were often used for grocery shopping because of their comfort and ease of carrying. However, nowadays, tote bags have become quite trendy, and you can spot at least 5 out of 10 women carrying them.

The biggest advantage of these bags is that they offer great space to carry all your essentials like wallet, keys, water bottle, shades, phone charger, ear pods, makeup, etc. With the growing demand, tote bags have become quite fashionable. Now, you can find these bags in different styles, colors, patterns, and materials. This makes it pretty difficult to choose just one bag. If you are someone who is planning to buy a tote bag but is confused with all the options available online, we can help.

In this guide, we are going to discuss the 10+ best tote bags for women. From large totes to canvas tote bags, we have options for anyone and everyone.

So, let’s get started!

1. Marc Jacobs Women’s The Large Tote Bag

Marc Jacobs Womens The Large Tote Bag

Gone are the days when totes were only available in local brands. Nowadays, you can even buy branded totes from popular brands like Marc Jacobs. This is an imported large-size tote bag, which makes it perfect for carrying multiple items.

This bag is made from canvas fabric and has the Marc Jacobs logo printed in big font. The best thing about this bag is that it comes with a zip closure to keep everything secured and safe.

It is made from high-quality material and will last for a long time. This sturdy bag is perfect for work as well as daily hustle. You can easily keep your laptop as well as other office essentials in the bag with ease. 

Moreover, it is available in different colors. You can choose from 7 beautiful colors to perfectly match all your dresses. 

  • Material: Canvas
  • Color: Slate green, beige multi, black, blue shadow, slate, beige, and wasabi
  • Size: Length (16.25 inches) and Height (13 inches)
  • Can Be Used For: Office, daily use, traveling, and shopping
  • Branded designer bag
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Zip closure
  • Large and spacious
  • Available in many colors
  • Expensive
  • Simple design

2. KROSER Laptop Tote Bag

KROSER Laptop Tote Bag

If you are looking for large tote bags for women that fall in the affordable price range, the KROSER Laptop Tote Bag is the best option. It is clear from the name of this bag that it is mostly used for carrying laptops.

What makes this bag stand out is its modern features. You can conveniently charge your phone while on the road with the integrated USB connector. The port is conveniently accessible and situated on the rear side of your luggage.  

Made from premium nylon fabric, it has a quilted design that gives it an incredibly fashionable appearance. But in spite of its size, the bag has sturdy, long-lasting handles and is lightweight and comfortable to carry. 

This bag has a large main compartment with multiple inside sections to keep everything organized, as well as an accessible front pocket. Everything fits in there, including wallets, notebooks, and devices like iPads and laptops.

  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: Beige, gray, gray pink, haze blue and black quilted
  • Size: Length (15.5 inches) and Height (12.8 inches)
  • Can Be Used For: Work, college, business trips, and daily use
  • Large size bag
  • Built-in USB port
  • Multiple internal pockets
  • Beautiful quilted pattern
  • Water-resistant
  • Port is not for MacBook charging
  • May appear too formal

3. Nodykka Women Tote Bags

Nodykka Women Tote Bags

Nodykka is one of the best leather tote bags for women that anyone can afford. This bag is cheaper than most tote bags available online and comes with great quality. Made from high-quality PU faux leather, this bag will keep all your stuff safe in rainy weather.

Unlike most totes, it doesn’t come with a zipper but a magnetic button instead. This makes it easy to open and close. It is a medium-size bag with dual handles on the side. You can easily carry it on your shoulder or around your forearm. 

The fact that this bag comes in over thirty colors is its greatest selling point. It comes in a variety of hues that go well with whatever you own. It holds ample room for your makeup items, a small laptop, and a notebook.  

  • Material: Faux leather
  • Color: Gray, black, gold, bronze, blue, blue, purple, etc.
  • Size: Length (17.44 inches) and Height (13.23 inches)
  • Can Be Used For: Work, shopping, weekend trips and parties 
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Material is durable
  • Cost-effective
  • Multipurpose bag
  • Available in many colors
  • No zipper closure
  • Few pockets only

4. Montana West Tote Bags for Women

Montana West Tote Bags for Women

Tote bags can be stylish, and the Montana West tote is the perfect example. If you are looking for a bag that’s more about visual appeal, this product is right for you. However, this doesn’t mean that the bag lacks practicality.  

The Montana West tote bags for women are the best combination of style and functionality. It comes in multiple colors and designs to suit every occasion. Unlike other totes, it has a beautiful pattern design on the exterior.

It is made from PU vegan leather and comes with an elegant metal detailing handle. Yes, the handles are made of metal to make the bag more appealing. The part where the bag lies on your shoulder is made from leather to offer comfort. This bag is spacious enough to carry your book, keys, iPad, wallet, sunglasses, and even a small umbrella.

  • Material: PU leather
  • Color: Tan, gray/black, coffee/brown, leopard, beige, black, etc.
  • Size: Length (14.8 inches) and Height (11 inches)
  • Can Be Used For: Parties, events, office, college, etc. 
  • Very stylish
  • Quality material
  • Large capacity
  • Vegan leather
  • 90 days warranty
  • Chain makes it heavy
  • Handle is a bit short

5. KALIDI Women Corduroy Tote Bag

KALIDI Women Corduroy Tote Bag

The KALIDI tote bag for women is by far one of the most comfortable bags to carry. It is made from corduroy material and is very lightweight. The size is big but appears compact, which makes it perfect for carrying multiple items.

While the design is simple, it is available in many different colors. It is made for casual use and long-term use. The material is strong and waterproof to keep everything safe.

It is also skin-friendly and machine-washable. You can easily clean it if the bag ever gets dirty. Another feature of this bag is its zippered main compartment with 2 internal slot pockets to keep all your essentials organized. Overall, it is easy to use, practical, and convenient. 

  • Material: Corduroy
  • Color: Army green, black, brown, pink, purple, yellow, etc. 
  • Size: Length (17 inches) and Height (15.75 inches)
  • Can Be Used For: Grocery shopping, traveling, and casual use
  • Large capacity
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Anti-theft structure
  • Multipurpose use
  • Washable 
  • Can be a bit flimsy
  • Zip quality is average
  • Zip quality is average

6. TOPDesign Utility Tote Bag for Women

TOPDesign Utility Tote Bag for Women

 If you are looking for a tote bag with multiple pockets to keep all your essentials arranged, this is the best option. TOPDesign tote bags for women are all about space and utility. It comes with 13 interior and exterior pockets for storing everything in order.

Moreover, it comes with a top zipper for safety and security. The thick bottom support helps you to easily carry even heavy items with ease. It is made from polyester fabric and is machine-washable. The bag is also scratch-resistant and durable and comes in different colors and sizes. 

  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Black, blue, brown, green ethnic, gray, pink, red, etc.
  • Size: Length (14.5 inches) and Height (10.75 inches)
  • Can Be Used For: School, college, work, shopping and traveling
  • Multiple storage pockets
  • Durable and scratch-resistant fabric
  • Top zipper and thick bottom
  • Available in many sizes and colors
  • 1-year guarantee
  • No separate padded pocket to laptop
  • May smell like chemicals

7. Carhartt Legacy East West Tote

Carhartt Legacy East West Tote

Carhartt offers one of the best tote bags for women when it comes to durability. It is a branded bag with a top zipper to keep all your essentials safe. Carhartt is a trusted brand with more than 130 years of expertise in manufacturing bags. This bag is extremely strong and can last for a long time, even with rough use. 

It is made from 600 denier polyester material, which is water repellent. In terms of size, it has a spacious main compartment with divider pockets. You will also get 2 exterior pockets to keep your wallet and change. 

  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Black and Carhartt brown
  • Size: Length (16.5 inches) and Height (13.5 inches)
  • Can Be Used For: Office, traveling, everyday use, and shopping
  • Carhartt trust and promise
  • Extremely durable
  • Versatile tote bag
  • Spacious compartment with multiple pockets
  • Secure zipper
  • Available in only two colors
  • Material is a bit stiff

8. Kattee Genuine Leather Women Tote Bag

Kattee Genuine Leather Women Tote Bag

The majority of the tote bags for women are composed of polyester or imitation leather. But Kattee offers premium-quality, real leather totes. It is a capacious, fashionable, and vintage tote bag.

It is constructed entirely of split cow leather and features a secure zipper closure. The bag is easy to carry because of its large straps. You can also adjust the straps as per your height. This way, you can even use it as a cross-body bag. Overall, it is a great bag with lots of space.

  • Material: Genuine leather
  • Color: Black, blue, maroon, orangey brown, and wine red
  • Size: Length (13.4 inches) and Height (11.8 inches)
  • Can Be Used For: Office, school, college, daily occasion
  • Made from genuine leather
  • Adjustable straps
  • Lots of space
  • Elegant and functional
  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • Nylon lining inside
  • Smells a bit

9. Covelin Women’s Retro Tote Bag

Covelin Women's Retro Tote Bag

The Covelin retro bag is a fantastic option when it comes to basic tote bags for women. This bag is incredibly sturdy and light, thanks to its soft canvas construction. There are numerous ways to carry this bag, which is its best feature. You can wear it as a cross-body, as a tote bag, or as a shoulder bag. 

It comes in a variety of hues, from tasteful pastels to sophisticated darks. You may easily mix it with your attire in this way. The bag’s adjustable straps are yet another remarkable feature. It is simply adjustable to a high or low waist according to the situation. The bag has two open pockets and ample room inside. When it comes to casual use, this is among the best canvas tote bags for women. 

  • Material: Canvas
  • Color: Different shades of green, blue, red and yellow color
  • Size: Length (15.5 inches) and Height (14.1 inches)
  • Can Be Used For: Work, travel, shopping and regular use
  • Soft canvas material
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Adjustable strap
  • Different ways to wear
  • Available in many colors
  • May gets dirty quickly
  • Zipper is average quality

10. Kate Spade New York Canvas Tote Bag

Kate Spade New York Canvas Tote Bag

 Kate Spade New York Canvas Tote Bag is cute, stylish, and made from soft material. Unlike other tote bags, it comes with an open top, which makes it perfect for shopping and beach travel. This bag is machine washable and available in bright color patterns.

The bag may look cute, but you can use it for heavy-duty use. It is durable, and you can use it on a daily basis. Apart from that, it is lightweight and comfortable. This bag also features interior pockets to keep your keys and change. It is best for carrying books for a library visit.

  • Material: Canvas
  • Color: Black, candy stripe, and multi-color
  • Size: Length (14 inches) and Height (13.5 inches)
  • Can Be Used For: Shopping, library visits, café visits and daily use
  • Cute and trendy
  • Machine washable
  • Quick-access interior pockets
  • Lightweight and comfortable

    11. Michael Kors Gilly Tote Bag

    Michael Kors Gilly Tote Bag

    When it comes to branded and fashionable tote bags for women, this is the best option. Michael Kors Gilly offers a stylish bag made from Saffiano leather and comes with a top zipper. It has a custom fabric lining and good space to keep all your essentials.

    This bag features adjustable handles with drawstrings on the side. Apart from that, you will also find the famous Michael Kors metallic logo dangling from the handle. It also has slip-in side pockets to keep your water bottle and umbrella. 

    • Material: Saffiano leather
    • Color: Black, brown, carmine, dark sangria, powder blush, etc.
    • Size: Length (17 inches) and Height (11 inches)
    • Can Be Used For: Work, parties, events, etc. 
    • Branded tote bag
    • Adjustable handle
    • Available in many colors
    • Slip-in side pockets
    • Size may be a bit smaller

    12. Wrangler Tote Bag

    Wrangler Tote Bag

    This is an excellent option if you’re seeking ethnic and bohemian tote bags for women. With its bohemian Aztec motifs, this western tote bag is stunning. It’s an elegant and slightly vintage-looking bag.

    The bag is named Wrangler because it matches your Wrangler jeans to a tee. Its appearance is given a distinctive twist by the rope braid design. The bag also has an interior zipped compartment for storing small items and a top zipper.

    • Material: Canvas
    • Color: White, cerulean blue, denim jeans, diamond burgundy, etc.
    • Size: Length (17.5 inches) and Height (12.5 inches)
    • Can Be Used For: Daily use, college, work, shopping, etc.
    • Beautiful boho pattern
    • Spacious and lightweight
    • Top zipper closure
    • Available in many colors
    • Smells weird


    Is a tote bag or backpack better for travel?

    If you are going on a short trip, then tote bags for women are best, but if you are going on a long trip, backpacks are good. 

    What to look for when buying a tote bag?

    When buying tote bags for women, consider factors like material, durability, zipper, color, comfort, and price. 

    What material is best for tote bags?

    For tote bags for women, the best fabrics are canvas, denim, faux leather, etc.


    When it comes to bags for women, there are many different types to choose from. Out of all the options, tote bags for women are best in terms of versatility and space. In this guide, we have listed the 10+ tote bags for women. You can choose from any of these bags to add a new gem to your collection. All these bags are strong, sturdy, and spacious and are useful for different purposes – from office use, daily use, and shopping trips to traveling.

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