9 Types of Nose Piercings with a Complete Guide to Know

Along with tattoos, piercings are another great way to express yourself. People get many different types of piercing on various parts of their bodies. One of the trending and classic piercings is Nose piercings!

However, when people hear the words nose piercing, only septum and nostril piercings might be the first thing to come to their minds. This is actually not the case! There are so many other types of nose piercings.septril piercing

So, how many types of nose piercings are there?

Facial jewelry is one of the fantastic ways to show your creativity and personality. There are many nose piercings options, from various styles to jewelry ideas. Starting from the top, the nose can be pierced in many methods and styles, including the most common types of nose piercings, such as septum and nostril piercings, to more complex ones, such as rhinos and double nose piercing. You can select the one according to your personal style and taste.

So, if you want some nose piercing inspiration or want to know the different types of nose piercings, keep reading!

Today in this guide, we’ll tell you everything about nose piercings. From its styles and different types of nose piercings with pictures to the aftercare and healing process, we’ve covered every important detail you need to know before getting a nose piercing. So keep reading till the end to know the types of nose piercings names and find the best nose piercing.

Let’s start.

What is a Nose Piercing?

What is a Nose Piercing

A nose piercing is a piercing where the skin or cartilage of the nose is pierced to wear jewelry, known as a nose jewel.

There are many different types of nose piercings, but the nostril piercing is one of the most popular and common. These piercings can be worn by both men and women, including kids (in some parts of the world), as they hold cultural and religious values. From studded diamonds to gold hoops, you can select any jewelry in types of nose piercing metals and designs for your nose piercing.

9 Different Types of Nose Piercings in this year

Below is a list of nine different types of nose piercings for guys and girls. Here are the types of nose piercings chart:

We’ve made a list of the nose piercing placements from the top section of the nose to the tip or bottom part of the nose. Read the information carefully about these types of nose piercings to know which one is best for you.

Take a look!

1. Third Eye Nose Piercing

Different Types of Nose Piercings in this year

This type of nose piercing will give you a unique and different look. This is also one of the super trendy piercings among both men and women. It looks elegant and highly stylish. Third eye piercing is a type of dermal piercing that goes from the bridge of the nose to the forehead vertically.

To get this, first, the piercer will make two holes with the help of a needle, and later a piece of jewelry is inserted here. This piercing is prone to skin infections, migration, and many other issues. This is why it is not recommended for people with faint hearts.

2. Nose Bridge Piercing

Different Types of Nose Piercings in this year

Draw all the right attention to your eyes with a distinctive and bold bridge piercing.

Sometimes also known as an Erl, this piercing is located at the bridge of your nose, right between your eyes. Just like the third eye, this one is also a dermal piercing, which is why it has a higher risk of infection, migration, and rejection.

You have to keep a few things in mind before getting a bridge piercing, such as whether you wear glasses. On the basis of that, you should get the piercing so that it won’t come in the way of your glasses. There are many types of nose piercing jewelry, but for this, go with a shorter, curved barbell.

3. High Nostril Piercing

Different Types of Nose Piercings in this year

As its name indicates, the high nostril piercing is similar to the nostril piercing, but this is placed a bit higher on the nasal bridge. This type of nose piercing will give you a wide range of jewelry options, including a stud, screw, or L-shaped pin.

Just show the above picture or ask the professional if you want a high nostril piercing. After this, based on the shape and curvature of your nose, the piercer will determine the best placement for the high-nostril piercing.

4. Nasallang Piercing

different types of nose piercings

Another intense type of nose piercing is this one. It is known as the Nasallang Piercing, which has a single, long barbell to penetrate both nostrils and the septum. Here all three layers of your nose get pierced together simultaneously. This result will look like you have two single studs in each nostril.

Again, this one is a complex piercing, so not for people with weak pain tolerance. You can pick the nose jewelry from gold studs to silver short curved barbells according to your preference and budget.

5. Rhino Piercing

different types of nose piercings

This piercing has a long history and cultural importance in African and South American tribal communities. And from the past few years, rhino piercing has been widely getting popular in the west.

So, what is a Rhino Nose Piercing?

Rhino piercing looks similar to the third eye piercing but goes vertical. This piercing goes through the tip of your nose and through the skin above your septum.

Rhino piercings pierce through the tip of your nose and through the skin above the center bottom of your septum. Its location and appearance look like a rhino horn; this is why it is called a Rhino nose piercing.

This piercing is simple and can be done using a standard piercing needle and curved barbell. But still, it is advised to get it from a professional as the tip of the nose is much more complex, so proper technique and positioning are needed.

6. Nostril Piercing

different types of nose piercings

Today, one of the most famous and common types of nose piercings is nostril piercing!

Stylish, elegant, and easy to do, this piercing has many benefits, from an extensive range of jewelry choices to medicinal advantages. In Ayurveda, it is believed that left nostril piercing can help ease the pain of menstruation and birth in women.

This piercing is placed through the center of your nostril on either side. This one has many options, from different types of nose piercings rings and studs to twist nose rings and pins.

7. Austin Bar Piercing

different types of nose piercings

Austin Bar Piercing is similar to a nasallang nose piercing but still is uncommon. This piercing is pierced horizontally straight through the tip of your nose but doesn’t penetrate the nostril or the septum of the nasal cavity. A barbell is used as a common jewelry option for the Austin bar piercing.

8. Septril Piercing

different types of nose piercings

If you’re daring and want something bold, you should try these piercings, known as septril piercings. It is considered one of the most complex and tricky piercings among all the other nose piercings. But when done correctly, these look so great and beautiful!

So, how is a septril piercing done?

This piercing is a combo of a rhino piercing and a septum piercing. Here the needle is pushed from the bottom of the center of the septum to the top of your nose.

A septril piercing is a combo of a rhino piercing and a septum piercing: It attaches through the top of your nose and out above your septum. Look at the above picture for reference. You can pick any jewelry for your septril piercing, from stylish rings to barbells.

9. Septum Piercing

different types of nose piercings

One piercing for which both men and women of all ages are crazy is the septum piercing!

Also known as bull piercing, this goes through the small, thin membrane of skin known as nose cartilage located at the center of your nose. One of the best things about this nose piercing is that it can be easily hidden from the right jewelry. So, whether you work in a formal professional setting, you can still have this septum piercing. You’ll also get various jewelry options, including thick gold rings, jeweled mandalas, studded horseshoes, and subtle rings.


Before deciding on the piercing you want, it’s important to consult a professional about the placement of your piercing. This is crucial as everybody’s physiology and pain tolerance capacity is different. So, certain piercings might look good but may not be suitable for you.

Nose Piercing Care Guide

Nose Piercing Care Guide

Nose piercing looks extremely beautiful and stylish but has its own healing process. You have to be patient and take care before and after getting a nose piercing so that you would walk around with a safe and uninfected nose piercing adorned with fancy jewelry.

Nose Piercings Stages

Nose Piercings Stages

There are four stages in nose piercings. They are:

  • Inflammation Stage
  • Healing Proliferate Stage
  • Seasoning/Maturation Stage
  • Maturation Stage Nose Piercings

Nose Piercings Healing Process

Nose Piercings Healing Process

The healing process of the nose piercing can be different for each piercing. This is because, depending on the placement of the nose piercing, it can take more or less time. For example, septum piercings can usually fully heal between 3 and 4 months, but on the other hand, nostril piercings can take 4 to 6 months or sometimes more to completely heal. Apart from this, everybody heals differently! So, it’s vital to follow the aftercare instructions given by your piercer.

Nose Piercing Aftercare

Nose Piercing Aftercare

Aftercare for nose piercings sounds so complex and hard, but it is not! You only have to take care of basic things to ensure healthy and completely healed nose piercings.

Here are DOs and Don’ts of Nose Piercing that you should follow for different types of nose piercings:

  • The basic thing that you should keep in mind is to keep the pierced area clean and hygienic.
  • You can use a saline solution to clean the area twice a day.
  • Avoid touching the piercing area with dirty hands, which can infect the area and cause irritation.
  • Make sure to clean and wash your hands before touching your nose piercing.
  • Try not to sleep on the side of the nose where the piercing is done.
  • Avoid applying makeup in the piercing area for at least 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Avoid going to the beach, swimming pool, or hot tub water for two weeks after you get your nose piercing.
  • A nose piercing takes 2 to 4 months to heal completely. So don’t change your jewelry during this time.
  • If you feel any constant tenderness, discomfort, skin discoloration, or infection in the pierced area, consult a medical professional immediately.
Nose Piercing Aftercare
Nose Piercing Aftercare
Nose Piercing Aftercare
Nose Piercing Aftercare
Nose Piercing Aftercare
double nose piercing
Nose Piercing Aftercare
Nose Piercing Aftercare
Nose Piercing Aftercare
Nose Piercing Aftercare
Nose Piercing Aftercare
Nose Piercing Aftercare
Nose Piercing Aftercare
Nose Piercing Aftercare
Nose Piercing Aftercare


1. What Does Nose Piercing Mean?

In the Middle East, Asian, and African cultures, nose piercings have significant meaning. Along with a long history, these different types of nose piercings symbolize marriage, wealth, or fertility. In western culture, this piercing is connected to a sign of rebellion and freedom.

2. Do Nose Piercings Hurt?

Nose piercings hurt a bit, but the pain is comparatively less than other types of piercings. You’ll feel like a pinch while getting your nose pierced. On a pain scale, nose piercing is around 3-4 out of 10. However, this can vary as it depends on a person’s nose piercing placements and pain tolerance.


So, this is all about different types of Nose Piercings. Going from the top part of the nose to the down tip of the nose, there are many options to choose from. The third eye, bridge, or septum piercing, you can pick anything along with types of nose piercings jewelry style that you think looks best on you. The decision is completely yours, but body modifications shouldn’t be taken lightly. You have to consider many things, such as facial and nose anatomy, piercing type, jewelry, and risks regarding nose piercings.

After reading this nose piercing guide, now you get the basic idea of types of nose piercings, the healing process, and aftercare. If you find this blog informative, share it with your family and friends who want to know more about nose piercings.

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