25+ Gifts for Men Under $50 ( 2024 Updated )

Finding the most unique gifts for men under $50 (or anyone) can be a challenge. Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, a long Christmas list, or just a spontaneous “you’re great” present, finding the perfect gift can feel overwhelming. There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for the best gifts, as people have diverse choices.

However, we’re here to make your gift shopping easier by helping you find something they’ll likely love without you going bankrupt. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, but our gift guide includes some pretty cool items to jumpstart your search.

So, ditch the gift cards this season and garner praises as the person who always gives cool gifts. Explore our favorite gifts for men under $50 below.

1. Electric Space Heater

Slightly smaller than a basketball, this space heater and fan combination is ideal for hiding beneath a desk (after verifying company policies, of course) to protect cold toes in the winter. With this space heater, Givebest has included a number of safety measures to guarantee your safety. It is made of fire-resistant material, has an automated safety shutdown that turns on when the device becomes too hot, and is tip-over safe.

Electric Space Heater

2. Stainless Steel Knife and Survival Tool

Stainless Steel Knife and Survival Tool

For men who like to camp, hunt, forage, or spend time in the woods, this folding survival knife is the best gift under $50. It has a loud whistle, a strong blade, and a loop for a key chain. These kinds of knives are very useful in the outdoors for a variety of reasons, and the inclusion of a whistle may be the difference between spending hours attempting to locate companions or being able to remain together without difficulty.

3. Snow Broom + Ice Scraper

The must-have gifts for him under $50 are the snow broom and ice scraper, which is quite practical for all users. It’s revolutionary because it has a telescopic handle for more leverage and a gentle foam head that won’t harm your vehicle. For easy storage, the head even detaches itself. Cleaning a car’s sides, hood, and roof all at once is a snap when you use this snow broom in place of a traditional brush.

Snow Broom + Ice Scraper

4. Air Purifier

Air Purifier

The Levoit little air purifier is perfect for a small living area or a bedroom. It can capture dust, pet dander, smoking, and other airborne allergens, keeping your lungs happy throughout the dry winter months. It circulates clean air with a pleasant, refreshing smell and uses an activated carbon filter to collect small particles. Furthermore, it fits well in any place due to its small dimensions, which are just 6.5×6.5×1.4 inches—slightly bigger than a tissue box.

5. Rechargeable Hand Warmers

With this, you can warm your hands in a fashionable manner! It is possible to use these rechargeable hand warmers independently, one in each hand, or attached together to have different warming settings. For any man who intends to spend time outside this season, it’s a really sensible present.

Rechargeable Hand Warmers

6. Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a great $50 gift ideas for him, and there are many different styles to choose from. The Goodr Circle G, which is now our favorite style, is a unique option. The Circle G design from Goodr lives true to its reputation of creating very stylish but cheap sunglasses. Get this stylish tortoiseshell or vivid orange pair of polarized sunglasses that won’t slide off your face.

7. Multitool Pen

This multitool pen is an excellent addition to your husband or dad’s arsenal if he is a do-it-yourself hobbyist like Tim “The Toolman” Taylor. This multipurpose tool comes in a handy pocket-sized package and contains a ballpoint pen, flat and Phillips head screwdrivers, a level, a bottle opener, a flashlight, a stylus, and more. It’s surprisingly practical in a variety of settings, making it an ideal White Elephant or stocking stuffer present.

Multitool Pen

8. LED Flashlight

LED Flashlight

Everybody needs a trustworthy flashlight, and some of the most affordable ones are available from GearLight, a well-liked company on Amazon. This high-lumen flashlight is small enough to fit in a vehicle door or center console, yet it has enough brightness to light up a whole yard. For less than fifty bucks, it’s an excellent present for outdoor lovers, but any man would be happy to get one.

9. Memory Foam Slippers

A traditional Christmas present for guys is a pair of slippers, but popular brands like Olukai, Ugg, and Birkenstock can run you well over $130. Like the Brendan slipper seen above, Dearfoam slippers are some of the best gifts for men under $50. Thanks to its thick rubber sole, this slipper—which has received over 10,000 five-star reviews on Amazon—is a great indoor/outdoor alternative that’s ideal for cold mornings.

Memory Foam Slippers

10. Italian Cow Leather Belt

Italian Cow Leather Belt

Men’s belts from Keecow are some of the best gifts for men under $50 who like a minimalist style. Keecow produces its belts from just one piece of full-grain leather, offering a simple look devoid of branding or logos. They come in a range of colors and buckle designs.

11. Car Air Freshener

It comes fashioned like a little tree. The most fashionable way to revive a guy’s cars interior is with the Little Trees car air freshener, which costs well under $50. Using magnets, the perfumed wood block from Little Trees quickly and effortlessly snaps into the metal sun visor clip. To keep the wood block fresh while you’re not driving, the company even offers a resealable bag. Make sure you pick the variant that comes with the visor clip when making your purchase.

Car Air Freshener

12. BBQ Scraper

BBQ Scraper

Metal wire grill brushes have been shown to pose a risk to humans due to small bristles breaking off. Therefore, Grill Rescue BBQ Scraper is the perfect gift for any man this year. It is simple to operate: Before brushing, wet the brush head with water and preheat the grill to around 400 degrees. Any tough parts will be melted away with the help of the steam produced.

13. Apple AirTag

The Apple AirTag is among the most ingenious gifts for men under $50. Everything from wallets and keychains to bags and cars is starting to include these tiny gadgets to deter theft and locate misplaced goods. When attached to a high-end stroller, they make an excellent present for new fathers as well. You can use them in so many different ways that you should acquire the four-pack.

Apple AirTag

14. Compression HeatGear

Compression HeatGear

Under Armour’s HeatGear compression shirts are a favorite among athletes, delivery drivers, and even shoveling workers. The King of Queens’ Kevin James character would have loved them. The label’s HeatGear long-sleeve shirt is one of the greatest gifts for men under $50, particularly in the winter. Between the skin and a bulkier jacket, it acts as a light, warming bottom layer. To choose his favorite color, select from a range of 24 options.

15. Zippo Space Lighters

Still made in the United States, Zippo’s space collection features artwork from space, such as Norman Rockwell’s “Man on the Moon” and other interplanetary masterpieces. Not only are these lighters pretty to look at, but they also click satisfyingly. As a result of their frequent usage, Zippos become more valuable and narrative. If they’re good enough to assist John McClane in navigating an air duct in Die Hard, they’re certainly good enough for any man.

Zippo Space Lighters

16. Perfume Atomizer

Perfume Atomizer

Who needs $50? Travel fragrance atomizers like the Travalo are among the greatest gifts under $20. At a little under $20, this little toiletry item is the most cost-effective gift on our list. You can quickly fill this convenient gadget with your preferred full-sized fragrance, so you can always have your signature scent with you. It’s just slightly bigger than a lip balm stick and takes up far less room than a typical scent bottle. Pick from one of the nine hues that these atomizers come in to give as wonderful presents.

17. Premium Boxer Briefs

Saxx makes outstanding underwear for guys. Their boxer briefs seem almost weightless since they are so soft, elastic, and moisture-wicking. The “BallPark Pouch,” a distinct compartment that softly keeps everything in place and does away with the need for frequent adjustments, is what makes Saxx boxer underwear unique. You may choose from ten different solid color and graphic print styles to get the look that best fits you.

Premium Boxer Briefs

18. Watch


This field watch from Timex is now less than $50, but that’s not the only reason it’s an excellent gift for men. The 40mm Expedition watch has a simple dial with a date window, a 20mm nylon band, and 50-meter water resistant. Timex’s Indiglo technology, which allows the watch to light up to display the time in the dark, is what makes it unique. It gives a fashionable touch to any wrist with its 12 possible case and strap configurations.

19. Pocket Size Multitool

The 14-in-1 Rev model from Leatherman dubbed the “king of multitools,” is a great present and costs little less than $50. The Rev multitool is a very functional tool that comes with a plethora of capabilities, including a packet opener, a blade, a Phillips screwdriver, two kinds of wire cutters, needle-nose and traditional pliers, and more. It’s a terrific present for parents and an invaluable tool for campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Pocket Size Multitool

20. Skin Care Package

Skin Care Package

For around $50, we think the Jack Black Skin Saviors kit is a great men’s grooming gift. The Daily Facial Cleanser, Intense Therapy Lip Balm, Face Buff, and Double Duty Facial Moisturizer are the four well-liked items in this quartet. If he’s already into moisturizing, that’s awesome. If not, chances are he’s heard of Jack Black, so you can convince him to give it a try. As a bonus, each of these products is TSA-compliant.

21. Electric Trimmer and Shaver

The water-resistant OneBlade from Philips Norelco is one of the best grooming gadgets on a budget. This little electric trimmer and shaver is perfect for body hair, beard hair, and sensitive regions. Not only does the charger fit neatly into a Dopp kit with the shaver, but it also comes with three trimmer combs for different grooming styles.

Electric Trimmer and Shaver

22. Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable Water Bottle

Let’s make this year to ditch plastic water bottles and switch to a reliable, reusable option. Hydro Flask stands out as one of the top brands for reusable water bottles, and the 20-ounce size is just right. With a choice of 14 colors, this option fits easily in an automobile cup holder, won’t loosen up your backpack bottle holder sacks, and lets you carry plenty of water. Plus, it doesn’t resemble a child’s sippy cup with a handle.

23. Cotton Blanket

Men usually don’t feel small since childhood. That’s why a huge, comfy blanket is a wonderful addition to the couch setup. This waffle knit king-size blanket from Bed Bath & Home measures 108×90 inches, providing enough coverage to completely wrap up any guy up to seven feet tall. It’ll be his go-to as he dozes off in front of the TV (once again) while watching basketball or hockey.

Cotton Blanket

24. Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

This gadget is an ideal gift for the guy with a playlist for every occasion: in the shower, during reading sessions, during backyard hangs, or while cooking dinner. Because of its carabiner-style clip, attaching it almost anyplace is simple.

25. Wireless Charging Pad

Let’s face it: wireless chargers can be a bit bulky and ugly. Courant has discovered the key to charging technology that complements the design of your iPhone. This particular design is available in eight colors with three Belgian linen treatments and five leather alternatives (though the leather options will set you back around $50).

Wireless Charging Pad

26. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

You’ve discovered the ideal Father’s Day present if you want one that helps you, too. It just takes five minutes to get from “Wow, I’m starving, I wish I had a customized breakfast sandwich” to actually eating that sandwich, thanks to this machine.

27. Men’s Beanie

Everybody needs to own a top-notch beanie. Not only is it really useful throughout the winter, but it also makes a chic transition piece when the seasons shift. The greatest beanies, according to Carhartt, come in a range of hues.

Men’s Beanie

28. Crocs

Black Crocs

Get him his first pair of Crocs, or maybe a second, or probably third. Why not treat him to a brand-new pair of Crocs to celebrate the increase in popularity? To make your favorite man happy, just choose the appropriate color.

29. Heated Blanket

Looking for a gift for someone who’s always cold? Check out this Heated Electric Blanket. With six different settings, he can easily adjust it to the perfect temperature. Plus, it automatically shuts off after three hours for added safety.

Heated Blanket

Let’s take a look at more affordable options:

30. Carhartt Cooler Lunchbox

Carhartt Cooler Lunchbox

How did we miss seeing a lunchbox with a water bottle holder until today?

31. Calvin Klein Boxer Briefc

Renew his underwear collection.

Calvin Klein Boxer Brief

32. Bento Box

Bento Box

If he prefers three-course meals over just chips or sandwich for lunch.

33. Cologne for Men

Stetson Original smells better than anything else, and it costs as much as a cologne from the mall.

Cologne for Men

34. Stanley Cup

Stanley Cup

Ideal for the guy who sets the vibes, no matter where you are.

35. Wrangler Dress Jean

A more stylish and fashion-forward version of the essential pair of jeans every man should have.

Wrangler Dress Jean

36. Hanes Men’s Beefy-T

Hanes Men's Beefy-T

How about the all-time best T-shirt?

37. Travel Mug

The ideal mug for his morning coffee.

Travel Mug

38. Kodak Single Use Camera

Kodak Single Use Camera

Few things beat the enjoyment of a disposable camera.

39. Beautiful Pen

Men should carry a beautiful pen more often.

Beautiful Pen

40. Socks with Cushions

Socks with Cushions

Great for hiking. Amazing for lounging around the house.

Key Takeaways

Anytime you hear the phrase “sentimental gifts” or “thoughtful gifts,” you may instantly picture corny couple accessories like a bracelet that commemorates the couple’s place of marriage or an embroidered tie for dad. It’s time to reconsider that, however! Think of giving him a customized version of something he regularly uses, something that solves a problem, makes life simpler, or helps him realize a desire. 

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