8 Best Organic Cotton T-Shirts to Level Up Your Essentials

If we start with basics, what can be better than organic cotton t-shirts?

They have a limited influence on the environment, and that too a positive one. In addition, they also feel soft and breathable.

Organic tees are that cozy and multipurpose staple you’ll wear so frequently that it’s worth investing in higher-quality options. Whether you desire to add to your collection or are just exploring ethical Fashion and want to start somewhere easy, organic cotton shirts and tees are for you.

While the market is flooded with t-shirts that claim to be eco-friendly, fair trade, sustainable, ethical, and recycled, it can be difficult to choose from whom to buy.

Worry not!

Read further about some trustworthy brands that deliver the best organic t-shirts.

The Summer House

The Summer House

The summer house’s Isabel cotton women’s t-shirt is lightweight and made using organic cotton. They offer it in gray and navy blue colors having a wide fit that feels comfortable.

You can pair it with wide-legged jeans and tuck it in to create a frappy Friday look. The Summer House’s clothing is made sustainably and ethically in India by skilled artisans under ethical working conditions.

Colorful Standard

Colorful Standard

A vertically integrated supply chain, durable clothing, inclusive Fashion, and climate-friendly manufacturing are all features of Colorful Standard’s distinctive approach to clothing production. 

We’ve all had that one t-shirt. Perfect quality goes with everything, worn ten times in a row because you need more of it. 

Colorful standard’s classic organic unisex tee is just that, which is available in numerous colors. 



Pact is the go-to source for everything organic as the creator of “Earth’s Favorite Clothing.”

It offers organic hoodies, organic maternity wear, as well as numerous more sustainable men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel options.

Their Far-Out-Tie-Dye tee is light in weight and woven for a premium appearance. It has a conventional scoop neck fit, and each piece is manually tie-dyed, making it appear absolutely unique. Hence, it is one of the finest organic cotton women’s t-shirts. 

Pair it with skinny jeans, shorts, or flared pants. It will give you a much-needed casual look. 

Harvest and Mill

Harvest and Mill

All the clothing produced by Harvest & Mill is entirely handcrafted in the USA.

Their cotton crew t-shirt is made of organic cotton, and we know you’ll love it.

Since the tee is undyed, you won’t have to worry about hazardous dyes and instead get a rich, creamy color from genuine cotton.

When paired with black denim, a perfect organic cotton t-shirt for men by Harvest and Mill gives a classy look.

The Good Tee

Organic Cotton T-Shirts The Good Tee

A Canadian company, The Good Tee, is on a mission to humanize the fashion business and set a good example for ethically produced clothing for every gender and age. 

They assess sustainability by examining the many stages of the product’s life cycle. Then they act at those points when it can most effectively lessen the impact on the environment and society.

The Fave & Fair Unisex tee from The Good Tee is a timeless, gender-neutral, short-sleeved t-shirt that is as soft as a baby’s skin. 

It fits like a well-liked favorite in a stylish way. The bonus point is that it’s sustainable. So, you can support the environment while lounging in your newest go-to tee.

Plant Faced Clothing

Plant Faced Clothing

The plant faced clothing brand from Britain focuses on making clothes that do not harm the Earth. They exclude sweatshop from streetwear and are cent percent ethical & cruelty-free. 

The plant faced clothing’s Plantlife classic – black t-shirt is our absolute favorite. It has a ‘plant life’ logo printed with environment-friendly and water-based dye. So, you can preach what you practice. 

In addition, it is unisex. Hence, it is the best organic cotton t-shirt for men and women.

Outland Denim

Outland Denim

Outland Denim creates high-end denim clothing while providing ethical work opportunities for women in Cambodia who have been rescued from human trafficking. This Australian company was established to provide a platform for the education and employment of victim women.

The Johnny Heritage organic cotton t-shirt for men has a crewneck and a classic slim fit. The length of the t-shirt is optimum, so you can keep it out or tuck it in. Moreover, the tiny Outland Denim logo gives it a simple and smart finish. 

Dazey LA

Dazey LA

To reduce waste, Dazey LA makes clothes in modest quantities. They create vibrant, flamboyant clothing that makes a statement in more ways than one, using cent percent organic cotton manufactured in the United States.

The owner wants to inspire others to be brave and take chances in all aspects of their lives, including their style. This motto is represented in their mental vacation boxy tee. 

This organic cotton women’s t-shirt is hand-drawn and handmade in small batches, which is perfect for your vacation wear. 


As we move forward in time, taking care of our mother nature is the need of the moment. We can start with small steps.

Buying and wearing an organic cotton t-shirt is a small yet great step you can take towards sustainability and saving our environment. 

Here are some of the other things you should consider before buying from any brand:

  • Material and its certification
  • Labor practices and supply chain
  • Inclusivity
  • Green business practices

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