33 Best Auburn Hair Color Ideas for Every Skin Tone

Do you know only about one to two out of every hundred people are born with natural auburn hair?
It is the rarest hair color in the world, and as we all know, the things that are rare hold great value.
This is the main reason why this hair color is in great demand right now. If you are bored of your natural black, blonde, or brunette hair, going with Auburn is a good idea.

This color has a warm and earthy vibe with a fiery touch that will totally add spice to your look.

While Auburn mostly works for fair skin tones, there are different shades available for people with darker skin as well.

In this article, we are going to discuss the 33 best auburn hair color ideas to suit people with every skin tone.

What Is Auburn Hair?

Auburn hair is a type of a natural hair color. It is a variation of red shade but has a bit of brownish hue. According to science, this hair color is very rare.

You can mostly find Auburn hair in people around northern and western Europe – Ireland and Scotland. The auburn color is versatile, and the shades change from person to person.

From deep burgundy to reddish-orange and bright copper to burnt orange, there are different shades of auburn hair color. While it is uncommon to be born with this shade of hair, you can always change your hair color to Auburn.

Is Auburn Warm or Cool?

The blue undertone in auburn hair contributes to its perception as a cool color. Nevertheless, depending on the shade you choose, you can make it appear warm or cool. 

Select Auburn with coppery or golden undertones for a warm look. If you like your colors cooler, choose the deeper tints that include a hint of purple.

How to Get Auburn Hair?

To change your hair color to Auburn, you need to hire a professional. You should consult a professional hair specialist and seek advice for your hair color.

They will guide you on the ideal auburn hue based on your skin tone and type of hair. The color is very adaptable; thus, there are a lot of shades available.

After selecting a color for your hair, talk about the process, cost, and upkeep. You can then schedule an appointment to have your hair colored in Auburn.

How to Maintain Auburn Hair?

Here are some tips to follow if you want to maintain your auburn hair:

1. Use Special Shampoo and Conditioner

To prolong the color, use shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for colored hair. Using a moisturizing shampoo is the greatest way to keep your hair lustrous. The hair color specialist will often advise you on the best shampoo and conditioner for your type of hair.

2. Try Hair Mask

Experts use bleach while coloring hair from a darker color to a lighter one. Your hair may become brittle, frizzy, and dull as a result. Use a hair mask once a week to prevent this. It will fortify your hair and fix any harm.

3. Use Protection from Heat

Applying heat to your hair may accelerate the fading of your color. Therefore, using items with heat protection is a good idea. When using a curling or straightening machine, you can use one of the various heat protection sprays.

33 Best Auburn Hair Color Ideas

Here are the 33 best auburn hair color ideas you can try:

1. Auburn with Warm Tone

Auburn hair with Warm Tone

This gorgeous hair color creates auburn hair with warm tones by perfectly blending red and brown hues. It makes your hair appear naturally sun-kissed. Those with medium skin tones should use this design. It’s a fantastic option for anyone looking to give their hair a little more color. 

This shade’s warm undertones will go well with your complexion and give you a flawless appearance. The fact that this hair color works well on all hair kinds and lengths is its strongest feature. To keep the color in your hair, though, make sure you take care of it. For a vibrant and attractive appearance, use the proper products and hydrate your hair.

2. Auburn with Blonde Streaks

Auburn hair with Blonde Streaks

This is the greatest option if you’re seeking a bold hair color that will turn heads. The contrast between the auburn and blonde tones will give your hair a vivid appearance. While the red hair in its entirety is stunning, the addition of blonde streaks adds a pop of color.

All skin tones can use this hair color, although fair skin tones will appear much better. You can use this style to give yourself a more young and multifaceted appearance. It’s similar to having the world’s greatest hair color combinations.

3. Mulled Wine Auburn

Mulled Wine Auburn hair

Crimson wine, as we can all agree, has one of the most exquisite hues. Imagine now having this gorgeous hair color as you go through the streets. Mulled wine is the ideal auburn hair color for you if you want to create a style statement. In contrast to the other fiery colors of Auburn, this color is warm and soothing. 

The fact that this color works well on all skin tones is its best feature. If you have curly hair, this color looks great on you. The rich shade of Auburn will accentuate your curls to perfection. Attempting this hue on different hair types is also an option.

4. Auburn Highlights on Black

Auburn hair Highlights on Black

You don’t have to undergo a total makeover to change your hair to Auburn. Just applying auburn highlights to your hair can create a subtle look. This is a fantastic option if you don’t like to color your hair. You can choose to maintain your hair gorgeously black and use auburn highlights to add a pop of color. 

This hair color works well with all hair types and complements all skin tones. Make sure, nevertheless, that the auburn color you select complements your black hair. The fact that this hair color won’t break the bank is the finest part.

5. Gilded Auburn Color

Gilded Auburn hair Color

Gilded Auburn is another great hair color you can try to change your look. If you want the typical auburn look like Emma Stone, this is one of the best choices. This color falls neither on the dark nor on the light side. It is a combination of both tones to create a glided appearance. 

In this ultra-dimensional shade, you will find hints of rich brown, shining gold, and ginger-orange red. No matter where you go, this shade will match the vibes and make you stand out. It mostly looks good on people with fair skin tones. 

6. Auburn Curls

Auburn Curls hair

People with curly hair have to often stick with their natural black hair color. However, you can transform your curls by choosing auburn hair color. Whether you have tight curls or loose curls, the color makes your hair look amazing. 

To add depth, you can decide to color just the bottom part of your hair. When it comes to auburn color for curls, there are lots of possibilities. To maintain the greatest condition for your hair, make sure you adhere to the recommended maintenance guidelines.

7. Auburn to Blonde Balayage

Strawberry Auburn hair

The Balayage hairstyle is trending, and you will find everyone from Amber Heard to Cara Delavigne following the trend. This is a revolutionary method of applying hair color that leaves your hair looking natural and graded by applying the color with your hands. You can use the color auburn to adopt a similar look.

To create a slightly different look, you can pair the color with blonde. The combination is really striking and will give an appearance like celebrities. It works for all skin tones and looks really good with straight to wavy hair,

8. True Auburn Color

True Auburn Color hair

This hair color will give you the true auburn look that is neither too dark nor too light. It is a perfect blend of red with a warm brown hue. If you want to get classic auburn hair, this is the best choice for you. 

While this color mostly looks good on people with fair skin tones, you can break the stereotypes and try it with medium and dark skin tones as well. This hair color is rich and will give a shiny appearance to your hair. However, make sure you get it done by a professional and follow the maintenance tips. 

9. Amber Shade

Amber Shade hair

The auburn color has many different shades, and amber is one of them. If you want to try a distinctive hair color with little to no hints of red, this is a great option. This shade falls between deep copper and golden brown and looks really good on people of all skin tones. 

The color represents the gemstone amber and shines when you go out in the sun. You can try this hair color with different types and lengths of hair. It looks good with curly, wavy, and straight hair.

10. Deep Berry Auburn

Deep Berry Auburn Hair

Unlike any other auburn hair color, this one is deep and unique. It combines berry undertones with a strong red color. This will provide a rich, vivid reddish-brown color. This is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a striking hair color that grabs attention. 

It complements all skin tones and will give you a chic appearance. However, it will look much better on you if you have a warm complexion. It is a gorgeous shade of deep, silky Auburn that suits a lot of women.

11. Sugar and Spice Copper

Sugar and Spice Copper hair

You have a lot of options when it comes to auburn hair color. Sugar & spice copper is a particularly lovely and endearing hair color. This color combines a hint of spice with sugar’s sweetness. It’s a warm color that combines Auburn and copper tones. 

This color works well with all hair types and looks well on a wide range of complexion tones. You may easily achieve this look if your hair is naturally red or brown.

12. Rose Gold Color

Rose Gold Color hair

Some individuals dislike bold and dark hair colors. Try the rose gold color if you belong to this group of people. It has a hint of reddish, so it’s not your typical rose gold. You can achieve this impact by adding rose gold highlights or streaks to your light auburn hair. 

Rose gold waves provide dimension to your hair, making this style ideal for anyone with mildly wavy hair. Additionally, this style gives your hair a little more volume.

13. Vibrant Copper

Vibrant Copper auburn hair

You will get a true bombshell look with this hair color. While copper is a bit tame, you can make it vibrant by adding more red to it. This style has its own fan base, as has been trending for a long time. 

You can keep your hair in natural Auburn and add vibrant copper to the tips. You can also add it like streaks or highlights for a different look. It will give you a bold and beautiful look. 

14. Fiery Auburn

Fiery Auburn hair

This hair color is a blend of ginger and deep red. This tint of hair looks great on those with tight curls. It has a deep hue that will make you appear glossy. You may decide to go for a rich auburn hair color with subtle ginger highlights. 

It is compatible with all skin tones. To maintain the greatest possible condition for your hair, be sure to invest in high-quality shampoo and conditioner.

15. Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer hair

In 2020 and 2021, ginger beer was the biggest trend. It’s a gorgeous reddish-orange hybrid hair color. Your appearance will have a hint of spiciness thanks to this hair color. The red color at the top gives your hair a vivid, glossy look. It looks great on straight hair and works well with all complexion tones.

16. Chestnut Color

Chestnut Color hair

Try this option if you’re a brunette trying to change the color of your hair without sacrificing its quality. It’s a very delicate shade of Auburn, very subdued. For brunettes, the color is more reddish-brown and easily transitions. This hue is easy to maintain and looks excellent on many skin tones.

17. Strawberry Auburn

Auburn to Blonde Balayage hair

When it comes to strawberry auburn hue, confusion is fairly typical. It is somewhat blond, slightly brown, and slightly red. It is, therefore, among the most adaptable hair colors. The fact that this hair color complements all skin tones is its best feature. You can experiment with it on any kind of hair.

18. Dark Auburn

Dark Auburn hair

This sophisticated shade of dark auburn hair is the epitome of style. Try this hue if you want your hair to appear mysterious, deep, and black. This color is very striking because of its deeper reddish-brown tones. Those with straight hair and lighter complexion tones are most suited for it.

19. Caramel Auburn

Caramel Auburn hair

Try caramel highlights if you have auburn hair already and want to try something different. These two hues blend incredibly well together, and the caramel’s lighter tones will complement the rich auburn hair to perfection. Any skin tone and hair type can try this hair color.

20. Mahogany Auburn

Mahogany Auburn hair

Mahogany complements Auburn in the same way honey does to blonde hair. It will give your hair a rich and luscious look that goes well with all skin tones. It is not too overwhelming or jazzy and looks good on anyone. You can try this hair color if you have wavy hair.

21. Cinnamon Auburn

Cinnamon Auburn hair

If you are a fan of the Riverdale series on Netflix, you might recognize this hair color. Cheryl Blossom, one of the main characters in the series, boasts this hair color, and it really looks good on her. If you have a lighter skin tone, you can try this color, as it is a blend of orange and red and falls on the lighter shade.

22. Red Hot Auburn

Red Hot Auburn hair

If you are looking for a bold look, try this stunning shade of flaming auburn red. As the name suggests, it combines an auburn brown hue with a fiery red hue. Brighter in tone, this hair color complements a wide range of complexion tones. To make this hue brighter and more striking, you can add extra red to it.

23. Auburn and Plum

Auburn and Plum hair

Rich colors of red are what auburn and plum offer; they are on the darker side of the spectrum. To create a subtle appearance, you might stick with the plum red foundation and use auburn highlights. With its deeper shade of red, this color is stunning on women with paler skin tones.

24. Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde hair

Choose strawberry blonde if you can’t decide between auburn and blonde. This hair color expertly blends the two tones to provide a sophisticated style. The base lightens your appearance and gives it more coziness. Any skin tone can use this hue, but it requires constant upkeep.

25. Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice hair

Because it brings out the orange tone, the pumpkin spice hair color is really distinctive. It’s among the greatest methods for lightening dark hair. You look fantastic with this hue if your hair is curly. You will look fantastic in the pumpkin spice color regardless of your skin tone.

26. Cranberry Auburn

Cranberry Auburn hair

The cranberry hair color has a stronger purple undertone than other auburn colors. To get the perfect shade, you can maintain your hair’s original cherry red with a tinge of purple. It complements skin tones well and is a more subdued variation of the Auburn.

27. Sunset Hair

Sunset Hair

You will get this beautiful hair color when you combine cranberry roots with lava ends. While this color requires bleaching, the final outcome will be truly worth it. Your hair will look soft and lovely, like a sunset. It is suitable for all skin tones and hair types. Try French braid with this hair color to reveal its real beauty. 

28. Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary hair

This hair color is a fiery take on Auburn that will make you appear truly amazing. This hair combines low lights and highlights in a golden-red hue with a deep copper-red base. If you have curly, dark hair, you should try this color. But keep in mind that it requires routine upkeep. 

29. Maroon and Brown

Maroon and Brown hair

To achieve a neutral auburn color, combine maroon and brown. This shade of hair, which leans more toward the brown side, will make you appear elegant. Your hair looks incredibly soft and velvety as a result. The fact that it goes with any skin tone is its finest feature.

30. Autumn Harvest

Autumn Harvest hair

This hair color perfectly suits its name as it adds the warmth of autumn to your hair. There are earthy brown and copper tones in the shade, which keeps changing like the leaves of autumn. It falls into the cooler shades of color and looks good on people with any skin tone.

31. Faded Auburn

Faded Auburn hair

Compared to most of the colors on our list, this shade of Auburn is simpler and less striking. This is a good option if you’re searching for a basic auburn hair color. It’s a more subdued tone with hints of chestnut. It complements all complexion tones and hair types. You can attempt various haircuts to go with it or wear it simply.

32. Dark Violet Auburn

Dark Violet Auburn hair

You should definitely try this amazing dark auburn hair color as well. The name makes it obvious that this color is a combination of dark reddish-brown with violet undertones. This hair color will give you a mysterious, stylish, and dark appearance. It’s really effective for individuals with fair skin tones.

33. Pink and Auburn

Pink and Auburn kiss

Try adding some pink to your auburn hair if you want to create a new look. It will make you look stylish and hip. Short pixie cuts look well with this color. To finish the appearance, you may dye your entire head of hair chestnut and then add pink highlights to the top.


What does auburn hair look good on?

All hair types and skin tones look nice with this hair color.

Does auburn hair make you look younger?

Your complexion will look beautiful and youthful with a rich auburn tone.

Is auburn hair hard to maintain?

Natural auburn hair is easy to manage, but if you’ve colored your hair, you’ll need to do a lot of upkeep to keep the color in.


While color trends change over time, Auburn is always in style. Experiment with several hues of Auburn if you want to modify the color of your hair. We’ve compiled a list of the top 33 options in this post for people with various skin tones. You can try any of these options to transform your hair into beautiful Auburn.

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