Top 5 Benefits of applying a Lip Balm


If you are a 90’s kid then your lip balm has to be one of the most special things that you own! Because for a 90’s kid, a lip balm was a new concept and owning one felt like a luxury. So, even on this date, no matter how many makeup products you own or how heavy your vanity bag feels, a lip balm will always be special.

And for all those of you who are just beginning your skincare journey, this bit is for them. 

What Is a Lip Balm Anyway?

Benefits of applying a Lip Balm

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Nope, it is not your regular balm! lol! A lip balm is basically a creamy gel-like texture with ingredients that are specially meant to hydrate, repair and heal your lips. Your lip balm also works towards deeply moisturizing your lips while healing cracks and painful dryness. 

If you are someone like ‘yours truly’ then you would find one lip balm in every essential corner – bedside table, purse, kitchen, vanity box, under the pillow and at times one in the car…just in case! So, if you have all these lip balms in so many places then dry lips would be miles away from you. Apart from being a childhood favourite, your lip balm also has multiple benefits and comes in a variety of flavours. Strawberry lip balm will always be a craze though! Let us check out a few of them. 


Benefits of applying a Lip Balm

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One of the best balms benefits is that it gives your lips proper hydration. Applying your lip balm at regular intervals ensures hydration for your lips which helps in keeping dry lips at bay and also helps in maintaining your lips’ natural colour. Your lip balm also helps in lightening your lip colour if they seem dark. Hence, make sure you keep your lip balm close to you at all times.

Helps in Healing Chapped Lips

Benefits of applying a Lip Balm

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Cracked bleeding lips are extremely painful and also a big turn-off. Not only chapped lips are super unattractive, but chapped lips scars take a really long time to heal. So, when you feel like your lips are chapped, immediately apply a generous amount of lip balm and let it sit as long as possible. In case you are about to eat something gently wipe off your lip balm using a soft cotton pad. Make sure that you re-apply once you are done.  

Helps Preventing Dryness

Benefits of applying a Lip Balm

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Did you know that dry lips are the sole reason why your lips are turning dark? Well, when your lips are dry, you tend to lick them as an act of reflex. Your saliva is a digestive enzyme and when it comes in contact with your skin, it causes damage to the natural barrier of your lips. And this is when your lips start getting damaged and start turning darker. One of the best advantages of lip balm is that it keeps your lips well moisturized and does not let your lips dry out. 

Works Like a Lip Prep

Benefits of applying a Lip Balm

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One of the cool benefits of applying a lip balm is that it helps in prepping your lips before your lipstick. This step works really well if you are applying matte lipstick. All you need to do is layer your lips generously with a thick layer of lip balm. Let it sit for about 15-20 mins and gently wipe it off with a damp cotton pad. You can then start applying your lipstick. This prepping trick will keep your lips well hydrated and will not let your lips feel dry even after wearing matte lipstick. 

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Can Be Used to Remove Makeup

Benefits of applying a Lip Balm

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The best lip balm for women is one that can be used in multiple ways. And for this, a colourless and transparent lip balm would work best. Apart from hydrating and moisturizing your lips, your lip balm can also be used as a mistake corrector. For example, if your mascara messes up and stains your eyelid, then don’t panic. Just wait for the mascara to dry off completely and then gently glide your lip balm over it. Let it sit for a few seconds, and then take a damp cotton pad and wipe it off gently. This is a great hack for mess-free mascara removal. 

So, were you aware that your lip balm can do so much more than just hydrating and healing your lips? A great tip to keep in mind would be, to apply your lip balm several times a day for soft and supple lips. Most importantly, make sure you apply a generous amount of lip balm before bed. Because this is the best time for your lips to heal, repair, and rejuvenate.