Discover Why Silicone Rings Have Become So Popular

Traditionally silicone has been used for a number of industries in everything from electrical insulation, automobile gaskets, and office machinery, just to name a few instances. Silicone is considered stable and made from naturally occurring elements. Silicone is considered hypoallergenic, and allergies are rare, making it perfect for medical applications, which are widely used around the world. Everywhere you look today, you will find silicone being used in new and exciting ways. From your kitchen spatulas to outer space, silicone is there.

A very popular trend using silicone today is jewelry, and in particular, silicone rings. There are several reasons why silicone has become so popular, starting with the wide variety of options available versus traditional metals.

Smart Fashion

Smart Fashion

Silicone rings are an affordable way to show your style. With traditional jewelry often made of precious metals, the cost of owning such pieces is rising dramatically. By buying silicone rings, you have the ability to own several pieces for a much lower cost which allows you to wear a variety of pieces depending on your mood. Match your jewelry to the color of your outfit, or stack your rings to make for a custom look. Have rings in your favorite color or every color of the rainbow.

Safety Counts

There are many professions where traditional metals are a hazard, and silicone just makes sense. If you are working in a profession that routinely deals with electricity, silicone rings are a definite option. Firefighters or anyone working in extreme heat sources will also benefit from wearing silicone. Traditional metals can not only transfer heat but stay hot even after the heat source is removed, continuing to burn.

Silicone rings are safer for occupations that require the use of your hands in tight places with moving parts. There is a real risk if you are caught in machinery when wearing a metal ring; your finger is likely to sustain damage before the ring, whereas wearing a silicone ring, although durable, the ring will snap before your finger.

Affordable Style

Affordable Style

Silicone rings are virtually pawn proof from the standpoint of they are not worth much on the resale market as opposed to precious metals. Anyone working in a job that requires you to remove metal jewelry understands the benefits of wearing silicone rings. When taking off traditional rings, you have to put them somewhere safe. Too many times, rings have been lost from removing them for “safe keeping” either from misplacement or theft.

Physical Limitations

If you or someone you know has arthritis, a silicone ring can be a real advantage in jewelry. Traditionally with arthritis comes the inability to move the joints the way that you used to;  along with swelling, aches, and pains that are so prevalent in the condition.

Wearing silicone rings makes for easy wear with the ability to stretch over swollen or disfigured joints, and be less constricting than metal jewelry. They are flexible and move with you making silicone rings more comfortable than traditional rings. You can even replace your wedding ring with silicone and keep the original safe when not on your hand. Silicone is more flexible and can be removed without the pain of pulling, tugging, and twisting a metal ring.

Clean Comfort

Silicone Clean Comfort Rings

Washing your hands day in and day out, several times a day can leave your traditional rings with damage over time from abrasions and chemicals. Miniscule scratches eventually leave the surface of precious metals looking dull or “frosted” and must be repolished and professionally cleaned to their original luster.

With silicone rings, maintenance is easy. There is no need to remove your rings to wash your hands. If you do develop build-up from soap or other substances from day-to-day chores, just remove your ring and use a soft cloth and scrub it clean with mild soap and water. For rings with patterns or grooves in them, using a soft toothbrush is an easy way to clean the crevices.


Buying silicone rings today is practical from both a cost and fashion standpoint. With silicone rings, you can invest in a variety of colors and styles to wear individually or stacked to create custom combinations for everyday fashion, for the more sentimental pieces such as wedding rings, active couples, and workers benefit from silicone rings for both personal and safety reasons. There are styles available in a rainbow of colors and patterns which can be customized with special meanings, such as monograms or dates.

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