Below are a list of resources our team has found high value in. Some of these websites are related to organic products, clothing, accessories, global industry standards, certifications, and/or marketing. We hope that you will appreciate this list of websites we have compiled for you.

USDA Certified Organic - The United States Department of Agriculture is the governing agency which oversees Organic Certifications for products in the United States of America. What to learn more about what the USDA Certified Organic lable means? Click Here 

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) - Created in collaboration by leading standard setters, recognized world-wide, with the goal of defining requirements to ensure the organic status of textiles from harvesting of the raw materials through environmentally and ethically responsible manufacturing processes.

Fair Wear Foundation - The Fair Wear Foundation works with brands and industry influencers to improve working the conditions where your clothing is made. Dezayno's manufacturers are Fair Wear Certified and follow strict ethical business practices.

Carbon Neutral  - The CarbonNeutral Protocol provides a pragmatic, business-focused framework for carbon neutral action of the highest quality. Each Carbon Neutral certified facility is reviewed annually to ensure it reflects the latest developments in emissions measurement and reductions. Our Scientific and Technical Advisory Group of business, NGO and scientific experts works with us to ensure it follows industry, policy and scientific best practice. The Protocol is a publicly available document, so companies can reference it to demonstrate the credibility of their carbon neutral program. - Kinilly Natural & Organic Products is a company that invest all of their time in finding and sourcing some of the best all-natural and organic products available. From Organic Skin Care to All-Natural Cleaning Products, Kinilly has something for everyone who is trying to reduce or eliminate harsh and harmful chemicals.

FashionNetworkSeattle - Fashion Network Seattle is a mainstream fashion blog based in the U.S. that features articles about various topics in the fashion industry.

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