Dezayno Gives Back | Our Donations & Contributions

Dezayno has a very unique business model indeed. To say, we do things a little differently around here would be an understatement. From our Designer Affiliate Programs and our Brand Partnerships to our Dezayno Gives Back programs, we do our best to create a way for the Dezayno brand to remain STRONGLY connected to consumers, affiliates and the community. 

DEZAYNO GIVES BACK: At Dezayno, we are all about giving back. As a leader in the premium apparel industry, Dezayno is committed to sourcing Fair Trade, Organic Certified, Non-GMO textile suppliers who are committed to ethical practices and working conditions. Our primary textile suppliers are Fair Wear Foundation Certified and are licensed by the Global Organic Standards organization. We look to partner with Ethical, Sustainable, Organic, Non-GMO, and Green manufacturing facilities as a way to do our part as a company to protect our environment while producing the highest quality premium apparel, accessories and equipment available.

At this time, our collective of textile sourcing and manufacturing facilities have helped to make Dezayno one of the most sustainable clothing brands on earth!

When it comes to the environment, Dezayno doesn’t stop at just reducing our carbon footprint and increasing our stance as one of the world’s most sustainable apparel brands. We are committed to partnering with organizations, non-profits, wildlife departments, and environmental groups we feel are doing everything they can to help preserve and protect our natural resources, wildlife and planet. One of the ways we give back to these organizations is to donate a portion of the proceeds of an official Dezayno product or product line to one or more charities or entities we assign.

Some of the organizations Dezayno has listed on our Dezayno Gives Back donation contribution list are:  U.S. National Parks Department, National Audubon Society, the Sierra Club, Yosemite ConservancyNatural Resources Defense CouncilGlobal Wildlife Conservation, Wildlife Conservation Society, Animal Welfare InstituteFreedom Service Dogs of AmericaPaws With A Cause, Wounded Warriors Project, and many more.


Here are some of the examples of products created for the Dezayno Gives Back program which are small part of our Giving Back mentality: 



Want to learn more? Contact Dezayno directly for more details on how you can recommend a non-profit or charity organization to us to be featured on a future Dezayno Limited Edition Design Product or as one of the Dezayno Gives Back recipients today.  Contact Us