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Dezayno has a very unique business model indeed. To say, we do things a little differently around here would be an understatement. From our Design Affiliate Programs to our Brand Partnerships to our Dezayno Gives Back programs, we do our best to create a way for our brand to remain STRONGLY connected to consumers, affiliates and the community.



Becoming one of our Affiliated Artists is an obtainable goal for any inspiring artist, graphics designer or photographer. We have said many times, we like to do things a little differently here at Dezayno. Our Dezayno Design Affiliate Program is a prime example of this. Dezayno teams up with artists, graphic designers, illustrators, and photographers to create uniquely designed graphics for our products and marketing campaigns. Unlike most premium brands, Dezayno firmly believes in giving credit where credit is due. Each Design Affiliate partner receives FULL CREDIT for their work in all of our marketing efforts in addition to a handsome payout. This includes links to artist’s websites, profiles, and/or portfolios.

How do our contracted design affiliates get paid? This depends on the level of the designers affiliate membership (all memberships are FREE). Typical payouts are based on per item sales. Wait what? Yes, instead of paying a flat rate fee for a single design, we give our affiliates a chance to create a long term stream of revenue. This program allows even an established artist who created a piece which has already sold out to continue earning income while further expanding their exposure of their work.

We feel that this is a system that helps Dezayno establish two important things: 1) All Design Affiliates submit the highest quality work which in turn helps create a premium, fast selling product that consumers will appreciate and enjoy. 2) It allows our company to create a way for a designer to actually earn income based on the real value of their designs while extending their revenue stream. This allows us to create long lasting relationships with quality talent while allowing us to present each artists work with their name attached to it which instills pride in the work submitted by our talent. With this model, each and every product is a win... for the Customers, The Artists and the Dezayno Premium Brand name. Dezayno stays committed to creating high quality apparel that is eco-friendly and desirable to all. The way it should be.

Become a Design Affiliate and get featured in our Artist Collection


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