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Dezayno has a very unique business model indeed. To say, we do things a little differently around here would be an understatement. From our Designer Affiliate Programs to our Brand Partnerships to our Dezayno Gives Back programs, we do our best to create a way for our brand to remain STRONGLY connected to consumers, affiliates and the community.


BRAND AFFILIATE PROGRAMS:  There are a situations where we are asked by other companies to help them create premium products in affiliation with their brand. It wouldn't be uncommon for our company to be requested to curate some of our high quality apparel products for another brand. Occasionally, this includes brands that produce products in the same competitive market as Dezayno. In unique situations such as this, we excitedly welcome these types of relationships with open arms. We believe in helping others, and if we can do so while providing them with resources which help to make them more eco-friendly or provide a higher quality product for their customers, we jump at the opportunity.

With our established textile sourcing and manufacturing facilities, Dezayno is one of the world's most sustainable apparel companies

Our Brand Affiliates gain all of the benefits of our eco-friendly, green, ethical manufacturing facilities without having to do a thing. To learn more about our various Brand Affiliate Programs, contact us today.  


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